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Garrys Mod Hilarious Moments with the Asdfs

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Warning, this video contains McDonalds, Baby chest bursters, merchant tellytubbys, a walking block of cheese, and extreme traffic reports... watch at your own discretion. Dokudokus: http://www.youtube.com/user/Dokudokus Catbutts: http://www.youtube.com/user/MrCatButts BurritoBrian: http://www.youtube.com/user/BurritoBrians Intro music: Duck Tales - To the Moon Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/BedBananas Twitter: https://twitter.com/BedBanana Addons: (names from steam workshop not gmod.org) gm_tower Massive Tropical Island gm_granite gm_Valley Physic Town V2 gm_7eleven_v4 gm_modern_house by Aspen Community Aircraft (WAC) Freakin' Dinosaurs! (Ragdolls) BurgerKing Playable Piano Teletubbies player models WAC Aircraft Drivable Kawasaki Jetski Source Vehicles Block-O-Cheese Player Garry's Bomb's 3.13
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Text Comments (1276)
Stephanie Stevens (1 month ago)
i was raised by you guys ily
Shnibble Tron (3 months ago)
Good shit man. They had humor of the future.
0:40 Its Russian Hitler?
Takahashi (4 months ago)
What's the elevator music at the end called?
Wehix (6 months ago)
dam boi 5 years ago my life time has wasted away
Larry Lemon (6 months ago)
Good ol days
SkyGamerLP (6 months ago)
Can someone tell me where i find this Piano with multiplayer support at 04:18 ? i cant find one with multiplayer support :/
LinkkRed (9 months ago)
3:26 holy shit that matrix dodge
Josh Burton (10 months ago)
Back when bed was innocent...
Josh Burton (9 months ago)
Delta Tv making alot of assumptions. I really hate stupid people. Of course they are funny. But when there becomes a pattern, you start to think about what is really going on. Looking at it logically is my point. Course you wouldn't know what that is.
Delta Tv (9 months ago)
Josh Burton i think they are funny.... you dont have a dark humor at all.
Josh Burton (9 months ago)
Delta Tv have you watch some of his newer stuff? Dude is a borderline sociopath. Sometimes it hard to tell act from reality.
Delta Tv (9 months ago)
when isn't bed innocent? Im not into the whole drama stuff so please tell
Ichi (1 year ago)
They predicted Tywin Lannister's death (by a crossbow on the toilet).
Lighting Round (1 year ago)
What was that piano song
yes ok (1 year ago)
R.I.P Robbie Rotten (1 year ago)
Wow 1,1 million
Solar Flare (1 year ago)
2012 Bedbananas: Weird and funny 2016-17 Bedbananas: Hitman 47 and serious
Hergan Flergan (1 year ago)
0:20 whenever a human comes into interaction with something they're not used to
Kuzey (1 year ago)
1:41 oh its the 3rd gender
timmytboi - (1 year ago)
do you remember, the 21'st night of september...
AwesomeGuy1212357 (1 year ago)
this is good
Pupper of the Crusade (1 year ago)
Who's watching in 2017?
Pyro Bomb (1 year ago)
hand soap (1 year ago)
Deus Vult o fuk the crusade
Daniel Meinhardt (1 year ago)
The good old days
A Really Cool Kid (1 year ago)
Droid 23 Bravo (1 year ago)
thought he was ded
NixMaster 3000 (1 year ago)
this was the first gmod video I ever saw
Snuffle upagu5 (1 year ago)
at 2:20 what map is that?
Mr.FinPC (1 year ago)
Rip old gmod serious rip to gmod tower ;(
Ben Mokriš (1 year ago)
whats the name of the gamemode from 6:10 +? gmod tower?
Karla Buzinac (2 years ago)
Same as me
Fabio ferrara (2 years ago)
whats the intro music ??
scrote guzzler (1 year ago)
Fabio ferrara r duck tales to the moon
Fabio ferrara (1 year ago)
Krusty Krab -.- kiddie
warden nolan (1 year ago)
Darude sandstorm
Jab Naff (2 years ago)
Hard to believe I watched this 4 years ago! First asdf video I ever watched, made me fall in love with them. Heck, my humor today is literally based off of these guys!
rekkter (1 year ago)
Same. I watched this when I was 14 and now I'm 19.
typedude (1 year ago)
xFWG CHAOS you're*
Casey Wayne (1 year ago)
Jab Naff this is the first video I'm about to watch of there :)
xFWG CHAOS (2 years ago)
lol I understand what your saying
Tautvydas Plokstys (2 years ago)
love your vldeo
Rasa Plokštienė (2 years ago)
love your vldeo gmod games 😍
JoshYoda (2 years ago)
Reading comments and seeing man 2012 were weird times, ITS STILL WEIRD GUYS NO MATTER WHAT TIME IT IS
James Bige (2 years ago)
Rip Gmod Tower
Nibsy (2 years ago)
how did they get the pig guy pigmask?
Nibsy (2 years ago)
ah. i knew it was from earthbound, but i didnt know it wasnt available anymore
Puncaek Masterin (2 years ago)
+NibzyBoi The pig ask is from the game earthbound. But on gmod it is found through gmod tower. But sadly gmod tower does not exist anymore due to the developers being fed up with the source engine and ended up making their own game.
Nibsy (2 years ago)
can you link it to me?
Vortex_Plasma :D (2 years ago)
It's a character from another steam game you can obtain the character by downloading a mod inorder to download the skin
Jared Beilstein (2 years ago)
What map has the giant squished thing? I wanna do somethings with it.
RandomSpaceMan (2 years ago)
RandomSpaceManInSpace ok
ThePixelPyro's (2 years ago)
2012 is still the best youtube time
ThePixelPyro's no, lets try 2006-2009
Trevon Jacobi (2 years ago)
fur Elise
Sideswipe (2 years ago)
What map at 1:33 ?
Sideswipe (2 years ago)
And 2:12 ?
Mistah Moseby (2 years ago)
what was the map with the destructable house and the helicopter?
Mr Sharky (2 years ago)
Physic Town V2
RangerFox (2 years ago)
Delta4280 (2 years ago)
Haven't watched these in a very long time....
bluefire44 115 (1 year ago)
Billy Mays (2 years ago)
Man. 2012 times were weird.
Chef Ineptitude (1 year ago)
man, 2012 times were scaaaaaary
Plank (1 year ago)
Man 1912 times where wweeeiiirrrddd.
elJossu (1 year ago)
Billy Mays times were good
Mufasa Person (2 years ago)
I thought I've already watched this. Seems I have not
Amanda Campbell (2 years ago)
Wow its been 3 years wow
FoxTrotSpy (5 months ago)
Lucca Swinson no nearly 6 years
Lucca Swinson (11 months ago)
no 5 years
StonnedFoxx (2 years ago)
Oh damn as soon as I heard that intro music, I was like, "God damn that sounds so freaking familiar I know I have heard that in a game somewhere.  Like a game I would have played over and over.  Good Ol' duck Tales!  I mean, what other game focusses on a geriatric duck cane-hopping his enemies to death and golfing rocks and precious gems at his enemies.
Taylor Li (3 years ago)
Just a classic…
Mekhi McMillan (3 years ago)
Critter King (3 years ago)
Christheawsome (3 years ago)
The memories of 2012 o meh gurd
Dass Boot (1 year ago)
GOTTAYEETPS4 yeeeees yeeeeeees. I remember the times of memories.
Kuroi Usagi (1 year ago)
we all got that feel :'^)
Pupper of the Crusade (1 year ago)
GOTTAYEETPS4 Oh the memories!
Jewfro (3 years ago)
+Dark Devil yea...
Gas Mask Man (3 years ago)
That introduction was 10 out of 10
Frederick Chong (9 months ago)
Gas Mask Man same man. Though it’s disturbing but it is so hilarious when slowed down
m 2 (3 years ago)
4:06 so gud music 9/11
carlos sauceda (3 years ago)
Maria Ramirez (3 years ago)
haha yes (3 years ago)
Warning, this video contains McDonalds, Baby chest bursters, merchant tellytubbys, a walking block of cheese, and extreme traffic reports... watch at your own discretion. 
Benjamin Doruyter (3 years ago)
What is the name of the map on 1:34?
Nignoggins (3 years ago)
+Benjamin Doruyter phys map v2
XBL TopBot (3 years ago)
They were playing go tower
NeetaM 23 (3 years ago)
Omg its a different type of chestbuster a chest baby XDlololololololXD
What A Skrub (3 years ago)
Oh my god, it's a different type of chestbuster. A chestbaby lol* ps you're welcome
KFC Boi (3 years ago)
Where do u get attack heli, and if its in map what map
Xander Hall (3 years ago)
You get it from the WAC addon from Gary's mod work shop
James (3 years ago)
it might be in their map pack, the asdf knapsack.  really good maps including that one probably.
Matt (3 years ago)
do you know the map name?
James (3 years ago)
There is an addon collection called WAC. There are helicopters, planes, and people make custom things like the pelican from halo
awesome face99 (3 years ago)
can u do fnaf 1 and 2
What A Skrub (3 years ago)
Jeet (3 years ago)
+cloudedcookie that was posted when fnaf was interesting
What A Skrub (3 years ago)
No one likes fnaf anymore.
King_Trash (4 years ago)
*_LoL,good video!!_* +BedBananas <33
Oliver Kjeldsen (4 years ago)
what is the addon called at 6:42 ? like the pig playermodel? 
connor jensen (3 years ago)
Darude-Sandstorm no just kidding
NeetaM 23 (3 years ago)
The player model is a pigmask
GobblerCopper (3 years ago)
Gr8 Games (3 years ago)
its based off mother 3 
Raichu Gamer13 (4 years ago)
LoneWolfNick (4 years ago)
how did they get al those banana peals in gmod?
Lol Dad mom all now
Fluxify (4 years ago)
Khalid (3 years ago)
+Brett Bennett  Yes you are
Fluxify (3 years ago)
Nope That's u KhaledRetard
Khalid (3 years ago)
+Brett Bennett ...Yes you are...
Fluxify (3 years ago)
Dude that is actualy you your the retard
Khalid (3 years ago)
Yes you are...
Idiots Play (4 years ago)
We love you guys
Computer (4 years ago)
Funny and so cool
Highborn (4 years ago)
Does Anybody miss the two-handed pistol animation?
Uh0Music251 (4 years ago)
what map is it with the rash compactor
Ubermaster134 (4 years ago)
I think it's Gm_granite
James Helliwell (4 years ago)
is bedbanana tanner or aidan? (I know haydan is dokudoku)
James (3 years ago)
+Randall Shingle Teeth yaaaaasssss you are correct
Randall Shingle Teeth (3 years ago)
+Dont Care Kanki.
Eli Valkarov (4 years ago)
+CheezyBiddle *Konki
Goofy Hayden (4 years ago)
i am dokudoku
golem plays games (4 years ago)
The explosions in the tree house I thought was a meth lab
Fadedgogeta (4 years ago)
The Trading Map is gm_Valley. The house is next to the top of the dam and there is no black shading or nothing in it. HOW!?
bendy the ink demon (4 years ago)
the baby was funny XD
Soul Evans (4 years ago)
0:39 to 1:31 what are they using to make the place all black? I know the map but how? and what map is 1:34 to 3:09? Please tell me.
Soul Evans (4 years ago)
Soul Evans (4 years ago)
But the map they use is gm_Valley
Brandon35 (4 years ago)
The dark room on gm_construct is already dark :P
Soul Evans (4 years ago)
+Brandon35 And what did they use for it to make it all dark though?   
Soul Evans (4 years ago)
But what did they did to make the place all dark. And the map for it is GM_Valley.
soggy socks (4 years ago)
The trading part near the start cracks me up every time.
P.D.R M.O (4 years ago)
Hey Konky!, best party
James (3 years ago)
OtherSyde (4 years ago)
Can somebody please explain to me what the hell GMOD is..? I mean I knew it was this crazy do-it-yourself HL2 mod that made HL2 customizable sorta like Little Big Planet, but I didn't know you could like, download user-made maps and objects and join other people in the weirdness... It sorta looks like SecondLife had sex with The Sims 3, and GMOD is their insane bastard offspring on acid.  O.o
FriskyNova 128 (4 years ago)
At 00:12 I was cracking up lolololololololol ;)
William Smith (4 years ago)
what is the map with the table
Purkd (4 years ago)
"how much traffic is that?!! fuck!!" what he should of said "dude thats 1 car -_-"
Thomas Goldstein (3 years ago)
Huh, Yeah but that's what made it funny. If he said "Dude that's 1 car." Then yes... It would be 1 car nothing special, just plain 1 car
AnelsDarkMoon (4 years ago)
How did Brian become the baby?
Reggie Ebbutt (4 years ago)
you use pills you must get them in addons
Bash (4 years ago)
I believe they were just using "Drive". Hold c, right click prop, select drive. 'E' to exit
AnelsDarkMoon (4 years ago)
+Amy Bohannan where can I find that?
Waylon Smithers Sr (4 years ago)
How much LSD were you guys on during the piano parts?
MobbSparta (4 years ago)
What is the map at 1:34?
Sharky Shark (4 years ago)
No Prob
MobbSparta (4 years ago)
Thank You
Sharky Shark (4 years ago)
Physic Town V2
Dom Richardson (4 years ago)
How is one able to play with the AsDfs?! o.O
James (3 years ago)
When they are on a public server
Gabry Uehara (4 years ago)
2 teletubbies and hitler... Seems like a new bizarre TV show.
Desucrate (3 years ago)
I'd watch it.
DARKSHATOW (4 years ago)
Aww, one of the pigmasks :D
Susan Sivilay (4 years ago)
is this in xbox or pc
What A Skrub (3 years ago)
I bet this person is a console peasant
Brian Dennis (4 years ago)
Gmod isn't on console...
MobbSparta (4 years ago)
Please do more...more...MOREEEEEEEEEEEE
Call of duty kid (4 years ago)
Why is his skin hittler?
Jumpingflashlight (4 years ago)
#bornthatway   #yolo   #swagmoney  
Bazinga GoFast (4 years ago)
TacticalGI (4 years ago)
u can be anything in that game
dwnpr (4 years ago)
That intro song. <3
Caitlin Waight (4 years ago)
U said my name
Kevin Hoeneise (4 years ago)
9:45 WHA DA FUQ!
harris dolan (4 years ago)
Shaelyn O'Connor (4 years ago)
I always watch this xD
Ethan Szczech (5 years ago)
Julie Wright (5 years ago)
eww the hula gurl ewww hahahahhahahahahahahahhaha and the beginning hahahahaha
Kelly Johnson (5 years ago)
Kevin Barrett (5 years ago)
James (3 years ago)
+ARCtic ahsum
ARCtic (4 years ago)

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