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AMD Boot Kit Unboxing

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What is an AMD boot kit? It is the tool needed to upgrade your unsupported AM4 motherboard's BIOS to support the new Ryzen 2400G and 2200G APUs. To get your own boot kit head over to https://support.amd.com/en-us/warranty/rma and create an RMA with the subject "Boot kit Required".
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Rainbow Dashie (23 days ago)
When AMD Boot kit still comes shipped with a better cooler than Intel's Stock Cooler for an i7...
kuraso (28 days ago)
How long will the service be available
feekes (28 days ago)
There isn't an official end date to the program. IT is being processed as normal warranty work under the Ryzen 2000 series serial numbers. So long as the need is legitimate it seems they will process it.
Negative Edge (29 days ago)
Good thing I found this video. Building a dedicated HTPC with the ryzen apus. Didnt know I needed an older apu to flash my motherboard to get this to work, So this means I can also flash a x370 or b350 motherboard to support the Ryzen 2 series cpus!? Ill just purchase my own and use it as a tool needed for future builds for myself and clients. Thanks for this!! Its only 52 bucks on amazon. might be cheaper on ebay but I trust amazon more than ebay
feekes (29 days ago)
Negative Edge glad this could help, not a bad idea keeping one in the toolbox to use again.
Vozdovacki Gamer (1 month ago)
But in only Ships in America bc rest o the world is peace of shit only America is blesed buy god...Seriously it doesnt ship in Balcan (Estern Europe), Serbia
Vozdovacki Gamer (1 month ago)
I bought 2600x and still they dont want to ship it bc well i havent payed enought....Nice customer support AMD nice
Good afternoon. I bought a processor Ryzen 3 2200 G. Tell me please, if I have AMD A8-9600, it's also suitable for updating Bios?
Thanks for the answer. You helped me decide on the choice. I ordered AMD A8-9600 in the Internet store, when it is delivered I will be updated and put my Ryzen 3 2200 G
feekes (1 month ago)
Адекватник Пессимист should work just fine, permitting the motherboard supports it. Being it is the slightly upgraded version of the "boot kit" I imagine it will. Good luck and let us know how it goes.
abi rafdi (2 months ago)
Should we send it back to amd after finished using the boot kit ?
feekes (2 months ago)
abi rafdi correct, check your inbox spam for the return label. It should be from the carrier that delivered it. Interestingly enough,they only want the CPU and not cooler.
KenjiBandit (3 months ago)
what carrier delivered your boot kit?
KenjiBandit (3 months ago)
Thank you for the info, It's that yesterday they approved mine so im looking for information on it and i saw someone in spain that got the bootkit the day after he recieved the email so.
feekes (3 months ago)
KenjiBandit correct, Texas. I saw where Europe had the same program going.
KenjiBandit (3 months ago)
And you live in the united states right?
feekes (3 months ago)
KenjiBandit FedEx.
Void (3 months ago)
When I bought my Ryzen 5 processor I had this issue. But looking at the CPU support list even this A6-9500 wouldn't have even been supported on the BIOS version it came on. Only Ryzen 7. Luckily Gigabyte updated it for me for free. It just took 3 weeks.
Void (1 month ago)
I didn't mean to say it wasn't on there, but the BIOS revision (the 9500 and Ryzen 5 series) required is F5, if the boards came magically loaded with the latest BIOS then they wouldn't have needed to send out these CPUs would they? Stop embarrassing yourself. If my BIOS would've supported the 9500 it would've supported the Ryzen 5 series as well and this would be useless.
Fuck YouTube (1 month ago)
You are a dumbass the processor they send you is the A6 9500. Like seriously you claim you have the GA-AX370-Gaming 5. If you actually went to Gigabytes website and under motherboards went to Auros and then seeked out your board and then went to support and then the supported cpus and scrolled all the way to the bottom you would see the apu they send you. the one they sent me. the one they sent this guy.
Fuck YouTube (1 month ago)
First feature listed on Aorus AX370 Gaming 5 on the Gigabyte site "Supports AMD Ryzen™ & 7th Generation A-series/ Athlon™ Processors" So no you are wrong. I have a AB350 Gaming 3 and had zero issues using the A6 9500 and my mobo is the step down from yours.
Void (3 months ago)
Aorus AX370 Gaming 5, I picked it up for $90 on eBay, it was advertised as the K5 so that's how I got a steal
feekes (3 months ago)
Void Star what motherboard was it? And good on gigabyte!
Ryan (3 months ago)
Well hopefully I can get that boot kit from AMD quickly. Also looks like I'm going to need more thermal paste. Cause my Ryzen 3 is already attached to my mobo. lol silly me, I should have contacted AMD before putting the APU in the system.
feekes (3 months ago)
Ryan yeah I would definitely get some more thermal paste. Check out Artic Silver MX-4. With the 2200 having the GPU and CPU it's important to cool properly, and that paste is almost as good as it gets without going liquid metal. Thanks for the comment!
Ipas (3 months ago)
how much time did you wait? i want to buy a ryzen 2200g but i live in a little town and i dont know if amd would send it soon.
Ipas (3 months ago)
thank you for answering so fast and for trying to help me but I live in spain I hope that it takes me a week too
feekes (3 months ago)
I actually filled out for the boot kit the day i ordered the motherboard. The whole turnaround time was around a week, but like you I was nervous that it wouldn't get approved, so I hastily ordered a A6-9500 to do it myself. That one is currently in Florida with Mr. Serious Face upgrading a motherboard. When he sends it back to me, if you still haven't received one, I can do the same with you.
spinal 1990 (3 months ago)
What happens if I dont return the apu ?
feekes (3 months ago)
spinal 1990 I imagine AMD will send an invoice out to pay for it. They cannot bill you automatically but they have terms and conditions that are agreed to when the request is filled out.
Theo Lamp (3 months ago)
What a great consumer friendly idea. I want to get a good full ATX board and the 2200G processor. I feel that the ability to later upgrade up to 64GB of DDR4, a good  GPU and a Ryzen 7 processor at later date should get me as close as I can to being "future proof". Obviously current memory and GPU prices make it questionable to go mid-high end right now. I will first try to buy from a local brick and mortar to have them update the bios (as AMD recommends). But, if that fails, I know I have a fallback option. I have for years, since the K7, always bought AMD because it was a good product. And, it was the only company that kept Intel honest in their pricing.
feekes (3 months ago)
Whole heartily agree with everything you say! AMD has made some really consumer friendly decisions here of late. Think of the debacle that was the SkylakeX launch and then Coffee Lake then compare that to the AM4 stance of being future compatible with anything still using ddr4 memory. Makes me go AMD every time.
Mohan Karthik Ramaraj (3 months ago)
Hey! Thanks for the video. Just an FYI. I got my return shipping label along with the claim approval so AMD does pay for return shipping too! Hope you didn't have to pay for it.
feekes (3 months ago)
Mohan Karthik Ramaraj they finally sent me one in email. Going back today.
Wardino (3 months ago)
Hi just wanted to confirm how long it took for you to receive it? I got an email to my inbox from AMD telling me that a service request no has been received but no confirmation. I also got an email to my junk from postmaster@amd titled "Undeliverable warranty service request" Thx
feekes (3 months ago)
Wardino it had me worried enough that I ordered an a6-9500 to get the build done in time. Sent the issue to AMD, but might have been overlooked.
Wardino (3 months ago)
feekes Thank you for clarifying so quickly, it did have me concerned glad to know you received boot kit in good time.
feekes (3 months ago)
Wardino I received the same email, I think there is a misconfiguration in their helpdesk somewhere. Took less than a week after I got that message till the CPU arrived.
GuySwagger (3 months ago)
Im actually gonna get the same thing like this since I can't boot the ASRock motherboard I have with my Raven Ridge Processor. AMD just approved me the bootkit and they're just about to ship it soon.
jesu 04 (2 months ago)
GuySwagger Did you pay shipping costs? When you back to them the processor you need pay shipping?
GuySwagger (2 months ago)
I don't know. For me, it took several days or a few weeks.
Jack Wiseman (2 months ago)
GuySwagger how long did it take to come in the mail, I just got my request approved
GuySwagger (3 months ago)
Just Got it Today! :D
feekes (3 months ago)
GuySwagger good deal!
I'm out y'all (3 months ago)
Thanks for making this video you gained a sub and like.
feekes (3 months ago)
I'm out y'all you're welcome and thanks! If there are any topics you would like to see throw them in the comments below.
Giorgio (3 months ago)
I live in western Europe and I requested it as well. It will be shipped from Holland and AMD will pay the return as well through DHL. Their reply was prompt and they said that they would communicate as soon as they dispatch it. They said once dispatched, it shoud come in 3-5 days
SnowyBit (3 months ago)
hey! i live in Holland, and also need the boot kit. have you received the boot kit yet? If so, did you ship it back yet? and if you did with which company? also do Amd cover the shipping costs?
feekes (3 months ago)
Giorgio that's awesome. Thanks for the information.
Mrgoodvibes (3 months ago)
I filled out the claim last night but still no word back from amd. How long did it take for them to respond to your claim?
feekes (2 months ago)
1.5B views did you get your BIOS updated and running?
James Dator (3 months ago)
Thanks for the help
James Dator (3 months ago)
feekes thanks but I got in contact with amd
1.5B views (3 months ago)
feekes oh nice
feekes (3 months ago)
Its actually a complete boxed a6 9500. Just like in the video, even includes that "wonderful" heat sink.
gerbols (3 months ago)
finally i get to see what amd sends you. thank you! however on the site it does say it comes with pre-paid return shippng so i wonder why you didnt recieve that...
feekes (3 months ago)
gerbols I have sent in a request in the label issue, we will see what they send back.
7Q Mila (3 months ago)
I also requested for a boot kit for my 2400g yesterday. How long did it take for you to get your boot kit?
favio hewson (1 month ago)
Gracias German muy antento saludos
German Tarnoski (1 month ago)
favio hewson No tengo el procesador. Solo le mandé la mother a un contacto que se lo envió a otro contacto que la actualizó y me la envió de nuevo actualizada. ¿Probaste pedir donde compraste tu mother? O en cualquier otro lugar donde se encarguen de componentes de pc si pueden actualizarte la mother o prestarte el procesador.
favio hewson (1 month ago)
me podes contactar te lo puedo alquilar quizas.. no me da bola amd y el boot kit. fijate porfa en mi perfil esta mi fb saludos y gracias
German Tarnoski (1 month ago)
favio hewson quilmes bs as De nada
favio hewson (1 month ago)
hola Ger gracias por tu respuesta yo estoy en la misma y el tiempo pasa viste, que bueno que pudiste conseguir uno prestado vos de donde sos? t mando un abrazo gracias por la respuesta
feekes (3 months ago)
Excited to get the channel going. Have a build in the pipe using the above boot kit, along with some informational videos. Subscribe to see.

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