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How To Play Dragon Ball Super Card Game! Explanation & Battle!

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Welcome to The Mafuba Jar! Today we walk you through the basics of how to play the Dragon Ball Super Card Game! We even threw in a battle for you to see how each card is played, and how the game is played in real life! Become a Patron or donate to support more awesome content! Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/PokemonEvolutionaries Donations: http://paypal.me/PkmnEvolutionaries Support us with Amazon! We get a small kickback from ANYTHING you buy, and it costs you nothing extra: https://www.amazon.com/?tag=thepokem-20 Subscribe to our main channel for Pokémon TCG content! http://www.youtube.com/user/pkmnevolutionaries?sub_confirmation=1 Want to send us fan mail? The Mafuba Jar PO Box 15194 Brooksville FL 34604 Want to stay up to date? Follow us on social media! Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheMafubaJar Twitter: https://twitter.com/ThePokemonEvos Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/thepokemonevolutionaries Website: http://www.pokemonevolutionaries.com The Mafuba Jar & The Pokémon Evolutionaries General Contact/Trade Inquiries Contact@PokemonEvolutionaries.com Special thanks to PokéMixr92 for providing the music used in our videos! Outro Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e00Ca6lEh-c&t= https://www.youtube.com/Slhtubit92 https://twitter.com/Slhtubit92 Animated intro made by David G Burns YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/ConCharacters Twitter: https://twitter.com/David_G_Burns
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Text Comments (335)
At about 43:10 a song starts to play, it sounds so familiar but I cant place it. Anyone know what it is.
Yusei255 (9 days ago)
That Zamasu is just plain nasty
Cliqua Cuatro (17 days ago)
Hay mafuba had a question. I'm kinda new to the card game and was wondering. When a leader attacks and it gets negated does the auto still happen? P.s. luv ur guys channel.
Justin Tran (18 days ago)
So many questions I needed answered in this video. Thank you guys for putting together this awesome video :)
Son Goku 23 (19 days ago)
This is kinda related to this video but when other people play and there at there final life they like to out all there cards on the leader or another card how do they do that without paying energy and how do they add up the points/attack cause everytime I do the math first it it's a totally different number.
wallycyder311 (20 days ago)
U can combo with a rest mode card really?
wallycyder311 (20 days ago)
I thought if ur opponent blocked u get damaged xD
glopocopo (28 days ago)
Thank god for this video I am playing in a tournament for this tomorrow and don’t know what the hecc is going on
Cow Kings (1 month ago)
Can I get a shirt with the z fighters asking for a wish and shenron saying "Yeeeeppppp"
Jordan DeLong (1 month ago)
So...you must have high power than the other player to attack??
Mansmo (2 months ago)
Hi, that was really helpful, there were a few things i was doing wrong; i have a little question though, in Pokemon you cannot evolve the same Pokemon multiple stages in one turn, does this apply to DBS? meaning, can i evolve the same Battle Card twice "in the same turn" if i have the energy?
Mansmo (1 month ago)
Thanks ^_^
The Mafuba Jar (1 month ago)
nuggistrike (2 months ago)
So you juse any card as a energy ? Can you still play that card after ?
The Mafuba Jar (2 months ago)
No once it's energy, it's energy
Aziz Sam (2 months ago)
thank you so much guys I have learned a lot from you! I'm currently a collector .. trying to get into the game :)
Shervin Aryan (2 months ago)
wow was this ever helpful, thanks!
Daniel York (2 months ago)
Hey great video. 2 questions. 1. Is there any difference between a leader card in rest mode and in active? 2. If you attack a card and the attack is negated, does the attacker go into rest mode stil?
Gamingforpride2005 (2 months ago)
M Rubiano (2 months ago)
What starter do you recommend getting to start playing?
Melinda Greer (2 months ago)
Google owns YouTube... If you Google it, this is the first result. The cycle never truly ends.
acicon (2 months ago)
N the mumbler.
AdZi (3 months ago)
eyy i have no one to play with whoooo
videoomaster (3 months ago)
I did, youtube is owned by google
Sam Sprigan (3 months ago)
I googled it
Sam Sprigan (3 months ago)
Pure Anime Lover (3 months ago)
I was confused that K and N were talking but then I noticed...
Kevin V (3 months ago)
Wait so I'm confused. The skill "Barrier" does that protect you from extra cards too?
The_CHEFster (3 months ago)
MultiTarded (3 months ago)
Can a Blocker only block one attack per turn from Active (since it says to put it in Rest)? They seems kind of shitty if so because you can't attack with them and also block later before they're returned to Active, and can't act as shields very well.
fighterswordsman369 (3 months ago)
Quick question: is there a limit to how many cards you can hold for the duration of the game?
The Mafuba Jar (3 months ago)
SleepNasty (3 months ago)
That toss shuffle you do is not a shuffle. Idk about dbs but in any other tcg that’s illegal
Orlando -Sama (3 months ago)
That moment that they mentiom the Pokemon TCG but I come from the Yugioh TCG. Jumped on this cause I'm a fan of DBZ/S
riukokai (3 months ago)
Question i know its silly but just spare me and answer please!!! CAN A BATTLE CARD ATTACK A LEADER REGARDLESS OF MODE THE LEADER IS IN? ex: battle card attacking active mode leader. Me and my friend play only at home and we will be going to our first tourney and dont want to look like idiots lol
The Mafuba Jar (3 months ago)
Camden Reid (4 months ago)
Got a link to those colored card sleeves?
HysronGaming (4 months ago)
learn to shuffle your cards
Preacher Tv (4 months ago)
there is a Dragonball card game?? wtf i notice this when i saw it on a mulliga-wiki explenation... O_O
The Mafuba Jar (4 months ago)
Yep, since July 2017!
Lee Greenberg (4 months ago)
At 46 min, could you have used your combo double strike card with attacking Vegita for 4 card damage?
Josh Patrick (4 months ago)
So what makes you Mill versus taking away a Life card?
We Are Venom (5 months ago)
I need to take a quick shit can you pause the video :D
RUAturtle (5 months ago)
can u combo with cards on the field
The Mafuba Jar (5 months ago)
Yes it does
RUAturtle (5 months ago)
The Mafuba Jar OK cool another thing the android 17/diabolical duo androids 17&18 leader gain power off of its eff
The Mafuba Jar (5 months ago)
Yes you can
Paranormal hunter (5 months ago)
ok so fused zamasu has to be my leader ok how can I get the leader I don't see any starter decks where I can get a leader bc fused zamasu is the only leader right If there are I don't get this game at all
StaticNEP (5 months ago)
Ty for this video ! Best tutorial out there. Got myself the goku deck and starter/boosters To make a trunk deck for ma son and we have learn To play with your tutorial. Keep up the good work guys !
Piotr Socha (6 months ago)
How about the sleeves for Dragon Ball cards, can I use the Pokemon card sleeves I have right now or should I buy separate ones due to size difference ?
The Mafuba Jar (6 months ago)
They're the same size, so use what you have been!
Elijah Gosnell (6 months ago)
Dont get mana screwed.
Elijah Gosnell (6 months ago)
I'll combo Jaces erasure with memory adept and mill your life.
Elijah Gosnell (6 months ago)
I'm gonna turn Jace beleren into Jace, memory adept, and reap gokus last brain cells.
Elijah Gosnell (6 months ago)
Dragonball, the gathering.
Elijah Gosnell (6 months ago)
XNamelessXNill (6 months ago)
The audio on this is agitating
Mr L (6 months ago)
My friend and I are learning to play this. Hell between trainings and ice hockey.....body can't take much more lol so a nice thinking game was the ticket haha. Thank you for the tutorial!
Natalie Tankersley (6 months ago)
Good game, thanks guys!
Infinity Hammer (6 months ago)
You should do yugioh too
The Mafuba Jar (6 months ago)
Noel does, he has a channel called Magician's Descendant
Infinity Hammer (6 months ago)
I’ve played yugioh 😅
Tommy Sheffield (6 months ago)
pokemon is better because it is more simple but this is better than yoiu gi o
Son-Ace Sensei (6 months ago)
this helped thanks, a little bit complicated but ill figure it out
Michael Mcbroom (6 months ago)
seem like a fun game
cristan Avelar (7 months ago)
Card games over the years for me Pokemon first then Yugioh (still got em) and now I got to do this huh funny how card games come and go...
cristan Avelar (7 months ago)
Ok the video is over now let meh out of the jarrrrrr
flip fortress 12 (7 months ago)
says start with blue and stick with one colour if you are new to the game. *looks at deck* it appears i can not listen to simple instructions
Climax RaZe (7 months ago)
RedAlbo (7 months ago)
It taked me 1 month to learn Yugioh,this card game only 5 min.The cards of dbz are very lit but the gameplay is shit exactly like Mtg
The Mafuba Jar (7 months ago)
It is really easy to learn
Scott Hulett (7 months ago)
Very helpful, my local game group started to play.
mole clan luke (7 months ago)
you finnaly rembered yellow
The Mafuba Jar (7 months ago)
At the time of this video, Yellow wasn't good at all but now its busted lol
gatekeeper88 (7 months ago)
Could you guys pls link where you got your card sleeves from?, would love them in black (or a DB print). If you can thanks :)
gatekeeper88 (7 months ago)
rank beginner here but cards that make you pull from life pile to drop wouldn't that be a bad thing?, seeing as your reducing your life yourself?
The Mafuba Jar (7 months ago)
You would think so, and it took me a while to figure it out too, but most leaders benefit from being awakened early and that's where games are won. Hit harder and negate more towards the end.
Zerphan Games (7 months ago)
AMAZING! and ty for this, my friends and i being playing the game so wrong b4 this lol! TY!
fury 9557 (7 months ago)
Very useful I now know how to play this game thanks so much for the help
7PumasUNAM (7 months ago)
How many cards in a deck? And also how many of the same name card can you have an a deck? Is it like Pokémon where you can have up to 4 same name cards in a deck?
7PumasUNAM (7 months ago)
The Mafuba Jar thank you so much for the response... I have a few more questions, wanna actually collect the cards more than play it. So I was wondering, are all leader cards holo? Also what rarity are cards holo? Is it like Pokémon where some rares are holo and some aren’t? Or can any rare be holo? Is anything above a rare always holo?
The Mafuba Jar (7 months ago)
50 cards in a deck plus your leader as well, limit of 4 of each card per deck except ULTIMATE cards, which are a limit of 1.
Tom Ellis (7 months ago)
Can you negate leader skills like cells KO ability? Also do you automatically lose if you have one card in hand?
The Mafuba Jar (7 months ago)
You can only negate abilities on battle cards as far as I can think of atm, and no. You lose when you have no cards in your deck, it never has anything to do with your hand.
gweedo battocchio (7 months ago)
any stores in the U.S sell boosters?? my local game shop doesnt sell them... walmart? target?
The Mafuba Jar (7 months ago)
Some Target stores have them
Luciano Comassetto (8 months ago)
Have to ask, what is with people playing card games having a nervous tick when holding their hands? (like at 11:34) I used to play Magic and Pokemon a lot and always just held my cards in front of me. It's pretty distracting.
The Mafuba Jar (8 months ago)
Well, as you may know Pokemon is our main channel, so we play both DBS and Pokemon, and Noel plays YuGiOh as well. Both of us suffer from anxiety of varying degrees, so it may be an effect of that. Not sure though as most card players we have seen also have this issue when playing, so it may not even be directly related, and instead just be something unconsciously developed from playing others who do shuffle, flick, or move their cards around.
Gumball7645 (8 months ago)
If I use a card for Energy, how long does it stay in the Energy Area? Can I move cards from the Energy Area to the Combo Area? Do I need Energy to play cards in the Combo Area?
The Mafuba Jar (8 months ago)
Energy stays energy forever unless a card specifies otherwise.
John Swain (8 months ago)
So its duel masters
The Mafuba Jar (8 months ago)
Tykis77 (8 months ago)
ONe more question. Do the auto abilities happen every turn or just when you initially play them in battle?
UltimateCosmic (8 months ago)
Tykis77 no since you already played the card
Tykis77 (8 months ago)
For example, if the card says "Auto: Draw 1 card when you play this card." I place it in the battle area, and draw card. On my next turn, if that card is still there, do I draw again? Sorry, I am brand new to the game and card games in general.
The Mafuba Jar (8 months ago)
Depends on the card text. If it says THIS turn, then it's only on that turn. The specific card text really defines the usage.
Vasco Sereno (8 months ago)
Whats the app name?
Vasco Sereno (8 months ago)
The Mafuba Jar thank you love your vids
The Mafuba Jar (8 months ago)
Dragon Ball Super Card Game Tutorial
Tykis77 (8 months ago)
Can you lose your energy cards?
Tykis77 (8 months ago)
The Mafuba Jar (8 months ago)
You can, but only if a card says to put them into the drop zone
cardffreak (8 months ago)
so this is kinda like magic as far as the mana(energy) consumption
The Mafuba Jar (8 months ago)
Tykis77 (8 months ago)
So each card only counts as 1 energy? Are there cards that count as more?
The Mafuba Jar (8 months ago)
Not yet
Dubious_discZ (8 months ago)
So um new guy here. How do I get promos? Their kinda pricey
The Mafuba Jar (8 months ago)
Yeah you can only get most of them in dash packs and in tournament packs
snake555510 (8 months ago)
Question can I move my cards from Energy to either battle or combo once I put them into energy or are these cards doomed to be energy forever?
The Mafuba Jar (8 months ago)
Doomed to be energy forever unless a card says otherwise!
john torres (8 months ago)
Who plays DBS in Colorado
Alistair Stormbreaker (8 months ago)
I have 22 Leader Cards and I am working on getting more cards I am Making a Meta-Cooler Deck Vegtio Deck Majin Buu Deck
ZThe Real (8 months ago)
I used to play MTG and this game has some of those mechanics
Kawa Zaa (8 months ago)
Hey this helped a lot
Peter Koutoujian (8 months ago)
I was interested in this card game and I wanted to learn how to play... but when I saw that this video was 1:30 long. I lost interest. Still love you guys though.
UltimateCosmic (8 months ago)
Peter Koutoujian go and download the app thats how i learned how to play
The Mafuba Jar (8 months ago)
It's because we played an example match too. That's the only reason
Ricardo Abril (8 months ago)
This was honestly one of the best tutorials I've seen so far. It was hard for me to keep watching with all the random mouth noises and constant card smacking, I think that's crazy annoying, but that's just me.
The Mafuba Jar (8 months ago)
For sure! There is a new battle video coming tomorrow!
Ricardo Abril (8 months ago)
Oh no you're good man, I do that during games too. Y'all do a great job explaining the game. I just got into the game and hopefully will start playing meta-cooler soon. Keep posting videos of game play please!
The Mafuba Jar (8 months ago)
Sorry haha we both have anxiety so we do things like that without noticing
Harold Kok (8 months ago)
Hey guys amazing video. I have question. I must started a community for DragonBall Super TCG and i am wondering if i could use this video to learn new players the game. Hope to hear from jou guys soon.
nerdy noctowl! (8 months ago)
So force of will 1.5?
The Mafuba Jar (8 months ago)
nerdy noctowl! (8 months ago)
My local card shop has these tournaments going on, they told me to look at this video but I already knew about this channel because of TPE and been there since like mega mail box 40.
alan batres (9 months ago)
What kind of sleeves should I get for cards? How big are the cards?
Gamerz Zone (7 months ago)
Get dragon shield sleeves, they last forever. A little pricy for a box, it’s like 12 dollars but it comes with 100 sleeves. Just make sure u get the right size sleeve to fit the cards
The Mafuba Jar (9 months ago)
Same as Pokemon, standard size
Mikey Kalb (9 months ago)
I’m surprised you don’t play Magic the Gathering. It basically is Pokémon + Dragon Ball Super. Is it up for consideration¿
Mikey Kalb (8 months ago)
The Mafuba Jar you mean for competitive? I made an absolutely busted deck for almost the cost of an elite trainer box.
The Mafuba Jar (9 months ago)
Just too pricey for us
thecowpooped (9 months ago)
I still don't understand..
Jared Turpin (9 months ago)
This reminds me of Vanguard mixed with Duel Master with a dash of Force of Will.
Dominic Galante (9 months ago)
but... I did google it and this is what I got
julio mendoza (9 months ago)
Why did you attack his rested battle cards? Isn’t it important to control the field? Also wouldn’t that have limited his attacks each turn to only his leader? Since he can prolong the game but discarding cards rather then losing life. Wouldn’t it be best to focus on controlling the board and attacking with all ur battle cards each turn?
The Mafuba Jar (9 months ago)
Not necessarily. Sometimes yes, it is better to attack rested battle cards, most times not. It's also important to remember that if you use your own battle cards, they cannot be used to combo out of things, and also are targets for your opponents to KO as well.
Feels Good To Be Me (10 months ago)
Is there a digital version of this game? Like Pokemon TCG?
The Mafuba Jar (10 months ago)
There's just a tutorial right now on mobile, but there is an unofficial way to play online called octgn
Cooper The Trooper (10 months ago)
can someone tell me the name of the theme at 29:05
Woodcod15 (10 months ago)
Do you know a card like cabba it's a effect is to take a life and gains double strike and 10,000 do you do this in the combo phase or before the oppenets counter phase
The Mafuba Jar (10 months ago)
Before you attack
R E (10 months ago)
Jesus Christ stop shuffling cards nonstop, go buy a fidget spinner! Otherwise bang up job!
dinterbox0 (10 months ago)
Does the rules of this apply to the dragon ball z card decks
The Mafuba Jar (10 months ago)
I'm not sure what you mean, but all evolution cards can be put directly into play by paying the full energy cost on the upper left without needing to evolve, or you can evolve from any other card with the same character name for the energy specified in the card text window which is generally less costly than placing it directly into play.
dinterbox0 (10 months ago)
The Mafuba Jar im talking about dragon ball evolution can you do a video explaning it
The Mafuba Jar (10 months ago)
They're 2 totally different games
AlexElder91 (10 months ago)
How many copies of a Card can be added to a Deck in this TCG, 4?
The Dathomir Brothers (10 months ago)
AlexElder91 Im from germany as well and you are correct, the game is sadly not out here yet. I dont know if it will come to germany, so for the time being (my birthday was today) I bought a bunch of english ones. Doesnt make a difference really.
AlexElder91 (10 months ago)
The Mafuba Jar okay, thanks. I like this TCG but i think its Not Even out in Germany yet, coz i didnt find any place to buy it except from foreign countries on ebay.
The Mafuba Jar (10 months ago)
Yes, with the exception of the Secret Rare Vegito. Only 1 of that card can be played in a deck
NamestheGoblin (10 months ago)
This is like as if MTG, Pokémon TCG, and Cardfight Vanguard had some prom night orgy baby... I think I can get into this.
Ice is crunchy water (10 months ago)
Its like commander (mtg) and yugioh
The Mafuba Jar (10 months ago)
+Card Brewers Lab Pretty close!

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