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Funniest pregnancy texts fails! Have you ever gotten that late night text "I'm pregnant"? Leave a Like if you enjoyed! Funny Text Messages From Finals Week https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ylAVoBrsr14 Subscribe to join the Wolf Pack!
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Text Comments (12611)
SSSniperWolf (6 months ago)
hi have a nice day
CookiesareBOSS (17 days ago)
Chelsea McKinley (1 month ago)
Buy buy
Mindlessly MIA (1 month ago)
Afsana Slimes (2 months ago)
Omg last commenttt
Ameisha Lose (2 months ago)
SSSniperWolf Hiii
Cierra M (11 minutes ago)
SSSninerWolf you look so cute
Xx_ValorWolf_xX (1 hour ago)
Anyone else realize that the dad said he was pregnant in one of them
Gurl Gamez (1 hour ago)
(**) |. | / \
Summer palmer (1 hour ago)
My mom is pregnant
Seham Yahya (2 hours ago)
The pregnant famalies
Alex Pichardo (3 hours ago)
:47 was really funny
Lizzie Gamer25 (4 hours ago)
The one with the 13 yr old sister means.... Her daughter has a cousin!!! 😊 😊
Someone :P (6 hours ago)
Yes I’ve been pregnant wth a food baby
Joy Kearns (7 hours ago)
my sister
Lukezu (7 hours ago)
I'd Have My Sisters Back. ;-;
Thalia Davis (8 hours ago)
I dont have a dad... ;-;
Chain Warrior (9 hours ago)
Claudia Blake (11 hours ago)
Like me
Hysterion Plays (12 hours ago)
i don`t have mom :`{
Jessica Thomas (12 hours ago)
Well I'm in a bad situation now bc my closest friend is pregnant with my boyfriend (now being my ex boyfriend) we are all 13 btw..anyway your videos make me so happy at this moment bc what can we do...she's pregnant. I just want to say thank you for making me laugh these past few months you're my favorite youtuber.. :)
Spoopy Spork (12 hours ago)
I knew a girl in fifth grade who had her period first in the class, she was so excited. A few months later, she hadn’t come into to school, the next few weeks, she walked in.. *preggerz.*
Zombie Man R.S. (14 hours ago)
My two best friends and best friend's Mom. Lol! I'm pretty sure I'mma comment everytime I watch.
Kawaii Potato (15 hours ago)
Miss T (15 hours ago)
Friends mom had her when she was 15
rachel a (16 hours ago)
My pet wolf
ava woffinden (16 hours ago)
my mom is pregnat with a girl named elle
ava woffinden (16 hours ago)
my mom had me when he was sixteen and my mom is 27 now and im 10
Monica Monroy (17 hours ago)
Ashley:roses are red violets are blue when u look at me I tell u I'm pregnant Mom:I got one for u too Ashley: Ok tell me Mom:ok roses are red violets are blue get ur butt home or regret the the answers Ashley:mom did I ever tell u how pretty u are today 😅
Takeshi RPGGAMES (18 hours ago)
Holy shit you looking as fine as ever wow😍😍😍
Hunter Childs (18 hours ago)
im not pregnet im 7 years old
Delaney Arch (18 hours ago)
I am in the foster system so......
Cassette Tape Cassetty- (19 hours ago)
OMG I would be so mad and leave if my family broke my laptop for a stupid autocorrect, like FREAKING WAIT FOR THEM TO CORRECT IT OR ASK INSTEAD OF JUMPING THE GUNS.
Slime Queen (20 hours ago)
My mom finds out I am pregnant “ crys in joy * honey u pregnant
So much So little. (20 hours ago)
*_coinkie dinkie_*
Jeris Cautiverio (21 hours ago)
The death note poster
minzy micky (22 hours ago)
i love your death note poster
Zelda Macchia (22 hours ago)
Mariah Williams (22 hours ago)
how are you so pritey
Tsoul (23 hours ago)
My mom
Brooke May (23 hours ago)
My mom was 24 when I was born
roger robinson (1 day ago)
:D it's my birthday today yay!
summer askew (1 day ago)
hi sssniperwolf i am your numder 1 fan my sister is also pregant she had a miscarrgie last time but she 10 weeks pregant and she thorws up a lot i thinking it may be twins
Anime Gurls (1 day ago)
2 of my new teachers my mum and my auntie are pregnant
Patricia Tiru (1 day ago)
My cat
Panda Productions (1 day ago)
You now what if one of my sister’s got pregnant I be so happy because I would’t be the youngest anymore and I would name it or at at lest try
samurai 607 (1 day ago)
My cat is pregnant
Alana Cowles (1 day ago)
My cousin is pregnant don’t worry she’s 21
Hope Johnson (1 day ago)
You see i don't get why parents get so mad if their daughter gets pregnant because they can't do anything about it because it already happened and they can't tell their daughter to get an abortion because that just might make her really sad because her and the father of the baby might want the baby and she might run away so i understand why they get mad but i don't understand why parents overreact.
Kutie Pup (1 day ago)
Teacher is pregnant like 3 moths?
Starry Gacha (1 day ago)
My grandparents was so happy that my mom was pregnant of me :( Especialy because im a girl too D":
Nat Alaevanh (1 day ago)
my teacher
Ahmed the Slayer (1 day ago)
Snitches get stitches because they be bitchez
Musers Slay (1 day ago)
My sister
Sniper1435 (1 day ago)
If my dad found out I was pregnant, I would die. LITERALLY!!!!😨
Lunar Eclipse (1 day ago)
I’m under 18 should I be watching this? Me: yes I should :)
betty cordova (1 day ago)
U have the death note poster
Savage Flamingo (1 day ago)
I’m 16 and have a 3. Year old. Do the math
kristyn wood (1 day ago)
Why is the name always Ashley 😂😂🤣😂🤣🤣
ItzSapphire Gold (1 day ago)
Wolf: Have u ever been pregnant? Me: ... Me: The heck? Wolf: I mean... no... Wolf: But you know someone who is? Me: My hairdresser? Um... My mom’s friend? Um... Um...
silly slothlady (1 day ago)
My sister ALAN'S my cousin are f!@>ing pregnant u hate them
ThePapayaQueen 1234 (1 day ago)
My aunt is pregnant btw that is it tho :/
Charles Sewap (1 day ago)
"Have u ever gotten pregnant?" It kinda bugged me. Cause there's younger girls that got pregnant before me and SSSNIPERWOLFE made it sound like its bad to get pregnant. Its good, you'll see.
ThePapayaQueen 1234 (1 day ago)
Ariel: BUT I’M 16!(Idk if it is 16 I have not watched that movie in years pls tell me) The garden tool:BUT I’M 13! Mom:yeah ur 13 what the fudge is wrong with you Garden tool: this conversation is over bye
Bri Bri Vlogs (1 day ago)
My teacher
Bri Bri Vlogs (1 day ago)
My mom
Niki Kam (1 day ago)
You probably won’t see this but if you do please do more vlog style vids
Log Roller (1 day ago)
New series of Sister Wives, Brother Husbands
Gina Amor (1 day ago)
DAT SHADEEEEEEEE BRO! "mom your fourteen years older than me." DAT SHADE BRUUUUH
Emmys YT (1 day ago)
well, my brothers soon to be wife just had a baby named Amelia and its so close to my name because my name is Emily and btw i know im late
India Talley (1 day ago)
Not to be mean or anything she was 16 when she had her daughter 16+14=30-14=16
My sister is pregnant 😊
Mia Depeder (1 day ago)
Natty Nat (1 day ago)
My tia (aunt ) got pregnant when she was seventeen
Millie_The_ Hamster (1 day ago)
My cousin
William Heuermann (1 day ago)
Aimee Holmes (1 day ago)
My mum and my crushes mum lol
Marie Wheeler (1 day ago)
im 11........ how would i be pregnant?
love ur cat ears I got those at clares
una suarez (1 day ago)
My cousin Savannah
Aye Jay (1 day ago)
My mom is😂
Aidaly Zamora (1 day ago)
girl you should know something I'm dr. Philip a man's awesome cool because like how do you even see them how do you have them see those how do you know plus I'm not dr. Philip okay
Hailey Nicole (1 day ago)
Lia Roma (1 day ago)
Hailey Nicole yep 😀😀😀
Violet Merkh (2 days ago)
I’ve been pregnant with Chipotle...... 🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮
Gracie Hodder (2 days ago)
My sister was pregnant when she was in her 20 s
Bloom Studios (2 days ago)
Im wearing that same headband right now😸
iiTz M3G4TR0N (2 days ago)
Please dnt do that voice its cringey af
Lia Roma (1 day ago)
iiTz M3G4TR0N so is ur name
lisowe lisowe (2 days ago)
iiTz M3G4TR0N so are you
The_Cutie (2 days ago)
Do you know someone who's been pregnant? everyone has a mom, and their mom was pregnant with them soooooooo, basically everybody knows somebody who has been pregnant
Unicorn Ari (1 day ago)
The_Cutie no, there’s thing called test tube babies
Kara (2 days ago)
And then she died at 26 and I am only 10 I’ll be 10 and seven days
Salsabil Ansari (1 day ago)
I'm 10 too
Kara (2 days ago)
Hi my name is Lily and I responded to some of yours but my mom actually had me when she was only 17
mia english (2 days ago)
my sisters pregnant
Makenzie Rizzi (2 days ago)
JOeLyFace (2 days ago)
In my house it’s “Snitches end up in ditches” 😈
Dstrike PlayzMC (2 days ago)
He has a blue eyes white dragon And yes i know actual blue eyes
Technology ducks (2 days ago)
OMG she has a ryuk poster soooooo totally subscribing!!!!
Atreyu Grant (2 days ago)
Plz make a intro by the way you are awesome at making videos 😋
Jeremy Monk (2 days ago)
The redneck thing is messed up no one has done it in my family
Alisha Melham (2 days ago)
Lee Ann Mason (2 days ago)
My subs pregnant
Jurnee Avery (2 days ago)
My teacher was pregnant but then she had her baby it was a boy name Benny
Sparklecorn Xabia (2 days ago)
My aunt is pregnant
lisowe lisowe (2 days ago)
Sparklecorn Xabia cool
dat one guy (2 days ago)
How much for one of those cats in the backround? Dat donut one made me melt🍩
Eva Spall (2 days ago)
Lia Roma (1 day ago)
Eva Spall hi
Karshmellow :/ (2 days ago)
My grandma is 16 years older than my mom 😐

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