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How To: Actually Buy Bitcoin (EASIEST + QUICKEST WAY) 2018

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Binance: https://www.binance.com/?ref=12227058 Changelly: https://changelly.com/?ref_id=293af1b81602 Please Like if this video helped you! ► S̲u̲b̲s̲c̲r̲i̲b̲e̲ ◄ http://bit.ly/18Zkvih Best Place to sell csgo skins: http://ref.opskins.com/SH7W Twitch:http://www.twitch.tv/juicyfruityyy Fackbook:http://on.fb.me/1aOOsEX Twitter: http://bit.ly/IaeQ2i All your support on my videos makes me really happy and i cant tell you how every like and comment i receive, puts a smile on my face! Love you guys. Intro/Outro Music is: K.A.A.N. - Mary Jane Buy Super Cheap New Games Here: https://www.g2a.com/r/juicyfruityyy
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Text Comments (19)
I wanted to try primedice a long time ago,i created an account and forgot that i don't have money.I can't win with 250 free satoshi😂 By the way,new subscriber here brooo!😉
Vatsal k Boricha (1 month ago)
Any site to change skins to btc ?
OmarBaee CS:GO (1 month ago)
Gala Jenil (1 month ago)
Nice video but too much of a cutoff 😭
Phil O (1 month ago)
Cut your man bun off gay boi
ClawedRelic Gaming (1 month ago)
Great video man, thanks for making a video on this <3
JuicyFruityyy (1 month ago)
No problem dude <3
ClawedRelic Gaming (1 month ago)
"let's say you have $40 cash" I thought we need $50 minimum :P
JuicyFruityyy (1 month ago)
Yeah my bad lel
Luno wallet is much better juicyfruity sigh....
JuicyFruityyy (1 month ago)
I've never really used a wallet to be honest I just prefer sites, wallets you can lose or get deleted, at least if its on a site you can lose it :)
Kulwant singh Dogra (1 month ago)
Please make a video where we can get bitcoin for our csgo skins.
Joevin Chen (1 month ago)
Keep it up fam love yah No homo :)
JuicyFruityyy (1 month ago)
Crileboy (1 month ago)
im quick
Tanner White (1 month ago)
Make a video on how to withdraw bitcoin to money
SpaceCow (1 month ago)
Make a video on how not to suck in gambling.
JuicyFruityyy (1 month ago)
not possible ;)
Jaspher Joseph Lumbao (1 month ago)
PrimeDice video again please! :) LOL
2_Taperino (1 month ago)
1st, Sub to me plz juicy

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