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World of Final Fantasy Review

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World of Final Fantasy Review - ProJared A review of World of Final Fantasy, that weird chibi-Funko Pop Final Fantasy game that no one was really sure of what it was. Turns out it's Final Fantasy meets Pokemon! ►New here? Subscribe! -- http://bit.ly/ZhtgD2 ►http://www.NormalBoots.com ►Follow me for instant updates on new videos! Twitter -- http://twitter.com/projared Facebook -- http://facebook.com/pro.jared Twitch - http://twitch.tv/projared ►Theme Song - "Goodbye Summer, Hello Winter" by FantomenK
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DDub 64 (3 days ago)
Wtf is the big hype with this guy? Why is he a meme. He's just a regular guy
Jack Van Well (10 days ago)
Anyone know what that outro song was? It sounds great!
Cqllel (22 days ago)
I can't wait for WoFF Maxima for Switch! :D
TheRealLazerBlazer22 (22 days ago)
Just to let everyone know, it is currently on sale on Humble Bundle. I was debating on getting it so I came back here to Jared's review. Thanks Jared!
ChrisCa1601 (23 days ago)
I recently bought this game for around $20 at my local Walmart. Loving it so far.
Ashley Putnam (27 days ago)
But you can fast forward, if the cut scenes bores you
Nick Cervenka (1 month ago)
I liked this way more than I expected. The punny dialogue grew on me like an abscess. And I got into the nostalgia factor more than I thought I would.
Anthony Wolf (1 month ago)
he said years....try almost 2 decades
Benjy Dale (1 month ago)
I've played FF7/8 on the PC extensively and have touched on FF9/10 briefly as they're now on Steam. I haven't played World of FF yet, but I like your review and so have just bought it on Steam :-) Your description of the monster collecting reminds me of the guardian forces from FF8 in that they stack on you and provide extra powers and stats. Then what I'm seeing in this review is a more graphical representation of the guardian forces because you can actually see them.
LinkEX Dentetsu (1 month ago)
Sees Edgar,deep breath:Just moogle and take my money!
Happymonday 2015 (1 month ago)
Wow that switch trailer did not do this game justice, people will just think it's some mobile port.
Vinicius Silva (1 month ago)
Talk about FF Explorers
themblan (1 month ago)
You lost me at Pokemon. Oh well.
Garreon Nebelstreif (1 month ago)
Now to wait for the Woff Maxima,
David Kings (2 months ago)
The game sucks.
VorpalBender (2 months ago)
Is this what the World of Final Fantasy Maxima is based off of?
NE0MEW (2 months ago)
and its coming to switch now
Michael Lochlann (2 months ago)
to me the gameplay was a bit too slow and the whole point was to meet the characters, who, when you actually do, aren't that interesting due to being divorced from their actual storylines and having little to no impact on this game's plot.
JediOfGotham (3 months ago)
The male main character looks like Roxas from KH 2
I had freaked out when I saw bartz and Faris since final fantasy 5 is my favorite video game of all time
Brittle Bread (3 months ago)
They have Edgar. Damn only if they included Gared. Then both my favorite characters would be in the game.
Eric Lecarde (3 months ago)
But can you fight Sephiroth level 1 critical mode Kingdom Key only? I don't think so!
WookieOwner (3 months ago)
Can fight with the monsters you caught?
MegaMuto (3 months ago)
Well. Fuck me This was posted in 2016 and im only hearing about it now
Joseph Marsh (3 months ago)
I agree wholeheartedly with your review! Cheers!
TheGreatBulzome (3 months ago)
Why a numerical score for the game? That takes all the fun out of it.
Arty Theta (4 months ago)
I got bored to hell at the trainyard part. The gameplay loop just wasnt enough to keep me hooked, same goes for the story and settings. It was cool to see old charachters make some sort of cameo but... it's just a cameo! Why not make at least some of them playable characters and not just summons? Oof
seleraSAMPAH (4 months ago)
Im still waitin for final fantasy VI and X
Bethany Sayavong (4 months ago)
They even added Sora from Kingdom Hearts
오소탈색 (4 months ago)
can i play this game without knowing or played any final fantasy games before? 😂
ajmrowland (4 months ago)
You didn't cover much of the side content.
dowingba (5 months ago)
Is this exactly like Final Fantasy 13-2?
kuroganekaze (5 months ago)
Honestly the plot becomes slightly easier to digest when you realize it's basically a fanfiction created by Enna Kros.
ForzaTerra89 (5 months ago)
I hate the art style, this game is so ugly to me that even though I consider myself a die hard fan I hate the Japanese chibi look
Jayatesagas (5 months ago)
Projared did u really name one of the monsters ratholos.... Love it
Theroux (5 months ago)
If it’s any consolation Balthier is a summon. And who would they add from 14? I thought I saw Firion, but I was mistaken. Adding Shantotto felt rather redundant too, but oh well.
TheJohnmcclane0077 (6 months ago)
There needs to be a Fran and Gabranth chibi s
Thomogon (6 months ago)
I'm sorry, never got around to watching this review up untill now. I accidentally tried the game and I hated it, I am a fan of JRPG's, Pokémon and Final Fantasy but I just couldn't help but find that the game was trying way too hard to hold my hand, force tutorial upon me that I couldn't skip and dialogue and overworld events were very obnoxious to the point where side characters were still talking once I got to the end of a dungeon and I couldn't skip it nor get out of the dungeon untill they were done talking (and I really stopped caring about 15 minutes in, and I'm the kind of person that reads the monologue in Pokémon). To add to this, I also felt like there was so much that Pokémon just did better and it made WoFF just feel like a gimmicky cashgrab for Pokémon fans that wanted something different but poorly executed.
lowkeytwitch (6 months ago)
Stacks turned me off from the game. Looks ridiculous.
gksora (6 months ago)
this must've been posted before some of the dlc, never mentions sora at all
David Dil (6 months ago)
Disliked the game
James Johnson (7 months ago)
I just lost my shit off the fact that he has ar tonelico in the background it makes me so happy 😊
ecchiCharmed (7 months ago)
It's late to say this, but I enjoyed the plot and whatnot. I didn't have to ignore it or turn my brain off or anything, but that's just me.
gigaswardblade (7 months ago)
1:43 wait... sherlotta is in this game? THEY DO REMEMBER CRYSTAL CHRONICLES!!!!
RannPNut (7 months ago)
Lann makes me want to power drive his face into the dirt, and Tama makes me want to strangle it.
Jeff Moffett (7 months ago)
Want to see your thoughts on FF15.
Matt Andre (7 months ago)
I mean.. It *was* designed for younger gamers (aka children of Final Fantasy fans). The story is intentionally childish. It’s entirely meant to be light-hearted, but.. Eh~
TheBrokenAngelOfHope 92 (7 months ago)
It's okay but it's missing one, teeny, tiny problem. WHY DIDN'T SQUARE ENIX PUT ZIDANE TRIBAL IN THIS GAME!?
Tyler Wilson (7 months ago)
This looks painfully boring.
Arsham Eghtedary (7 months ago)
God i cant getover the chibi models! WAY STUPID IDEA! i mean COMMON CHIBI sephiroth?!!!!! its like pure insult to him! man only if they made this game with more real style models....
haakonht (8 months ago)
I just tried the game and I actually like it, I wish they had dispensed of the chibi artstyle though, because I really like the graphics otherwise. I'm just confused as to why they chose to make a kids game out of what is clearly a nostalgia trip for fans of 20 year old games (Basically grown men like myself).
R (8 months ago)
Playing the current FFXII remaster, I understand why they did not payed homage to this game, lol The characters are so boring... The world is cool, the gameplay is arguably the best in the series, best side-quests in the series, etc.. but the main characters and plot, the music... not so memorable.
Accelerator (4 months ago)
The thing i hate most in 12 was the stuoid final boss, is so damn easy, the espers are more dangerous wtf
Antichthon (9 months ago)
The dialogue made me /honking/ regret paying for this game.
MrSpectralfire (9 months ago)
I hope there's a second one with Auron, Barrett, and Cyan.
Danny Simion (9 months ago)
I’m currently watching the gameplay walkthrough and I agree on a lot of your reviews about this game. A mix of cute mechanics, light gameplay, awesome characters from previous FF titles but also the frustration in Laan and Tama as well. I almost feel like a kid would enjoy the storyline more so than an adult. All in all, 7/10 is a fair score for this game. Hopefully if they revisit this that they would tidy up on the flaws and upgrade the storyline.
I was hyped by the trailer and played the demo, but I kinda disliked its system.. Though this review makes me wanna try it out again X3
Type-0 Universe (9 months ago)
Cutscenes were to long? the story was bad? really? and what are you basing this one jared? also i don't remember a single part in the game where was EVER! a info dump, if anything this game's plot was as simple and straight forward as you can get. Also if the dark parts bothered you must not be a fan of forshadowing cause this game never nosed dived into anything the player wasn't prepared for. Aside from what you said about Lann and Tama i really don't understand what you have against this game's story.
Gargoyle (10 months ago)
Sadly, this game doesn't let you name creatures naughty things like titties. Good game, otherwise.
Aleandrian (10 months ago)
Cool. You kinda sold me this game, tks. Ask Square for your cut.
Varcon (10 months ago)
Why didnt they Put Cecil as a character in this game? Cecil is BADDAS,COOL,And Serious, putting then in this game would be Perfect
The Progenitor (10 months ago)
Now for PC!!!!!
Suzuri Heinze (10 months ago)
I got this game as a Christmas present on Steam, and now that I'm playing it, I only have a few complaints. Namely that the battles are kinda slow... and there's no Mysidian Rabbit / Lagomorph monster that goes "Mugu Mugu"! Why?! This would be the perfect opportunity to have Setzer's bunny actually say "Mugu Mugu" when healing the party. Other than that, the game is super cute. My daughters love it. It's a fun family game, especially when she sees characters from her favorite game represented (that being FF5. Faris on Slydra's back made her flip out harder than I did!). So if you have kids that love video games, this is a great game for them!
not kaitlyn (10 months ago)
I like it but I'm a girl so lol
TeHb (10 months ago)
they steal stacking feature from Disgaea
ai i (11 months ago)
lol it's a bit like kingdom hearts, just final fantasy and adorable. The stacking idea is stupid and silly but it's so adorable and cute that I can forgive it. 😆
ImArubis (11 months ago)
Tama saying "the" is so tilting. Why Japanese voice acting is day one dlc I have no clue
Lorenzo Siccardi (11 months ago)
Well the point i agree the most is the one about how annoyingly stupid is Lann, i mean even worse than how Goku was forcefully made stupid in DBS
ShinySpiritomb 33 (11 months ago)
The game is cute af tbh
Mcbabbitt44 (11 months ago)
harrythebarry (11 months ago)
if only they had chosen to use normal graphics instead of this pedo shit
Humantrash (13 days ago)
ajmrowland (4 months ago)
harrythebarry Chibi is Pedo now? LMAO
Abi Prasad (11 months ago)
People that watch anime will like this game ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Introvert (11 months ago)
Im late af but this reminds me a LOT of Okage: Shadow King. If you've ever heard of it...
bvilleblaze (11 months ago)
what shelves are those for the nes carts
Adi Adrian (11 months ago)
Why the fuck are the characters stacked on each other. So weird
Adrot (11 months ago)
You forgot to mention Einhänder is in the game. Yes, the Endymion spaceship.
OSSS (1 year ago)
Also, I don’t like the additions of the previous FF characters. Makes this game feel more like a fanfic, rather than an actual game that stands on its own.
OSSS (1 year ago)
Is the chibi design super popular in Japan or something? I don’t know why they keep using it with these spinoff games.
Rodrigo R (1 year ago)
The game is big? Im thinking on get he ultimate edition. Not quite sure. Im a fam of FF and Pokemon lol..
luke gibson (1 year ago)
You also get Shivra Ifrit.
Hazem Khaled (1 year ago)
It's Coming to PC !!!!
Syber-VHS (1 year ago)
looks mediocre
GhostLing (1 year ago)
I just really love their chibi forms
Funhow123 (1 year ago)
I know this game is great right? RIGHT?!?!?
ScrapChild1979 (1 year ago)
Wow another fresh 'Final Fantasy' dump. R.I.P Final Fantasy since 9... (maybe 10.)
Shito (1 year ago)
I played the demo and really liked it but it don't think it's worth anymore 20 maybe 30 dollars
Icecl Keyheart (10 months ago)
Bill Shito its on sale for $35
Danie Bates (1 year ago)
I hope world of final fantasy comes to the switch as well as the dlc.
Juwan Campbell (1 year ago)
Who else thinks this game needs a sequel? Give me some likes if you think it's a good idea.
Roxas Shade (1 year ago)
I own this game. only playstation game (because I'm BROKE) and I LOVE IT! I got the true end and...ok I'll stop before I spoil something. although yeah, the story....is kinda bad. and....well you heard Jared
Jamison Saddler (1 year ago)
Make a new tactics game already!!!!!!!!!!!!
ajmrowland (4 months ago)
Jamison Saddler Who? Jared? This is his channel.
Crash Schwarzenegger (1 year ago)
Man this game is so freaking cute
Desert Stream (1 year ago)
Am I the only one who just looks at the games he has? lol
Meh (1 year ago)
I wish that stacking was optional (not stacking is a death wish in this game) I would have liked a big party of six then have them stack if a fight is getting too tough
Groisu (1 year ago)
Can I say that I absolutely enjoy this one especially the soundtrack
Rynn21 (1 year ago)
I like Final Fantasy, but I don't like chibi anything.
Kyle Milhomme (1 year ago)
1:46 Lann is not amused
Shantottono (1 year ago)
I bought this game like 4 months ago and didn't regret a single dollar I spent.
Trenton Marks (1 year ago)
No cecil... :/
Genial Fire (1 year ago)
Review final fantasy explorers
Tomé Filho (1 year ago)
Get a Omega and you will be a monsters.
Kyle Caballero (1 year ago)
idk man that end game story wasnt expected for me lol

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