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Mortal Kombat X | official trailer (2015)

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official trailer for Mortal Kombat X
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cony (7 hours ago)
ITTHEBEESKNEEZ Yeet (13 hours ago)
Naseem Razack (14 hours ago)
Watch the trailer three times in a row gets better each time!!!😻😻👏👏👏
Matias Montalvan (15 hours ago)
Raja Belgia (21 hours ago)
Tristan Wargear (1 day ago)
I was mostly excited because of the x-ray in this trailer
Jr Galan (2 days ago)
Whats the song that is in the background with with wiz
Tomás Olmedo (2 days ago)
September 2018 ?
Salandrews xd (2 days ago)
Like scorpion Comment sub-zero
The Terminator (3 days ago)
This game song is better than any world class music
RodrYT (3 days ago)
mehmet akkuş (3 days ago)
MR. Creeper (5 days ago)
someone give me the original song
Carmen & Luis Lopez (5 days ago)
Me 2018
Carmen & Luis Lopez (5 days ago)
Me to
celicar29 (5 days ago)
MK9 trailer with Kratos is really better!
Babar Chandio (5 days ago)
Yes 2018 dude
MATÜTE 328 (6 days ago)
Mikail Thomas (8 days ago)
How could "sub zero" get up with his arms broken ?
Dark MGG (9 days ago)
Hermoso scorpion
Rupali Haque (9 days ago)
2018 September anyone???
xD xD (1 hour ago)
Rupali Haque me
It’s just Yomii (7 days ago)
Rupali Haque meeeeeeee😂
Rafael Ferreira (10 days ago)
Scorpion WINS Fatality
Lofro 17 (10 days ago)
this trailer had me soooo hype.
sans box (10 days ago)
Rabiya Jorayewa (11 days ago)
Абазаю игру мортал комбатX
Arthur gameplay (11 days ago)
Still Absolutely beautiful😄😄😄😄😎😎😎😎!!!
John Wick DuClash (11 days ago)
Du rap dessus N importe quoi
Alan Gutiérrez (14 days ago)
ja y yo tengo el mortal kombat xl
SR PALOMA (14 days ago)
Amo este trailer
Erho Game channel (14 days ago)
SCORPION VS SUBZERO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bnncggoSVTI&feature=youtu.be
icewalow come (15 days ago)
Best trailer ever
Даннил Найн (15 days ago)
Sub zero
sameer open (15 days ago)
Scorpion kill the subzero
No its a game not movie
Zyrael Whitley (16 days ago)
He my main
JUST MAN (16 days ago)
And this is Bi Han, not the original sub0
JUST MAN (16 days ago)
Mohamed N (16 days ago)
When i watched this the first time I thought it was actual gameplay i was so hyped
начин завараживает
Что за трек
Shweta Pandya (16 days ago)
Nurzhan Nukirbekov (17 days ago)
song please?
Shahid Soni (18 days ago)
Scorpion is the best character of Mortal Kombat series
Chikito Zorrilla (18 days ago)
A la mierda ¿Por que siempre Scorpion debe derrotar a Sub Zero y luego matarlo? Denle una oportunidad a Sub Zero para derrotar a Scorpion , los odio malditos puñales
PyroProxTM (18 days ago)
2018!!! O.0
Sub zero always lose but why
RICARDO12YT (19 days ago)
Viva mortal Kombat
Subzero died:(
Marquel Wiggins (20 days ago)
The reason sub Zero will lose is because he fights with honor but scorpion is a raging revived non-honor warrior. Another reason sub Zero would lose is because it adds up more anger on scorpion because he thought that sub Zero killed his clan/family. And yeah I said it adds up more anger. So it makes scorpion angrier and stronger.
carl johnson (20 days ago)
Best trailer
SomewhatGamer (20 days ago)
Jesus can sub zero win for once?
SAHIL JARIAL (21 days ago)
Song ?
TaoBoi 08 (21 days ago)
I’m so glad Scorpion Won👍🏼😀
TaoBoi 08 (21 days ago)
Team Scorpion
KeschaPlay Tv (21 days ago)
Matheus Rocha (21 days ago)
3 years after and I still loving this game and this trailer, this video is really good
Hypers Matt08 (21 days ago)
God Jet Zero K. (22 days ago)
nombre de la canción por favor
Javier Vlogs (23 days ago)
Scorpion 🦂🦂🦂🦂🦂
Ske Sako (23 days ago)
R.I.P - XxxTentacion
MAAMRIA Bassem (24 days ago)
Scorpion got his ass handed to him...and yet...he managed to come back on his feet and actually win...biassssss...
Jotroid Wolf (24 days ago)
This never gets old
ArAz MarAz (24 days ago)
Scorpion 😈♥️
Unoriginal Cunt (25 days ago)
Gamer Guy (25 days ago)
3 years
Real life: 1 arm bone broken straight to the hospital Mk: 50 broken bones Still fighting like nothing ever happend
Hunter Suraj (28 days ago)
i hated scorpion ever....
Samuel Kamal (28 days ago)
Sub-Zero nooooooo😱😢😢😢😢
comics trash (29 days ago)
Meme Machine (29 days ago)
I’m jk I go for scorpion
Poonam Mishra (29 days ago)
very poor 😁😀🏦🏧
Darren Earhart (30 days ago)
Still gives me chills. Great game
Spotter3006 (30 days ago)
Im scorpion there
Exedy (1 month ago)
The fucking rap can't they give us animation but without this song?
Orhan Orhanov (1 month ago)
Orhan Orhanov *GET OVER HERE*
A.R.M.Y 95 (1 month ago)
I remember when I saw it in the trailer in 2014 and when it came out and it was a row of 3 hours to buy it
Tomas Pardo (1 month ago)
El mejor puto tráiler del mundo la musica y la pelea es todo
Fermin gameplay (1 month ago)
Cómo se llama la canción
Eric Demonbreun (1 month ago)
How come subzero ever wins in the past trailers
Fierce Pierce (1 month ago)
One does not simply only watch this once
Gabriel Strickland (26 days ago)
Storm Shred still watching it
Octavian Popescu (1 month ago)
MK is the best game ever. I love it♥️. The last one it is too robotic. I hope the next one will have more realistic moves and some unique skills to upgrade. I like 2D gameplay but I think will be awesome to add more 3D cut scenes in the gameplay like in this trailer and being able to use 3 different characters at the same time instead of one with 3 rounds😍
Meme Machine (1 month ago)
#team kenshi 😂
PyroProxTM (1 month ago)
Me dad from scorpion zub sero is me child so shut the fuc up
mustafa khudair (1 month ago)
😭😭😭😭😭😭 I love scorpion
jay lucas (1 month ago)
Sad way to die
Royal Bavarian (1 month ago)
I still can't find this song and it's been 4 years 💀
Megga Slayz (1 month ago)
We need mk11
MrPlooxy (1 month ago)
Mortal Kombat XI?
I still remmember how excited i was that day when i saw this trailer.
diego goicochea zavala (1 month ago)
Un exelente juego algo viego pero bueno

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