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Every E3 Game We Know of So Far - Game Scoop! 392

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This week, we're running down every E3 game we're sure to see this year.
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Foalsy Sounds (2 years ago)
Is it just me, or does anyone else sense some tension between Daemon and Justin?
Rob Petrizzi (2 years ago)
This week on Sam Ruins Everything
Matt Fish (2 years ago)
Another great episode. Definitely my favorite "podcast" from the IGN guys. Thank you guys!
Daniellm11 (2 years ago)
Red dead revolver is the 1st and red dead redemption is red dead 2. Red dead 3 is next. Not 2.
Richard Perez (2 years ago)
PS4 to Neo and X1 to Scorpio. I want all my games.
Capital S (2 years ago)
this is probably my favorite panel, no offense marty, maybe make it a 5 person panel and get marty there too
Roy Cruz (2 years ago)
you know what will be super cool, the metroid prime collection on the 3DS, if you can play xenocronicles on the 3DS why not prime trilogy?
Aaron Z (2 years ago)
World War 1 was much more than trench warfare.
BOSS 350z (2 years ago)
stop picking on Jarod, or I'll kick all of your asses... jk love the show; seriously leave Jarod alone. He's cool people...
zero RX-79 (2 years ago)
I hate HATE 20 questions dumb part of the show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Micah Scheffel (2 years ago)
Jared is love. Period.
Boris Müller (2 years ago)
I LOVE Daemon's idea for a Tetris film. Make it a trilogy.
inceptional (2 years ago)
Yup, buy a game and be able to play it on pretty much every new generation of hardware from that company going forward (and, ideally, even across its home and portable systems if it makes sense with whatever particular game, as it does with basically all Nintendo's VC titles): That's what pretty much everyone wants, Randel, and I'm sure it's bewildering to many people that Nintendo itself hasn't figured out something so f'n obvious by now.
Franklin Sizemore (2 years ago)
It's not said enough but, I love the set for this show. It's pretty rad
Game Scoop! (2 years ago)
KrackDiesel (2 years ago)
I'd pay that burger tax with you, Daemon.
dogpetter (2 years ago)
add! captions!
TyeJe Worthington (2 years ago)
No more Sam talking over others please sheesh
mrpostman730 (2 years ago)
Charlie Milroy (2 years ago)
Justin, if you think it's crazy that a lot of people believe in ghosts, what about the wage gap and patriarchy?
Charlie Milroy (2 years ago)
you can play your Wii games on your Wii if you still want to play them, but most people don't play old games over and over again. there is only limited time to play the games we have now
Charlie Milroy (2 years ago)
there are thousands of mobile games I can't play
Joseph .O Connell (2 years ago)
more scoop :)
ranakin9000 (2 years ago)
23:41 if I was Justin I would have gotten up and round house kicked Sam out of his chair for that interruption.
ranakin9000 (2 years ago)
fuck these forza 6 adds!!!!!! the song in them has driven me insane!!!
Leonardo Abreu (2 years ago)
Don't know about the Nioh demo? Holy shit, it was fucking amazing.
namlocnz (2 years ago)
Jared is losing weight?
Jared does not shut the Fuck up. he's one of those dudes that can not take a social cue that he is talking wayyyyy to long
Nick Boyce (2 years ago)
Everyone is cool on the show, it's so chill, I don't see why some of these people hate so much, stop being gross Internet lol
DRV13 (2 years ago)
Vote no against PS4.5!
Mr.B Lopez (2 years ago)
I think what he was saying is that Uncharted is like Karlie Kloss and FF15 is like Kate Upton. Both beautiful but Karlie is clearly MORE.
TheRiksta7 (2 years ago)
It really annoys me when Sam continually interrupts the others. I'm all up for him contributing to the conversation but listen to your colleagues' points then make yours. Another awesome scoop still!
E_DUB (2 years ago)
That's why GOG.com is the best thing to ever happen to PC. I love my consoles but PC's are much more "backwards compatible"
Malik Peary (2 years ago)
"If you can't buy it steal it" -Jared Petty 2016
lanesplitter87 (2 years ago)
lol I leterally just rewarded an old Gamescoop video back when Dishonoured first came out and Justin was ranting about how he didn't like it. Now he says he did and he can't wait for the sequel. wtf?
The Chunky Badger (2 years ago)
Why is Game Scoop filmed in a nice studio space and the other shows are in that small room?
The Chunky Badger (2 years ago)
Perhaps you are right. I just would have thought Beyond or Unlocked might have been bigger shows. I do agree that it would be nice to see other shows filmed in there.
Patrick J (2 years ago)
I guess cos Game Scoop is kind of seen as the premier IGN "show", and it's more of a "show" than a podcast with a rigorous formula (outside of 20 questions every week)? But it would be cool if IGN's other podcasts were filmed in that space.
Josh Olson (2 years ago)
Daemon. You should watch The Last Starfighter.
Frank DaTank (2 years ago)
Thumbs up for damon calling out Justin
Melinda Montgomery (2 years ago)
I would pay the 5000!
Gundam Press (2 years ago)
With the amount of Hello from the Magic Tavern references you guys should sponsor them.
Xarmulous (2 years ago)
51:51 Oh that Daemon charming look at the camera lol
Ross Malagarie (2 years ago)
Game Scoop guys as someone born and raised and still living in south LA, I can confirm alligator is good, many describe it as tasting similar to chicken but a little more rubbery. Fyed or in soups its good.
Ross Malagarie (2 years ago)
There is no dollar amount that could stop me from eating pizza!
Quad Thumbs (2 years ago)
I'm surprised they didn't bring up the fact that Phil Spencer said they are wanting to future proof games so we can always play our current games on future consoles.
rick hunter (2 years ago)
The one on playstation was Heihachi from tekken, it was on soul calibur, spawn was in the original xbox version, link was in the gamecube version, and Heihachi was in the ps2 version
rick hunter (2 years ago)
That Sam T-Shirt totally cool, T Rex Rocks,
José Grilo (2 years ago)
OMG JARED human wikipedia...
The_Catsnake (2 years ago)
Pizza, Mothman n Horse haha
Julian Salazar (2 years ago)
Gamescoop is one of the few shows on YouTube I look forward to weekly.. However, Sam really needs to stop interrupting people and Justin needs to grow a pair. They seriously kill the vibe of this show. Jared is extremely informed in both modern and retro gaming and his knowledge is impeccable. People need to stop treating him like a piece of shit. It's really starting to get to me. Have some respect for Jared, seriously You all need to have a talk and sort things out, I'm starting to feel like I don't want to watch this show anymore and I know I'm not the only one who feels this way
Taylor (2 years ago)
This Sam guy is a douche. Just comes off as really pretentious or something. I like Marty. Bring back Marty and Brian.
Kb0w (2 years ago)
Love that Justin does not give a fuck when he uses his gorgeous woman analogy.
Taylor Jones (2 years ago)
What if cars weren't backwards compatible
Baytuh (2 years ago)
I personally think FF15 looks better than Uncharted 4.
Baytuh (2 years ago)
+sneakie1 Like i said I disagree but to each his own.
Baytuh (2 years ago)
+sneakie1 I disagree but to each his own.
Zane Chambers (2 years ago)
I think Witcher 3 looks better then Uncharted 4, Especially after the current update. Uncharted 4 has some ugly shadows and a film grain look I hate. Still pretty though.
Baytuh (2 years ago)
+Micah Scheffel SMH
Micah Scheffel (2 years ago)
Demon worshiper!
HolyJIEbus (2 years ago)
Dang - Justin is sensitive.
Donald Anderson (2 years ago)
That Tetris story doe. Screw 20 questions, we need story time every week!
jadengames12 (2 years ago)
Id definitely pay up to continue eating pizza dude!
jadengames12 (2 years ago)
I got really into that alternate Tetris pitch!
DajuiceMayne 3 (2 years ago)
Man I really use to love gamescoop but it's just becoming complete garbage because of sam and justin. Sam seriously contributes absolutely nothing, he honestly acts like he knows nothing of video games in modern times. Not to mention he tries so hard to come across like he is smart and funny, which he is neither. Then you have the insanely unprofessional way they talk to and treat Jared who happens to be the only one that actually has anything worthwhile to say. Sam and Justin embarassing themselves and IGN every episode as of late by thinking they are somehow better than Jared, and it seriously just blows my mind. Yeah Jared is a super nerd, who gives a shit. He is the only one that seems to be informed about every game and genre including the ones he has no actual interest in. Every week justin and sam say stupid jokes or unfunny supposed witty comments just to have them fall flat, then try to turn around and rip on Jared every time he says anything. Damon you need to get a handle on your show because the shit is just becoming embarassing.
angrytacos (2 years ago)
remember the day of old school gamescoop, with greg, colin, ty, ryan, anthony, the old guys, and all the other guys, those were the days, gamescoop was one hell of a time, it looks like age has brought down daemon
Tim G. (2 years ago)
Adam Howard (2 years ago)
Most certainly, Zelda Skyward Sword will be re-released as Skyward Sword 4K or 8K in the same manner as Wind Waker and Twilight Princess HD. Take out motion controls but use analog stick as the wiimote?? Idk about that but I feel certian we will see 4k or 8k for Skyward Sword
BiggTonyStyle (2 years ago)
BiggTonyStyle (2 years ago)
yup, that's me, I'm in the beyond group as well, didn't see your post though.
leonardojob (2 years ago)
Jared might be annoying but he is way better than that idiot Justin. ..guy thinks he is God's gift or something
SaigonIntel (2 years ago)
Saying a women is gorgeous is now objectifying them as objects? You see how ridiculous this "political correctness" and SJW ideology gets?
angrytacos (2 years ago)
+SaigonIntel dafuq is happening to this world man
SaigonIntel (2 years ago)
+angrytacos Yeah, I'm sorry it is. On YouTube search Military High Heels.
angrytacos (2 years ago)
+SaigonIntel wtf is that real?
SaigonIntel (2 years ago)
+Zane Chambers have you heard about them forcing our military students to wear high heals for some SJW bullshit?
Zane Chambers (2 years ago)
Weak men , weak country, weak society. You've won SJW's and liberal media, look at what men have become. Pff smfh!
Brian Bierlein (2 years ago)
Justin, there was no Windows 9. :p
Brotherhood 93 (2 years ago)
Scoop! I am always more interested in the new reveals at E3, excited to see more of Horizon: Zero Dawn though.
Brian Bierlein (2 years ago)
Sam, please stop interrupting people. Thanks.
Micah Scheffel (2 years ago)
every damn episode. he's a dick sometimes.
mrpostman730 (2 years ago)
Thought I was the only one that noticed! He annoys the hell outta me when he does this!!!
Davie Donna (2 years ago)
Worst member of this show easily
DajuiceMayne 3 (2 years ago)
Honestly what is he on the show for? He admits if it isn't a retro game that he has no interest and doesn't have knowledge about it. This isn't a show about retro games so every week I watch and every week I wonder what the hell he is there for. He also thinks he is so smart and funny, Yet the only time I laugh is when he makes an ass of himself with his failed attempts at wit and humor.
E_DUB (2 years ago)
Never gonna happen
TrueGamer007 (2 years ago)
Can we get a live stream? Please. 😯
espie (2 years ago)
marty brian justin pls.. plssss.
Nick Goodman (2 years ago)
The blatantly rude and hypocritical dismissal of Jared's contribution by essentially every other member than Damon (Justin and Sam being the biggest offenders) is a huge turn-off for me. I have been a fan for 4 very enjoyable years - but it breaks my heart to see this kind of shit. Yes, Jared's personality is quite intense, but when your viewers can regularly see the tension between the panel members (i.e laughing at jokes/inputs made by someone that would be shut-down if Jared had made the exact same one) you need to have a serious talk about not only professionalism but basic respect for your co-worker, despite your difficulties 'tolerating' them. Allowing your fans to perpetuate the "Jared-hate" in the comments by sitting idly by sucks, guys. We're all different. Sincerely, A fan of you all!
Mc_Laggin (2 years ago)
I'm a bit torn on Jared. I like when he keeps his input to providing information on a game, and displays his level of knowledge - in that specific way, he's likable. However, he's just, to be blunt, very annoying sometimes. It is embarrassing to see a grown man wave his arms and kick his legs around like a very young child, when he's excited about something (and Justin has to sit beside him). And his opinions can be quite irritable, as if they were actually constructed to be the opposite of how others on the panel feel, which would feel antagonistic. It's basically like,"Yeah, I know you love this game Justin, but I just need to tell you:I don't like Banjo. It's not good. Banjo is terrible. See you next week. [Next week] Banjo is so bad, but Bubble Balloon 8 is legendary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" If I was Justin, I'd get tired of that kind of behavior too. It's tiresome.
Nic D (2 years ago)
I totally agree... Sam and Justin are very disrespectful to Jared and clearly he is a hell of a lot smarter then them... but them disrespecting him like they do wouldn't be tolerated in any other job if you get right down to it... Yea he might go on a rant here and there but that is no reason to be mean or shitty to him.. I have seen many times both Justin and Sam have said some pretty stupid shit...
Takoda Castillo (2 years ago)
Nice T Rex shirt Sam
Syn Blackblade (2 years ago)
Welcome to the "TETRIS INITIATIVE". I got goosebumps after Daemon said that.
flooderdooden (2 years ago)
Now the movie producers are gonna black bag Daemon and force him to write scripts.
Nicholas Ciccotelli (2 years ago)
Antwan Randel El, Thank you Jared for the Pittsburgh Steeler reference!
Matthaios Grim (2 years ago)
Gained some cred back making reference to Hello From The Magic Tavern. :D Chunts up with that?
ShaolinPrince718 (2 years ago)
my 1st time watching the videos in a long time, never actually seen Sam before. he looks like an undercover detective that infiltrated IGN. get this man a web series pronto.
Matthaios Grim (2 years ago)
Wait, NONE of you played the demo for Nioh??? Seriously? Man....IGN just lost some cred. Its kind of fucked NO ONE was on top of that. And yeah Bret Reed, Samurai Dark Souls. It was fucking amazing. First day buy for me.
RELLlK (2 years ago)
I suspect Vince has played >_>
boochtron (2 years ago)
you do realize they play a lot of games right...
Nicholas Ciccotelli (2 years ago)
Can I get one of those IGN cups?
Johnny Santiago Jr (2 years ago)
Dear GameScoop, try Marvel Ultimate Alliance for Video Game 20 Questions
Jasper Pollet (2 years ago)
Horsemeat is pretty common in Europe too.
Cookie Donkey (2 years ago)
what bout south park the fractured but whole? it showed last e3
IamJacksColon4 (2 years ago)
Titanfall 2, Deus Ex MD, Mass Effect Andromeda are the games i want.
jcnba28 (2 years ago)
8:05 marks the end of Daemon's and Justin's friendship... lol
flooderdooden (2 years ago)
Lol, with Jared and Sam looking on awkwardly like two kids watching their parents fight.
85flintstone (2 years ago)
'Buy it if you can, steal it if you can't' -Jared Petty, 2016. Thanks to this blinding piece of advice, I am now in front of a judge.
Sarkkinator (2 years ago)
I wonder if Fortnite or Deep Down are still being made or are they cancelled.
Chris Green (2 years ago)
Jared might be a nice dude, but everytime he speaks I'm thinking to myself "stop speaking mate".
Chris Green (2 years ago)
+CWATTYESOGamingForFun yeah I'd prefer the amusing and funny Brap Brap guy, over the boring and un-funny Jared.
SaigonIntel (2 years ago)
Yeah, I want to smack him in the mouth after he speaks.
Miguel Haslauer (2 years ago)
Why not both? They are both awesome.
CWATTYESOGamingForFun (2 years ago)
+pk0435 you'd rather have the Brap Brap Guy then Jared have you been hit in the head?
Miguel Haslauer (2 years ago)
+SolidJake Jared is the best!
bluefury (2 years ago)
ps2 version of soul calibur had Heihachi from Tekken
Digital Dejavu (2 years ago)
Okay so can we just talk about the Tetris film for a second, how is this ever going to work as a sci-fi trilogy I really can't think of a single plot lmao 😂
Adam Howard (2 years ago)
A-Type, B-Type and C-Type of course
NandoNOW (2 years ago)
The blocks are nano technology, you can take that into a number of directions
Digital Dejavu (2 years ago)
I enjoyed the informative insight into backwards compatibility from Sam 👍🏻🎮
Ian M (2 years ago)
Daemon, you get props for your Tetris idea. Honestly, that's probably the only way that movie could work. Well done sir.
RandomU5erName (2 years ago)
Things took a weird turn at the end
tissot233 (2 years ago)
About horse meat? Nothing weird about that. I eat horse meat probably around once every 3 months. It's not eaten enough that horse is farmed for consumption here in the Nordics , but it makes sure no horse meat goes into waste. Horse meat itself is very expensive and does taste amazing. I believe horse meat consumption is higher in central and souther Europe where cured meats are more common. Especially as more of the salami is made from horse meat there.
NandoNOW (2 years ago)
meat eaters right...
Sir Stiv (2 years ago)
blazinbutter (2 years ago)
Megan Jones (2 years ago)
Jared losing weight? looking good fella
NandoNOW (2 years ago)
I thought the same
Raphael Pareja (2 years ago)
Is it just me or does Justin hate Jared Hahahahahaha.
Zane Chambers (2 years ago)
+Davie Donna Justin is the only real dude, on the show. Rest are weak betas
Raphael Pareja (2 years ago)
I like Jared he has some knowledge. Daemon calling out Justin was funny tho. Scoop wars. Sam rockin that 1970s porn star stache. I see you Sam!
Davie Donna (2 years ago)
I bet Justin has very few friends. He's just too much of a bitch-made faggot tbh.
E_DUB (2 years ago)
+MrMeg4life I feel like Marty hates Justin also lol
lanesplitter87 (2 years ago)
+SaigonIntel Ps fuck off for calling me out on violence to try and prove you're point. And an even bigger fuck off for trying to reference you're experience in Vietnam as some sort of justification for you're behaviour. I don't care who you are or what you've done. don't pick on people for being different from you on the Internet. You're a sad piece of shit.
tormentedzombieowl (2 years ago)
I love that Game Scoop has its own Channel now, was tired of trying and not finding it on IGN!
SaigonIntel (2 years ago)
Up at Noon should have its own channel just so I don't have to see that crap anymore.
Bryan Escober (2 years ago)
lol i totally thought the 20 questions game was Krustys super fun house which was a simpsons version of a lemmings clone game haha
dylen reddi (2 years ago)
loving that channel, can find new game scoops so easily instead of going through ign's YT channel. new game scoop: perfect morning.
Faizel Razak (2 years ago)
justin always seems to have a stick up his ass
Rodi (2 years ago)
Why am I not surprised Jared believes in ghosts?
Davie Donna (2 years ago)
lol @ atheists who think nothing happens after death. People will look at you the way you look at Christians in 10 years.
Low_poly_breakfast (2 years ago)
dude most people are weird lol
tissot233 (2 years ago)
Or you are just extremely naive for believing it all.
Abraham M. (2 years ago)
There's tons of photographic and video evidence of them. There's tons of witness testimonies. Just like with UFOs, if one doesn't believe in them you either haven't researched or you burying your head in the sand because you just don't want to believe.
Denver Basshead (2 years ago)
ghosts are demons, not people. He says he's a pastor, not a Christian one
ArtifiShuL Instinct (2 years ago)
It drives me nuts when people who are lucky enough to have jobs that involve knowing a lot about video games yet they know less than me who only gets to look up game shit with the little bit of free time I have. I mean come on guys, you guys basically know nothing about nioh which has been huge with every gamer I know from that great demo from what 3 weeks ago now? Also Sam who always has something stupid to say, just to be an dick argues that the only thing honeycombs have to do with banjo is your life bar and that puzzle piece would make more sense. However you spend the whole game collecting honeycombs just like puzzle pieces so it's the same damn thing. This is just based off of the little knowledge I've picked up from the hour a day I get. Have some respect for your job and read up on what's popular in gaming for 10 minutes a day. Jesus so many would kill to have your spot and do a much better job at it. Still love you guys other than Sam but please try and pay attention
ArtifiShuL Instinct (2 years ago)
+MrABStheMan I get that and I do forgive them a lot of the time but they should all have to take 10 minutes a day to look up what's hot in gaming if they are going to be on a show talking about what's how in gaming. and if it was one of them it's fine but all 4 of these guys barely knowing what nioh even is? You gotta know there is an issue there. If that's your job to know these things, it sounds crazy to me that they don't make 10 minutes of time to do that. Hell, they would hear about nioh after 1 minute of scrolling through their twitter feed most likely. I did just now and saw 3 lol
ArtifiShuL Instinct (2 years ago)
+Abraham M. YES! I forgot about that I think I made a comment on the gamecube thing when that happened lol
MrABStheMan (2 years ago)
You have to understand the amount of information they consume on a daily basis. It's not always knowledge based. It's also journalism, presenting on camera, prepping shows, travelling to conventions and so much more behind the camera. You can forgive them at times for missing/ forgetting some bits and pieces of information.
Abraham M. (2 years ago)
Like last week when one of them said the PS2 was more powerful than the GameCube. No one corrected him, and they should know this was incorrect. But even worse was when none of the four on the panel knew that the RE2 remake was already happening. Like wtf, how can four people who work in the industry not know this? I love IGN's content, but it's things like these why people always say you can't spell ignorant without ign.
Denver Basshead (2 years ago)
Lol yea wtf is nioh. never heard of it. I'm trying to play good games dude
crowthebest (2 years ago)
More Brian Altano please!!
Chris Martin (2 years ago)
shadow warrior 2?? man I hope that game comes out this fall.
Miguel Alcalá (2 years ago)
Jared is so fucking obnoxious, any scoop is just half as fun without him. Best scoop lineup in my opinion .
mrpostman730 (2 years ago)
Thank You!! I love Jared!
Miguel Alcalá (2 years ago)
+ifty cent that's what I call an opinion, that I'll take. it's just a matter of perspective and perception, I honestly think Sam is the coolest xD
Sensigames (2 years ago)
I dont see that at all. If anything Sam is the most "obnoxious" and annoying one.
Miguel Alcalá (2 years ago)
+ifty cent omg you people
Sensigames (2 years ago)
Do you even know what obnoxious means? Jared is one of the most knowledgable people at ign. His feces knows more about games than you do.
Bret Reed (2 years ago)
Nioh is kind of like a samurai Dark Souls. I wouldn't use the word Horror to describe it.
Austin Bruner (2 years ago)
I'd describe it as Ninja Gaiden meets Dark Souls
DajuiceMayne 3 (2 years ago)
Yeah the fact that there was just a limited time demo of the game and isn't some small obscure indie game, and they had almost 0 knowledge about it is embarassing.
boochtron (2 years ago)
i thought of it more as a ninja gaiden... kinda dmc but closer to action games like gaiden
Digital Dejavu (2 years ago)
Yeah I was very surprised they didn't know more about this game - definitely would also describe this as dark souls combined with onimusha almost

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