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No Man's Sky Mission Board Tutorial

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Forgot to mention each system has missions that will help you with your standing for the faction that rules that system NO MAN'S SKY https://store.playstation.com/#!/en-gb/tid=CUSA03952_00
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Text Comments (21)
Spencer Ott (1 month ago)
Mine always says “the gek life form stares at me with traces of fear behind its eyes. It’s clear it has nothing left to say to me.” Anyone?
FIRE TURTLE (1 month ago)
Im 400 hundreth sub
ken masters (1 month ago)
do I need to have the mission selected in order for it to count? Say I have a mission that says scan 3 animals, and another says scan 2 minerals. Will they both passively complete while playing the main story?
newns9649 (1 month ago)
i cant find the missions guy in my local space station. has it changed with the next update?
my volks (1 month ago)
meyvern thanks for the help I really appreciate it
my volks (1 month ago)
meyvern ok guess I'll just farm materials and enjoy the game, I'm act very impressed so far and rather addicted😁glad the devs didn't give up on it
meyvern (1 month ago)
nope, different system completely. you might not be far enough in the game yet to be able to warp. no rush to do missions anyways, won't need the xp until much later
my volks (1 month ago)
meyvern by warp do you mean go to a different planet? I've done that but still no mission board😰
meyvern (1 month ago)
my volks I had to warp at least once I think before the mission board booth showed up for me, try that
KellahtiUG (1 month ago)
i am on a fucking space station and i cant find this goddamn mission board. It reads on no mans sky wiki that every space station has a mission board. fuck this game
Brayden Griffin (8 months ago)
I've had 8 missions going at once, so I know 5 isnt the max. Sometimes they dissapear.
Korbes Korner (9 months ago)
the starter system says 'no work available' when does that change?
Ex Apostasy (1 year ago)
I found you through recommended, your channel might explode soon, knock on wood
Clever Witty Gaming (1 year ago)
That would be nice would give me the chance to get some good software and hardware to make my videos better :)
smeg 188 (1 year ago)
dude I'm one of them new subs about four days ago and u doing well keep it up man
Clever Witty Gaming (1 year ago)
thank you !!! <3

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