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How to Play Blackjack, Newcastle Casino

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Blackjack is hands down the most popular casino card game at Newcastle Casino! http://mynewcastlecasino.com. You play against the dealer to get your cards to 21 or as close as possible without going over. You can never go wrong with this classic!
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Korakrit Suthaphan (1 month ago)
haha suck
Alejandro Mendez (1 month ago)
I go t scared at the ending music popping up. Lol
Juan Garcia-Gonzalez (1 month ago)
A really great explanation compared to other videos. I like that it shows more players because most likely a table will be full on a weekend
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Jason Little (1 month ago)
U 4got to say that she could surrender you said she only has three choices
ดา ด้า (1 month ago)
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Gary Sharp (1 month ago)
Blackjack is boring I prefer spending my money at the movies or a go to a good sporting event
Daniel (1 month ago)
Does every casino do hand signals or just this one?
Bartek990 (2 months ago)
MrPvdb (2 months ago)
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Andres Sebastian (2 months ago)
Wow is it really this easy? Or is there something else that was left out
Salil Wilson (2 months ago)
Good lesson. Thank you!
Rattle.S Simon (3 months ago)
말이 많어~그냥 게임을 해도 다 아는데~설명이 길어요?
SIDDARAM SHIKARI (3 months ago)
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SK TV (3 months ago)
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G. Moore (3 months ago)
So the dealer stops hitting once he beats a player, but doesnt he want to beat as many players as possible? Nevermind.. dealer stops hitting once he has 17 or mas.
John Flo (2 months ago)
What language was that you said mas a the end of your sentence.
J Woods (3 months ago)
He forgot to offer insurance
Melik Zhu (3 months ago)
See, the players almost never win
Ali&D&ali AliD (4 months ago)
Smug Smugly (4 months ago)
Here's an idea You give me half the money you were going to bet, we go out back...I'll kick you in the nuts and we'll call it a day?
SmartCasinoGuide.com (4 months ago)
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SmartCasinoGuide.com (4 months ago)
Hi, just want to tell you that you are doing great job. Nice video, very clear and easy make sence!
I have never personally gambled money but once a friend Krunal took me to a casino and listened to my skills then he win himself £80 about the same amount we spend in drinks.
SmartCasinoGuide.com (4 months ago)
Xa xa xa ;D thats why you better watch this one before you go to casino first https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zpzaUPGKusw&t=28s :)) dont mess again
siamand mnt (4 months ago)
Casino always wins
Jokerizbadass (5 months ago)
Are players allowed to bring the basic strategy cards to the table?
jerro19711971 (5 months ago)
Do casinos have a way of telling if an extra chip has been giving out by mistake I wonder??
Selena Bromez (2 months ago)
Cameras are amazing nowadays.
CEN CAL (5 months ago)
I have a question for all of you reading this.. if you dont know how to play blackjack at a casino and you let the dealer know and if you decide to bet and play with the dealer do you think he or she will let u know if you won? Thanks
Noctes Rebellionem (4 months ago)
CEN CAL if you win, they'll pay out, no matter if you say your playing for the first time
spider curls (5 months ago)
lol where is the really money xd
Steven Holmes (5 months ago)
Is this the ladies man teaching us?
MOISES ALCOBIA (6 months ago)
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imran smd (7 months ago)
Blackjack is 1:3 game
Aubrey B (7 months ago)
J Batiste (7 months ago)
I see that Mexican turnover LOL
Donnie still HERE (7 months ago)
so easy to understand! (especially after doing a bit of reading online on the basic rules and strategies. RESEARCH)
stivenband pro (8 months ago)
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BISHOP298 (8 months ago)
Thanks this cleared so many problems it was confusing on the bicycle app
Michael Erwin (8 months ago)
This tutorial was so good..... I chuckled a bit after viewing..... it was good.
Dee (7 months ago)
Michael Erwin im going monday i only play slots but im goin to tables this time
Dystopic (8 months ago)
How do I know if the casino I'm going to, allows splitting 10 and face cards? Do I ask? That's stupid in my opinion
Cowboy Tuga (9 months ago)
Piedad Stoffel (9 months ago)
Basic strategy is for losers
huggin muggin (9 months ago)
Newcastle upon Tyne?
Jack Denham (9 months ago)
This isn't Newcastle upon Tyne. I beleive it is Newcastle, Oklahoma.
Rajendra Vairagi (10 months ago)
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Phát Tài Lê Nguyen (10 months ago)
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emajon (10 months ago)
Best I've watched on YouTube. Thanks
SilverSnake (10 months ago)
My left ear enjoyed this video
XJokermanX (9 months ago)
SilverSnake lol
stev. chav (11 months ago)
great lesson, too bad audio is only one ear haha
Isaiah Prater (11 months ago)
1/4 hands Its a 60% chance the dealer wins out of 4 hands. You have a 40% chance If the dealer's 1st hand is blackjack or if he has the closest number to blackjack. My opinion you can ✋ the dealer amd make him bust if you can get a good split of pairs. split them. more odds. more cards. Now for instant if the player blackjacks. i believe the ratio amd percent of chance is in your favor
Joe Kelly (11 months ago)
Very good. Thank you!
Chroma (11 months ago)
This seems so complicated.
Sonu Singh (11 months ago)
Nice teaching
Ram Manohar (9 months ago)
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Jack (1 year ago)
1000th Subscriber!
Harry Turner (1 year ago)
Thank You.
Jacob Butler (1 year ago)
Bobby booshay is the dealer here
Jake McGrae (1 year ago)
is this monoaural audio ?
kl. johnny (1 year ago)
Not knowing HOW to play casino Blackjack Where the house/casino has the DOUBLE ADVANTAGE over the bettor is the BEST/smartest non-knowledge to hv!
Daniel Hursey (1 year ago)
Didn't show the poker side bet :)
Gary chiu (1 year ago)
problem is... he didnt ask for insurance whether he had an ace or picture card... poor guide.. rubbish dealer
Matt G (1 year ago)
Best blackjack video on YouTube, very helpful for a rookie player
Timothy Kieper (1 year ago)
Object of game is to beat the dealer, not getting closest to 21
Krisztián Barics (1 year ago)
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Robert Brandywine (1 year ago)
Why would you double down? What is the advantage to the player?
Robert Brandywine any
Robert Brandywine (1 year ago)
Thanks, the video discusses doubling down (around 8:00) after splitting a hand. Can you double down on ANY hand or just after you split a hand?
WorthyBuilds (1 year ago)
Robert Brandywine Lets say your first cards dealt are a 5 and a 6 (just random) and you bet 100 bucks. You can double down which means you are betting another 100 bucks and get 1 more card. you cant ask for more cards after you double down until you start a new hand. If you won You would now get 400 bucks so its a risky move to make
Alfred (1 year ago)
Lmao, what a shitty shoe.
Joe 357 (1 year ago)
// ANT // (1 year ago)
Joe 357 ???
Diamond Jay (7 months ago)
Very informative !! Thanks Update: it's been almost a year since I've learned to play and I've been killing it at the Casino. Became a great player 😀
鈴木光 (1 year ago)
Hello, I would like to use this video for an advertisement that children mustn't play. I work at an advertising agency in Berlin. Please give me an answer. Thank you very much. With best regards, Suzuki
VerVerean (10 months ago)
鈴木光 you are actually retarded
Kerry Craig (1 year ago)
kerry craig
Jan Davidson (1 year ago)
The best and most easily understood blackjack tutorial I've seen yet. Excellent instruction with clear pointers.
wotan237 (1 year ago)
"dealer must play to 16' sound like he should stop there , not go further...but thats not how its done...
Drill Movement (1 year ago)
Oh wow this is so simple any idiot can lose his money
tips (1 year ago)
I don't like how table pops up and down
Adam Vacura (1 year ago)
theres a phone on the table at 10:25. i thought that wasn't allowed.
Vaddix 99 (11 months ago)
It's on the arc, not the felt. Plus there's nobody playing there, so it'd be allowed.
Maxım Marketıng (1 year ago)
Al May (1 year ago)
do you have to stay for the entire shoe? or can I leave before the shoe is over? how long does a shoe usually last?
Scott Teramae (6 months ago)
Al May you can leave anytime you want.
Daniel Podhora (1 year ago)
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Tony (1 year ago)
I'm trying to make a blackjack program, just to test card game mechanics xP
Captain Obvious (4 months ago)
+Tony Alternatively, you can play Hoyle Casino. Then you don't need to actually make a program.
MOHAMMAD ABBAS (5 months ago)
Joe Kelly (11 months ago)
Any luck?
David Ogodong (1 year ago)
RedNasty7 (1 year ago)
ALWAYS/ONLY SPLIT ACES!! DOUBLE DOWN ON 2 PAIRS OF 5s!! Other then that always hit on on other pairs!! NEVER TAKE INSURANCE!!! APPLY BASIC STRATE!!!
Vaddix 99 (11 months ago)
Always? So you'd hit a pair of eights against a dealers ten?
ImlekSutra (1 year ago)
What a beautiful game!
kristine Llave (1 year ago)
Great video! Explanation is very clear. Thanks for sharing
R3dfox (1 year ago)
6:32 lol dont do that 100% atleast 1 person lost because of it
Danyelle Neuhof (2 years ago)
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Claudio Marinho (1 year ago)
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Justin Lang (2 years ago)
Great video tutorial!
Saiful Islam (2 years ago)
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mcirlosjr (2 years ago)
no volume
Sherie Schaefner (2 years ago)
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Phillip Transue (2 years ago)
nice system, look good.
Nia Defner (2 years ago)
promising system
Danyel Grauel (2 years ago)
looks legit
Mick Dundee (2 years ago)
They suck xD
Nìcolas Acuna (2 years ago)
everytime they lose xD
Shea Te Huia (2 years ago)
That was a wonderful lesson :) Thank you for sharing
Michael C (2 years ago)
+Isaiah Owen yea when you double down you just get one card and then your hand is done
Isaiah Owen (2 years ago)
can you only hit one time after a double down on that bet ?
GreatDane Picks (2 years ago)
Blackjack is a guaranteed loss over extended repetitions and trials. Even my dog knows that. Switch to sports betting now!
Sheldon Cooper (2 years ago)
+GreatDane Picks In blackjack the odds of winning/finding advantage opportunities via counting cards is much easier to understand than the issue of which horse has better odds than stated. Of course, knowing horses very well can get you the edge there as well.
GreatDane Picks (2 years ago)
I smell a non-believer. Can't be the worst advice, LOL. Blackjack has no chance of winning while Sports Betting has a small chance of winning. Maybe you don't like to make money and play for fun. To each his own.
Ethio. net (2 years ago)
wow, easy to learn the way he show so nice.
MacMaccy (2 years ago)
so clear and straight forward thank you
cheeky kid (2 years ago)
Does your casino offer peek for BJ rule same as in the US? First time i see this in the UK.
Janae Miller Media (2 years ago)
Easy to follow!
Ken Chaichana (2 years ago)
What happens when a player gets two Aces ? If he doesn't choose to split, what does that amount to ?
Ars MC (2 years ago)
One Ace is 1 or 11. Than, two Aces is either 2, either 12 - but not 22, because it's bust.
jakemears23 (2 years ago)
+Jay Deva 2. An ace is considered either 1 or 11
Ken Chaichana (2 years ago)
If the dealer can see everyone's cards, won't he just blindly deal himself new cards to get more or equal to the other players because he knows if he doesn't, it's a definite 100% loss ? Might as well try his luck and see what he gets instead of giving up knowing that the other player has higher cards than him ?
2A Forever (1 year ago)
doesn't work that way sg. when a dealer reaches 17 or higher he must stand unless it is a game where a dealer must hit a soft 17. Dealers have NO SAY in whether or not they hit.
Adam Young (1 year ago)
+sgteamx No.  The dealer can't use anything he sees.  His strategy is set by the table.  If he has 17, he stands if it's a hard 17.  Most casinos he will hit if it's a soft 17 (A,6).  What the players have showing in no way affects how the dealer plays.  Heck, most dealers WANT the players to win, as winning players generally tip better.  The dealer has no interest otherwise who wins or loses.
sgteamx (1 year ago)
+Adam Young thts informative but dealer can use knowledge from player cards. When he has 17 and sees player has 18 then he will take one more card to try his luck
Adam Young (2 years ago)
+Jay Deva dealers have a strict set of rules they must follow, regardless of what the player is showing. For example, most casinos play that a dealer must get a hard 17 or higher to stand. A soft 17 (A+6) can either be a hit or a stand for the dealer, depending on house rules. A players hand makes no difference to how the dealer plays, he has to play the same way every time: Draw until he gets a number between 17-21, or anything higher, and he busts.
Sheldon Cooper (2 years ago)
The object of the game is to beat the dealer. There are two ways you can do this. 1) Get a total higher than the dealer without going over 21. HOWEVER, there is another way to beat the dealer most players don't consider. If you stand on 12-16 and the dealer busts, you win.
ScreamGeronimo (6 months ago)
Exactly. I was waiting for him to mention that the dealer must hit within that zone. If the odds favor the dealer hitting a ten, it must make less sense to hit in that range. At least that's what I assume, I'm a newb.
Joe 357 (1 year ago)
Sheldon Cooper 👍🏼
Sheldon Cooper (2 years ago)
Michael Shackleford Wizard of Odds created some videos highlighting it, including a simplified basic strategy.
Marshall RedhawK (2 years ago)
show a vid
wotan237 (2 years ago)
Is the dealer suppose to turn up the first card or should it be the second card he deals to himself, to be more like the players?
2A Forever (1 year ago)
if you notice he is turning up the first card he deals to himself . He just does it after he pulls the second card he then flips the first card on top of the second card. And it really doesn't matter which one he shows.
wotan237 (3 years ago)
At 1:45 , what if the player hits and gets 21, isnt it then a tie ?
PauliusIV (10 months ago)
@ Billy Bob yes, they do
Billy Bob (10 months ago)
Yeah they break even everyone keeps chips I think
Nick Jackson (1 year ago)

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