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Tous les trailers Far Cry ! ( 1,2,3,4 et Primal )

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TOUT LES TRAILERS DE FARCRY All trailer Far Cry ( 1,2,3,4 and primal ) Bonne vidéo à tous! N'oubliez pas like ;)
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Text Comments (305)
Juan el cartel (1 month ago)
2:50 elefantes en far cry 2 ?
Juan el cartel (1 month ago)
2:14 Nemesis ?
Mohamed Maniche (1 month ago)
C quoi le son au moment ou il y a farcry 2 svp ?
Terma 03 (2 months ago)
Facry 2
AzZikKs (2 months ago)
C’est bizarre au début il montre un passage du 5 mais il n’a pas mis le trailer du 5
AzZikKs (2 months ago)
Sliver_Studio ahhhh.. ok😂👍🏼
Sliver_Studio (2 months ago)
AzZikKs j'ai sortie cette vidéo en 2015...
Krisher UP (2 months ago)
Farcry 1, really, im old
Link Hybrid (2 months ago)
Far Cry 2 owned Far Cry 1
dm on (2 months ago)
T'aurais pus le mettre en français sérieux
HakCraft 43 (2 months ago)
and the 5?
Didine 55 (2 months ago)
Look 14th October 2015 And Farcry5 March 2018
Roman Wolski (2 months ago)
Far cry guwno far cry2 guwno
THIAGO BR PLAYS (2 months ago)
Far cry 5
kaioboladao (2 months ago)
FarCry 3 Melhor história Melhor jogo Melhor vilão:#vaasomelhor. S2 Melhor fase e a de destruir plantaçao de makonhaaaa
Rolan Echavez (2 months ago)
Far Cry 1 looks like a recycled Serious Sam project
Dragod' s Son (2 months ago)
Lol look at the difference between 1 and 2
Ilenia Drawing channel (3 months ago)
Far cry primal❤️❤️❤️❤️
RAF (3 months ago)
Moi je préfère far cry 5 🤩🤣😘
Leon Zemtsov (3 months ago)
Farcry primal the best game of the world
rara2020 le pro (5 months ago)
far cry 3 est le meilleur
Spieler J (5 months ago)
5 in coming... !!
Jaydenthegamer007 (5 months ago)
Farcry primal is awesome
DarK-_-Modz917 4 (5 months ago)
Le meilleur c le 4 et 3
Leonardo Costa (6 months ago)
#Farcry4eomelhordetodos ;)
Futurama pop (6 months ago)
I have only played farcry primal and I plan on playing farcry 5
ImPaxed (6 months ago)
Farcry 3 c'est le meilleur :D
Ty E DEMAJ (7 months ago)
13:41 turn subtitles on it says in japan
MR. JAKE (8 months ago)
what no have far cry 3 :blood dragons
Lucas Hollas (8 months ago)
1)Far Cry 3 2)Far Cry 4 3)Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon 4)Far Cry 2 5)Far Cry Primal
The Renix Game (2 months ago)
* 1)Far cry 4. 2)Far cry 2. 3)Far cry 3 blood dragon. 4)Far cry 3 5)Far cry Primal.
Entity. 303 (9 months ago)
Je joue toujours a farcry 1et2
Nicat • (9 months ago)
❤far cry primal❤
alex 81713 (10 months ago)
Farcray 4 IS nice
OSHUNGAMEINGCORE PS4 (10 months ago)
Far cry 2 is way better than all the other far crys because it's way more realistic
Benjamin Condé (11 months ago)
Dimitrij Ivanov (11 months ago)
Far Cry 2 that aoundtrack, omg, the best
EmmaAlice (11 months ago)
Mais que racontez vous les gens? C'est le 1 le meilleur😂😂... non sans dec c'est le 3 qui est génial
EVIL DarkLol (11 months ago)
i have far cry 4
Joao De Jesus (1 year ago)
PAVAN NAYAK (1 year ago)
I hate vas
SkkyKidd (1 year ago)
What was Farcry 1's story?
ikmal daniel (1 year ago)
I found easter egg about far cry primal when I play Yogi mission in far cry 4.....
Happy Rusev Day (11 months ago)
ikmal daniel what was it
Ivan Filho Teixeira (1 year ago)
far Cry 3,4 e primal
LUCAS THE KILLER (1 year ago)
he love far cry primal likeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
lazy Gino mcneill (1 year ago)
good one this is really cool
mara alek (1 year ago)
en far cry blod dragon
PPkkk JKJKJK (1 year ago)
i love Far cry 4 <3
Samecheese 4 (1 year ago)
I like the bit in far cry 4's where pagan says stop... shoot...stop... shoot and so on
dusan mitrovic717 (1 year ago)
dusan mitrovic717 (1 year ago)
dusan mitrovic717 (1 year ago)
dusan mitrovic717 (1 year ago)
hey guys i em new
Le meilleur far cry serait la location de far cry 2, le gameplay de far cry 3 et le méchant de far cry 4.
Mircea cel batran (1 year ago)
Far cry 2 is a bullshit
SquidySaurus (1 year ago)
this video made my day better :)
LaVkie (1 year ago)
You forgot the Far Cry 3:Blood Dragon trailer
King Sinani (1 year ago)
is far cry primal the newest one
KRISSIM KS2 (1 year ago)
sky fina (1 year ago)
wel damn far cry 1 there was a hella diffrence
Futurama pop (6 months ago)
Darko Grgić (1 year ago)
FC3 the best
Riyaadh Oozeerally (1 year ago)
Est ce que farcry 1 est sur PS2? ?
Far cry primal sucks
Manso SB (7 months ago)
SGT10 Productions wow you're an idiot can't even say dumb correctly
Wokejev (1 year ago)
what, because your numb 7 year old mind can't handle a game without guns that's good.
error systeme (1 year ago)
CRACK Far Cry Primal (PC) https://yadi.sk/d/H1A0R6YvunXu9 PASS: p2p
WolveMaster22 ! (1 year ago)
Poor Instincts, Instincts Predator, Blood Dragon, Vengeance & Instincts Evolution...they get no love
NotaPro7 (1 year ago)
Never played Farcry 1. But Farcry 2 maybe 6/10. Farcry 3 10/10. Farcry 4 10/10. Farcry Primal 7/10.
PugGamer 101 (1 year ago)
DoubleGee primal imo is the second best
ZesrealLife64 (1 year ago)
Mec tu te rend compte que tu as bientôt atteint les 300 K vues ?
jose ortiz (1 year ago)
es chimbo
Sandro Ghurtskaia (1 year ago)
Primal <3 <3
angel madrid (1 year ago)
The Jackal is Jack from the original Far Cry
yo he jugado todos los far cry y todos son exelentes.
dgiova2007 (1 year ago)
en el 4 esperas 13 minutos,dejas las cenicas y ya
FAR CRY PRIMAL💞💞❤❤❤❤💓💓💓💓💗💗💗
SabertoothSAM 21 I like bloodfang saberthooth
Christian Rodriguez (1 year ago)
what's your favorite animal in far cry primal I like the honneybager and sabertooth
Christian Rodriguez (1 year ago)
Marian Peichinov yep it is THE FUCKING BEST ONE
xtopmanxx (1 year ago)
Excellent Gaming (1 year ago)
FAR CRY 4 - is the BEST!
Leader Daniel (3 months ago)
Tonton Hadolf (1 year ago)
Excellent Gaming Hum,nop .
Excellent Gaming (1 year ago)
+Pepsia Gaming No =))))
Pepsia Gaming (1 year ago)
You forgot about the sex scenes?
Excellent Gaming (1 year ago)
+Pepsia Gaming FC3 the best - only for KIDS
Daniel Myers (1 year ago)
farcry 2 is the best
Blu Energy (1 year ago)
farcry 4 is the best
Kim Jong Un (2 months ago)
Far Cry 4 😍
Dr NOSCOPES (2 months ago)
Far cry 4 is the best
Mr. Potato (6 months ago)
Far cry 4 the best
Shilpa Kashyap (8 months ago)
Blu Energy far cry 3 is the best
kevin gourg (1 year ago)
Ont peut en effet crashé sur far cry 4 pour ses similitude avec le 3,MAIS par contre cotés musique ambiante le 4 et le meilleur a tout les niveaux c'est impressionnant que personne ne mentionnent cette bande-son sublime^^
issa 003 (1 year ago)
jai jouer le 3 sur pc et en ce moment je joue a primal sur ps4.pour moi c est les 2 meilleur
jerom native (1 year ago)
Far cry primal live On basic skills living of the land is what i like in games assassins creed 3 you play a native american like it to ww2 games are also nice dont like modern storys
xKiller -knigthx (1 year ago)
far cry 3 is better than any other far cry
TvD Diagos (7 months ago)
Manso SB (7 months ago)
TvD Diagos ya
TvD Diagos (9 months ago)
Clement Trunzler (1 year ago)
le trailer du 4 est bien aussi, mais moins que celui du 3
Clement Trunzler (1 year ago)
le trailer du 3 est encore meilleur, meilleurs graphismes et tout on dirait que c'est filmé bordel!!!
Clement Trunzler (1 year ago)
le trailer de far cry 2 est énorme!!!!
Clement Trunzler (1 year ago)
moi jai le 2,3 et 4 et perso le 2 et 3 étaient les meilleurs, le 4 est juste une imitation du 3 pour faire patienter jusqu'à primal
man joker (1 year ago)
Far Cry 1 2004 Far Cry 2 2008 Far Cry 3 2012 Far Cry 4 2014 Far Cry Primal 2016
Носорог (1 year ago)
el far cry 1 es aburrido el mejor es far cry primal
1k sem video (1 year ago)
Тимофей Глебовский no the best far cry 3
Yordi Lemus (1 year ago)
El 3 es el mejor :v
Toxic Shadow (1 year ago)
para ti para mi es una chulada
Riles Mattix (1 year ago)
I'm Feed Boss 76 (1 year ago)
vass bouge bouge putain jason brody le bateau et merde fais chier
Dava Purnama (1 year ago)
farcry primal is the best
Exility Gaming4321 (1 year ago)
farcry 3 is better than 4
Leader Daniel (3 months ago)
Dark Channel (3 months ago)
Exility Gaming4321 3 its a xuynia
Hugo SR (4 months ago)
The best = farcry 2
Rémi o_o (4 months ago)
The trailer yes
Lucas Hollas (8 months ago)
negão do game (1 year ago)
Macho loco leviosa
negão do game (1 year ago)
Muito Fodaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
o0Blue Cheeze0o (1 year ago)
Farcry 1= shit Farcry 2= ok Farcry 3= Amazing Farcry 4= Amazing Farcry Primal =Amazing Roll on Farcry 5. Best games ever.
Nies (7 months ago)
Wrong, kid. Far Cry 1 - Timeless classic. That's your shitty taste, not the game's fault. Far Cry 2 - Game with unique atmosphere Far Cry 3 - Not a bad game at all, but ubisoft massively advertised bad language and boobs to attract kids. Yep. That's the main audience of FC 3, sadly. Far Cry 4 - Made everything from FC 3 better Far Cry Blood Dragon - Masterpiece, the 80's setting is a spot on. Far Cry Primal - Not a bad game, but after all that Gunporn from previous games i found it pretty boring. Imho.
ToDeCrow ́ (11 months ago)
o0Blue Cheeze0o
PAVAN NAYAK (1 year ago)
o0Blue Cheeze0o farcry 1 best in 2004
Tonton Hadolf (1 year ago)
o0Blue Cheeze0o Farcry 1 = Shit Farcry2=ok Farccry3=Amazing Farcry4=good Farcry primal=big shit
Ágata Cristina (1 year ago)
eu gosto mais do fay cry primal
zKemo Productions (1 year ago)
far cry 3 is the best
ACME 0 (2 years ago)
una puuta mierda tengo proble mas psicologicos puto el que lo lea dhebenkfbaayivnñk nisismo firmado tu dios
GameMania (2 years ago)
melhor ambientação - 2 melhor história - 3 melhor jogabilidade - 4
Pisode Gaming (2 years ago)
Far Cry 1 Trailer is so boring Far Cry 2,4,PRIMAL Trailers Are Best
Victor (2 years ago)
kys fatass
Nick Nick (2 years ago)
verdades secretas kkk
Elder Andrey (2 years ago)
recomendo joguem far cry 4
Lukas Bjx (2 years ago)
moi mon préférer c'est farcry 3
Monica Davis (2 years ago)
Wtf did I just watch 👆 Stupid shit Don't like me Then🖕 you

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