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CHEAP WOMAN DOES ANYTHING TO SAVE MONEY! Leave a Like if you enjoyed! Subscribe to join the Wolf Pack and enable notifications! BABYSITTER TEXTS THAT WENT TOO FAR https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=54vSt1L8nvw
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Ariana Nana133 (5 minutes ago)
Me at the store "Can we get spaghettios" Dad " No were getting Spaghetti rings" Me "Why cant we get spaghettios?" Dad "They're 11 cents cheaper" And I thought my parents were cheap😂😂
silva batman (30 minutes ago)
She bout a bed for 50 cents
AlisonYT (2 hours ago)
i want to see that dad agree with them cloth wipes when her period starts lmfao
FunzWitFireDragons (5 hours ago)
Won't they get STDs from it by the sperms after they wash it? Because will some be on there after they wash it?
Laila Burke (7 hours ago)
The CHEAPEST thing my mom has ever done was bought an expensive dress and returned it once she was done ! XD lol
abel martinez (10 hours ago)
One Friends are so poor that he uses the restroom at my house because he doesn’t have his restroom
AJ Fornes (16 hours ago)
I’m the kind of cheap that when I go into a grocery store I buy the chips that are bogo free so I get double the food for the same price
meriska aj-msp (17 hours ago)
Actually to relate, my mom makes me go into the bathroom at the movies so when she pays for her self I just walk in the movies like I was already there XD
meriska aj-msp (17 hours ago)
Ok so u know at some stores they put out a basket of fruit for kids 12 and u see well my mom would make me go in the with a bag and take all the fruit save us Hella money tho on Apple's and dananas
Harmony Hara-Kiri (19 hours ago)
She could've just went to a dollar store... 🤦🏽 they sell face masks and beauty supplies and all that.
Cristina Martinez (20 hours ago)
My mom has changed high prices to low prices, to make the items cheaper to by for herself.
nelson reyes (21 hours ago)
sounds like she’s saying the b word if u keep pressing back
nelson reyes (21 hours ago)
In the very very beginning of the video she
Nicole guia CANDY (22 hours ago)
What's next cheapest pets😂😂😂😂
nayeli Delgado (22 hours ago)
Imagine if those people watched that episode lol
Sara O'Bryan (23 hours ago)
What if ur on ur period
HardHeadHunter101 (1 day ago)
I bet that the First Lady spends more money for the cloth to make the wipes than buying toilet paper
Shadow Killz (1 day ago)
2cnd shirt is worse
Samantha Wright (1 day ago)
I love that shirt
Robin Reneé (1 day ago)
Im not a cheapskate but my mom only uses toilet paper for me im not used to it i use 20 buckets of water because i need to be clean
Charis H (1 day ago)
Alexandra Gallini (1 day ago)
Hair salon
Katelynn Herrera (1 day ago)
the cheapest was get her king size bed at a garbage place
Vanessa Dao (1 day ago)
The smartest yet cheapest thing I did with my cousins and me did was refill the popcorn bucket like 6 times, we used the popcorn boxes to put the popcorn in since the BUCKET was the only one that could get refills. Lol
Black Flame (1 day ago)
My mom cut cascade soap into fourths and puts one of the piece in the dishwasher soap tray
chad gilbertson (1 day ago)
The cheapest thing my mom has done is say my sister and I were ten at a restaurant. When we were actually eleven but if you were ten it was cheaper.
Jasinta Leslie Leo (1 day ago)
Pelin Mathis looks like Naomi from WWE
* princess * (1 day ago)
whats the point of having money if u not even gonna spend it?????
No Name (1 day ago)
1: To brag 2: To gain status 3: To have power 4: To save for later 5: To keep for emergencies Many reasons.
Alyssa Fausti (1 day ago)
Walk in on me wiping then yells at me for doing so.
Elisabeth Hampel (1 day ago)
i love that sniperwolf was so pissed off to the point where she took the extra effor to look the stuff up off amazon
Jacqueline Serraano (1 day ago)
krapa anuradha (1 day ago)
My mom is not that cheap but she has bought a used mattress before
Racquel Frederick (1 day ago)
Not buy a 2.00 dollar water
Jayda Squad (1 day ago)
Key mom made us baby wipes for a 2 weeks because she keeps forgetting to buy toilet paper but that was a long time ago
Kitty litter cost more then $8.00 xD
What if it molds?
Aryial Ny Teal (1 day ago)
I feel bad for the kid 😒!
Pennie Chesser (1 day ago)
My mom stole tolet paper from taco bell
Angelika Stumder (1 day ago)
They are sooo dumb ... If your going to make cloth toilet paper use black cloth so that the stains don't show duhhhhhhh.
DiamondGalaxyGames (1 day ago)
When my brothers where younger she would eat the leftovers instead of getting her own since she had a tight budget at the time
Niamh Cook (2 days ago)
Not let me get v bucks but I need them😭😭😭😭😭
KaetoKit (2 days ago)
“It gives you peace of mind” HAHAHAH
Mehr Anzeigen (2 days ago)
George Haughn (2 days ago)
Your paycheck u get 250+
Gerda Gecse (2 days ago)
Let's react (2 days ago)
Bacteria CAN live in harsh conditions😑😑
Amari Siders (2 days ago)
Angel is so fat
Amari Siders (2 days ago)
What the hell is Wrong with that family
Amari Siders (2 days ago)
No it is not comfortable
Amari Siders (2 days ago)
She is dum
Abigail Gracelyn (2 days ago)
Play more fortnite I love when you play!!
Abigail Gracelyn (2 days ago)
*JuSt KidDiNg*
Diego Zazueta (2 days ago)
Actually when bacteria reproduces it passes the ability to survive to their offspring so bacteria would survive a washing washing. If bacteria could survive when the earth was being formed then it could survive a washing machine
Kay (2 days ago)
The cheapest thing my mom does is save leftovers
Caleb Bream (2 days ago)
My father he buys toilet paper and he always buys more if it on sale so like I have toilet paper rights.
Bangtan Girls (2 days ago)
Alicia Bradley (2 days ago)
Go get XXXX
Alicia Bradley (2 days ago)
🤞🏽you DUMM cheap girl
Dean Highland (2 days ago)
The second lady says she is cheap but she has A GOLD CHAIN!
Ashlynn crossley (2 days ago)
But how see get the snacks but can't get shampoo b*tch you can get shampoo for about gotdamn 5$or 6$ dollers.
Cristina C (2 days ago)
Ice gaming - my mom does the same
onnie hudson (2 days ago)
That is a BAD mom wh o in the world would use cloths for a whips for real .and I hope ya have a good day :)
The cheapest thing my mother has ever done.... The only thing that I can remember.. is instead of going to the store, buying a dress, that would of cost like $10 bucks.. She made the WHOLE thing herself.
ambe chan (2 days ago)
bruh my b day was today and i got a mask boooooooooooooooy
Jaeda The princess (2 days ago)
My moms not cheap lol
Emma Firth (2 days ago)
My step mom shops for groceries at the dollar tree, but we don't have alot of money so...
Evelyn Burton (2 days ago)
These videos make me gag
Evelyn Burton (2 days ago)
When I heard every nasty parts I gagged every single time
TheRandom EasiGirl (2 days ago)
My mom has not yet done anything cheap but sometimes we cant buy useless stuff......i say that isnt being cheap i say its teaching us to save money
Vanessa Contreras (3 days ago)
Sonya and meme chan (3 days ago)
Life about my age for many places that are intertaning
sara ahmed (3 days ago)
My family is not cheap
Hekdjd Djdjdjd (3 days ago)
Best youterb ever love you sniper wolf
Subscribe You. Stop looking at the Xs’s.
fly perraglide (3 days ago)
Since she is such an expert she'd know that washing at 40-60c can leave up to 14 percent of bacteria (I googled but you should probably do independent research just in case) and bacteria spreads fast so those cloths aren't being cleaned properly, and for 5 years I imagine they are filthy also they are left in a dirty basket for like a week meaning the bacteria will spread even more and lastly its cheaper to buy toilet paper the constantly run a washing machine and also its way more hygienic so there's no point really...
Ryan (3 days ago)
Just buy a bidet attachment for your toilet for $30
ABBYS CREW (3 days ago)
I bought a really good face mask for 50c!!!!!!!
Kenya not (3 days ago)
It's a ghetto salon
Anthony Rackauckas (3 days ago)
About the toilet paper thing, I would smuggle toilet paper into the house! The second lady...oof
Estrella Guerrero (3 days ago)
i not even that cheap
Estrella Guerrero (3 days ago)
poor kids
Allison Sugars (3 days ago)
My mom dose everything she can to have a good meal for us nothing bad but something she does not eat
Sarah Ready (3 days ago)
I'm not rich but I can buy some dang tp
Raven asher faith cox (3 days ago)
That lady makes no sense,she wants to use cloths over and over when other family members wipe their poop and pee on it...that's just gross!
Ashley Barker (3 days ago)
Cheapest thing my mom has ever done was water down the milk.
Mary Shcherbakov (3 days ago)
The cheapest think my mom has and is safe plastic bottles so I can get five cents for every plastic bottle LOL
My mom makes us reuse our towels after the shower for the whole week. Basically.
Wolf Time (3 days ago)
The cheapest thing is reuse a water bottle
Avie Sackor (3 days ago)
My parents are cheap but not this cheap
Mady Vasquez (3 days ago)
My mom says I’m 8 but I’m actually 12 at restaurants
AdrianTheDino (4 days ago)
She use to use coupons
Paisley Volleyball (4 days ago)
I'm a middle class child with parents making a good income and we aren't in debt. A large pack of toilets paper cost 20$ or less. U don't have to buy it often.
Warriors Top 10 (4 days ago)
1 like = 1 donated toilet paper square
Derpy NarwhalNaeNae (4 days ago)
Cheapest thing mother has ever done:she bought me a custom 450$ case but in my original design my initials were meant to be in 12 karat gold......once i get the case, BOOM NO INITIALS!
Ghada Alrajhi (4 days ago)
Poor boy he has to wipe his thing with used paper 😔
PPAP Boi (4 days ago)
8000th comment
Darbie Pham (4 days ago)
My mom has a nail and salon place and this is eww
Madyson Gaming (4 days ago)
I asked my mom for an apple phone and she gave me a flip phone that didint work with an apple glued to it....
Anime vampire Doll (4 days ago)
I don’t think those stuff are that expensive

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