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Captain America 3: Civil War - Bloopers & Outtakes | official featurette (2016)

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Gag Reel from Captain America 3: Civil War
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Text Comments (210)
Shameeza Mohamed (8 days ago)
0:02. Just love how steve and tony are dancing while bucky in on the floor
onmas909 (8 days ago)
0:45 was that Emily VanCamp's laugh?? 😍 😍 😍 😍
Averynn Games (2 months ago)
0:52 Girl!
hhh 555 (7 months ago)
0:47 speed 0.25 you welcome
Iloveyou Dinah (8 months ago)
0:52 Scrar is so cute❤
chiuchien (11 months ago)
That wink drives me crazy lol.
Kenath Ramirez Lagos (11 months ago)
Soy el único que se mal viajo en el segundo 0:48
Michel Oliver (11 months ago)
0:16 ur welcome
sin nombre (11 months ago)
0:45 name girl?
0:52 :v Oie ci
Royalty (11 months ago)
0:47 oh my beautiful scarlett.
"a smooth motherfucker" LOL
Lol, I just love it when the actors just goof off and have fun on the set! It provides for some memorable moments between them, which is how many actors become good friends, ya know?
Mas Umar (11 months ago)
0:44 that laugh thoo LMAO
Mohammad Anadani (11 months ago)
"yeah funny bla bla" and i'm still here not able to get over her little gangster laughter 00:45
hpa2005 (1 year ago)
I don't believe it was shown here, but my personal favorite blooper is the one of Chadwick Boseman standing in the meeting hall during the Sokova Accords signing all stoic....then it comes to a halt when he swats a fly out of his face.
MRR Rzl (1 year ago)
Better than the whole movie
Eman Gamer (1 year ago)
0:51 that was effortlessly hot
JeRrY tHe MoUsE (1 year ago)
whoa didnt realise dr watson and sherlock is in this movie
grim reaper (1 year ago)
0:57 LOL
Bagas Kusumohadi (1 year ago)
Falcon's epic fail landing is the funniest thing ever!! XD
Arys Handono (1 year ago)
uh, why Scarlett stopped hammering Sebatian's head?
Adrian Mf Gaming (1 year ago)
at funny
Dayana Carrillo (1 year ago)
wanda is uuuuuu
Dayana Carrillo (1 year ago)
like what yes escarlett is great
Stefania Orozco (1 year ago)
0:41 Watson (Martin Freeman) still has a dirty mouth
Cap'n Meliodas (1 year ago)
DISNEY stop trying to claim everything you see!😠
Ꭲ Ꮋ Ꮎ Ꭱ (1 year ago)
This video is better than suicide squad
THANOS (1 year ago)
Am simple guy. I see Scarlett Johansson, I click:)
Dbz Fan (1 year ago)
To scarlet johanson 😉 and 😘
kishore kumar (1 year ago)
00:49 winter soilder is just lickin her pussy
Eugenia Wong (1 year ago)
Gerald Destinobles H (1 year ago)
0:48 a prove of her doing some of her stunts
Gyoon MOON (1 year ago)
I'm groot!~
Omar Rivas Bustinza (1 year ago)
Scarlett Johansson wink is the best thing in life
brizaurellyn (1 year ago)
I ship wanda and vision so much in this movie
Si Hui Wang (1 year ago)
A PotatoVsGaming (1 year ago)
Winter soldier is a pussy licker 0:51
The Wheelchair Hero (1 year ago)
When Chris went "ndhdhfndvdkvnhvnnaaaa!" and the lights came on, it was like a bass drop and i loved it because of the music.
KT X (1 year ago)
0:46 Mini Batman reference...
Soporte Tecnico (1 year ago)
jokes war
Some Crazed Nerd (1 year ago)
0:16 You can hear Tom laughing in the background
Grace Herbert (1 year ago)
When Chris was laughing and then started clapping😍So adorable
Gualter Aquino (1 year ago)
Emily Van Camp's laugh at 0:45 is disturbing.
JustGemThings (1 year ago)
Guys 0:46 is lit hahahahaha
Ernesto Guidos (1 year ago)
I passed out when Scarlett winked. It was too much to handle.
Bin vuong (1 year ago)
they were about to kissss !!!!!!!
trigger finger (1 year ago)
0:14 Language!
loodlebop (1 year ago)
the things I'd do to Scarlett....
Daniel Latempa (1 year ago)
Scarlett Johanssons wink gets me every time
damn it Scarlett.. i know having Sebastian in between your thigh is awesome.. no need to show off
Drace90 (1 year ago)
Every final battle in superhero movies should be a dance off!
The Indiscriminate (1 year ago)
0:06 is that a hitmarker I hear
EDZclusive (1 year ago)
0:48 you're welcome
Somme Tinonme (1 year ago)
1 minute and 11 seconds ... that's all you could manage???
Joan K (1 year ago)
Scarlett looks so happy while riding Sebastian Stan..😂😂
jeremyst (1 year ago)
Android 18 in real life @0:45 damn she's so pretty. Emily Van Camp.
amour larme (1 year ago)
amour larme (1 year ago)
Travis YouTube (1 year ago)
Lucky seb for getting scarlet to wrap her legs around him
Juan Rodriguez (1 year ago)
i go fr ironman
Just Miles (1 year ago)
Chris Evans at 0:46 will never not be the cutest thing on this planet.
shadow films (1 year ago)
where is "cut the check"
Blue Whale (1 year ago)
shadow films i wanted say that too (i am not from USA or UK) :DDD
Tashreef Araf (1 year ago)
Who else said, "language" at 0.13
Tommy (1 year ago)
The "Stop fucking with me Tom" line always makes me self aware like "what did I do- oh not me tom, tom holland tom. Gotcha"
Hockey Town (1 year ago)
wow.. swearing huh.. does Disney allow that on set?? with out cheesy and shitty these movies are
Brother in Christ (1 year ago)
he is probably a dc fanboy. dont mind his stupidity.
LaughingOwlKiller (1 year ago)
so you think the films are shit..but take the time to click on a video and comment on something you don't like...
JAKE THE ROBO-NRD (1 year ago)
0:13 Cap language!
Lisinski Gaming (1 year ago)
When will I be able to rent this on Google Play?
Mario 12 (1 year ago)
beat at 0:47?
Nicolas Drummer (1 year ago)
where are the "cut and check"?? hahaha
Amy (1 year ago)
Why do the voices sound so small the audio is all wrong??
madesyn fandom (1 year ago)
what part in the movie did cap and bucky go underwater 0:04
Dayreel (1 year ago)
when Cap stopped the helicopter from flying then it crashed. Both of them fell in the river and Cap saved unconscious Bucky this time
Mahinur Tezgi (1 year ago)
Pillette Mark (1 year ago)
0:47 Do that to me Scarlett.....
Audra Barrella (1 year ago)
ScarletVision at 0:55! My heart! It can't take it!
MrPatient14 (1 year ago)
Konrad Białek (1 year ago)
ZachyFuzzy (1 year ago)
rip replay button
Sam Ash (1 year ago)
0:57 Vision wants some xD
Novix (1 year ago)
0:45 how can the men in the background not laugh at that?
Lucy Black (1 year ago)
0:53 that face 😂😂😂
Ulises Maldonado (1 year ago)
September 2nd for digital in the US? In Mexico it's August 31st. 😁
nightwishin (1 year ago)
Emily´s laugh at 0:44 is the best :D
William Amaro (1 year ago)
Wouldn't mind Scarlett Riding my face like that XD
Inferno kidd (1 year ago)
CAP!!!!!!! Language!!!!!!!!!!!!!😱😱😱😱
Spider Gamer (1 year ago)
stop fucking with me tom the camera is on me now
keitana thompson (1 year ago)
hahahah i love it omg hahaha
Prasanjit Rath (1 year ago)
0:02 to 0:03 the best part
BBmetalhead04 (1 year ago)
0:03 Cap and Iron Man having a dance off while Bucky is lying there dead.
Samuel Arce (11 months ago)
BBmetalhead04 e
Mach 8 (1 year ago)
That's always the best way to settle things
Super Aaron (1 year ago)
Anyone else die a little inside when Black Widow winked at them? No? Just me? Cool
Shayne Marques (1 year ago)
ur not alone bruh
Leah Hart (1 year ago)
52... best part
That's Sarah (1 year ago)
0:47 The timing though
Elena Hein (1 year ago)
Cara (1 year ago)
Seb got me feeling some type of way at 0:04
ughmykaela (1 year ago)
zangetsu660 (1 year ago)
0:50 Black Widow gain a blowjob
finally, it's here! also it's so cool to see how fiercely Scarlett punches Sebastian xD the whole gag reel is amazing, i was waiting for it for so long!
Mankeerat Singh (1 year ago)
That wink is too hot to handle.
Harmaakarhu (1 year ago)
oh my so feminine move from scarlett <3
yeah I bet bucky was enjoying when black widow was on him
Luis Cristaldo (1 year ago)

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