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Daemon Plays SEGA Genesis Classics

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Multistreaming with https://restream.io/ There's a new SEGA Genesis collection coming soon. Let's check it out. ------------------------------­---- Follow Game Scoop! for more! ------------------------------­---- YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/user/ignentertainment?sub_confirmation=1 IGN OFFICIAL APP: http://www.ign.com/mobile FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/ign TWITTER: https://twitter.com/ign INSTAGRAM: https://instagram.com/igndotcom/?hl=en WEBSITE: http://www.ign.com/ GOOGLE+: https://plus.google.com/+IGN
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Text Comments (98)
John boy (3 days ago)
Good memories playing these as a kid 😊
Fast Facts Kids (19 days ago)
How come u didn't play sonic games😭😭😭😭
Jacob Powell (16 days ago)
So far my main games I played more often are Biohazard Battle, Gunstar Heroes, Sonic Spinball, Shadow Dancer All Streets of Rage games,All 3 Golden Axe games, Sonic 3D blast ,the revenge of shinobi and Shinobi 3,Ristar and last but not least Alien Soldier.
zeus 5 (19 days ago)
‘Welcome to your doom’ is sampled on a dubstep tune by reso- beasts in the basement.
TheJOBeffect (21 days ago)
So chill just watching Daemon playing some old classics
Subby1988 Mk (24 days ago)
This brings a tear to my eye
Saguilar Rare (25 days ago)
Jacob Powell (25 days ago)
I was just at home playing this game. So far I played and beat Biohazard Battle Alien Soldier Gunstar Heroes and Shadow Dancer
KidsApp Tv (25 days ago)
nice video 😁 AMAZING
Funny Pingvi (25 days ago)
nice video 😁 AMAZING
Baby Giraffe (25 days ago)
nice video 😁 AMAZING
Monster Family (25 days ago)
nice video 😁 AMAZING
Happy Child (25 days ago)
nice video 😁 AMAZING
Chameleon Channel (25 days ago)
nice video 😁 AMAZING
FrogFucious (25 days ago)
There has to be a catch, they didn't even include Sonic 3 or Ecco?
AwesomeByrd (26 days ago)
I'm mostly getting this to finally have Landstalker. I wish they would have included D&D Warriors of the Eternal Sun, Greatest Heavyweights, Shadowrun, and the Captain America game. I have all of those though. Glad to finally have Landstalker. I hope someday Sega will do a Shining Force collection with all the games in that series, including all 3 parts to Shining Force 3 from the Saturn, since we only got the first part in the USA.
LDC Tech (26 days ago)
29:30 that would have been hilarious you dropkicked into the hole
Nate Joe (27 days ago)
They both had their games that was good they both had their games that was bad
Nate Joe (27 days ago)
I'm not saying either or is better I like them both Super Nintendo and Sega when I was growing up
Nate Joe (27 days ago)
Oh you get to play it already jealous I just preordered this a couple days ago can't wait
Retro Soul (27 days ago)
We don't have to limit ourselves to legitimate Sega Genesis limitations, why couldn't they provide the arcade or Saturn version of Space Harrier II? Also I highly recommend you try to complete Alien Soldier, easily a Top 3 16-bit game, an utter classic. Use counter force to turn enemy bullets into health, when your health is full (bar is flashing) you can do the flaming dash across the screen which one shots everything and cripples bosses. Excellent game that was stupidly denied US physical release because Sega...
kitestar (27 days ago)
I don’t fully understand why sonic 3 is removed from the console version and steam still has it, my guess is that m2 is doing a remake for the switch
TheAhmadtaker (27 days ago)
Daemon is awesome as always :)
Dan b (28 days ago)
1 out of 10. No Sonic 3 or Knuckles, No buy.
Tommy Strawn (28 days ago)
Sega keeps putting these same games on Atgames consoles an all that. They never include other Sega games like TMNT, Street Fighter, etc. I'll skip this title because I already have the one they brung out on PS3
360wavy (28 days ago)
Where kingdom and dragon ball old game
steve pitman (28 days ago)
atleast the emulation and sound is correct unlike the sega trashback HD by Crap games/AT games.sonic 2 fully frose solid while playing on that Garbage.this also has some great features
Agent Skazzers (29 days ago)
Dan (29 days ago)
It would've been nice to port Christian Whitehead's Sonic 1 and Sonic 2 Remastered on PS4, Xbox One, and PC/Steam.
Mark Battle (29 days ago)
Do all the games have infinite continues?
Ze Zii (1 month ago)
Dwayne St John (1 month ago)
Looks really good I was really wanting this on the switch though if it doesn't come out on switch I'll get it on xbox one
Dwayne St John (24 days ago)
SonicNights did you buy it yet???
SonicNights (24 days ago)
Dwayne St John oh ok
Dwayne St John (24 days ago)
SonicNights I bought it on xbox one today
SonicNights (24 days ago)
Dwayne St John I'll get it on PC.
jason zhao (1 month ago)
does this game have a plat? Thanks
jason zhao (1 month ago)
Yep. I mean the platinum trophy. Does the game have it or just golden and silver trophies etc.
Game Scoop! (1 month ago)
A plat?
Will Boudousquie (1 month ago)
Wait it has 53 Sega Genesis Games!
Jacob Powell (23 days ago)
Will Boudousquie yes. Extremely fun ain't it?
Paul JC (1 month ago)
It’s a bedroom, not a living room,
NeoMahi (1 month ago)
All the cool kids still play Genesis. Looks like Sega beat Nintendo to it already. Nintendo are just now allowing gamers to play NES and SNES play online games with their Switch Virtual Console but here it is, Sega already did it, and did it first.
Jannradio (1 month ago)
But Daemon.. my yellow dwarf baby.. you can't let the alien swarm get him.
Benjamin Blakeslee (1 month ago)
dang beyond oasis looks rad!
Gareth Jones (1 month ago)
The Mega Drive (as it was known in the UK) was indeed a great looking console, but the Nintendo SNES in Europe blew it away in terms of design. That grey and purple brick you guys got in the U.S was horrendous, but we got this sleek awesome wedge design. It still looks great today.
Gareth Jones (28 days ago)
Axel Janes It was for.a time but I believe the Super Nintendo ended up surpassing it in lifetime sales...well at least in the UK. It was the FX chip built into later cartridges thst set it apart. Starfox and Stunt Race FX in particular. It was the 1st time a home console could push polygons convincingly. Even arcades only had 2 or 3 polygonal games at that point.
Ezequiel Hernandez (1 month ago)
"Chicken mcnuggets with mouths" 😂
Stephanie R (1 month ago)
Where’s Marty Sliva?
lanesplitter87 (1 month ago)
Great series, keep em coming!
Pedro Soares (1 month ago)
Daemon is the best!
videogameobsession (1 month ago)
Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection has this beat. It has 49 games. Not to mention some of these are arcade games which are great games, such as Shinobi, Zaxxon, Fantasy Zone II, Space Harrier. It also has Sonic 3 and Sonic & Knuckles, which were for some weird reason left off. The developer interview videos, box art, and other extras were also awesome on that one. Sega really should have at least added that back in this one.
What The Fudge Gaming (25 days ago)
i was hoping it might have had the splatterhouse series
Retro Soul (27 days ago)
True, I agree. I see nothing wrong with those additions, I don't understand why they'd remove those arcade games or the SMS games from this collection, that is a disappointment. I also think that conforming to Genesis limitations in 2018 is ridiculous, why not provide the arcade or Saturn versions of something like Space Harrier II? When the Gen version was a compromised port? It was necessary in 1989, but not today, provide us the best version of the game! Tbh, Sega from a business perspective, has always disappointed in some form or another. This isn't a surprise. (Also I can't RevengeOS will have Godzilla and Spider Man completely cut, that's also ridiculous those were great boss fights why can't they show the censored versions.)
videogameobsession (27 days ago)
Yeah, those are killer games, but I own the originals for those (except Alien Soldier, it's obviously crazy expensive, but that's what an Everdrive is good for). Also, Revenge of Shinobi is going to be the gimped REV04 {or worse} version. It will have the original graphics replaced. No Godzilla boss, no Spider-Man morphing into Batman, Rambo soldiers will look like Mr Clean, and even the title screen Joe Musashi will no longer resemble Sonny Chiba.. He just looks way off. The difference here is that Ultimate Collection had original arcade versions of Shinobi, Zaxxon, Congo Bongo, Space Harrier, Fantasy Zone 2, which never saw the light of day on the original Genesis. Well SH did on the 32X, but almost no one bought the 32X. And you also got the SMS classics Phantasy Star and Golden Axe Warrior. Two of the best games on that platform. I still bought a copy, though I really shouldn't be supporting this. Sega just keeps rehashing the same Genesis collection over and over. I'd love to see a full on Sega Arcade History Collection with 50 arcade originals. Complete with developer interviews, archived artwork, bonus unlockables, online co-op. (See M2's Capcom Arcade Cabinet on how it should be done). Or how about a Golden Axe collection with arcade + Genesis + Saturn + SMS + GG versions of every Golden Axe game. There was never a home port of Revenge of Death Adder, and that may be the best one in the series! Or a Shinobi Collection with arcade versions of Shadow Dancer and the original. Those rarely get any attention, especially the latter.
Retro Soul (27 days ago)
Yeah sorry but this new one is easily better almost just because of Treasures games (Alien Soldier is a Top 5 16-bit title, and you have Gunstar in there too), Revenge of Shinobi (another Top 10 Gen game easily). Bio Hazard Battle is a great shooter, the Wonderboy games etc. Some classic games this new set is missing though imo are Thunder Force 3&4, Musha, Monster World IV, Super Hang On, Ghouls & Ghosts, Alisia Dragoon (also Konami's games:) Castlevania Bloodlines, Contra HC and Rocket Knight. But unfortunately you're never gonna have every great game in a compilation.
videogameobsession (1 month ago)
but they also don't have the excellent bonus games: Arcade versions of: Space Harrier Shinobi Congo Bongo Zaxxon Altered Beast Fantasy Zone II And Sega Master System games: Phantasy Star Golden Axe Warrior Not to mention the tons of other extras: scanned artwork for every game, developer video interviews. They should have just added those from the Ultimate collection.
videogameobsession (1 month ago)
It's a shame that they will never add games like Castle of Illusion, Moonwalker, Aladdin, and more due to licensing issues. And no Sonic 3... Why??
Jorge Osorio (27 days ago)
You answered your own question as to why sonic 3 isn't there. Music licensing cause Michael Jackson made it
steve pitman (28 days ago)
they may have left out some games on purpose so you have to buy more on DLC addons
Luis Pena (1 month ago)
videogameobsession I know they should've put better games, basically it has mostly the same games that the Sega genesis flashback has
FrenchPirate83 (1 month ago)
Daemon seems like such a genuinely nice guy...
GB Gaming (1 month ago)
I know its tiresome hearing everyone say every game should come to Switch..... But this totally needs to come to Switch :(
ImPoopnRightNow (1 month ago)
pct87 (1 month ago)
Is there local multiplayer or just online?
The Peacemaker03 (1 month ago)
Ravi Patel (1 month ago)
Ain't no genesis collection without the greatest game ever... Aladdin!
W_is_for_wolfie (20 days ago)
Disney wont allow any of their games on compliations, due to the huge license fee.
MagicEmperor (1 month ago)
I know your name is “Daemon,” but you’ve been my Angel since ‘08!
Chip Brooks (1 month ago)
The Sega Genesis was by far one of the best systems ever made. The game catalog was nothing like Nintendo back in the day. Renting a game on Friday and returning on Sunday was regular for me and my friends. We played the fire out of Might and Magic: Gates To Another World and it had no ending and was tough as nails. Revenge of Shinobi had killer graphics for the time period. Phantasy Star games were just as good as Final Fantasy and were super expensive to buy at $80.00 when released. Sonic was ground breaking next to Mario. Such a killer system and these collections just bring back the fun, memories and tough as nails game play.
Ezequiel Hernandez (1 month ago)
I really appreciate and enjoy your gaming insight. It's always interesting watching your videos

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