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Far Cry 5 - Top 10 Secrets & Easter Eggs

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Far Cry 5 (PC, PS4, Xbox One) is tons of fun and filled with references, Easter Eggs, and hidden things to discover. Here are our favorite things to stumble upon in the game. Subscribe for more: http://youtube.com/gameranxtv
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gameranx (1 month ago)
There are far more than 10, we just picked out favorites - what have you stumbled upon?
John Ekstrand (24 days ago)
North of st. Francis hospital there is a deer target that when shot will spawn 2 moose and an eagle. You can repeat this as much as you want
Lüre (25 days ago)
You can actually get the Vaas bobble head if you bought Far Cry 3 Special Edition. I have it, lul.
HRgamer (26 days ago)
TH3SLASH3R there’s also a phone and if u interact the clown starts laughing
HRgamer (26 days ago)
There’s a haunted house and upstairs there’s another red balloon and a phone and when u interact with the phone,the clown from it, Pennywise, starts doing his creepy laugh
Sidharth Desai (26 days ago)
The Main truck in the game is called “Widow Maker” referencing to Joffery’s sword in Game Of Thrones
Black Dragon (6 hours ago)
Ok so about the big foot. There is no big foot in the game. All the game wants you to do is spend more time on the game. Because if they didn’t encourage a Bigfoot hunt the game wouldn’t even played as much. For example in gta people are still playing the game after all these years just to find “Bigfoot” (FYI: he doesn’t exist)
It’sBanana (22 hours ago)
I loved Farcry Primal
Soviet Sausage (2 days ago)
I think Its pretty funny how the Marshall was so focused on arresting the Father and ending the cult but is stuck in the Bliss the entire time
Zac Justice (4 days ago)
Has anyone solved the grave letters?
william blazkowics (6 days ago)
Theres are secret boot while i was playing the game in thw being of the game when u get the first machine gun there are a set of boots that if u shoot make a special noise i saw them again after the second time jacob takes u
Kamen rider guy (9 days ago)
Blood dragon 2 please ubisoft
bird Zamora (10 days ago)
or the frying pan is from left 4 dead
Jonathan G (11 days ago)
Nuclear Nachos (11 days ago)
It would be cool if you shot the balloon it would explode into blood
Haloman045 (11 days ago)
Omfg the pan dude is the country guy In l4d2 Elise. If the game is about country people then about zombie dlc that should be the easiest way to connect
Tyler Bird (12 days ago)
i like getting into the helicopter with the team mate chick as the pilot and she says, "punch it Chewee!"
Rehman hasan tyeb (13 days ago)
After doing the second larry parker mission, when we get to talk to him, i think he actually mentions DLC in a crytographic sort of manner. The actual dialogue of him is - "......Anne will be thrilled. Speaking of thrilled, it's done. The DYNAMIC LASER CAPACITOR is complete. The real fun is about to begin....." This might be a sort of direct way of pointing that the DLC is complete and is going to come any time soon. Well...those are my thoughts and sorry for any grammar mistake because english is not my first language :D .
MooReNo -8 (13 days ago)
I think the best far cry game is primal
Ziltoid the Omniscient (15 days ago)
To the Pennywise reference there is also one in the haunted house. Once you get through the house and up into the attic there is a red balloon and if you pick up the old dial phone you get him laughing on the other end
Aktazf (15 days ago)
Hurk says a few words that his character said in Far Cry primal
Craig VanArsdel (15 days ago)
Primal was so bad it makes far cry 5 look innovative
Vinicius Oka (15 days ago)
Easter egg: I heard a character saying he would be an agent if didn’t get shoot on his knees. This is a clear reference to Skyrim!
Mike Sheldon (16 days ago)
In one of the notes you can read in the game (I think its in Faith's region), they talk about how there are no longer any baby animals in Hope County and come to the conclusion that Bliss has made the animals gay. They specifically mention that the frogs are now gay, in all caps. This is reference to an Alex Jones rant that claims something (probably Obama) made the frogs gay.
Deadreckoning the3rd (16 days ago)
My favorite is on Larry Parker’s mission when he is about to teleport if you jump in with him your screen changes and you’ll see an alien running towards you
billy niemann (16 days ago)
i.did dat i.didnt.presse anything.it.was.funny as.shit.tho lol u.jist.walk.away lol
Ferox (17 days ago)
I love the one where u in the ghost house and when u get to the prepper stash u have references to the ring and especially IT its amazing
shakybill3 (17 days ago)
A frying pan could be alot more than just pubg
Pro Nation (18 days ago)
Did any of you find a plastic baby in a small chimney?
Logan Forman (19 days ago)
There’s also some other red balloon locations
Ashtyn Miller (19 days ago)
I've also found that across the map you can find Speed cola machines from Call of duty zombies, anyone else?
Paladino do Cerrado (19 days ago)
9 is maybe to L4D2
yannick roy fontaine (20 days ago)
In the little town filled with manequins where tweek lives, there is a manequin humping another with a giant pumpkin. That's pretty random and actually funny.
behemithx (20 days ago)
You also forgot the other IT reference located in the haunted house, there’s a note about fearing IT and a red balloon attached to the desk.
behemithx (20 days ago)
It’s 100% intended as a Left 4 Dead 2 reference
Justin R (20 days ago)
One of the Clutch Nixon missions, sadly I can't remember which, but it mentions a Wenja ritual if you actually listen to the voice over instead of starting the mission right away.
Justin Dyer (21 days ago)
I was out fishing with a fisherman sitting next to me then he said, "you know, I could've been a deputy like you but I took a bullet to the knee."
Krzychu Zalewski (21 days ago)
Why u guys playing on console not PC ? The graphics are way better
The Real Justice (22 days ago)
There is also another IT easter egg at the end of the Haunted House Prepper Mission. Its the red balloon and a phone that you can interact with that plays his laugh
jake balducci (22 days ago)
There was one when your on the island and you head towards the radio tower. Dutch calls you and says "dont worry you only have to do this once for me. Im not gonna make you climb up a bunch of towers" referencing to far cry 3 which made you do that in order to get more guns and stuff
Maddest 4dayzz (23 days ago)
I found a skyrim reference, a guy fishing starting saying....i used to be a hunter like you, till I took a bullet to the knee!!
Far Cry Primal was Awesome!
CardboardwolfJD (23 days ago)
Story time. I was being attack by a peggy that had 2 wolves (one of the melee ones that are on like pcp or some shit) and a wolverine runs over and kills the guy, but loses to me and the wolves. Then, a brown bear slaughters the wolves, and a black bear runs over and kills the brown bear. Nothing else happened, just really fucking weird.
B Murf (23 days ago)
the video was great until you pronounced mario like that at 4:34
Sean R (24 days ago)
Seriously no spoiler alert for the last one??
sawmaniac (24 days ago)
The music in the end credits is from the end of "Dr. Strangelove" when all the nukes go off.
gaming19 (24 days ago)
There's another It Easter Egg and it's a prepper stash called *something* horror house. Well something like that. It's a horror house and you have to go through it to the top. When you get to the top there's a red balloon, a phone with a clown laughing and a page with 'clown thoughts' on it
John Ekstrand (24 days ago)
There is a deer target north of st. Frances hospital that when shot will spawn two moose and a eagle
Steven Ampey (25 days ago)
Ran into a pretty funny "They're turning the friggin frogs gay!" Alex Jones reference in Faith's Region where they're pouring bliss into the water.
Panda King Beersy (25 days ago)
Reference to PUBG? What about TF2? How quickly we forget our heroes...
Dark unicorn (25 days ago)
Why is the pan a pubg reference and not a tf2 reference where the iconic pan come from?
-ファントム (25 days ago)
This video was garbage
Max Reardon (26 days ago)
Another Primal reference is one of the side characters or missions in Jacobs region where it’s mixing up a drug, I think Bo Adams, and he says that the recipe is an old Wenja one
Max Reardon (26 days ago)
Also why wouldn’t after all the stuff we go through do we still try to bring him in instead of just shooting the hell out of him? Sure it’s not as heavy hitting an ending as the two you get playing the game but it’s the one that makes the most sense at all. Why do we try to bring him in when we’ve already killed his two siblings and potential kidnap victim and, if you’re trying for at least an outpost take over before end of game, most of his cult?
Perry Quick (27 days ago)
There is another IT Easter egg on one of the prepper stash missions I think. With like an audio recording too
for no Reason (27 days ago)
I liked far cry primal
Nonwrath (27 days ago)
"PubG fan" Yeah cuase, pubg was the first and only game to ever use frying pans...
Uptownewe7112 (27 days ago)
Damn not even one assassin's Creed reference...
Bergen Dahl (27 days ago)
Love far cry primal
-12 (27 days ago)
Number 11: Nick's secret origin as a ww2 Japanese kamikaze pilot. To elaborate I use him a lot while playing and I have watched him randomly dive bomb enemies for no reason multiple times.
Okiiashi (28 days ago)
Wow and I really wanted to ignore the orders to handcuff.... it would of been a quit wow and relief... oh well I'll check it out again.
Jakalol123 (28 days ago)
I remembered the far cry 4 secret ending and thought maybe I’ll try now and I was right
Jaye Bogar (28 days ago)
4:40 😂😂
Pensionarul (29 days ago)
Also, sometimes you can hear the recruit quoting lyrics from linkin park:"In the end it doesn't even matter" or queen:"another one bites the dust"
GrayGooseShotter (29 days ago)
Lol really? PUBG was the only game to use a frying pan? If anything it’s a l4d 2 reference
Robert Salazar (29 days ago)
There’s also an Easter egg in your number 1 spot, the secret ending, the last thing that Joseph seed says “sometimes it’s best to leave well enough alone” is something the sheriff says in the helicopter ride to arrest Joseph minutes before
MemeCytogenesis (29 days ago)
Far Cry Blood Dragon Aka one of the best Far Cry games i hope he was being sarcastic
It's a reference to Left 4 Dead 2. The body is supposed to be Ellis, judging by the hat, face, and matching bloodstain on the side of his face.
Member Berry (29 days ago)
I got the secret ending by accident when I went to check discord
DE_ konse (29 days ago)
I like the Easter- egg from the 8-Bits Bar , at where all your mates come together :D
Bape Boy (1 month ago)
This was actually really good
Fisk Tha Wizk (1 month ago)
there is an entire mission about the IT easter egg. its the Haunted House quest.
Nico Antonelli (1 month ago)
Oh i like a game that has a frying pan, hey a frying pan, referances¿¿¿¿
My toilet exploded (1 month ago)
thumbnail 150% legit
HENRY Undisclosed (1 month ago)
I found the red balloon by crashing into that river, so when I got out of my car, I was facing a sewer drain and a red balloon, fun
Golden Devil (1 month ago)
Make a part 2
samgrog PlaysMC (1 month ago)
Firewatch was excellent.
Issy Bakes (1 month ago)
there is also a red balloon in o hara's haunted house
Dave The Deer (1 month ago)
Did anyone catch some rebels occasionally saying "I used to be a Deputy like you, until I took a bullet to the knee
Ross Anderson (1 month ago)
What about the skyrim gard Easter egg
Matt johnston (1 month ago)
I loved the angry bees in a pouch grenade in Far Cry primal
CleverTacticGaming (1 month ago)
I founded no.5 from youtubers H2O Delirious and Cartoonz
Whybot182 (1 month ago)
Don't forget the Assassin's Creed reference!
CringeBros yaboi (1 month ago)
The last one with the creepy ending you can do the same at far cry 4 just wait while and you will get the secret ending
Tim Schutter (1 month ago)
Or maybe the pan from l4d2 ?
Stist Arg (1 month ago)
Big foot dlc incumming
Cooper Rosenlund (1 month ago)
I’m just saying I think far cry primal is really good
Joseph Seed (1 month ago)
There IS a Sasquatch! Maybe not in campaign but you can place an NPC Big Foot in the map editor.
Bryce Ensminger (1 month ago)
There’s also a red balloon in that haunted house in the attic
Bryce Ensminger (1 month ago)
I don’t remember what the haunted house was called but there’s like a quest where u have to turn on the power and go through it but it has a LOT of jumpscares
Jake Manoogian (1 month ago)
You can actually spawn a yeti in the arcade editor
Slackers Unite (1 month ago)
what about the easter egg where u stand on a book in faith's story line (on the giant statue and get told to jump down) the quest is called: Leap of Faith, if im correct. this is a strong refference to Assassins Creed right?
Johnny Ro'maeve (1 month ago)
I still think Pagan is not evil. Going overboard, sure but Evil? Nah. He personally knew the protagonist’s Father and wanted to help AJ pursue their goal. HE was the one who really tried to push AJ towards his father’s goal.
ban_one (1 month ago)
I love that Hurks dad talks like jackie gleason and that his and hurks relationship is reference to Sheriff Buford T. Justice and his son Junior in the Smokey and Bandit movies
DoctorTerra (1 month ago)
Did you find the speed Cola Automat from Call of Duty2 if not u can find it in Faith's region. You have to teleport to Hollyhook-Saloon and walk in the Saloon or you can go in from the back sidd
Germain Auclair (1 month ago)
There is a stupid rabbit’s reference too
Sam White (1 month ago)
The haunted house pepper stash has a penny wise message on the answering machine and another red baloon
Evan Aho (1 month ago)
In one of he sewers there was pizza referenceing teenage mutant turtles
Jody lindsey (1 month ago)
if you find the red balloon go through the tunnel and there will be another go through that one and it will lead you to a small stash
What the fuck a far cry 5 easter egg video where 7/10 arent blood dragon easter eggs?
Sean Tan (1 month ago)
Wow no spoiler alert that ruined the idea of getting farcry 5
Legion (1 month ago)
In O' Hara's Haunted House Preppers Stash there's a Penny-wise balloon at the end area on a desk.
JLNProps (1 month ago)
Funny thing is the guy Marvel movie set I jumped a American Mustang over his set animals hit him I haven't done that mission yet that I'm going to
Limitless (1 month ago)
This game looks so awesome
Laugh-a-Lot Shorts (1 month ago)
“Sir, what do you think you’re doing” -continues to beat him 10 times with the warp pipe-
Noah Johnson (1 month ago)
In the haunted hour attic th as a note and a phone recording of IT laughing also a red balloon
Mikael (1 month ago)
I liked primal. Simple and fun

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