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Aliens vs. Predator 2- Primal Hunt Predalien 01

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Part 1 of a play through of aliens vs Predator Primal Hunt. No commentary.
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Fabiana Aires (2 months ago)
Fiamma (3 months ago)
everyone is in a panic "I WANT TO PLAI THIS GEM" search "How to download avp2 All in one edtion" in the link that they will give you you wiil have Avp2 and primal hunt together and remember HAPPY HUNTING :)
Jacpig 10 (4 months ago)
I remember doing this Level it was fun
Rico Suave (5 months ago)
6:30 I recognize that walk, that dudes gotta poop
Spooky799kil (5 months ago)
Rico Suave lol the walk animations are funny looking back still love AVP2 to death
midgerm (6 months ago)
0:26 "fuck FUCK FUCKITY FUCK FUCK, my first job since a chestburster and IM LATE, THE QUEENS GONNA KILL ME!" 1:42 predator: you came to the WRONG neighborhood little bitch! xeno1: our thoughts exactly! xeno2: GANG-BANG! predator: what the fu-AAAAAAUUURGH
Nøbody #ConTv (9 months ago)
5:24 what is Too funny?
Sr.experto (11 months ago)
el meo error en el minuto 4:55 por que si este weon del predator tiene una mascara ye eso lo protege de la atapaacara qla
Gary 1142 EMS (1 year ago)
I can't see my hud on the Predator....
Gary 1142 EMS (1 year ago)
i am also on win 7 and i am stuck on the part in the beginning..
Spooky799kil (1 year ago)
repaate Windows 10 has bad compatibility issues with this game I play Windows 7. you have to find a solution on your own.
Lord Emilous (1 year ago)
6:35 that walk lmao xD
predalien (1 year ago)
XD is predator died for rock in head kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
Jesse Ly (2 years ago)
How did the predator even get face hugged he had a mask on
Rei (29 days ago)
>In the original Alien the facehugger spit acid on Kane's helmet melting it, allowing it to facehugg him. Same can be applied here. That doesn't really happen in subsequent appearances. In the original AvP movie, a facehugger was able to implant the surviving predator, despite having a mask on and no damage happened to it. In the 2010 game, an Alien had to remove a predator's mask to implant him, implying that the mask is an actual obstacle. (how a newly-born Xenomorph knows how to handle alien tech he has no idea about is a mystery). Hell, in this scenario, the predator doesn't even have any damage to his mask. This isn't counting that the predator's bio-mask is one of the most durable things in their loadout. I'm convinced they wanted a reason for the Predalien to exist, but couldn't find a logical way to implement it.
Wind Fave (1 month ago)
not every predator has the acid proof technology.
Galaxeus (6 months ago)
Spooky799kil Predator technology is molecular acid proof. They can't hunt Aliens without it.
Dylan G (1 year ago)
Just watch the Alien
vaas 0237 (1 year ago)
spooky799kil:you can link to it?
Moonk (2 years ago)
I want to know where you got this game it looks cool! Pls tell!
Spooky799kil (2 years ago)
+Zergling Master I got the game back in 2003. Alot people actually don't like Primal hunt as its really short and is just a prequel to the original AVP2 2001 game on PC. If you never played AVP2 before then I'd recommend getting that than this game. Still fun though.
Jesus Ramirez (2 years ago)
Dat realistic predator yell do
here come dat boi (2 years ago)
Even though this is old and im from 2016 it looks pretty good still
Spooky799kil (2 years ago)
+Andrei Tittel This the expansion. Original AVP2 game is my favorite Aliens game. If you have not played you absolutely must!
Bao Nguyen (2 years ago)
link for download =(((( please
Fiamma (3 months ago)
illegaly what? search avp2 All in one edtion
Spooky799kil (2 years ago)
+G̶A̶B̶R̶I̶E̶L̶ L̶O̶U̶P̶ Well I meant where you get the download. You could download it from site that some one altered the files or something. Idk how people put viruses and malware in files.
Spooky799kil (2 years ago)
+Bao Nguyen Sorry buy disk on ebay or download it Illegally at your own risk :/
aliens like donuts
Black Suit (3 years ago)
great vid. but how could the facehugger implant the egg when the predator had its mask on?
Frisk Dreemur (1 year ago)
+Pug In the AVP movie, the predator literally burns his own mask with acid.
+Spooky799kil Well "Logically" The Predator movies take place 50+ Years before the the AvP series they could've found a new metal that has a immunity to acid that's probably why the predators claws don't burn away from the xeno's acid blood in the AvP games they probably found a new metal during the events of Prometheus or ALIEN But Aye It's But a Theory but to ME Personally the predators have acid proof weaponry and armor but since there's 40+ Xenomorphs types it evens out quite well Also the Predators weaponry and Armor burns away almost instantly from the xeno's acid Blood in the film's but those movies are in the 2000's not in the future with a Three way war Just one more thing if your wondering if I like predators more than xenomorphs My Answer:No i love both Series/Creature's equally I can't even lean towards a side Nice Video and keep up the good work :D
Spooky799kil (2 years ago)
+The Silly Cookie Monster Well I think those movies are shit. But you can like them. See the problem I have with fans is that they take every resource of the series as if it all connects together when it logically does not. So many entries have such contradictory in them. If the AVP movies have predator acid proof Masks for some reason what ever. In the Predator movies and these AVP games they don't.
Pug (2 years ago)
+Spooky799kil ever watched aliens vs predator the movie or?
Spooky799kil (2 years ago)
+The Silly Cookie Monster Who said it was acid proof? If thats from the comics it doesn't apply to the games.
IzzyDeezy (3 years ago)
Xeno Bob (3 years ago)
9:08 Wow... you ate someone else's donut? Uncool,Bro. Uncooool.
Spooky799kil (3 years ago)
Xenomorphs don't care! That donut was very good though.
Its Skeptic (4 years ago)
Can you do more
Spooky799kil (5 years ago)
It is hard to tell what the Predator mask is made of but in the Original alien the Facehugger was able to burn right through the space helmet Kane was wearing. This implies that the Face hugger can spew acid if something is covering the host. That saying it probably burned through the Predators mask or knocked it off.
Fulcrum 4.0 (5 years ago)
Wat I dnt get is y the predator was screaming he had a mask on
Spooky799kil (5 years ago)
how do you do that?
kakoroto (5 years ago)
my primal hunt cd is damage a little so i copyed the disk to my hard drive....installs all the time
Spooky799kil (5 years ago)
Oh I guess thats cool. I fear that my original disk is going break soon for both games because they are really damaged.
kakoroto (5 years ago)
no its just avp2 and primal hunt in a special box nice little collectors pack :)
Spooky799kil (5 years ago)
I heard of the Gold Edition, whats so special about it? Does have more levels? If so I'm going to be pissed.
kakoroto (5 years ago)
i know ive have them both (Gold Edition)
Spooky799kil (5 years ago)
Yep but original AVP2 is better this is just an expansion pack.
kakoroto (5 years ago)
Great Game

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