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WORST GOLD DIGGER EVER! Have you ever seen a gold digger that wants money from someone? Leave a Like if you enjoyed! Subscribe to join the Wolf Pack and enable notifications!
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SSSniperWolf (3 months ago)
my first solo fortnite victory coming soon... HAVE AN AWESOME DAY
Leilany Napoles (18 days ago)
I really like Fortnite it is the best
GalaxyRainbows (2 months ago)
YellowDuckGaming (3 months ago)
YellowDuckGaming (3 months ago)
SSSniperWolf nice
Stephanie Zapata (3 months ago)
SSSniperWolf more plz
vancethepro _876 (4 minutes ago)
_Tr1s_ (7 minutes ago)
I just saw a picture of her and I fell in love.." BRUH
xXWild WolfXx (7 minutes ago)
Car not a damn dress
Debby Ortiz (15 minutes ago)
Ebony Thomas (20 minutes ago)
On roblox guys call me a good digger cuz I don't online date like bro! I'm ten years old! And I don't care about your money!
Yahilyn Rodriguez (38 minutes ago)
A car
Miruna Elena (1 hour ago)
Dove Spirit Gem (1 hour ago)
A car
w naamve (1 hour ago)
Ultimat3Gam3r 1 (1 hour ago)
45k I get me a new charger or something. but a dress why so expensive???
Ashy Animates (1 hour ago)
I’d rather have a car lol
Aminata Ceesay (1 hour ago)
Aminata Ceesay (1 hour ago)
Aubrianna Sarinana (1 hour ago)
I love this show I watch it every Thursday
Zoltán Csata (2 hours ago)
Money talks Bu****it walks.
kwing 101 (2 hours ago)
Spot Vlogs (2 hours ago)
Slxmxz Gxmxz (3 hours ago)
I'd rather have a girlfriend that loves me for who I am.
Slxmxz Gxmxz (3 hours ago)
I'd rather buy a car for 45,000 bucks
Averi Robinson (3 hours ago)
I love this show
Laura Kjær Holst (3 hours ago)
Saltwater_Addict 7 (4 hours ago)
Meanwhile in Russia.....She was giving quick handy's in the back of barns and walked barefoot in mud to the river.
Angelina lapierre (4 hours ago)
I would want a car and.. she just wants a run for is money not love.. stupid Russian no offense Russian people
Barry Allen (4 hours ago)
im uncomfortable looking at her tangled earpods
Husky army 360 (4 hours ago)
I would have a car
A Joke (4 hours ago)
I'd get me a mans with money so i could buy a basic knife from the dollar store and chop food. Then I'd break up with hims. Cuz i don't need a rich guy XD. So yea I'd be usin him. But only for knifes
Xools Gaming (5 hours ago)
I mean sniperwolf
Xools Gaming (5 hours ago)
Is it only me or is this girl cool? :D
Emma Firth (5 hours ago)
These girls have what I call infinity periods
XxSuger(✪ω✪)/ (5 hours ago)
I'd rather have a car 🚗 even though I can't drive lol 😂😂😂 and yes part 2!!! 🙃🙃 Edit: I was like 3 months late 😂😂 so theres a part 2! 😉
Iodice Kristien (5 hours ago)
I wood like a car......
Zara chaudhry (5 hours ago)
Nadia Kl. (6 hours ago)
You look so cute with your glasses on😀
Sleepy Sketches (6 hours ago)
That woman needs a doctor have a Dr Pepper (0w0)
Suzanne Kogelschatz (6 hours ago)
A car is sooo much better
kayeley girl (6 hours ago)
Yo I'm 12 and my parents told me when I was 8 I had to buy my own car when I'm older so I have started saving money for my 15 almost 16 thousand dollar used car so I don't have to tell my parents I need there help to do stuff on my own and prove I'm responsible............. Anyone else
Lakshit Furia (7 hours ago)
I watch your vedios just because I love the way you howl at the end :)
Oubnee Roberts (7 hours ago)
I know dang well that I rather have a car than a wedding dress. I mean if I could I would walk down the alsie in a baggie t-shirt and some blue jeans if you know what I mean.
Kayla Theodorou (8 hours ago)
Dude that girl is so mean like who would treat there boyfriend like that.leave a like if you wouldn’t treat your boyfriend like she did.
Cayden Dunn (8 hours ago)
I would want the car too bc I'm a boy
I would rather a car because I’ve never even tried on a dress in my life
cookie gaming monster (8 hours ago)
Oww that hurts
Julio Bejkollari (8 hours ago)
FlameBoy69 (9 hours ago)
My dad bought 75,000$ pickup truck and he doesn't drive it and my mom bought 9,000$ car and drives it a lot and my mom drives my dad's truck some times and named the truck tatunka and my mom's car is named swicherlin
Thea Staurset (9 hours ago)
Kali Daniels (9 hours ago)
would take the car man
Kwaii chan Sama (10 hours ago)
I will pick a car
Hdhsj Ueheh (10 hours ago)
Meagan markle probably did buy a more expensive dress just saying
Acuna Matata (10 hours ago)
gabe (10 hours ago)
that guy low key looks like the guy on 21 jump street
M Savy (11 hours ago)
Car I want a car
Genesis Zuniga (11 hours ago)
a car because it is reusable
Adrian A (11 hours ago)
Your videos never fail to make me laugh 😂
elmer longberry (11 hours ago)
ur so sexy
fortnite battle Royale (11 hours ago)
Yeah she is
Michal Michal (11 hours ago)
My dads friend has a ring for 100k whit 1.42 carat diamond
Mya Bowman (11 hours ago)
Midnight Thecoyote01 (12 hours ago)
I want dat car 🚗!💙
Hatter Red (12 hours ago)
I would leave her.
Fan Of Everything (12 hours ago)
Boi she be looking like a stale dried up garlic
Midnight Thecoyote01 (12 hours ago)
I watch that show that too!
Lee Calvert (12 hours ago)
Car pls
Christina Ntafos (13 hours ago)
Ok my FRIGGIN HORSE was 42000 dollars LESS then that stupid dress. Like OOOHHHH MYYYYY GOD
Quinn Lockhart (13 hours ago)
Looks can’t get you everything and money can’t buy you everything. I’d rather get a car than get a wedding dress that I would never wear cuz I hate dresses
Will Hopkins (13 hours ago)
Dulze Ponce (13 hours ago)
A car🚘🚘
Amy Gonzalez (13 hours ago)
# a # of that b that needs help
Raul Rivera Jr (13 hours ago)
Raul Rivera Jr (13 hours ago)
Can we play Together in fortnite
Julian Jimenez (13 hours ago)
AmandaLynnn1 (14 hours ago)
Jaylah Smith (14 hours ago)
A car
Chunkey (14 hours ago)
Nakiya Burum (14 hours ago)
To be honest not to be rude but she’s not that pretty
bonnie mehr (14 hours ago)
I would rather have a car
blaxk Scorpion (14 hours ago)
Sexy lady
ta71367 (14 hours ago)
I would want a car instead of a dress
thilo deh (14 hours ago)
I would much rather have some designer clothes
Im a kid but i litteraly I want the car like really
Craig Grider (15 hours ago)
A car duh
xXmustang 48Xx (15 hours ago)
Ashley Nava (15 hours ago)
lil 22 (16 hours ago)
I would get car
Ashley Gonzalez (16 hours ago)
Ramen noodles for life
Chloe Beson (16 hours ago)
slime freak (16 hours ago)
Car not dress
Martha Lucia (16 hours ago)
I'd sell the weeding dress and keep the cash
Echo Bright Nights (16 hours ago)
Why u hit your viewers. ; - ; Traitor... Lol jk love your vids <3 :)
mexican shaq34 (16 hours ago)
Travis Booker (16 hours ago)
RSCrazy DOGVloggers (16 hours ago)
I would have that damn Car
Gaming God006 (16 hours ago)
I would take the damn car ain’t no way I takin a dress tf
Hey its Ashley (16 hours ago)
I will have a car
Angelina Shafer (16 hours ago)
Shes a greedy b*tch
Rg Martin (17 hours ago)
FALCON456 (18 hours ago)
Just smash and get rid off her...
Adam Binienda (18 hours ago)
Ethan Cornelius (18 hours ago)
Nylah Johnson (18 hours ago)
i watched the esp before
chris taylay (18 hours ago)
Xsavion Randle (18 hours ago)

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