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5 Simple steps to Fixing any Green Screen issue After Effects CC - Part 2

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► GET YOUR FREE 8 PRO TIPS GUIDE ➨ http://bit.ly/FREEProtips Welcome to Flat Pack FX! This is Part 2 of how to Green Screen, in this tutorial i'll show you a super easy 5 step process to fix any green screen issue using After Effects CC 2017. This quick and simple method will solve 90% of the issues you have when using a green screen. FREE GIFT CARDS: https://youtu.be/bpwDbMS-dMc Footage Credits: PHYX Keyer https://youtu.be/Fh4kCw79Tj0?list=PL-j0rbaTWuJDKuRFJuaUW6uwDKMO4iMH1 Thomas Hiensch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dBVKfvxw-EA Thomas Hiensch https://youtu.be/6Rj_tx1xMrQ GOT QUESTIONS? TALK WITH ME: DM me on Instagram ➨ http://bit.ly/Instagramfpfx 一一一一一一一一一一一一一一一一一一一一一一一一一 MORE AE TUTORIALS: Tutorials ➨ http://bit.ly/tutorialsfx BUY MORE GREAT Ae TEMPLATES: Txt Msg Effect Ae ➨ http://bit.ly/txtmsgfx 2D to 3D images ➨ http://bit.ly/3dimagesfx 2D Explosions Pack ➨ http://bit.ly/2Dexplosionfx Solar System Pack ➨ http://bit.ly/Solarsystemfx Matrix Code Effect ➨ http://bit.ly/matrixfx VIDEO GEAR: After Effects ➨ http://bit.ly/aftereffectsfx Premiere Pro ➨http://bit.ly/premiereprofx Adobe Cloud Apps ➨ http://bit.ly/Creativecloudfx FOLLOW ME: Youtube ➨ https://www.youtube.com/flatpackfx Instagram ➨ https://www.instagram.com/flatpackfx Twitter ➨ https://twitter.com/flatpackfx Website ➨ http://bit.ly/Flatpackfx
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Text Comments (32)
Zenloe and Me (1 month ago)
Fab video - this has really helped me. A huge thanks to you ❤
Lynsey Hester (2 months ago)
Does anybody know how to change the green to a different colour please?
Lynsey Hester (2 months ago)
Great I will try that thanks!
Flat Pack FX (2 months ago)
Hey, best way is to use the “change color to” effect.
Gelifish Films (2 months ago)
These are fantastic tutorials, thank you!
ExposExploitz (2 months ago)
I have a problem while editing a video, I removed the green screen successfully but the rest of the video get a glitchy beeping green screen, its annoying and it hurt my eyes, can someone help me with this issue?
Flat Pack FX (2 months ago)
Hey, you may have a flicker issue by the sounds of it. You could duplicate the clip, drag it above your video, drop the opacity to 50% and offset the top layer by 1 frame. That should remove any flicker.
Fandom Spotlite (3 months ago)
Great tutorial. I have to admit I'm an after effects tyro. When I apply the keylight, the background shows as black, not "gone" like yours. How do I adjust that setting?
Flat Pack FX (3 months ago)
Hey, there is a little button under the main viewer next the “active camera” on the left. Make sure that is selected that will change the background to a grid. Thanks!
rong feng (4 months ago)
非常好 非常好
Mal Hearne (7 months ago)
who framed roger rabbit had one of those problems they backround of toontown spilt in to bob hoskins clothing due to the spilling of blue
Flat Pack FX (7 months ago)
Good point, thanks for sharing!
Civisme Secret (10 months ago)
next level tutorial skills
MMA ON DEMAND (10 months ago)
I am starting to use green screen in our videos, the problem I think that my acre in our videos is there is a lot of movement since we are a martial arts channel any help would be great!
MMA ON DEMAND (10 months ago)
Yes sir, thanks so much for your help...I subed 👍 great videos
Flat Pack FX (10 months ago)
Ok, always good to prep! Yes that will definitely help, when you shoot at 120frames your footage will be in slow motion. So you will have to speed it up later in after effects for it to play smoothly. (I would not recommend this if you are also recording audio) Also if you turn up your shutter speed you can to further reduce motion blur. Both these things will help reduce motion blur.
MMA ON DEMAND (10 months ago)
Thanks very much for the quick reply. I have not used green screen yet we are shooting on Sunday, I just wanted to be prepared. I have a Sony a6300 it shoots 120p 1080 would that resolve the blur?
Flat Pack FX (10 months ago)
Hi, yes you may run into a few issues if you have a lot of motion blur and are not shooting in a high frame rate on your camera. Without seeing the footage I would recommend working your way through the steps very slowly and then keep repeating. If your not having any luck there you may have to rotoscope your subject. Thanks for the comment!
Méthode Miron (10 months ago)
where can i find part one? Thanks
Flat Pack FX (10 months ago)
Hi Méthode Miron, here you go https://youtu.be/t-TM1zBQMSY
Girish Kumar (1 year ago)
Wow!! That was great! Solved most of my problems. Could you please make another video explaning about Gain and Gamma and how to remove 2 types of green screen shot in one video. I would prefer it in primette if possible. Thank you in advance bro.
Flat Pack FX (1 year ago)
Hey mate, great to hear you got something out of this video. I can do some more keying videos down the track. Eventually I will do a series on red giant inc primette for those who have it. Cheers for the comment!
Jaj bodapati (1 year ago)
i didnt understand exactly the last point how i've 2 remove shadow... now i lost my shoot please help me....
Flat Pack FX (1 year ago)
Hi, basically what I referring too is to repeat the the process of readjusting 1) screen gain drag down 2) adjust the clip black up and 3) clip white down. It is a process of balancing between these 3. You can also add screen pre blur to help, like at 10:42. If your having trouble seeing your video make sure you don’t have any masks on your video and also make sure your view is set to final output under the key light effects panel. If your really stuck just delete the effect and start again. Small steps will eventually get you there, hope that helps! Flat Pack fx
Amit Shah (1 year ago)
exactly what I needed!
Flat Pack FX (1 year ago)
Your welcome! You can otherwise try to rotoscope the person using the mask tool in after effects. Thanks
Sommer Time (1 year ago)
Great Tutorial, as always! 😊🖒
Flat Pack FX (1 year ago)
Thanks Julia!
Flat Pack FX (1 year ago)
If you have any issues or questions relating to green screen, post them in the comment section. Thanks Flat Pack's
Please .I me www
Josh Wilson (1 year ago)
I'm getting a green border around people that is hard to remove. I'm in a well lit studio, and they are more than five feet from the screen. But there's a green ring. The steps above help marginally, but the only way I can "remove it" is setting the "Screen shrink/grow" to -2, which isn't exact optimal. Also, my green screen looks almost teal under the lights. Any ideas? Thanks!
Machero Lee (1 year ago)
Like the video!

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