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Assassin's Creed Revelations - Teaser Trailer [UK]

480 ratings | 98595 views
More info on: http://www.facebook.com/assassinscreed. The new Assassin's Creed game has been revealed: watch the teaser trailer to find out more!
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Text Comments (116)
Alex Richards (3 years ago)
I actually liked this game, sure it wasn't the best but I liked to story, the hero and most importantly... it was miles better than 3.
Chris Achon (4 years ago)
Machine Vandals-Black Dawn is the theme song!
The_Pot_Dragon (1 year ago)
Chris Achon THANKYOU
SirBlawk (4 years ago)
An epic trailer for a terrible game
Ross Randolph (2 years ago)
What I'm trying to say, "buddy", is that when you post a comment like this on a video, you should expect someone to come and disagree.
SirBlawk (2 years ago)
+Ross Randolph That comment has a little irony in there buddy
SirBlawk (2 years ago)
+Ross Randolph Nah man in your opinion it's a bad game. I can like whatever the fuck I want and I don't care if anyone agrees with me.
Ross Randolph (2 years ago)
Besides, you're the one who rolled in here crapping on a good game and trying to praise a terrible one. Don't like people putting you down for being a fucking retard then don't post dumb shit like this.
Ross Randolph (2 years ago)
It had 0 of any of that. It's not an Assassin's Creed game. And it's not just "some random nerd", it's the majority of the community.
Marcus Carlzén (5 years ago)
AC1? lol.
RoboticsBay (5 years ago)
How all of this will end ? - As a hero, Ezio.
Ibraheem Nasim (5 years ago)
Chris Zukowski (6 years ago)
The Voice is awesome :3
MarNotAsMuch (6 years ago)
cant stop liking this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its better than the original trailer!
NightBolt (6 years ago)
these assassin's creed games are the high point in my life
sean hanlon (7 years ago)
@InnocentCivilian12 hell, i was a British eleven year old when ac1 came out and it was bloody difficult. but when you stick at it, it becomes easier to play, and on brotherhood when ou get like a tweleve kill streak other people in the room who want a go are just like :O
Avarthas (7 years ago)
Is it me or i really think they should make assassins creed arabic version..
thepr32 (7 years ago)
@raynor117 i got da ans,ezio reliving memories of altair and bleeding effect happening
ninjahh93 (7 years ago)
Give I dont want to wait I want to play I love AC AC2 ACBrotherhood so I will love this one aswell
Olivier (7 years ago)
@legiondan I didn't like it much either. Then AC2 came out
jonus63 (7 years ago)
@DenKulesteSomFins Google ''Assassin's Creed Revelations Motion Scan'' for the source, can't give you the link because of restrictions :/
Mikhanator (7 years ago)
@SoapMactavish141 Nine inch nails the day went away
AnjaVES (7 years ago)
How many girls like this game? 'cause I know I do. I love it!!!
Lewis (7 years ago)
@aDumbGorilla also know as a even gayer version of cock of duty
Bevus and boxs brewery (7 years ago)
ubisoft-next game DESMOND
Dobo (7 years ago)
A friend said he doesn't like Assassin Creed for every thumbs up i give him a slap
Heaven Scent (7 years ago)
@jonus63 cooooooool! I want it. Where did you hear that?
Hadeel (7 years ago)
@TheNiceDuck yeah! I also saw 6th june before :S wth!! i hope it's today!! i dont wanna wait another day!
Robertas (7 years ago)
jonus63 (7 years ago)
@DenKulesteSomFins Yeah, same ones as L.A Noire.
Vitamina Vlad (7 years ago)
Opinions: Ezio dies because look at his gauntlet when he is hit by a sword(I think) and how he loses his UNIQUE dagger at the end of the teaser. It just can't be another guy with hidden blades. But if it will be it would be awesome. Also look at 0:14 how the figure on the boat disappeares. It might be Ezio because he could use the ancient artifact on the boat to get in Altair's memories. And there might be another special armor like Armor Of Konstantinoupolis. Also Desmond WILL probably revive.
medici281 (7 years ago)
those two guys who dislike this video are templars they need to DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
IronMustang (7 years ago)
@TheLukicho You mean 2 of them =P
Heaven Scent (7 years ago)
@jonus63 Better animations?
jonus63 (7 years ago)
@DenKulesteSomFins They're going to use MotionScan.
Erik Roos (7 years ago)
@SoapMactavish141 watch?v=TA4VEUGsroY closest u will get
Drezhit999 (7 years ago)
Nine Inch Tails: "The day the whole world went away" is the music for the trailer
Drezhit999 (7 years ago)
Nine Inch Tails "The day the whole world went away" is the msuc for this
Pedro Silva (7 years ago)
holy shit this is cool
Byron Sowels (7 years ago)
trailer for a trailer... trailcepion
Mark DeMauro (7 years ago)
I read on gamestop, if you preorder this game, you get a exclusive poster.
Spoy dot (7 years ago)
You guys should make a multiplayer beta for all of those who bought the brotherhood game. Before the game ends up glitched out at release. Btw i expect a better server software =)
IronMustang (7 years ago)
Ubisoft! Please! Give us the song! Thumbs up so they can see!
issa b (7 years ago)
new assassin's creed again???:P
the12221 (7 years ago)
The assassins creed series has been so amazing! especially on pc according to me!
raynor117 (7 years ago)
@ThePr32 could be altaïr but could be ezio aswell... i got altaïrs gear in brotherhood aswell so .. could just be a different gear aswell (the gear that looks exactly the same as altaïr's wearing in ac1)
Vasenkov (7 years ago)
BackGround is black because Desmond in "Black Room" of Animus(coma, coma, coma...), Altair is here because Ezio will see memories of Altair after Maria pregnancy, and so Desmond will see it too from Ezio eyes. Easy for the easy, but sorry for my poor English)
iidjkg (7 years ago)
Whats the name of the soundtrack featured in the trailer?
thepr32 (7 years ago)
why does white animus background turn BLACK? 0:30 ALTAIR OMG OMG OMG OMG,HOW HOW??!!
thepr32 (7 years ago)
why does white animus background turn BLACK?
thepr32 (7 years ago)
@maddemadds yup
thepr32 (7 years ago)
@ManelinhoAraujinho theres gonna b one more , ma friend and its titled assassins creed :the truth
Madeleine Isaksson (7 years ago)
I'm I the only girl that thinks this is awesome? :)
Iakov Kurekhin (7 years ago)
Something tells me Ezio will meet his end in this game... I don't want him to die...
ware242 (7 years ago)
omfg i just got the game informer today and it was AC
Shring (7 years ago)
too bad they don't have any replay value because they're fun as hell
lightergass (7 years ago)
tyhy1 (7 years ago)
Joel Tan (7 years ago)
My friend told me he hated Assassin's Creed, i visited his grave often.
toyotasupramaster (7 years ago)
@Omar411269 how can a man's voice change in only 3 years?
Tommy (7 years ago)
toyotasupramaster (7 years ago)
@DrBob1991 i know but ezio sounds different than ac2 and brotherhood
akgiu (7 years ago)
ITS SO COOOL!!!!!!!!BUT i think it is last game for Ezio but the story of Brotherhood continues!!!!!!!!
Pharaoh Nero (7 years ago)
Thumbs up so everyone can see Ok Ezio is now 52 years old and the the setting of this game will be at "Constantinople" and four districts which are Constantin, Beyazid, Imperial and Galata, Cappadocia at the peak of the Ottoman Empire,[3] Part of Cappadocia will be a completely underground city populated solely by Templars.[4] and Masyaf. And YES "ALTAIR" is back and u are able to play as him only cause ALTAIR hid keys around Constantinople which contains ALTAIR'S memorys
Playver1337 (7 years ago)
coleast1 (7 years ago)
i would honestly pay more for this trailer then i would for most games.
Ami Markota (7 years ago)
@ManelinhoAraujinho its not the final game... another AC game is coming in 2012! thats what I read on the Assassins creed wiki... :D
Dr Bob (7 years ago)
@halokiller031 It's a remix of "The Day The Whole World Went Away", original by Nine Inch Nails. It would appear that this is a remix made especially for this trailer. If a lot of people asked Ubi on Twitter for the song, I'm sure they'd be happy to oblige.
Epic music! I want it!
Shawn Orichefsky (7 years ago)
O: wow
KenDM (7 years ago)
This is looking epic! Ezio is just maturing soooo much! Love the guy. I hope we don't have to see him and Altair die unnaturally! That would crush my heart!
Marcus Carlzén (7 years ago)
what is the name of the song ?
WilliamNiira (7 years ago)
@ManelinhoAraujinho Yes i haven't said that Ezio and Altair will be in Assassins Creed 3. I only said that there will be a Assassins Creed 3. With of without them, of course..
Abhishek Prusty (7 years ago)
Ezio not fighting altair !! It is th locations of the temples !! as if the bleed effect is so much in that Ezio can see Altair as if a person just guiding him to locations !! Also it is not clear but as we can see the hidden blade is breaking may be in nxt game sm1 find to reuild or anyother not know !! But Hope ezio will not .............
Arthur Lopes (7 years ago)
Altair in a battle with Ezio. Ubisoft is puking awesomeness.
Xiss NN (7 years ago)
@olaf1234561 what do you think ? lolzz Oh yea your youtubes english teacher now i see
Dom (7 years ago)
0:36 NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Hidden blade is broken. Rest in peace.
WilliamNiira (7 years ago)
@TheRushing555guy And you mis spelled Assassin, you wrote Assasian.. It's not Asian you kno?
Xiss NN (7 years ago)
@WilliamNiira 4 idiot? assasians creed 1 Assasian 2 Brother And now this ?
EpicTitanSD (7 years ago)
@Nathan2345678 actually, if you follow the story arc it gets pretty compelling. also, they genuinely improve the game as the series progresses which is more than can be said for other game franchises.
WilliamNiira (7 years ago)
@ManelinhoAraujinho Lol, there will be a Assassins Creed 3..
Vovien (7 years ago)
There's No Turkish Trailer ? :(
Gazi Al-Khatib (7 years ago)
this is gonna be fuking AWESOOOOOOOME!!!
D Vernooij (7 years ago)
is this the last one??
Dr Bob (7 years ago)
@MrGManSG They said that the PC version will be released simultaneously with the console versions. Hopefully that will actually happen.
Dr Bob (7 years ago)
@toyotasupramaster He is. Did you also know that Smith voiced Chris Redfield in Resident Evil 5?
MrGManSG (7 years ago)
Dammit'! We PC gamers always get the Assassin's Creed games like 1 yr late! I'm guessing 2013... I hope we're still alive... >.<
Could you please include Co - Op in AC revelations? Trust me many of us are dying for it
MBenjo (7 years ago)
Fucking epic, as always. The trailer song's my new "epic moment of life" song. For real.
Gabriel Escudero (7 years ago)
@cervik022 yep thats confirmed
toyotasupramaster (7 years ago)
ezio doesn't sound like roger craig smith is voicing him
toyotasupramaster (7 years ago)
@cervik022 he's 52
Alon Romach (7 years ago)
Assassin's Creed Revelations looks so GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Srdjan Vujatovic (7 years ago)
Hope it won't be full of stupid mandolin players blocking you all the time. :)
omegaplib (7 years ago)
this teaser is better than the whole Brotherhood game.
jose gabriel holanda (7 years ago)
i gonna kill someone for that gameeeeeeeeeeeeee ASSASSIN'S CREEEEEEEDDDDDD
stunkata8 (7 years ago)
SHOW ME MOOORE! Really nice!
Antony Cook (7 years ago)
looks impressive. and the new fighting mechanics look really good
MCXCI (7 years ago)
Altair! x333 I love you!!!!!!
CzechRPGManiac (7 years ago)
Going to nearest game store store. "Give me the best collectable edition of AC:Revelations" "But we don't have any yet." "Shut up and take my florins!"
Heaven Scent (7 years ago)
The graphics are updated? YAY!
DeepFriedMisery (7 years ago)
nerdgasm isn't even the word right now.
milanboy2207 (7 years ago)
Can't wait!
Kazan (7 years ago)
maan ezio has gotten old..
Rotaru Valentin (7 years ago)

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