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Far Cry 5 – Hurk and Parents (All cutscenes)

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This is a video with all cutscenes with Hurk Drubman Jr. and his mummy and daddy in Far Cry 5.
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Text Comments (131)
Kenny Powers (13 hours ago)
"Obama loving libtards"I love this fucking game.
Who Me? (17 days ago)
Liberals are such Freaks
Pietree (17 days ago)
Hurks mom makes me uncomfortable.
Corned Jedi (22 days ago)
What’s the song when they are in the car?
King of flames (28 days ago)
Thats not hurk. He doesn't have the tatoo on his right shoulder with the name Jason and I doubt the one on his left says Jack because I know it's not spelled with an M
Andree Tungcab (1 month ago)
Better Family than the Seed Family
Ymir Reiss (1 month ago)
To think hurk knew Jason Brody
Christopher Manning (1 month ago)
It almost feels like they made Hurk 'dumber' than in Far Cry 3. The 'pacifists' thing for his parents could have been due to his hard right upbringing. Many pro gun folks would consider themselves vigilant, but not 'pacifists'. So either this Hurk is a different person, or there is some weird inconsistencies going on.
Spector (1 month ago)
Hurk is downright one of my favorite characters. He's so stupid it makes him likeable. Hurk is underrated in my opinion.
Luca Ristea (1 month ago)
Is it just me or does Hurk in far cry 5 look a lot younger than in 3 and 4? Could 5 be a prequel to the others? I'd give him max 25-30 years in this, and in 3 and 4 he's like 40 something
Luca Ristea (1 month ago)
Nevermind, he mentions Ajay in the game
SgtSmil3z (1 month ago)
Someone please tell me WHERE TF DID HURKS TATTOOS GO? YOU CANT SAY THIS GAME TOOK PLACE BEFORE FARCRY 3-4 CAUSE THAT WOULD MEAN FARCRY 5's ENDING WOULD MAKE 0 SENSE. all caps cause i really want an answer other than bad writing lmao
Demon50 (1 month ago)
The mounted M2 in this game is such a blast to use. It literally blows people off of their feet and about 10ft back lol.
Odin (1 month ago)
is the sound suppose to be like that in the game?
Ninja Gamer123 (1 month ago)
That primal reference tho
Eddie Hardt (1 month ago)
2:34 Was that a reference to Talladega Nights?
Jack Malone (1 month ago)
is it weird that im now kinda curious about naked zip lining? sounds fun...
Puglous (1 month ago)
Say what you will about the Drubman, they age well. Each of them look at least 10 years younger than they actually are.
Jean Ferrin (1 month ago)
i like how he nods😂 3:05
Random guy 87 (1 month ago)
Imagine an ancestor of hurk in medieval time being a stupid alchemist
Quacky Wakkie (1 month ago)
Step 2, pray for someone else to solve your problem Huh, sounds like Willis...
The Crusader (1 month ago)
Hurks my favorite human companion my favorite overall is cheese burgers
Aly Badry (1 month ago)
Wow , hurk breaks the fourth wall to some old far cry players , guess helping him in fc4 payed off
Ian Berry (1 month ago)
“I just turned 30 when I ran away from home” i died
zzzags gaming (2 months ago)
To pees in a goddamn pod
zzzags gaming (2 months ago)
To pees in a goddamn pod
zzzags gaming (2 months ago)
To pees in a goddamn pod
zzzags gaming (2 months ago)
To pees in a goddamn pod
What’s the song playing in the background ?
andy rhoden (2 months ago)
Buford t justice lives
Annabeth Norse (2 months ago)
"...I mean thats what I'm all about!" *Nod nod*
Yoshi Woshi (2 months ago)
Hurl referenced far cry primal... wow hurky
Farhan Syafiq (2 months ago)
"Imma 'bout to go wenja on their asses" Urki would be proud of you Hurk.
They Call Me Chainz&Sawz (2 months ago)
"Accidentally tripped and fell on several dozens of bullets" -Hurk Drubman, Sr.
STBill (2 months ago)
This game makes me wish I was American.
dylan goodwin (16 days ago)
Demon50 Seems legit
Demon50 (1 month ago)
STBill I thought this game made us look like a bunch of gun toting nutcases and I was like “that’s not true!”..... Then I proceeded to load my 33rd mag for my glock17 as I shook my head no.
Douglass MacArthur (1 month ago)
You should move here! It’s great and I love it here.
Joshua Belmont Reese (1 month ago)
STBill Guess i'm lucky for be half american
Gorgeous Freeman (2 months ago)
It's great you should really try it sometime
Jordan C (2 months ago)
I remember Hurk mentioned to Jason in far cry 3 that his parents were pacifists.... either game devs completely forgot about Hurk’s previous dialogue, or Hurk doesn’t understand the meaning of pacifist...
SgtSmil3z (1 month ago)
Draken X it couldn't have happened. Farcry 5 ending would make 0 sense then
Endure and Survive (1 month ago)
Actually, Huntley disproves this because he mentions Jason in 4 and mentions Ajay and Jason in 5. But that would've been cool.
Star Cola (1 month ago)
Draken X the game takes place in the modern day. I don't know when 3 and 4 take place exactly but they'd have to take place in the future.
Draken X (1 month ago)
Could also be that Far Cry 5 happened before Far Cry 3 and 4? Just because the game came out in this order doesn't mean it happened that way, maybe this is just a previous life before he met Jason and Ajay.
Endure and Survive (2 months ago)
Jordan C I would like to imagine it's the latter, simply because it's fitting to Hurk's character.
Dillon C (2 months ago)
"Would you look at that? Two peas in a goddamn pod."
Arty The Gentleman (2 months ago)
What happened to him? All of his Tat's are gone
zzzags gaming (2 months ago)
Arty The Gentleman darude sandstorm
Excalliburn - (2 months ago)
Hurk was cool in Far Cry 4 though, what the hell happened to him?
Plank Tonn (2 months ago)
Urki patesh
Gorgeous Freeman (2 months ago)
Smart man find feathers for ukri!
Star Classic (2 months ago)
Feel that breeze on my taint!
DeputyEd (2 months ago)
"...they had guns n' food and fine ass females and that's 3 things I'm really all about!" *Nods* Make that another subscriber under your belt sir.
Where did all his tats go?
Spider Man (2 months ago)
What about his cousin sharky
Idkwhattoput (2 months ago)
The fuck where's his tattoos?
Joshua Arjona (2 months ago)
Did any one hear hurk say something about kyrat
Gorgeous Freeman (2 months ago)
I didn't but he does have dialogue about it like he said pagen use to have the best crab Rangoon he ever tasted and more. Wait nevermind I just heard it.
Joshua Arjona (2 months ago)
Hurk and his monkeys 🤗
J T (2 months ago)
I fucking laughed when I found out hurk and sharky were cousins
Brandon Mata (2 months ago)
Donovan Kozak yes
Donovan Kozak (2 months ago)
J T Are they really?
2 Boba Fett references in this game so far.
man with the plan ! (2 months ago)
"Little Monkey god" Lmao far cry 3 and 4 flashbacks
Ross Horan (2 months ago)
A “government solution” to my temporary problem lol
Kevin Nguyen (2 months ago)
"Broba-fett" 🤣 im using that now
Gorgeous Freeman (2 months ago)
Good to know my broba fett!
Jack Rockwell (2 months ago)
I love where Hurk is on the zip line. His lines are great.
BWOS HORZE (2 months ago)
Dude no offense or anything but y is ur audio so trashy
Kechioma (2 months ago)
He left is mic on and he wasn't talking, so there was a horrid echo effect in the background
Depressed Guy (2 months ago)
BWOS HORZE audio is alright for me. Its probably you
Darth Slayer (2 months ago)
you forgot Sharky
Gorgeous Freeman (14 days ago)
True they are related but this is the drubman family and sharkys family is the boshaws.
Quintonias (2 months ago)
I find Hurk's dad to be very obnoxious...funny, but annoying at times. Mostly just the same reason I hate Bethesda NPCs with the repetition of the same. Damn. Line. Every five minutes (See the "peas in a goddamn pod" line that was stated about four times in two minutes)
naked snek (2 months ago)
no lollygagging
Freakshow 6713 (2 months ago)
That audio glitch drove me insane. Goddam hearing two peas in a goddam pod I blew up Nancy and shot senior in the face. Didn’t work ._.
imicca (2 months ago)
Obama loving libtards lol
Alex L (23 days ago)
imicca funny how conservatives tried to boycott this game, claiming it was "liberal propaganda" even though it makes fun of liberals
Puglous (1 month ago)
I laughed so hard when I heard that.
HooniganR34 (2 months ago)
+Sonlirain that might be a thing ... I wanna know if the devs will want explain to us about this bliss thing except that is a drug ...
STBill (2 months ago)
Hoang Nguyen is an Obama loving libtard.
Jonathan Campbell (2 months ago)
Sonlirain it would make sense only because it was random af and somehow synced with the fathers speech xD
L3T D0WN (2 months ago)
His tattoos have changed since far cry 3
Uncle Daniel (2 months ago)
where are hurks tatoos
cool99xbox (2 months ago)
They ruined hurk in farcry 5. Smh
Gorgeous Freeman (2 months ago)
I agree, he had so much more potential
Slippery Snek (2 months ago)
He was my tat brother, now he lost all his tats man
Kecte x (2 months ago)
cool99xbox how?
About to go wenja on their asses. Strange that he knows about the exact tribe his ancestor was from.
Oh boy, looks like he can look the same through 3 different generations.
brody crawford I personally fucking KNOW that Hurk is a time traveler. SPOILERS AHEAD, PLEASE DO NOT CONTINUE UNLESS YOU HAVE KILLED THE GUY IN WHITETAIL MOUNTAINS (Forgot his name). Hurk told me about Eli's death BEFORE Eli died, Hurk = Time traveler fucking confirmed.
Sonlirain (2 months ago)
Now i'm imagining a "FarCry; Medieval" Taking place in and around the Sherwood forest.
brody crawford (2 months ago)
i personally think that Hurk is a time traveler. he looked old as fuck in Far Cry 3, now he looks younger.
Sonlirain (2 months ago)
Obviously genetic memory is at work here.
Weston Brecheen (2 months ago)
I recommend running away to every child I meet
dambigfoot (2 months ago)
His cousin is the guy you can side with Shark hes got a shotgun with fire rounds.
d-man9- 8 (2 months ago)
Hurk said his parents were pacifists in farcry3 guess they changed
BOB poop (2 months ago)
Uncle Daniel probably on his chest or something or Ubisoft forgot their lore
BOB poop (2 months ago)
cheesy pizza nah he mentions the monkeys from FC3 and 4
Uncle Daniel (2 months ago)
where are hurks tatoos
Aimless (2 months ago)
they also mention both characters from 3 and 4 in the game
VVastelande (2 months ago)
Far Cry 5 is based in 2018 but far cry 3 was like 2012 or something idk
xX_d0r1t0s_Xx (2 months ago)
*Would you look at that. Two peas in a goddamn pod.* this video is why hurk is the best characters
Spider Man (2 months ago)
Two cannibal midgets in a far guys ribcage.
xX_d0r1t0s_Xx (2 months ago)
I just realized that i misspelled peas. 8 *end my life
internet drone (2 months ago)
Would you look at that. Two pees in a goddamn pod.

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