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Video Game Rating Systems - A Better Approach to Content Ratings - Extra Credits

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Games are becoming more common than ever, but the time-consuming and expensive methods to rate them for mature content haven't grown along with them. Allowing developers to submit their own games which are then subject to consumer review for accuracy would make it possible even for small games to get content ratings, however platforms such as Steam, Xbox, PlayStation, and even the App Store would need to encourage developers to use the system. Subscribe for new episodes every Wednesday! http://bit.ly/SubToEC (---More below) _______ Get your Extra Credits gear at the store! http://bit.ly/ExtraStore Play games with us on Extra Play! http://bit.ly/WatchEXP Watch more episodes from this season of Extra Credits! http://bit.ly/2wvhPeo Contribute community subtitles to Extra Credits: http://www.youtube.com/timedtext_cs_p... Talk to us on Twitter (@ExtraCreditz): http://bit.ly/ECTweet Follow us on Facebook: http://bit.ly/ECFBPage Get our list of recommended games on Steam: http://bit.ly/ECCurator _________ Would you like James to speak at your school or organization? For info, contact us at: contact@extra-credits.net _________ ♪ Intro Music: "Penguin Cap" by CarboHydroM http://bit.ly/1eIHTDS ♪ Outro Music: "The Laffer Monologues (ft. Hat)" by lonelyrollingstars http://bit.ly/1GOoaD6
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Text Comments (1991)
The Jas1001 (20 days ago)
I find the PEGI rating system easier to understand.
Lyandro Tansingco (1 month ago)
So is it a must to have this ESRB thing? I can't release a game without ESRB?
Toon World (3 days ago)
Use You Need A Rating So People Could Understand What Age Your Game Must Be Suited For
LuckyK (1 month ago)
Heyyy, this actually ended up happening! It’s called the IARC, it’s really cool!
Toon World (3 days ago)
+MaJeeDooo 0010 International Age Rating Coalition
MaJeeDooo 0010 (1 month ago)
What's the IARC?
mogieymouse (1 month ago)
M blood no really it’s yuckers
BlinGames (1 month ago)
Cyka blyat tovarish
Broken Criptid (1 month ago)
Will McClelland (1 month ago)
Rated M bad Rated T bad rated AO bad Rated E10 bad Rated E bad Rated early childhood good.
Sushi Kazuki (2 months ago)
just wanna say that 4chan's /pol/ exists and they like screwing with things that allow you to choose stuff on the internet...
Jacque Vander (2 months ago)
So YouTube policy on all games doesn't sound good. What about look for a review and if you don't like it not buy it sound a lot cheaper and easier
Kyousou (2 months ago)
What if I rated my game as 21+ while I only have like 10+ contents just to play safe ?
Aldor The Great (1 day ago)
Just put "downloadable content not rated by esrb" at the start of the game if your worried abiut updates
Donut's Mustache (2 months ago)
+Kyousou no, you add the content and change the minimum rating the esrb lets you
Kyousou (2 months ago)
what if I intended for everyone but I'm not sure what I would update in the future should I rate my game as 21+ just to play safe ?
Donut's Mustache (2 months ago)
that would be stupid as you would get rid of the demographic the game was intended for.
commander dank memes (3 months ago)
GAME: contains one drop of blood because a character got a paper cut ESRB: HOOOLY CRAP THATS MATURE! ME: I get paper cuts everyday...
Toon World (3 days ago)
Russia Gave Miitopia 18+ Because Of Gay Relationships
K1naku5ana3R1ka (1 month ago)
You get a paper cut every single day? I don’t think even secretaries are that unlucky.
Cody Gamer (1 month ago)
A pixel of blood in the whole 125 hour game Esrb: that needs a T rating we can’t have red blood in an E10+ game
Kristijan Jozić (2 months ago)
off colored (3 months ago)
What is that music in the begining? I know it from somewhare but i cant remember what it was.
Harry Willmore (2 months ago)
Talis yes, that is one of the levels it plays in. One level.
Talis (2 months ago)
+Harry Willmore check my answer
Harry Willmore (2 months ago)
It's the overworld theme I think. It plays in loads of levels.
Talis (2 months ago)
off colored you should check Super Mario 64... It's the metal remix of Bob-omb battlefield
Kva 909 (3 months ago)
Well.... A problem will still linger for a while-It is games made by the distributor(TF2 is made by Valve, and Valve also holds Steam pretty sure)As they can just:1. Misrate the game. 2.Even if its flagged and deemed misrated and due to suspension,the distributors are the devs of the game and will refuse to suspend it.
That attack on Titan reference tho
Grant Mitchell I am not the guy that says he is Otto von Bismarck, or Robert Walpole etc,we just want to comment like if we were justinian Otto or walpole etc
Grant Mitchell (3 months ago)
What is it with all these EH themed accounts... did 1 person just snatch up all the EH account names before anyone else...?
That Anonymous person (3 months ago)
Dev: Yeah there is only one punch in the game but that's it... ESRB:HOLY CRAP DUDE THATS ALOT OF VIOLENCE THIS IS A MATURE GAME!!! Me:Why?? I see fights at school almost everyday and people break bones...
K1naku5ana3R1ka (1 month ago)
If there are regularly fights at your school where people need hospitalization, then you shouldn’t be there.
Corbin Tubo (2 months ago)
That Anonymous person I don't think that should be happening
Mr pony (2 months ago)
That Anonymous person that's a very dangerous school
Snake (3 months ago)
The current system I would argue is flawed, due to the nature that certain ratings for games dictate where they can be sold. In my opinion platforms like steam that don’t conform to common trends are the best allowing for maximum freedom to consumers and developers.
Matt Harris (3 months ago)
Is it just me or doesn't it make more sense for a lot of game developers to make a game rated M? It feels appropriate for adults to buy, and kids will almost always convince their parents to buy them the games cuz they just want to play them so damn bad. Idk though
MinccinoLuna Playz (3 months ago)
Skylanders, Mario, and other obviously "E for everyone" are rated 10 and up, get your act together, ESRB
mogieymouse (2 months ago)
MinccinoLuna Playz lol yea Wii boxing is not 10+
MinccinoLuna Playz (2 months ago)
mogieymouse Really?!? ESRB....... I'm not mad i'm disappointed .... 🤦 For failing at the one thing you were made to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
mogieymouse (2 months ago)
MinccinoLuna Playz wii sports club is 10+
Clark Aguilar (3 months ago)
I think that the community should have some power when rating games, on some sites (Such as Common Sense Media), the sites let you rate the game, for example, Just Cause 3 is rated M by the ESRB, but parents of 8-14 year olds (approximately) say it's for 9-12 year olds! If you want another example, Battlefield 4 is also rated M but parents say it's for 12+. If you don't believe me here are the links: Just Cause 3: https://www.commonsensemedia.org/game-reviews/just-cause-3/user-reviews/adult Battlefield 4: https://www.commonsensemedia.org/game-reviews/battlefield-4/user-reviews/adult
Grant Mitchell (3 months ago)
It just depends. If the parents look over the game and think that it is something there kids can play, that's possible even better than just listening to the rating.
paul fears (3 months ago)
All regulation is bad
InfamousArmstrong (3 months ago)
paul fears Games aren't required to comply to it.
paul fears (3 months ago)
All regulation does is apply additional levels of complexity onto a system that could be entirely regulated by the market. If a company wants to refuse to sell a game because it dose not have a content rating by some private system that is on them. However creating a system by which all games must comply to a bullshit system in order to be sold I would say would be a bad thing. I consider it a right to create and sell content and I do not want that right to be infringed upon.
HauntedShadowsLegacy (3 months ago)
'Ya hear that, little Suzie? Even though you're only two, here's that pack of cigarettes and 40 oz bottle of Jack Daniels you wanted! Have fun!' Creative restriction in environments where reaching a wide audience is difficult enough is bad. Labeling and rating based on content to allow consumers to make educated decisions about which content they'd rather purchase is not bad.
koohikoo (4 months ago)
the main problem i see is the fact that a developer who makes an honest mistake is overly punished. I would suggest that it would be on # of times a developer has done it. for example first time a small fee, and change the rating. 2nd time remove for a week. 3rd+ for a month.
MinccinoLuna Playz (3 months ago)
I think they should have a message "you will be punished," and then have time to change it. and respond to those who left flags to ask "is it good now?"
HauntedShadowsLegacy (3 months ago)
I'd say that the very first flag should send a warning message to the developer. 'Hey, someone complained about this. Is it true?' The devs have a limited time frame to respond to the flag (say, two business days). After a time frame of inaction, punishment is dealt (fees, removals, etc.). Honest and innocent mistakes should not be fatal. Schools nowadays have that problem with handling 'incidents'. For example, if a test has only five questions on it, it takes a single mistake to fail the test completely. I've experienced tests like that. It sucks.
koohikoo (3 months ago)
It's just an example, but i'd rather a studio get away with it than an innocent mistake by a studio get punished
Stephen Ahern (4 months ago)
That sounds way too lenient.
never getit (4 months ago)
Yeah no a simple oversight and a bunch of oversensitive consumers could basically bankrupt a company who made an honest mistake. Its not worth the risk. While the current system has its flaws it has far less of a risk of that happening.
Luna Meow (4 months ago)
The German system is ridiculous. It's legally mandatory, it's actually ILLEGAL to ignore the rating. It's intransparent, the guidelines for rating are nowhere to be found on their website, at least not publicly. And sometimes they refuse to rate a game and "index" it instead, forcing massive restrictions on sales and marketing. For example, it's illegal for indexed games to be visible on a shelf or even be advertised at all.
Tirex367 (3 months ago)
the indexing isn't done by the USK but by the BPjm who can only become activ, if the USK refuses to give a rating. Though if the USK does refuse an age rating and the BPjm then doesn't Index the game after looking into, the USK often does give it an age rating. The reason why there are no guidelines shown is mostly because they decide the ratings on a case by case basis, which is why Spec Ops: the Line got an 18 rating, while many games that are less brutal are indexed. They often give the reasons for the particular cases why a game got a particular rating though. There are cases where those are really bizarre though, like Binding of Isaac getting a 16 rating, because it could offend some catholic children. Guidelines have problem to, mostly because they are arbitrary and thus devalue the meaning of the rating, like binding the number of certain curse words to arbitrary number, which makes it that if you would play two PG movie behind another, they arent necessarily PG anymore
ุุ ุ (5 months ago)
I propose a nudity and gore visual detection Ai to scan every second of a "let's play" video. Such Ai, employed by facebook, already detects 😻 and 🍆💦in images.
Grant Mitchell (3 months ago)
uh...good luck making that?
ุุ ุ (5 months ago)
App developers cram in shady ad providers who pay the most but are downright malishious (epileptic blinking ads, softcore erotic ads for shooters, casino ads)
TrashGaming (5 months ago)
Kingdom come deliverance was a huge surprise
Hydrix64 ._. (3 months ago)
TrashGaming how come?
random linux nerd (5 months ago)
I hate being young pretty much any game that looks cool I can’t play
HauntedShadowsLegacy (3 months ago)
The thing with the ESRB's rating system is that it doesn't take into account fringe cases. Yes, many ten-year-olds should not view extremely hostile games. But that doesn't mean that the handful that won't be negatively affected doesn't exist. Some twelve-year-olds learn how to drive while others wait until they're twenty. Some sixteen-year-olds take up part time jobs relating to health care while others don't start med school until their thirties. Everyone matures at different rates. The importance is that all parties involved understand why the ratings are there.
SuperHalfheart (4 months ago)
why can't you play them? The rating is not the law for the user. I have ignored the ratings all my life. I think I will rate all my companies game the highest rating, just because it#s easier.
ุุ ุ (5 months ago)
Nonetrix Depends on how tyranical the parents are in relation to games. In my opinion, even most 18+/Ao games are ok for 10 year olds.
Man in Red Tie (5 months ago)
Unless it’s 1984 nothing is rejectable
Matthew Gaming (5 months ago)
Why does pegi rate hello neighbor 7 with vilince :P
AncapFTW (5 months ago)
After seeing how well similar systems work for social media and youtube, I say we just do public reviews instead. Let the players review the games and give it a rating or check the boxes in exchange for some sort of brownie points they could use for game-related digital swag. Getting an exclusive Mount & Blade background for reviewing their game after playing it for 10 hours minimum would be a great reward, but there would be no incentive to lie about what's in it, especially if people can upvote or downvote their comments about it. Unfair reviews would get voted away.
pim Eijk (5 months ago)
beter proposal use ai to flag games
Bacony Cakes (2 months ago)
No, a game that _looks_ violent but isn't will get flagged to hell and back.
aidan bowman (4 months ago)
Hmm, it would work, but it's the same as original idea
ุุ ุ (5 months ago)
We can have a nudity and gore visual detection Ai scan every other second of a "let's play" video. Such Ai, employed by facebook, already detects 😻 and 🍆💦 in images.
Ethy (5 months ago)
* ** *only works after multiple months of being broken. **even then, ai is unpredictable and could just do unpredictable things and do terribly all of a sudden.
aidan bowman (5 months ago)
AncapFTW : It actually does
Sam C (6 months ago)
I think the problem of banning a game for a month would not be a problem for some developers, take Manhunt 2, that got refused a classification in the UK, effectively banning it. The game would not go on sale until over a year later.
J Girl (5 months ago)
Some games might even benefit from controversy
Rin Reviews (6 months ago)
Sam C p
Whatever i like horror games
Simon Fork (6 months ago)
This might be off topic, but Chaos Theory for me, had the weirdest reason for getting a M rating. Blood is almost non-existent, Strong Language is minimal, and Violence is well, you know, it's a Ton Clancy's Splinter Cell game.
Slam Ham (6 months ago)
"You can't buy this game! Look! It's says 'It's Yuckers'."
Ter (5 months ago)
Cardi Jey (6 months ago)
The idea is really good, but it think there is a major flaw in it. If flagging a game would cause an investigation which could ultimatly take down the game for a month, why would anybody whi bought the game ever feel motivated to flag nudity or whatever. It may just take away their game that they maybe bought for 60-70 bucks for a month and im pretty sure that would convince most to not flag, even if it‘s obviosly necessary
Omar Sheik (3 months ago)
Sharky Overlord I mean if I am okay with it, I would flag it for other people but I won't stop playing it because it was wrongly rated. People have a tendency to do what they think is right for the mass; but if they are alone (experiencing it alone as a minority flagging), they won't let this affect their viewpoint. What I am trying to get at is that people can flag without letting it impact their thoughts or vice verca.
Cardi Jey (5 months ago)
That IS true, but i think a youtube video is quiet the ruff comparison. I mean, youtube videos are free, you don't have to pay sometimes 70 bucks for them and as such, don't feel as connected to it in most times as a game you bought. But as the Toaster of Doom already mentioned, i misunderstood "Taking down all services" as also making the game unplayable through the platform not just making it unbuyable. So yeah, with the only thing left maybe beeing fanboys who will never flag a game because they are to stubborn to see flaws in their beloved franchise, there realy is no reason to critic here
Sharky Overlord (5 months ago)
Well they probably wouldn't be interested in flagging it if the content of the game didn't upset or discomfort them as a player unless it was so radically misrated that it would feel incredibly wrong not to flag it, so, despite the fact that the game probably wouldn't be made unplayable just because it was taken off of the online store, I am doubtful that the customer who reported the game would still want to play it. I mean, you don't watch a youtube video multiple times after you've already flagged it for inappropriate content do you?
FROPI (5 months ago)
Toaster of Doom (6 months ago)
they said it'd be unable to be bought , not unable to be played. it's easy to make there be a difference
Miranda McClain (6 months ago)
Was that an Attack on Titan reference?! YES!
myheadisanacornyt (5 months ago)
Miranda McClain yes it was, and I am happy I found someone who also knows attack on Titan YOU GAINED ONE SUBSCRIBER
bruce potter (6 months ago)
Grant Mitchell (3 months ago)
I agree
bruce potter (6 months ago)
Bruce Potter (1 month ago)
Hey old me
Kresten Sckerl (6 months ago)
They also need to generally lower the ages, times are changing, kids and teenagers have the internet, they have seen a lot of things prior to the games. And parents also need to understand that the age of 'adult knowledge' is lower than it used to be. We all seen those 3 or 4-year-old kids with a tablet, a mobile phone, or even both. A good example of this is kids using swear words earlier.
Xenia A. (2 months ago)
Sex, cursing and jokes about religion should be allowed for teens -- and violent content should be rated by how sadistic it is, not just by the amount of blood. That would be appropiate for the 21st century.
CloudyDay (6 months ago)
Soon Raccoon (6 months ago)
Blood No seriously it's yuckers
darfle chorf (7 months ago)
My parents will never get me 18+ games and I was always so mad until I watched my friends play GTA and I was like "ok, that isn't the kind of m rated game I was talking about"
Lissander Knight (7 months ago)
Да ну-ка вас. Я в 5 лет людей в ГТА Вайс Сити убивал
myheadisanacornyt (7 months ago)
burnt f1ames (7 months ago)
league of legends rated T for teens. hahahhahahahahahaha
AyZix (8 months ago)
The thing I never understood is why Minecraft is supposed to be for 10+ I mean... what
jv110 (6 months ago)
"spooked by the zombies with their moaning"? Come on, Minecraft is way scarier than that.
The Bracket Lizard (6 months ago)
AyZix Young kids might be spooked by the zombies with their moaning, the spiders with their speed and the creepers with their fatal jump scares. I know I was when I was 8. I just locked myself in a tiny dirt house for a month until I discovered the peaceful option. Oh and don’t get me started on the endermen. Those things are legitimately terrifying
CloudyDay (6 months ago)
Ikr there’s no blood or anything so idkkkk
Not Kevyn Thompson (6 months ago)
AyZix The ESRB rates it 10+, PEGI rates it 7+
AyZix (7 months ago)
CTahmid The ad for Minecraft mobile displayed 10+
Goteiii (8 months ago)
Ooooorrrrrrr you live in a country like Greece where no one pays attention to ratings and a 6yo can play stuff like Mortal Kombat and get nightmares. lol
Goteiii (6 months ago)
None that I've heard off. Maybe some not really well known games don't ever make it here but nothing's ever banned. Most people here, either still think that games are only for kids or are adults that grew up having unrestricted access to games with violent or sexual content, so they think it's no big deal.
Goteiii (6 months ago)
None that I've heard off. Maybe some not really well known games don't ever make it here but nothing's ever banned. Most people here, either still think that games are only for kids or are adults that grew up having unrestricted access to games with violent or sexual content, so they think it's no big deal.
Simon Fork (6 months ago)
Are any games banned there?
Josef Snake (8 months ago)
The German FSK/USK system is better. You can publish your game without a rating but then its not allowed to be publicly sold but only under the table. Every game thats send for rating (all of them) by the publisher is played by one person who playes it to a 100% and then explaines the game to a group aof people who come from different backgrounds (politics, police, private persons and so on) who then decide what rating fits the game best The ratings are: 0, 6, 12, 16 and 18. In the years when some mass shootings happened at German schools every shooter got the 18, even friggin Halo lol.
AncapFTW (5 months ago)
Sounds like the one player and politics controls the rating more than the game content.
Senpai (7 months ago)
Somehow Overwatch got USK 16
sugarglidercentral (8 months ago)
1:11 mantee!
pidgeons of war (8 months ago)
3:53 nice aot reference
Ruka Madsen (8 months ago)
What's the point of K-A if there's already E for everyone
cheater87 (8 months ago)
Ruka Madsen KA was there before the E rating replaced it.
Myka Ruest (8 months ago)
Why do games need a rating books get scoot free!
Noemi Bolivar (8 months ago)
Another thing is that as a visual medium, a video game is much more explicit than a book with just text on a page. It's one thing to read "Amy was shot in the head", but it's something else to actually have the whole gory scene play out in front of your eyes in detail, and it can be very disturbing for children. This is also compounded by the interactive aspect of a video game, since the player themselves might be the one responsible for the scene occuring, whereas in a book there is no such implication of responsibility, since a book just tells you what other people did. Although I do agree that there needs to be some content advisory label on certain books, I honestly think that it's not too much of a double standard that books can get away with a little bit more than visual media.
Myka Ruest (8 months ago)
Spud Bud same thing with games I know children with hand problems or codination difficulties the could never Play GTA in the first place but have the lit. Skills to read nadsat A Clockwork Orange...
Spud Bud (8 months ago)
Myka Ruest hand an 8 year old 50 shades. If they can read the whole thing the good side is they have a high reading level. But many adult books aren't as engaging to younger people. Similiar top how I cannot bring myself to read the original Beowulf.
Myka Ruest (8 months ago)
Spud Bud with that logic can't you say the same for a game parents have no accountability anymore...
Spud Bud (8 months ago)
Myka Ruest cuz you gotta understand the book and care enough to read it lol.
Maximus Corry (8 months ago)
VampireBuddha (9 months ago)
"The ESRB rating system has been the sole arbiter of how age-approptiate any given game is." What about PEGI?
Tee Wew28 (23 days ago)
+Grant Mitchell PEGI is basically the PAL version of The ESRB
Grant Mitchell (3 months ago)
wait what is the pegi I live in the us so idk halp
Sandy Ross (9 months ago)
VampireBuddha In the US.
CatOnKeyboard Animations (9 months ago)
They can also have some sort of verification system, like this game is a verifed T and this is just a T
CatOnKeyboard Animations (9 months ago)
Depending on if a real human looks at it
Taylor Gibson (9 months ago)
Certainly better to have the companies working together to rate games than to have some government agency in charge of it the way it is in film.
M3L0619 (9 months ago)
“The ESRB rating system has been perfect”Me: **LAUGHS HYSTERICALLY**
Way Out Gaming (8 months ago)
the gamer Amen. Got quite a few games that somehow are missing ratings for content.
the gamer (8 months ago)
M3L0619 those ratingsystem somtimes makes 0 sense
Toasty Jam (9 months ago)
Recently the Google Play Store has gained ESRB ratings
oscar leader (9 months ago)
Pegi 16 more like 18 titanfall 2
Michael Rawlyk (9 months ago)
Here is a better system, get rid of ratings all together and have the parents actually do their obligations and monitor what their children are exposed to by interacting with it themselves.
박동민 (6 months ago)
Michael Rawlyk well we all know how those loving figures arent always perfect. Like srsly if i spam wtf w8 xD 69(srry i know your parents know these easy ones, but im not a native and i dont know the really knew hightech internet words but i hope you get my intentions) they can be easily fooled.
Gilpow (8 months ago)
100% viable solution
May Be Eden (9 months ago)
(this considering the game didn't warn you)
May Be Eden (9 months ago)
Michael Rawlyk the parents literally won't know until it happens. Take doki doki's act 1 finale as an example. (Spoilers btw) A parent might think sayori's depression is a way of warning players about the danger of the disease. They'll only realize their mistake when it's done.
Very SnipySharky (9 months ago)
Jaden (9 months ago)
An easy way that I've found is just looking at the tags the game has.
llogllomn (8 months ago)
Achievement unlocked: Watched the video
nathan geyer (9 months ago)
A few years ago, I was out on a walk and I found like, a foam die (like, like dice but singular) with the different ESRB ratings on the different sides on the ground.
Gege Heart (9 months ago)
The Mech Treehouse that is SO cool
JUK3BOY (9 months ago)
Rating system in a nutshell in America. M if there is a ton of violence and gore. A if there's a sex scene...
AgentKE (5 months ago)
Like why tf is Detroit: Become Human 18+ when it's clearly a 16+ recommended game.
Spud Bud (5 months ago)
House party. Ill leave it there and say it louder for those in the back. HOUSE PARTY. Lol
AncapFTW (5 months ago)
South Park: the stick of truth literally had you dodging your dad's balls as he screwed your mom, and it got an M.
ATAG Chozo (6 months ago)
TheDukeofJuke if I’m correct a game can have a sex scene and even nudity as long as it doesn’t show any explicit penetration or anything too off the rails. GTA got away with showing Trevor’s junk and some other nudity and sex, and still only got an M.
Spud Bud (8 months ago)
.... the witcher?
Shmee shmoo :3 Memez (10 months ago)
Darth Utah 66 (9 months ago)
Ezts Holt (10 months ago)
Do we really need ratings? I hear toddlers playing COD. It’d be best if we got those 2 year olds to learn the birds n’ bees as early as possible.
Ratnagandhi Sinnadurai (23 days ago)
Aturtlespaton Me (10 months ago)
I mean esrb
Jaden (9 months ago)
ur orignal comet.... EDIT: Your original comment.
Aturtlespaton Me (10 months ago)
Ersb needs a 15 rating
Skippymcflippynips (10 months ago)
You should edit your comment.
Aturtlespaton Me (10 months ago)
Earn needs to make s 15 rating
Uv Masterball (10 months ago)
talk about bootlegs
Fred In Your Comments Boi (10 months ago)
ESRB:RATED.... you know what kids are still going to play it
Kithro Games (9 months ago)
Unless your me if your me than you want people playing m games that are under aged to die
Tech Hybrid (10 months ago)
I play M games. I'm proud.
oofergang oof (10 months ago)
*No Arms*
Luke Simonson (10 months ago)
what's ridiculous is that skyrim is rated m
Gilpow (8 months ago)
Kithro Games (9 months ago)
I feel like it should be rated T
Noble 6 (10 months ago)
It has cursing alcaholic" beverages, blood,death,murder,and very dark themes
Michael MAnville (10 months ago)
Sounds great.
FKKB (10 months ago)
this sounds like a power grab
Michael Echeverria (10 months ago)
3:42 K-A? What is this, 1994-1997? We don't use that rating anymore, silly.
Michael Echeverria (10 months ago)
+Hardcore Baggotry What I meant to say is that we don't use the K-A rating anymore as of 2017, so why bother putting it on this video, since it got renamed as E for Everyone?
Hardcore Baggotry (10 months ago)
Michael Echeverria I can think of 3 games that used that rating. They were all on N64.
Michael Echeverria (10 months ago)
The dislikes are soccer mom's who still don't get it.
Michael Echeverria (10 months ago)
+Tech Hybrid Lol, I'm hip. B)
Tech Hybrid (10 months ago)
Michael Echeverria you got it
GaruuSpike (11 months ago)
I think Steam should incorporate a system where the users give the game a content rating. First, the users vote on: "Everyone, Teens, Adults" and the most popular is shown on the game's Store page. The vote counts are shown as well, just in case two options are both very popular, but the leading rating is emphasized. Second, users will vote on four categories: Violence (None, mild, moderate, intense) Sexual content (None, suggestive themes, sexual themes) Drug use (pick all that apply: tobacco, alcohol, etc) Language (None, mild, moderate, strong) The most popular of each category is shown on the game's page. The vote counts are also shown, for the same reason as above.
Jaden (9 months ago)
Just look at the tags the game has
Hardcore Baggotry (10 months ago)
Garuu Spike That could very easily be abused. If it's soley by popular vote, then you should expect games like harvest moon and pokemon to end up being rated M17+ for Intense Violence, Sexual Themes, Use of Drugs/Alcohol, etc.
Brian Guillemette (11 months ago)
mobile games suck
Anex (9 months ago)
Brian Guillemette SEVRAL PEOPLE ARE TYPING Photos taken moments before disaster
Albert Hernandez (10 months ago)
Brian Guillemette espcially the clash of clans ripoffs
Brian Guillemette (11 months ago)
They are poor quality, 99% of mobile games are rip-offs of other games, microtransactions and 95% of good mobile games can be played on console or PC
Mariobug (11 months ago)
please explain
accquizzer (11 months ago)
So who wants to talk about Halo 1-4 receiving an M rating, but Halo 5 receiving a T rating?
Darth Utah 66 (9 months ago)
So I guess I'm not the only one who felt like Halo 1-4 should have been rated T. I mean if you really analyze the games, they would have probably gotten a PG-13 rating if they were movies.
Bongibot (11 months ago)
accquizzer well, what do you wanna talk about? They look like Playdough in 5 and there's no blood, so yeah
jakob ming (1 year ago)
Anex (9 months ago)
jakob ming sorry sir this is a Christian server.
Sebastian Stark (1 year ago)
Mature 17+ Too many swearwords
Flyin Raijin (1 year ago)
No parent ever reads the rating instead they blame the games for teaching their 6 year-olds about strip clubs and bad language.
Flaming Toaster (11 months ago)
"My child was running around naked yesterday. They were playing Mario Kart earlier. MARIO IS TEACHING KIDS BAD LESSONS RHDYFBEIREEEEEEFGEHSICVSNWISJCHRB" ~Triggered parent
Purple Potatoes (1 year ago)
i saw this one game called fortnite that was rated teen just because it was violent and no it didn't have Outragous gore violence it was just mild cartoon violence!
Spice For Spice (11 months ago)
T rating is fair for fortnite tbh
Dilianio (1 year ago)
in the UK it's rated 12.
DJCosmic (1 year ago)
LordTimByrd ZB yah same thing with this game I found called warhawk for the PS3. For whatever reason, i confused it with warhammer. Lol
Shannax (1 year ago)
LordTimByrd ZB Teen is a pretty okay rating for fortnite. Nothing too ludicrous at all.
deena dynamite (1 year ago)
Hey Extra Credits, there is already a quite similar worldwide system on the Google Play Store and some other platforms, created by the International Age Rating Coalition (IARC - a coalition between ESRB, PEGI, USK, ...). Afaik it was still in the making in 2014, but since summer 2015 it is required for some store fronts. Maybe you could do an episode about the new system...
PolicePocholo (1 year ago)
Its pegi and that ersb ratings
James Cain (1 year ago)
I can't thank you enough for caring so much about this topic, EC. It's a complex one, but a good solution has to exist out there somewhere.
VoidNinja (1 year ago)
You mentioned what would happen if a game was given a lower age rating. What would happen if developers were to give it a higher age rating.
INTPTT (1 year ago)
I could see developers trying to get a higher rating to attract people who want violence and/or sexual content. I mean, movies do that - G-rated movies are seen as boring kid stuff, so movie makers throw in a curse word to ensure a PG-rating. I suppose we could let games be flagged for having too high of a rating, although there's a problem with that. Players would have to complete everything to be sure that there isn't, say, a sex scene somewhere in the game. That would make it more difficult to lower a too-high rating.
Irony is a weapon (1 year ago)
Because some parents are overprotective, and don't let their kids play games under E+10, So the companies lower the rating for money
James Wampler (1 year ago)
I think what he meant was what the process would be if the game was found to accidentally be give too high an age rating, like would it just be changed & how would it be reported etc.
Andrew Coley (1 year ago)
I think that fewer people would play their game, because of the rating. This is why he mentioned that some people would love to get a lower rating so that more people could play. I'm pretty sure the company would make sure they got the lowest rating, but if they got a higher rating than needed, fewer people would want to pick up the game because they don't want to get a game that is too mature for them. I hope that answered your question. Have a nice day! :)
NBSgamesAT (1 year ago)
ESRB in US, PEGI in Europa USK in Germany And somthing I don't know the name of in Japan maybe even in Asia overall We are most likely doomed becuase we have so many different rating system in the world sometimes even different rating system for single counties. And that leads not just to difficulties in rating a world-wide released game but also to changed covers for physical releases (See Splatoon2's cover with the USK logo compared to PEGI or ESRB). Even that is less a problem. So many different rating system are.
VECTOR. (1 year ago)
It's CERO in Japan.
Skippymcflippynips (1 year ago)
There should be a straight up rating generator
Irony is a weapon (1 year ago)
Shannax Games, Like the YouTube Demonitization bots
Shannax (1 year ago)
Basho Yeah but robots fuck up sometimes and aren't always dependable.
It depends on the market(steam, app store, whatever) -capitalism system
Kerchoo Productions (1 year ago)
In Europe we have pegi Im more used to it
pcnerd19 (1 year ago)
Eyy, nice go vacation cover at the end
Jonathan Faber (1 year ago)
isn't there problem 3) with the system, and that's the inherent bias against the indie market, that is to say, indie developers aren't working with huge amounts of money, and accidently mis-rating their game would probably kill their company and they'd never develop again, whereas a richer triple-a corporation could deal with the loss and then go on to make large quantities of profit, the PR and cost wouldn't kill them like it would an indie developer, but if you made it relative to the case, charging a triple-a more, then it would incentivise something as to why game-movies usually suck: The less successful your well advertised and hyped game is, the more initial revenue you'll get from the burst of everyone buying on launch day, and then everyone hates it but that's basically irrelevant to massive multi-billion corporation, but it getting suspended is also completely irrelevant to them, so how do we fix that?
Ed Boon (1 year ago)
Jonathan Faber One could say it's a proportional risk. Yeah, indie devs develop games with very little money compared to triple A titles but, that also means they put in less money into their game (because they have to). Whereas, triple A companies may be wealthy as a whole (in comparison), they also have to dump in millions of dollars into their game. Both sides would most likely be equally screwed. After saying that, I don't quite agree with the videos idea. I don't like the idea of censorship costing companies both big and small huge amounts of money because of one almost guaranteed, once in awhile error someone is bound to make.
somekindofname123 (1 year ago)
"if the indie devs were to rate their games properly" - never going to happen. There always will be human mistake on both developer and player sides. Moreover the whole rating system will be a huge pile of stinking shit (because all systems are like this) so it will be hard to avoid those issues.
Sophie Jones (1 year ago)
triple A titles all already have ratings. They get sold in brick-and-mortar stores, so they have to.
i8plumcake (1 year ago)
But if the indie devs were to rate their games properly, they'd have no problems with the system anyway.
3:57 AOT reference
zander Moncrieff (1 year ago)
The PEGI ,pan European game rating system, is not good. Battlefield 4 has the same rating as mortal kombat x! They aren't ever vaguely similar! One has people ripped in half, the other has some cutscenes in the campaign which have adult content (swearing) and a multiplayer service with little to no gore and chat available (but bf3 is the same but has a 16+ rating) what the literal hell? I think they rate these games on swearing and not violence! Teens hear worse every day at school! Why don't these games have more child friendly modes? So parents can set a password when the game is started to lock away adult content! And finally GTA is much different from Battlefield or COD, why? Because in GTA your actively being morally bad while in BF or COD you are fighting for a specific cause usually morally good. This should be represented on the rating!
Riel de bonk (7 months ago)
It doesn't mean there just as violent Jonniman
Jonniman007 (10 months ago)
So your point is that because mortal kombat is 18+ and its more violent than battlefield, then battlefield should be 16+? What about gta V? I would say its less violent than mortal kombat so it should be 16+, but also more violent and amoral than battlefield, so that means battlefield needs to be 12+. There are many games with pretty varying degrees of violence, sex, and druguse, all in 18+. Why? Because there is no bracket above that. If you are 18 people generally assume that you are old enough to decide yourself what you want/dont want to see.
zander Moncrieff (1 year ago)
I mean in the eyes of uneducated consumers (parents) this can be misleading in that they should have 17+ for battlefield and 18+adult for mortal kombat. And they need to put more description of moral content as battlefield is usually moral while mortal kombat is morally ambiguous.
Tanner Mills (1 year ago)
zander Moncrieff I can't tell if you are trolling but I'll give the benefit of the doubt. The system is, for the most part, there to protect creators legally from stupidity, but just because a game has characters cursing doesn't automatically give it a higher rating. Mortal Kombat is given its high rating for its depiction of intense gore, sexualized characters, and physical violence; Battlefield is given its rating for adult language, depiction of war, gun violence, and depicted killings of other people. These are both, in the eyes of PEGI and the ESRB not suitable for young children because of obvious adult themes, and dumbing the content of these games down just so someone not in the target audience can play it is a form a censorship. You are changing the intended content of the games, changing the experience by removing parts of the game. Games are an art form and a media platform, and none of them are built the same, no matter what you see on the surface. Just saying a game is worse than another one of the same rating is ignorant without really comparing the two.
What about games making themselves be rated M for money?
Skippymcflippynips (1 year ago)
Dr. Duck: gaming the slow way only money can play
timotree (1 year ago)
Something to consider on this topic is the subjective nature of some of this questions I assume would be on this checklist. For example: Whether or not something counts as explicit language/cursing.
Dani Blabla (1 year ago)
trilight (1 year ago)
selfie elfie Exactly, like the seven words you can't say on television.
selfie elfie (1 year ago)
I think they could have a list of the words used, also there would have to be an official list of what counts as cursing
Miles Rappaport (1 year ago)
0:49 that is the best frame in relation to words being said. I applaud you, EC
Mader Chod (1 year ago)
Miles Rappaport Sorry, but I OBJECT! Not really though.
MINIMAN of iron (1 year ago)
WAIT.... Game Giants are titans? makes sense, and i guess humanity s just greedy and says they are protecting themselves. if you dont get that reference, just know this comment has nothing to do with you

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