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Florence + The Machine - Dog Days Are Over (2010 Version)

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The new official video to the Dog Days Are Over. Click here to download http://zaphod.uk.vvhp.net/v-v/100312134937 Subscribe here: https://goo.gl/RiTrDP Best of Florence + The Machine https://goo.gl/VVD8Ze
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Erick de la Rosa (10 hours ago)
Eat Pray Love.
Washed Out (11 hours ago)
Myrtle Snow needs to get her sister, she's in her feelings again.
Ivan Klasan (18 hours ago)
and what than, when we start
Lacy Gorman (1 day ago)
Not even a Little bit Word Porn. LITERALLY... Follow the Yellow Brick Road Wizards of Oz. YEMEN IS MINE. I WARNED the Talking Monkeys in APRIL...SUX2BTHEM.
mili pow (1 day ago)
Rock in Rio
Keng Eng (1 day ago)
2019 💜
Edvane Bento (2 days ago)
música que te faz querer dançar loucamente <3
Hian Carlos (2 days ago)
thebaddog410 (3 days ago)
lol, dog days are still to come.
Nigel Miller (3 days ago)
This woman has no vocal prowess at all !! she's painful to listen too.
Daisy Huang Vuelvas (3 days ago)
She's gorgeous Damn
Margarita D (4 days ago)
Seeing her in concert was also AMAZING!!
Margarita D (4 days ago)
this song helped me finish running at my first 5k then 2 months later my second 5k run,  it makes you want to keep running for anything in life you want to get to :)
Erika Albgar (5 days ago)
Happiness, hit her like a train on a track Coming towards her, stuck still no turning back She hid around corners and she hid under beds She killed it with kisses and from it she fled With every bubble she sank with a drink And washed it away down the kitchen sink The dog days are over The dog days are done The horses are coming so you better run Run fast for your mother run fast for your father Run for your children for your sisters and brothers Leave all your love and your longing behind you Can't carry it with you if you want to survive The dog days are over The dog days are done Can't you hear the horses 'Cause here they come And I never wanted anything from you Except everything you had And what was left after that too, oh. Happiness hit her like a bullet in the back Struck from a great height By someone who should know better than that The dog days are over The dog days are done Can you hear the horses 'Cause here they come Run fast for your mother and fast for your father Run for your children for your sisters and brothers Leave all your love and your loving behind you Can't carry it with you if you want to survive The dog days are over The dog days are done Can you hear the horses 'Cause here they come The dog days are over The dog days are done Can you hear the horses 'Cause here they come The dog days are over The dog days are done The horses are coming So you better run Traducir al español
Patrick Carter (6 days ago)
Brazil #2018 ❤ oo/
Sunspot Dawn (6 days ago)
This is about Diana. Her whole family was harassed by dogs. The Rottweiler was an actual animal she was threatened with.....
YellowDogArtistry (6 days ago)
I love your music Florence!  check out our comic.  the shepherd, dead rabbits, weirdsdale.  https://genxgrownup.com/dp-episode-02/
F¡ve Handsome (7 days ago)
Is she albino?
F¡ve Handsome (7 days ago)
Yo wtf I thought this was a normal song?!?1!?
Great song
Shaun Dionne (7 days ago)
idk what it is, but i dont like this music. any of it. im actively listening trying to figure out why i dont, but its just noise to me.
Universe Child (7 days ago)
I met someone online about three months ago. She finally came to see me this past weekend. The connection was instant. We had such an amazing time. Sadly, we both spend a lot of time in dark places, depressed and such, but that all went away when we met. Saying goodbye to her was extremely difficult. I felt physically sick afterward. Anyway, we said that whenever we meet up again in the future, this song will be the first song we jam to. Thanks, Florence + The Machine.
Janette Ortiz (7 days ago)
Oh Lord....... 😑
Pip Scobie (7 days ago)
I sang this song at school I’m good at singing so everybody clapped some people ran because of the song, I saw the video by someone and you were singing to somebody with cancer there gone now, but this song will remember them in memory, it’s good to sing to someone before they die that song makes you remeber them
Steven Smith (8 days ago)
What a voice ❤️❤️
luvulots (9 days ago)
this was my favourite song when i was 10 and i really miss those days. everytime i hear this song i cry, i’m not sure if it’s happiness or sadness or just my emotional nostalgic ass
Harry Block (9 days ago)
Im hip-hop guy and even I know this bangs.
Shierraa ღ (9 days ago)
I miss my middle school days! 😭
-João V. (10 days ago)
Se seu dia estiver ruim, escuta essa musica que melhora ❤️ HINO 2K18
watch0ut imon2u (10 days ago)
This version Took away the true meaning...of the vid...
K Mc (10 days ago)
OUR NEW NATIONAL ANTHEM?? (Laughing and crying at the reasons why ....)
Andre Sivels (11 days ago)
It's insane how joyful this song is. Her pipes only make the song better
Tiago Vieira (11 days ago)
2018 novembro
cheboib (11 days ago)
damn this song old
Hurricane Chris (11 days ago)
Hurricane Florence would appreciate this.
Lexi Deltaco (12 days ago)
Born in 2006 I basically grew up on this song☺️ thanks Florence and the machine for being here for me when no one else was
Vanellope velasquez (12 days ago)
My 15 month old dauther Love this. Song 😘♥️
Why so serious ? (12 days ago)
8 years later it still gives me chills
rdornick (13 days ago)
Love it
Gabi Luiz (13 days ago)
2018 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
Drew Millett (13 days ago)
I was about to eat my neighbor's dog for barking. I feel a bit better now. Thank you...
Tyra LaBorn (13 days ago)
This is a great trip song
Mr Gusa (14 days ago)
Bless your souls. Check out the hospital version. My hat is off to you. God bless
Jaysa Hunter (14 days ago)
Every one invovled with this video was on crack
Jaysa Hunter (12 days ago)
+K Mc Yeah I watched and my statement still stands. You know a joke when you see one right?
K Mc (14 days ago)
How profound. Did you have to watch the entire video first to draw that conclusion, or do you just speak from personal experience?
K a t e r I n A A (14 days ago)
2018 anyone?
john (14 days ago)
Hey check it out the dog days haven't even began yet. Where will you go after the day of Judgement?
God Luck (15 days ago)
SpencerSoccer2020 (15 days ago)
Her voice is incredible!
Eoz Whelan (15 days ago)
- SM, ET, and CLB went to sleep. We’d watch TWD and I’d make fat sandwiches for dinner. You were always the better dancer.
parry yungSmokey (15 days ago)
Been going thru it mentally good to know my dog days are over thx Florence
Robyn Hickling (16 days ago)
My mom is seeing u in 2 weeks I only like one song of yours
Blogger Herry (16 days ago)
mantap i love you
Blogger Herry (16 days ago)
That's amazing
comme dirait Albert (16 days ago)
I love 💝
Roṣu Teodora (16 days ago)
gossip girl?
Mikaiyah Te Rangi (16 days ago)
Oh my...... I thought that this song came out in 2018 because I only just recently heard this song in the truck😂
XxMr714xX (16 days ago)
Remember seeing them play on mtv
Nathalie Hyacinthe (16 days ago)
Iigniidmxi xc hys mg dkfm dBm ggc know snzbdgidfbxnfnf bk ohl
Juan Mendez (16 days ago)
Every time I hear this song I think of Fiona from the past season of shameless when she was succeeding.
Mauricio Sanchez rojas (17 days ago)
When you realize the song is about domestic abuse.
Bill Smith (17 days ago)
Transgender 100%
Bill Smith (17 days ago)
+digitalartist 03 XY)U1st.(XY)
digitalartist 03 (17 days ago)
wiyy85 (18 days ago)
erin h (18 days ago)
Am I the only person who heard this and thinks she's talking about the horsemen of the  apocalypse? The "dog days" usually referring to lazy summer days or happy times and saying  they're over because the horses are coming and now you have to run to survive?
TheRush1966 (18 days ago)
the dark days are not done.. wish they was
Peter Neal (19 days ago)
ttgk (19 days ago)
Crackle crackle
Felicity Beth X (19 days ago)
Martyn Weigh (19 days ago)
Sounds what PMT is like
Alison Wilson (19 days ago)
I played this on loop this summer after I lost my beautiful greyhound to cancer, I so needed to cry..
Lovelessgirl (19 days ago)
This song means so much to me when whenever I feel awful I listen to it and it never gets old it always gives me this amazing feeling that I need to get my shit together but like in a good way? Florence is an absolute angel there is nobody like her
Jared (20 days ago)
33 LO OR 5 5 C 5 33 ___________X 4 Ya dig? Out of sight. Far out man. Dueces. One. Hahahahahaha
Lillian Eloïse (20 days ago)
omg love this song one of the first songs I can remember jeez 8 years where has it gone I remember when this song came out
Justin Cavanagh (21 days ago)
Like fuck . You run , we own this universe. Lucky dad sent me out of the four brothers . You already be dead if dad didn't have a soft pot for ya
Justin Cavanagh (21 days ago)
Well little Nicky, sent one of the other 3 . I like nice stuff
Nick Wilson (21 days ago)
This looks like a 2000s fever dream
Sam Drummond (21 days ago)
C6 is the time of 5f
Natasha Kershaw (21 days ago)
Dogdays is a type of beer, so the drinking line certainly makes sense..
Noe Vallejo (21 days ago)
Vengo por Andrea Compton
Camera2Studios (22 days ago)
I liked the blue ladies with the beehives
Salty Slytherin (22 days ago)
I wish my teeth were that white.
Rouse Lugarini (22 days ago)
Credo. Ela mata a pau com essa voz e tal mas os vídeos são tão ruins...
Krist Dyso (22 days ago)
Saw Florence and The Machine this weekend, crazy I've been a fan for so long! Check out my vlog!!
To notice all the historical and cultural references in this video is just MIND BLOWING.
Steve Peterson (22 days ago)
One of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard. This is my first time seeing what Florence looks like.
Hayli3 GolDii (22 days ago)
October anyone?
Adriano Cézar (22 days ago)
Just. A M A Z I N G
Arvi Ajdini (23 days ago)
I love this song
Dr. Evil (23 days ago)
Gabriel Tanguay (23 days ago)
I love this song, but I’m not so into this music video.
SANDRO GALUZA (23 days ago)
It is Ya boi (23 days ago)
Priya (23 days ago)
Damn I couldn't find this song for ages now I have 😍💃.
Manny Games (23 days ago)
Anyone 👂 this in 1258? Give ☝️ a 👍 if you are!!! 👌😂😂😂👌 And make sure to 🙏 as well!!! Lol 👏👏👏 Ok seriously I'll stfu now.
Nate I (23 days ago)
I love the blue 50's imps dancing in the back. This song brings me pure joy and brings tears to my eyes. Florence has such a powerful (album titled "Lungs" is appropriate) and pure voice, and manner of singing. The way this song is put together is so interesting and unusual too, like using a vocal solo bridge instead of a instrument solo. This is a classic video for me, it's hard to believe this is nine years old. It's aging well.
Veridiano Dantas (24 days ago)
Hino atemporal
tinnie czar (24 days ago)
I'm here because of tnt boys 😅
John Paul Magbanua (24 days ago)
2018 and still I'm listening to this song. Hoping that someday my dog days will be over. Thanks to Florence and the machine!!
Sailor_BlackHole (24 days ago)
The video is um.....interesting....OK whats happening!
Tall Trizzles (25 days ago)
This is awkward for a first listener.
pugiwugi11 (25 days ago)
What happened to Florence
Sandy Salamanca (25 days ago)
Esto es arte !

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