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How to fix Steam downloads/updates 0Bytes 100% work!

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If you guys enjoyed the video or helped you make sure leave a like and comment down below the discription if you need any help and i will get back to you as soon as i can. Link steam://flushconfig
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Text Comments (180)
Day Walker (5 days ago)
Useless video mate with the loud useless music. Delete this video!
Sameer Durrani (1 month ago)
worked thnks ddude
gentlewilliam3 roblox (2 months ago)
Ugh bad music for this
gentlewilliam3 roblox (2 months ago)
+LetMe H00kYou ur style sucks
LetMe H00kYou (2 months ago)
sorry to disappoint you brother. I made the video in my own style and not yours. :)
Semper (2 months ago)
Thanks brother this is the only solution I found that works :)
LetMe H00kYou (2 months ago)
I hope it worked and if it did then i'm glad. :)
n.k gamer (2 months ago)
I didn't work idiot wasted my time
LetMe H00kYou (2 months ago)
Sorry that you had to click on my video that it was your own choice and not mine yet blaming me for wasting your time. Have a great day. :)
n.k gamer (2 months ago)
I didn't work
LetMe H00kYou (2 months ago)
I'm sorry that it did not work on you. :( though i hope by this time, you found a solution or fixed it. Regardless. Goodluck brother! :)
Fr0zty (2 months ago)
song pls??
LetMe H00kYou (2 months ago)
I wish i can tell you but i was just playing a random music from youtube when i was recording.
Strategary (2 months ago)
Can't even understand you
LetMe H00kYou (2 months ago)
I'd suggest you to wear headphone. :)
Smiley 186 (3 months ago)
Am I the only one who is curious about the background-
Smiley 186 (2 months ago)
LetMe H00kYou it’s indeed not that bad lol
LetMe H00kYou (2 months ago)
Hehe its not that bad. :)
PvP Games (3 months ago)
I cant describe my love 2 u!!!:)
PvP Games (3 months ago)
LetMe H00kYou yes it did!
LetMe H00kYou (3 months ago)
so it worked for u ? if so then im glad it did :)
Maksym Melnychenko (3 months ago)
Another not working video. And i cant hear something, this stupid music.
lex- icon (3 months ago)
LetMe H00kYou (3 months ago)
lex- icon no problem! 😇 hope it worked?
JP_ LDN (3 months ago)
Can't hear a word your saying....JESUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LetMe H00kYou (3 months ago)
try wear headset/headphone itll help u out
SmiledBoy417 Boy (3 months ago)
Only God Tell u to do this video! THANKS!
SmiledBoy417 Boy (3 months ago)
LetMe H00kYou :))
LetMe H00kYou (3 months ago)
SmiledBoy417 Boy 😇😇
Supream (4 months ago)
didn't work
LetMe H00kYou (3 months ago)
Supream aww im so sorry man 😭
Stasian Atanasov (4 months ago)
Nope didnt work :(
Liam Campbell (5 months ago)
Didnt work
Frostside Blitz (5 months ago)
The real question is what is your wallpaper? That’s kinda weird bro.
Zero Flax (5 months ago)
your are a ehrenmann
Zero Flax (3 months ago)
king wer auf ehrenmann antwortet
Kabi (3 months ago)
ehrenmann xddd
Cody Brandley (6 months ago)
we can not hear you
Ryoot (7 months ago)
Didn't work
CroticShadow (8 months ago)
Came to see how to fix this and first thing I see is a Hentai Background and LOUD MUSIC
infected mushroom (8 months ago)
what is your wall paper?
Jxrz (8 months ago)
Not work
mck (8 months ago)
Wow thanks that worked perfectly
Senior Red (9 months ago)
someone help it didn't work and my games are stuck downloading at 0 bytes
ItsGrumpymonk (9 months ago)
thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnkkkkkksssss !!!!!!!!!!!!!
LetMe H00kYou (9 months ago)
np man :D
kk102 GAMING (10 months ago)
Steam is hella fucking shit
kk102 GAMING (10 months ago)
Its not working
Kelmon Plays (10 months ago)
the music was too loud compared to the audio, i could barely hear the guy D:
bolex0n PL (10 months ago)
LetMe H00kYou (10 months ago)
Merops (10 months ago)
2nd method worked (but i didnt have to restart pc) Amazing! Thnx for the help!
LetMe H00kYou (10 months ago)
glad it worked :)
Hypocrite Biker (10 months ago)
cant even hear what youre saying dude. turn the music down
RedPz (10 months ago)
Hypocrite Biker RIGHT?
Deri Crew (10 months ago)
Can you give me Your windows Wallpaper ?
LetMe H00kYou (10 months ago)
how ... i cant paste the photo here lol unless u have email ? where i can send the photo lol
AsF Cdark (11 months ago)
nice background
AsF Cdark (11 months ago)
this didnt work sadly
LetMe H00kYou (10 months ago)
:( im sorry if that did not work
Riquito TV (11 months ago)
Finger me
LetMe H00kYou (10 months ago)
Fangcopter Arsenault (11 months ago)
Turn your music down
Harry Stallone (11 months ago)
HEY for me it was a failing hard drive, if this doesnt help you really should buy a new one and see if that fixes this problem.
Bait Lord (11 months ago)
it didnt work for me..
Umut Efe Anbar (1 year ago)
LetMe H00kYou (10 months ago)
Tommy Desmet (1 year ago)
This didint work fucker
Harry Stallone (11 months ago)
Hey for me it was a failing hard drive, if this doesnt help you really should buy a new one and see if that fixes this problem.
LetMe H00kYou (1 year ago)
well ye i just finished work and doin a makeup tutorial for halloween
Tommy Desmet (1 year ago)
holy shit you reply fast
LetMe H00kYou (1 year ago)
ok well im sorry it didnt work but do u really have to curse on me ?
chris steele (1 year ago)
Dude come the fuck on you cant have a video about this with that fucking music so freaking load i don't know if this will work because i cant fucking understand the bad quality a nor your quiet ass voice, learn how to edit.
TompyGamer CZ (1 year ago)
not working...
Nummi31 (1 year ago)
I dont hear you fucker
LetMe H00kYou (1 year ago)
id appreciate it if youre not acting like idiot and i would probably help you out. if this didnt helped you then just search on other people's video instead of wasting your own time. Have a great day sir.
müzik dinliyorum (1 year ago)
LetMe H00kYou (1 year ago)
Banana Simulator im glad it helped you!! If u have any other issue going on ur pc steam or pc just let me know. :)
OFFICIAL _killerman (1 year ago)
you deserve my sub
LetMe H00kYou (1 year ago)
OFFICIAL _killerman thanks dude! :)
OFFICIAL _killerman (1 year ago)
man it worked for now thanks
Ronan Nathaniel Lina (1 year ago)
what is it with every gaming related music there's edm
Hyperkillxr (1 year ago)
thanks dude after 1 hour! liked
LetMe H00kYou (1 year ago)
Hyperkillxr glad to help my dude ! I dont get why people be complaining bcuz of the loud music lol.. Just follow the steps and should be fine haha
Natteee (1 year ago)
Still doesn't work for me. Got any other advice?
PeanutButterJelly 87 (1 year ago)
Igie Tipsay (6 months ago)
Pfft mine works 420%
LetMe H00kYou (1 year ago)
PeanutButterJelly 87 glad it did bro :)
chongokhan (1 year ago)
dude seriously, louder and clearer voice or lower music volume, worthless vid if we can't understand you
LetMe H00kYou (1 year ago)
worthless u say ? i get that the music is louder and im sorry about that but, theres some viewers who still manage to understand and solved their problems.
nikhil koolahaari (1 year ago)
ADdding background music makes u a great youtuber huh. Cant hear a fucking thing
PLayZi (1 year ago)
hey mine when i do the steam://flushconfig and i press ok it saying stopping download dota 2 and it stuck there help!
LetMe H00kYou (1 year ago)
u need to pause all the downloads man and close the steam completely .. if the link doesnt work use ur task manager :)
Dogggo (1 year ago)
Dogggo (1 year ago)
nah, everything is good now... thanks!
LetMe H00kYou (1 year ago)
RestGaming ayee man im glad it helped u :) lmk if theres anymore i could help alright?
deadmaliceee (1 year ago)
Update still dont download or run.
deadmaliceee (1 year ago)
I did, Its stuck at 0.0 on everything
LetMe H00kYou (1 year ago)
did u do the whole thing?
Brackso Gaming (1 year ago)
This helped me, ty! I guess the thumbs down is because of the loud music. Thumb down helps your vid more then no thumbs at all and any comment bumps up ur vid even more as activety 😉 Just turne down the music a little next time. 😁
Brackso Gaming (1 year ago)
It helped, tryed for 1,5 hr to sort this problem. Now I can play my games again, so I gave u a thumbs up. :)
LetMe H00kYou (1 year ago)
ayyye im glad it worked out for you! and yea i know haha those thumbs down is pretty much from those who were annoyed by the loud music OR didnt got their steam fix.
HollieIrish (1 year ago)
gonna try it now :) thanx for the advice
he dosent work new when i press right click -manage downlod he stuck at 96 mb/7.4GB
Destroyer4791 (1 year ago)
Anyone else realize how bizarre his wallpaper is
Steven11 (1 year ago)
dont ask
Destroyer4791 (1 year ago)
Steven11 oh shit
Steven11 (1 year ago)
i think i found his wallpaper https://i.pinimg.com/originals/fe/5a/a6/fe5aa656797f1e533124fd31fa722fc0.jpg
Toxic Ranger (1 year ago)
Extreme Creations (1 year ago)
TELL ME THE NAME OF UR WALL PAPER NOW. I need it for research on curing cancer.
Steven11 (1 year ago)
this is best i find https://i.pinimg.com/originals/fe/5a/a6/fe5aa656797f1e533124fd31fa722fc0.jpg
ItsToxicPlays Budgie (1 year ago)
woops lol I meany '"if you put another vid like this out ill get me and my friends to sub . nothing wrong with vid just the music but idc its ur channel means ur style so plz respond asap
LetMe H00kYou (1 year ago)
TysonTheSlayer 21 try once again.. Unstall the game and close the steam completely and open up ur command center by clicking window and R and do the steps and reboot ur computer, login tp steam and try downloading it again .. See if it works.. If not lmk
ItsToxicPlays Budgie (1 year ago)
Thx!! <3
LetMe H00kYou (1 year ago)
TysonTheSlayer 21 im not really sure about win7 but to all win10 should should..
ItsToxicPlays Budgie (1 year ago)
if u put out another out like this but it works ill get my friends and I to sub
ItsToxicPlays Budgie (1 year ago)
did not work for me (I have windows 7 tho but still should work?) plz reply
Sicarius _ (1 year ago)
How bout. It have ur music as loud as ur mic
VertiS (1 year ago)
well this video is lie becous it doesnt helped me so its all lie :D it says 100% nope
VertiS (1 year ago)
LetMe H00kYou i have win 10
LetMe H00kYou (1 year ago)
i did say it will work 100% but i didnt mention too all people or computer .. also... is that a window 10 ?
VertiS (1 year ago)
i have same problem. But it didnt for sure helped to 100% of people.. so
LetMe H00kYou (1 year ago)
maybe ur problem is different ? but as u can see theres other people that i helped .
Daniel Müller (1 year ago)
ey the Music is shit!
LetMe H00kYou (1 year ago)
oh ye ? what music do u like
2pvideo (1 year ago)
it didn't work...... i just came back from a vacation ready to play some but nope. this has been happing for a really long time and it makes me want to kill my self... WHAT THE FUCK CAN I DO?? i tried unistalling and reinstalling steam and my whole libary but nothing, i tried switching to different servers, pause/resume, this, and other guides online, this is a huge issue and i dont't know why its not being fixed!!!
LetMe H00kYou (1 year ago)
are you sure you did the whole process in the righ order ? do you teamviewer by any chance ? its 3am for but i am up bcuz im getting emails from people who needing further assistance ... please lmk asap.
Kira Says Bye (1 year ago)
Cant even hear you in this video. disliked.
Stasian Atanasov (4 months ago)
well you know SUB VS DUB
Nathan Diniz (1 year ago)
Did that, and DID NOT WORK.
LetMe H00kYou (1 year ago)
oh really ? im sorry if that didnt work :( what does ur steam says or showing exactly ?
Jungle Or AFK (1 year ago)
Why are you removing all the "non positive" comments?
LetMe H00kYou (1 year ago)
removing ? i do not remember removing any negative comments lol
Taufiq Zaman (1 year ago)
well this didnt work for or any other things stated on the net. i literally tried everything yet no luck it gets stuck at a certain point. for example now at 7.4gb its been there for past 6 hour or so. this is frustrating :(
Benz Dimpas (2 months ago)
This is currently happening to me right now .. its so close to updating like 46gb over 56gb . Pls help me ..
ankon biswas (3 months ago)
Taufiq zaman bro did resolve ur prob? I am facing the same prob! download stuck at 8.1 gb nd 0bytes/s disk usages!help me plz
TheHawkGamer (7 months ago)
get an ethernet cable that should speed stuff up
TheHawkGamer (7 months ago)
ur mom gay
Taufiq Zaman (1 year ago)
the problem still persists bro.i ran into the same problem a few days back and had to make another backup from my friend's computer. woke up today and theres 74.2mb update and its stuck at 32.3mb :( update is constantly resuming and pausing yet theres no data usage.i have uploaded 2 screenshot on imgur. please bro help me out as I have no friggin clue whats causing it. https://i.imgur.com/KCy91vh.png https://i.imgur.com/IvHx22J.png
Cloud (1 year ago)
When doing tutorials you don't need the annoying music in the background my dude.
Removed (2 months ago)
js thats a great way to lose viewers
LetMe H00kYou (1 year ago)
epic monkey mainly u dont have to listen to my voice .. U just have to follow what im doing.
epic monkey (1 year ago)
so what your saying your style is having music loud enough for everyone so we cant hear your voice?
2pvideo (1 year ago)
true this.
StateOfShock (1 year ago)
LetMe H00kYou dude it's annoying cuz it's way too loud... I can barely hear the vid
Blake Game's (1 year ago)
LetMe H00kYou (1 year ago)
glad it helped :)
Infezo (1 year ago)
this didn't even help me I don't even have a problem this video was just randomly on I'm still going to like the vid
LetMe H00kYou (1 year ago)
so u dont have any problem on your pc right ? and thank you! :)
Rex FoR (1 year ago)
LetMe H00kYou (1 year ago)
hey im glad it work bro! :) lmk if u having any other issues and id be glad to help :)
SpazAlicious (1 year ago)
didnt do anything same problem as before
ItsHunterC (1 year ago)
Good stuff man you really helped me out.
LetMe H00kYou (1 year ago)
glad to help man :) lmk if theres anything else i could help :)
Nirvana227 xD (1 year ago)
it didn work ;(
LetMe H00kYou (1 year ago)
if this option dont work let me know and i will give mo another option.. i have a few options but im just giving u 1 by 1 in case one of the options works for u :)
LetMe H00kYou (1 year ago)
try doing this steps again and after you reboot ur computer do not go on steam yet...... press window button and R at the same time and press ok then type "regedit" once that open and open the following option ( Current User, Software, Microsoft, Windows, Current Version then look for the Internet Setting and click on it and once u click on it you be able to see names and look for any name that include "proxy" delete them by clicking right click and it shows the options..... delete it and after that go to your steam and login and try redownloading the games ur trying to download. :)
Nirvana227 xD (1 year ago)
LetMe H00kYou yes i did like literally doesnt even download one percent at all like i tried changing domains to other countries used run then reset pc and such
LetMe H00kYou (1 year ago)
whats wrong with ur steam download exactly ? what does it say ?
LetMe H00kYou (1 year ago)
did you follow all the instruction?
yeet (1 year ago)
THAAAAAANNNKKKKKKKKKSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS my dude, you have just saved me. i tried every EVEEERRYYY thing else, and it didn't work. i am sooooooooooo happy!!!!!!!!!!! YOU ARE THE BEST
LetMe H00kYou (1 year ago)
@Ali Army im glad i could help thank you for checking :)
Ehide (1 year ago)
Music is too loud dude... Can't even hear what are you saying
ArabianPirateGP3 (2 months ago)
too fucking loud...
Soldier 2.0 (10 months ago)
its not too loud..
Yazard (1 year ago)
LetMe H00kYou (1 year ago)
yea im sorry.. i knew someone would say that

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