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These Senators Don't Know How Internet Works - Zuckerberg Gets Confused!

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These Senators Don't Know How Internet Works - Zuckerberg Gets Confused! Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg testifies before senate committee on social media privacy policy and Cambridge Analytica Scandal (4/10/18) on April 10, 2018. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Click here to Subscribe my channel ➤ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaoTHdNGwPuFJA2fxAIiMHQ?sub_confirmation=1 Click here for my previous video: ➤ https://youtu.be/-lkFYwLJGc8 Click here to check out all playlists: ➤ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaoTHdNGwPuFJA2fxAIiMHQ/playlists Click here to follow us in Facebook: ➤ https://www.facebook.com/American-Revolution-Our-Revolution-1698434183779273/ Click here to follow us in Facebook: ➤ https://twitter.com/American_Revol Donate to AMERICAN REVOLUTION and help keep us on the air: 🔴 https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=Y5URERUNU2H98 =================================================== PLEASE LIKE, SHARE & DONATE US. YOUR SUPPORT WILL HELP US TO COVER EVERY LIVE EVENTS FOR YOU... ===================================================
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Text Comments (1861)
American Revolution (27 days ago)
🔴Hey Everyone, I hope you loved this video. All I can say, your comments here made my days hilarious. 😀😀😂😃😄 If you want us to upload more interesting videos like this, Please consider a small donation for our YouTube Channel. Thank You. 😇😇 🔻🔻 Donate:- https://www.paypal.com/donate/?token=shO3HrxLsi-_OzDOuqGI8CunBeFmz7NgQlBF8pBPJo22D6K1xFelummtw4rZlpkuwj1T4W&country.x=US&locale.x=US
American Revolution (20 days ago)
Kevin Snel (20 days ago)
heh these senators make me want to facepalm
12Burton24 (20 days ago)
American Revolution it looks more you dont know how internet works...what they do and what laws of different countries say is different. You cant controll your datas sent by facebook ect. and thats against many laws of different countries. As a company it doesnt matter if you write something in to the legal agreement if its against the law it doesn't make it legit.
Fav Club (33 minutes ago)
Senators are asking the questions that are reported to them, there is no problem with that, people getting targeted ads over and over again definitely makes anyone feel they are giving these ads based on keywords we type, senators may be not able to spell the right questions doesn't mean they asked stupidly
Akashi DeMoN (2 hours ago)
Bharat Sharma (3 hours ago)
Sharriff bndi ki faadh rkhi hai faltu me .. shakl se bicha rha kitna dara hua hai
Goldenbeard Official (4 hours ago)
He is lying. They see the messages
R3ALITIES (5 hours ago)
Senator:So if I took a shit and sneezed at the same time,will the shit come out of my nostrils? Mark: *Senator...*
Patrick Weal (5 hours ago)
squirmy zucc to give you the tucc
Walu TV (9 hours ago)
It's the generation before internet trying to get control over it. It's not going to work. Worldwide we need people with an actualy clue on that topic in these high power positions when it comes to the internet.
Plasmic Shockwave (11 hours ago)
These guys are idiots
Naveen MN (12 hours ago)
How the fuck can you email through whatsapp
blackklopi (13 hours ago)
i mean how are they supposed to know when they dont grow up with it lol
Sára Bílková (14 hours ago)
Poor mark xd
Canadian Custom ATV (14 hours ago)
Senator you are all retards
snivo india (15 hours ago)
I have one question,, do you store data about my breakfast, lunch and dinner? Answer Zuckerberg 😁😁😁
Dave Sprike (20 hours ago)
I don't think really they are dumb questions but some of them are most relevant.Being an IT person I can tell you that. People who seriously think these Senators are stupids, really need to check their knowledge on how modern systems work.
AB SinTeta (22 hours ago)
When your country is run buy 70 year olds who do not understand the modern world .. well that when u know your screwed
Bryllsepter (1 day ago)
The music is just... lmfao
Xwlap -G (1 day ago)
Mark run away or your knowledge will get lost
My reaction:Dafaq are these people dumb?!
SupEr (1 day ago)
Will Facebook give me sex ads if I am whorny ?
Gian Santos (1 day ago)
“Senator, can you clarify what you mean by ‘data categories’?” -Zucc 2018. Btw, have you ever noticed that there are a lot of people who show up on the news and act like they know what they’re talking when it comes to this certain topic after a nights worth of research, and people who are SPECIALIZED in that kind of stuff (how the internet and ads work) are like “why tf is she talking about algorithms?? Is he even talking about the right thing? I swear to god, she’s confused Facebook for sum Marvel Nick Fury spy computer shit bro.”
Márcia Sousa (1 day ago)
what ?
Kroneexe (1 day ago)
«emailing» within whatsapp.
Fluto Fanta (1 day ago)
My question ! What's the shape of internet? like circle, square, transparent or can u touch it??
J0seph gaming dude (1 day ago)
I feel bad for Mark
Loksmere Boolooki (1 day ago)
3 heads wide. He’s a man. The red circle proves it. Unfortunately for Moochelle, there’s a video on YT out there showing 3 heads wide in the same red oval which tells us that Big Mike has an”OPEN SECRET”. RIP Joan Rivers!
Dash Azar (1 day ago)
Why american senators are dumb. ,,.
sai kumar (1 day ago)
Fan of Cards (1 day ago)
It's doesn't matter how it works. I wanna ask US govt. What did they do after these hearings? Are these just a court room drama series for satisfaction of dumb citizens? You Americans are enslaved to media and it's various formats. Wake up you guys, those kids who protested for a massacre in school killings didn't get anything, you people take roads when your military invades Afghan or Iraq. But when you're own future is massacarred in a temple of learning, you people give a shit. This is what you're. This is for all those ignored mongers.....
shivanand shetty (1 day ago)
Loksmere Boolooki (1 day ago)
This was SUCH a PHONY thing. All it TRULY was- was a very polite, light hearted info-Mercial, at THE COST OF THE TAXPAYERS. Filthy. Disgusting. Shameful. Now Mark- you can give a nod to this. Or 2 thumbs up. Whichever you prefer. And why not? You gave PRE-AGREEABLE NODS to seemingly EVERY Bieber-Brained Bozos that we’re helping you with your free promotional video project.
I was as confused as Mark.
Oyin Sky (1 day ago)
when the older vs young man
Desikan S (1 day ago)
:) hahaha
Kengse (1 day ago)
All the time I'm e-mailing on WhatsApp I'm asking me those questions
maryann yz (1 day ago)
PandaKiddo Plays (1 day ago)
Top 10 Prove that Senators needs slightly more Education
VALERIAN BBX (1 day ago)
I just lost my last two braincells..
himangshu sarma (1 day ago)
political orientation question was pretty legit though.
Joluuv (1 day ago)
„E-Mailing via Whatsapp“ fuck thats the same shit as teachers they dont know shit about the new world
malapapas02 (1 day ago)
oooo my god .. are these people senators ? and do you actually believe they can run a country .. ???
Craig cb (1 day ago)
And people Are saying He a BOT! 🤣 Senators be DUMB AF
Divyansh (1 day ago)
Let's just look at it from the senators point of view, these are the high ranking officials that hold power and significant influence in the system, so when one if the youngest billionare comes in their reach they are stupidly trying to say any stupid thing just to prove that they are superior to this guy in some form, now they cant be rich enough to compare to him and their knowledge of internet is already god like so they can say anything they want to.
moe nono (2 days ago)
belajar menggambar (2 days ago)
did they use facebook??? omg
Kimchhun Poeung (2 days ago)
Then Do you know how the internet work?
cedric vintero (2 days ago)
I can't see Mark in the thumbnail pls add more red circle and a little bit of red arrow and pls color his face
cedric vintero (1 day ago)
zKickz You know this is joke? :)
American Revolution (1 day ago)
Thanks. A
zKickz (1 day ago)
It's on purpose, to attract viewers. Thumbnails like these are much better than boring pictures of a face, these actually want to attract you to watch which is the point, and they also look good, it's a type of art i very much apprechiate, making thumbnails and stuff, because it really lights up your will to click on that video.
Zootloc (1 day ago)
Be like ali-a
MN 9TYL (1 day ago)
Agent Pixelord (2 days ago)
If I get lung cancer, will I get an ad for the Cancer Research Institute?
Splendid Dwarf (2 days ago)
Gachi Null (2 days ago)
Now this makes sense, lately Ive been watching "fake news" on youtube like those zuckerberg cringe memes, curb your zucc and I thought Zuckerberg was on the wrong but meh guess the senators are the wrong here not zuckerberg Rip enlgish
Stuffzz (2 days ago)
These senators watch only fox
Greta Pikturnaite (2 days ago)
I feel so sorry for Mark, like im listening to him answer the questions and its all just cringe from the senators, like if your going to interrogate someone at least know what your interrogating them on. Jesus christ save these poor people from their own foolishness
melvin5818 (2 days ago)
These people are idiots and they're running our country...
King.K The Best (2 days ago)
Those senators are dumb af.
LeoPers (2 days ago)
Emailing in whatsapp... ahh
Naseer Kakar (2 days ago)
Yeet Chang (3 days ago)
Well this is depressing... ok
AuDaguy Z (3 days ago)
I think some questions were relevant as they put Mark under stress. He looked so confused.
Mark Zuckerberg is an asshole.
Dick Longflop (3 days ago)
Lmao wtf they’re a little stupid
Archit12 (3 days ago)
These guys should stick to lawmaking lmao 😂
Elitetryhard (3 days ago)
This is just like when you give your controller to your little sibling and they dont know how yo play and you get so angry at them
Galaktyczna Kawa (3 days ago)
I still didn't realise what happened there... I think I'm even more confused than Zuckerberg
Bryan Dumat (3 days ago)
That what you called fishing. They're trying to catch mark by his own mouth.
His name is T. I'm J (3 days ago)
he looked so done lol
KHADIZA254 (3 days ago)
Well apart from the matter that these senators are funny but look at mark , he seems so stressed , I fell very bad for him even after what he did .....
American Revolution (3 days ago)
True. Do you think these senators are good for the US?
Alfred Antony (3 days ago)
so funny LOOOOL
Mindaugas Skimelis (4 days ago)
And these "senators" run your country?
Freesh Avaacadooo (4 days ago)
Fucking idiots... How do I do an internet?
LionX Argonout (4 days ago)
2nd most dumbest thing after Lil Tay
mahmoudm.k (4 days ago)
God please
Sahan Wijeratne (4 days ago)
Do they even know what they are asking?? God how does he keep a straight face right there??😂😂😂😂😂
Bona Fide (4 days ago)
Is it necessary to begin every sentence with Senator?
Jack Davies (5 days ago)
Oh gosh are these actually real senators? Be blessed America
Madhurima Dixit (5 days ago)
Senator: If I click the space bar on Whatsapp, do I get the ad from Elon Musk for visiting the space? Mark: Are you sure, you're from this planet, uh! Senator?
Americans must make the Congress younger.🤗
momo Z (5 days ago)
Ehh... they should put some younger blood in that panel.
Rohit Bhushan (6 days ago)
No wonder the world is going down the pothole.
Dorian Ollivier (6 days ago)
What does she meant by data categories ?
Ullas U (6 days ago)
O really.....
İlker İlker (6 days ago)
Actually Senators asked very smart questions
JJ Jani (6 days ago)
Idiot senators
dat calculation tho (8 days ago)
Ah, classic american politicians.
KREATE Channel (9 days ago)
If I send EMAIL on WhatsApp....
Anouk Surmenian (9 days ago)
I thought this was a montage but is it real? •_•
sdgagd fsafasdf (9 days ago)
GsTSaien (13 days ago)
Holy shit 192 MILLION data points??? I mean that doesnt make any sense nor mean anything but it surely sounds like something bad is going on!
Tangkung Tingtong (13 days ago)
The big reason WHY....FACEBOOK knew all of users IP ADRESSES...That why All around the WORLD >>>>> THE BIG PROBLEMS:)) BAD:((( DEPENDS ON YOU:))) YOU R THE BOSS:))))
Ahhotep1 (13 days ago)
Most of their questions were clever enough to cause zuckerburg to falter and reveal more then he wanted. He took the bait on the good ones. And I mean clever enough in their 'seemingly' innocent naïvety...
zeliz (13 days ago)
Asking how do you sustain a business model its not a stupid question.
abcd bcde (13 days ago)
This is by far the stupidest video I believe I have ever seen on youtube and thats not because of the questions being asked but the sheer lack of understanding by the clown who made this compilation.
abcd bcde (13 days ago)
Let me start by saying I haven't seen the video which this is taken from. Now the first question about the business model seems fair to me, hes asking him to explain where they gain revenue from. I would imagine there is more questioning around this subject later on and I doubt if 100% of facebooks revenue comes from adverts and I'm pretty sure the Senator asking the question understands the concept of ad revenue. Don't forget the purpose of this kind of inquest is to question Zuckerberg about facebooks business practices in a public and legal setting. Just because the questions might be put forward in what seems like a simplistic manner doesn't mean the Senators are stupid. If Zuckerberg is later found to have lied about one of these issues his legal team will find it had to explain that he misunderstood the questions. Also the the questions about whatsapp and privacy seem completely valid, Zuckerberg has now in front of a senate hearing stated that in no way does whatsapp in any capacity analyse the personal messages sent between users. This question isn't about anyones understanding of whatsapp and its privacy policy, its about getting the head of facebook to swear to us all that its this way. Just because someone adds silly music and does a cheap Ken Burns effect in a video doesn't make these people stupid and to say "These Senators Don't Know How Internet Works" is crass, not a single question in this video even pertains to the Internet and how it works. Now maybe theres more to this whole video that I'm not aware of like a Senator spilling a drink on themself or slipping on a banana peal but theres nothing shown in this clip that I would construe as incompetence.
im silver u nub (13 days ago)
abcd bcde explain or kys
American Revolution (13 days ago)
Lol..... thank you for you comment. 😃😃
Leah Tverly (13 days ago)
Facebook stores data, does that mean it is also an actual store? Can I buy my groceries on Facebook?
Fernando Suislec (13 days ago)
Surya Teja (13 days ago)
senator. please go to bed. 😒
HASSAN TAHIR (13 days ago)
What a fu**** senator
András Pajor dr. (13 days ago)
so people in charge basically have no idea how the world works today... but you should still be aware that this bloody little kike is stealing your data!!!
filipovix (13 days ago)
wtf does wapp have to do fb
SlappyBallz (13 days ago)
Why do you need to circle Mark's head y'know we can see him except the lady on the back thats okay
Hound - Agario (13 days ago)
The Saharan Spy (13 days ago)
know the difference A Good Succ | A Bad Zucc

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