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Spider-Man 3 (2007) - Jazz Club Dance Scene (6/10) | Movieclips

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Spider-Man 3 movie clips: http://j.mp/2gcj2nT BUY THE MOVIE: http://bit.ly/2hbLpzF Don't miss the HOTTEST NEW TRAILERS: http://bit.ly/1u2y6pr CLIP DESCRIPTION: While under the influence of the symbiotes, Peter (Tobey Maguire) performs a jazzy dance routine to impress Mary Jane (Kirsten Dunst). FILM DESCRIPTION: Your friendly neighborhood web-slinger is back, only this time his sunny outlook has become partially overcast in the third chapter of director Sam Raimi's Spider-Man saga. Tobey Maguire, Kirsten Dunst, and James Franco return to reprise their roles from the previous two installments, with Thomas Haden Church, Topher Grace, and Bryce Dallas Howard making their first appearances in the series as Flint Marko (aka Sandman), Eddie Brock (aka Venom), and Gwen Stacy, respectively. Peter Parker (Maguire) has finally leaned to walk the middle ground between being the superhero that his city needs and the man that Mary Jane (Dunst) loves. All is well in New York City until one night, as Peter and M.J. sit gazing at the stars, a falling comet streams across the sky and crashes into the ground close by. But this isn't any ordinary shooting star, and upon impact the mysterious space rock is split open to reveal a shape-shifting symbiote with the power to overtake anything that it comes into contact with. Later, as Harry Osborn (James Franco) acquires his late father's flying board, engineers a powerful new Goblin outfit, and takes to the sky to avenge dad's death, the mysterious space sludge infects both Peter's Spider-Man suit and ambitious street photographer Eddie Brock (Grace). Peter's strange new suit gives him a newfound sense of power as it gradually overpowers his personality, and he discovers that escaped convict Flint Marko was in fact the man responsible for the death of Uncle Ben (Cliff Robertson). Unfortunately for Peter, Marko has recently acquired the power to morph at will and quickly completes his transformation into the dreaded Sandman. As the Sandman gives in to his darkest criminal instincts and the slithering space symbiote transforms Eddie Brock into the nightmarish fanged villain known as Venom, the citizens of New York City must once again call on Spider-Man to fend off destructive forces that are far too powerful for the likes of mortal man. CREDITS: TM & © Sony (2007) Cast: Kirsten Dunst, Tobey Maguire, Bryce Dallas Howard Director: Sam Raimi Producers: Avi Arad, Joseph M. Caracciolo, Grant Curtis, Kevin Feige, Stan Lee, Laura Ziskin Screenwriters: Sam Raimi, Ivan Raimi, Alvin Sargent, Stan Lee, Steve Ditko WHO ARE WE? The MOVIECLIPS channel is the largest collection of licensed movie clips on the web. Here you will find unforgettable moments, scenes and lines from all your favorite films. Made by movie fans, for movie fans. SUBSCRIBE TO OUR MOVIE CHANNELS: MOVIECLIPS: http://bit.ly/1u2yaWd ComingSoon: http://bit.ly/1DVpgtR Indie & Film Festivals: http://bit.ly/1wbkfYg Hero Central: http://bit.ly/1AMUZwv Extras: http://bit.ly/1u431fr Classic Trailers: http://bit.ly/1u43jDe Pop-Up Trailers: http://bit.ly/1z7EtZR Movie News: http://bit.ly/1C3Ncd2 Movie Games: http://bit.ly/1ygDV13 Fandango: http://bit.ly/1Bl79ye Fandango FrontRunners: http://bit.ly/1CggQfC HIT US UP: Facebook: http://on.fb.me/1y8M8ax Twitter: http://bit.ly/1ghOWmt Pinterest: http://bit.ly/14wL9De Tumblr: http://bit.ly/1vUwhH7
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Text Comments (1021)
W R A I T H (16 hours ago)
"now dig on this" *ultra hip thrust*
Master Dragon (1 day ago)
Claire? Owen will angry 😂😂
Fahad S (1 day ago)
Tony Stark would hate to see this Peter parker
vagos093 (1 day ago)
just realise.. she plays in jurrasic world ...!woooohhh hahaha
funkygatopreto (2 days ago)
0:25 songs name?
Awatif Eltom (2 days ago)
L like movie
LifeTrend (5 days ago)
Lance Loreto (5 days ago)
Ya like jazz?
otaku rikatoari (6 days ago)
and also cheating on gwen
otaku rikatoari (6 days ago)
not cheating but like did that just for her
otaku rikatoari (6 days ago)
I cannnt is too much cringe i dont hate it but its like when a guy tries a girl but keeps on getting head butt cringes AHHH
otaku rikatoari (6 days ago)
Reuben Holland (6 days ago)
The ultimate way to say "be gone thot"
Lambo Dude (6 days ago)
Tobey has some piano skills
Ne-yo Aguirre (7 days ago)
Cool yet quite cringy for me
Pogba Style (8 days ago)
this scene > vs La La Land
Mary Mireles (11 days ago)
alex regades, in blush valentine
yo sup (11 days ago)
Who do peter like actually Gwen or mj
yo sup (11 days ago)
Are u highhhhhhhh peter
Rigobert Damfee (12 days ago)
I love the campiness of this movie
Stian Azarov (13 days ago)
Wtf was with this part lmao spider man started out good and ended up here??? How lol
Alik gaming channel (13 days ago)
ohhh this is soo bigg
Jenni Lynns (14 days ago)
So painful
Stian Azarov (15 days ago)
Dr. Kreizler (16 days ago)
Before I saw this, I had wondered whether life had meaning. Now, I know with certainty that it does not. I am persuaded of the conviction that Life is but a waiting room between two great infinities, between Unbirth and Death, and it is pathetic, contemptible even, in its nigh-instantaneous brevity. What meaning does even the greatest life hold in comparison to the vast expanse of our universe? The question, of course, answers itself, and it replies with, "Nothing," a proclamation that echoes with an emptiness reflective of its meaning. It is not God who answers the question, for He is not only dead, but has never existed. Nor is it Man, for Man is far too busy squabbling amongst himself, rending flesh and breathing flame as he tears his person asunder in the wrath of dissention. His mind, splintered and ill, screams of a thousand thousand reasons for being, each uniquely false and falsely unique. There is beauty in his resistance, but it is a terrible beauty, with all the feral grace and predatory majesty of a blazing wildfire crackling it's way across once-pristine wilderness. This is the beauty and the curse that is Man. No, it is not this Man who answers the Question, this Man of impotent rage and contrarian ideology. The answer comes from itself, self-evident, for it is all encompassing, ever-present, without beginning or end. If there ever was a deity, it was Death; Death who, with ultimate power, grinds monuments and men alike to dust, whose grip not even time itself will escape when the Universe finally fades from being. What use is there in choosing such a force as an enemy? Death comes to all, insatiable and seductive, and it will always catch its quarry. Better that we mark Death as a friend, that we join in the void when our time comes, than to fear the only thing that is inevitable. He who welcomes the darkness allies himself with all things, for all things stem from and flow toward the void. Nothing is everthing, and everything is nothing, a simultaneous, flowing symphony of darkness whose measures compose themselves for all eternity. This is Death, and until one knows this, one knows nothing.
ambie Bambi (16 days ago)
Is this La La Land?
심영킥 (16 days ago)
피터 더 라이트닝 댄서
Nick Clark (18 days ago)
2:44 that stare kills me every time! While I do think they took it a little too far with this one, both the dance scenes are hilarious, though the first one is funnier because everyone thinks he's lame, which I'd say is a more appropriate response.
Wokstarrjosh , (20 days ago)
Shreeansh Singh (21 days ago)
I am surprised Mary Jane was a student of science core but she had to work in a bar.
LUCA$ELMZ123 (21 days ago)
this scene ruined the movie for many
LUCA$ELMZ123 (21 days ago)
and i honestly do NOT know why
N Rivera (21 days ago)
Tobey is creepy here lol
Annika Rose (23 days ago)
Okay Tom Holland would totally make this scene work
Neal G (25 days ago)
thanks hot legs xD
LilDino (25 days ago)
Meu dues he’s so emo
Alexander The Great (25 days ago)
Peter Parker: "Now dig on with this." Mordecai: (disgusted) "Aww sick!" Iago & Abu: "Yuck!"
Stone Phantom (25 days ago)
Hudson Cody (26 days ago)
0:37 is that the former green goblin in the background ?
Black-Xenomorph ALIEN (27 days ago)
Человек паук тут похож, на зомби! :)
sandalssuck (28 days ago)
Hahahaha “that’s hot! Ooooohhh daddy!” Lmao. That’s the most standard, generic jazz beat of all time. And had he not said “this is all for you” imagine what Gwen Stacy would Have done to him that night. Shes was flooding herself. That look in her eyes is pure lust.
Rikachu 10 (29 days ago)
Parker: Dont talk to loud my ex is here 🤣
Shadow Fright 13 (30 days ago)
damn Peter gettin them girls
Gilberto Filho (30 days ago)
"Still got the moves!"
Sick Randy (1 month ago)
Classic Sam Raimi
Istill Ded (1 month ago)
2:06 best part NOW DIG ON THIS
Norman Bates (1 month ago)
Toby maguire must have one of the least attractive faces in hollywood
Luca Mandolini (1 month ago)
The best scene ever.
P B (1 month ago)
This is me after 30 days on nofap.
PinHead Larry (1 month ago)
The most satisfying scene in Spiderman movie. Seeing mj get being rekt like that after she abandoned Peter . Mom so gud
multicooldude131 (1 month ago)
"Thanks, hot legs" 😂
Marcos Icaza (1 month ago)
This movie turn out to be a spoof of Spider-Man.
bash pena (1 month ago)
My favorite
occamsrazr91 (1 month ago)
...Still not my tempo
totaldramafangamer623 (1 month ago)
*whispers* “Find us some shade... thanks hot legs.”
Jackson Howard (1 month ago)
Yes. Yes it was
Novgskua Osbraxus (1 month ago)
gabi meschelle (1 month ago)
reddy french (1 month ago)
I don't care this is the greatest scene in film history
Unknown Bloxxi (1 month ago)
This is now my favorite song.
Kyl Harmon (1 month ago)
like the saga spider man with Tobey Maguire ! it's awesome & natural
KristonTang Vlogs (1 month ago)
feel bad for mj
the stuff emoji (1 month ago)
Now take over this
Daury Davis (1 month ago)
The waitress that seated Peter and Gwen is hoooooooot
PandaUtopia (1 month ago)
Keith Hopkins (1 month ago)
You think that jazz club is good I know one that's even better! It's called...Coplands.
Antares117 (1 month ago)
This is so cringe
How i can find the song hahaha😅?
Mya Doll (1 month ago)
"Now dig on this"
Jorel Cruzate (1 month ago)
He can defeat Starlord on a dance off!!!
This Leprechaun Writes (1 month ago)
Dig on what?
Weaboosaregay (1 month ago)
And this is why there was never a 4th
Fahad S (1 month ago)
I had to admit it tobey spiderman is kinda dark and emotional
Fahad S (1 month ago)
Peter looked like he smoked weed before doing any of this
Muscle Man (1 month ago)
1:14 Classic 😂😂
Stephen Gregory (1 month ago)
This is more gay then 8 guys blowing 9 guys
acrobatsutr (1 month ago)
0:30 Green Goblin, (Willem Dafoe) in the background?????
Edward Kenway (1 month ago)
0:32 Notice The Guy Behind Parker...Isn't it Norman Osbron...(From Spider Man)
C (1 month ago)
This movie makes me cringe but in a good way
Inception4Life (1 month ago)
Bravo, Peter, bravo.
Julian Salerno (1 month ago)
this scene is awesome lol
Usama Nain (1 month ago)
Mary Jane deserved this because she also cheated on Peter by kissing Harry it was so satisfying to see Peter get revenge on that slut Mary Jane by dancing with Gwen they should have made Peter kiss Gwen and by the way didn't Mary Jane break up with Peter before this incident so why did she care that Peter was dancing with Gwen.MOVIE LOGIC.
OrangeJuice (1 month ago)
evil peter be like
BIGboyboss678 gaming (1 month ago)
2:09 isn't that the guy in spiderman 2 that tried eating the pizza but fails
Z A C (1 month ago)
2:42 look at gwen's neck😂
Rugged Savior (1 month ago)
The scene was a bit over-the-top, but if you understand why it's happening, it's a hard hitting blow.
Ethan Ruiz (1 month ago)
2:06 Thanos at the end of Infinity War
Collin Blackwell (1 month ago)
I don't know anything that makes me laugh and cringe so equally like "Find us some shade"
I always come back to this scene just for laughs lol
Brian Rose (1 month ago)
Did anyone else hear “He’s Hot” At 2:09?
Black&White (1 month ago)
Top 10 Anime dance scenes
RDC (1 month ago)
this is the scene where Peter Parker transforms to look like KD Lang! lol
Brian Rose (1 month ago)
0:09 for a second, I thought that that look on her face, meant that she noticed MJ
Potato Guy527 (1 month ago)
I understand why critics don’t take Hilariosity
Sora Ryu (1 month ago)
Come on, Gwen is way hotter than MJ
Snow Jester (1 month ago)
Anyone knows the song playing in the background?
bruh (1 month ago)
*Now dig on this*
iJamie8467x (1 month ago)
*Sam, oh Sam, you really messed up on this one*
Didin Indo (1 month ago)
This scene makes me laughs
Ryan Smith (1 month ago)
1:57 Gwen’s hair, I’m dying hahahaha

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