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20 Upcoming PC MMORPG Games in 2018 & 2019 ► Open World, Multiplayer, MMO!

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Massive worlds, wars, community, and a whole other life to lead! Welcome to the 20 Upcoming PC MMO Games in 2018 & 2019 list! Now, MMORPGs have been hit or miss over the years, some becoming cultural phenomenons to others living and dying in obscurity! Many on this list are promising to revolutionise the genre while others are aiming to return to its routes. Either way, there's a lot to explore, so let's get started! ►More lists & upcoming games◄ https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLYVqUDxY6COh7bkuJoBb1koNRX7mAX2yp ►QUESTIONS OF THE DAY◄ Which ones are you most looking forward to? What would you recommend to someone who's trying to get into a new MMO? ►UPCOMING PC RPG GAMES for 2018 & 2019◄ 1. Ashes of Creation - Intrepid Studios https://www.ashesofcreation.com/ 2. The Saga of Lucimia - Stormhaven Studios https://sagaoflucimia.com/ 3. Legends of Aria - Citadel Studios https://www.legendsofaria.com/ 4. Life is Feudal: MMO - Bitbox https://lifeisfeudal.com/ 5. Ascent: Infinite Realm - Bluehole Studio https://www.airthegame.com/ 6. Worlds Adrift - Bossa Studios https://www.worldsadrift.com/ 7. City of Titans (Ship of Heroes, Valiance Online) - Missing Worlds Media https://cityoftitans.com/ 8. Identity - Asylum Entertainment https://www.identityrpg.com/ 9. Wild West Online - 612 Games https://www.playwwo.com/ 10. Boundless - Wonderstruck http://playboundless.com/ 11. Valnir Rok - encurio https://www.valnir.net/ 12. Conqueror's Blade - Booming Games https://conquerorsblade.com/ 13. Bless Online - NEOWIZ BLESS STUDIO http://blessonline.net/ 14. Dark and Light - Snail Games USA http://www.playdnl.com/ 15. Darkfall: New Dawn - Ub3rgames https://darkfallnewdawn.com/ 16. Shroud of the Avatar - Portalarium https://www.shroudoftheavatar.com/ 17. Camelot Unchained - City State Entertainment http://camelotunchained.com/ 18. Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen - Visionary Realms https://pantheonmmo.com/ 19. Chronicles of Elyria - Soulbound Studios https://chroniclesofelyria.com/ 20. Crowfall - ArtCraft Entertainment https://crowfall.com/ - ASIAN MMOs Peria Chronicles http://peria.nexon.com/main/index.aspx Age of Wushu 2 http://9yin2.woniu.com/ Astellia http://astellia.nexon.com/info/astell Soulworker https://soulworker.gameforge.com/en_US/home God Slayer Online http://mh.changyou.com/ Lost Ark http://lostark.game.onstove.com/ .~ ► Follow me on Twitch to watch live! http://www.twitch.tv/GamerZakh ♣ Join the Community Discord! https://discord.gg/GamerZakh ♥ Want to help support what I do? I have a Patreon! https://www.patreon.com/GamerZakh ♠ Humble Bundle Referral Link https://www.humblebundle.com/monthly?partner=gamerzakh ♦ T-shirts & Merch https://www.designbyhumans.com/shop/GamerZakh/ » Website: http://www.gamerzakh.com/ » Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/GamerZakh » Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/GamerZakh ♫ Spotify Gaming Faves https://open.spotify.com/user/gamerzakh/playlist/5SVzaZPzPYLfg79UkVs2Ve Subscribe for more and thanks for watching!
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GamerZakh (7 months ago)
It's the MMO list! So many want to either revolutionise the genre or bring it back to its routes. Some want to do both. Which one looks interesting to you? As a fun fact, *I wrote a total of over 20,000 words* for the scripts for all 6 lists! Hope you enjoy them! Also, what would you recommend to someone who is trying to get into a new MMO? You can also check out more gaming lists here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLYVqUDxY6COh7bkuJoBb1koNRX7mAX2yp
Amaya Hiko (26 days ago)
Peria Chronicles is actually doing a great job.
j. w. (3 months ago)
A few of these games in the video "supports" griefing.
Great list! Great video! I really enjoyed it. Thanks :)
Hula Huup (4 months ago)
camelot unchained is far from going live.
Wildboy789789 (5 months ago)
GamerZakh , magic the gathering online, tho no date or info yet
doskodo (4 hours ago)
sad no anime mmorpg anymore. boring games.
Vexsus22 (2 days ago)
vanilla wow and bc was the beginning and end for me, the height of my mmorpg exprience .... nothing else has gotten me hooked
Silver T (2 days ago)
Everything looks old and boring
GamerZakh (2 days ago)
What kind of MMO are you into now?
1st Proffesi (8 days ago)
Sad a private server game that came out in 2004 still beats all these new mmo's. Ascension wow ftw.
Santa Dragon (8 days ago)
So many upcomming games and mostly only trash ... so sad that there are so many small publisher with no sense of "how to create a useful game". Either bad graphics, rubbish gameplay or less content wont be a way to fix on players. Then mostly that free-to-play shit with ingame ptw stores ... I hate the actual MMORPG time.
yaoyao tan (8 days ago)
Why you put the video it made like 10 years ago?
GamerZakh (8 days ago)
Do you mean why do these games look 10 years old? Graphics are the last thing developers work on because they don't want to spend money on graphics for something that will be removed from the game. Plus, making an MMO is very expensive and not many publishers are willing to fund this type of game, so many of these developers are working with not much money.
By Feroo (14 days ago)
Knıght online sonrası hiçbir mmo tatmin etmez :(
It's Magic (15 days ago)
Oh man pls somebody create a game just like overlord
Lucas Luro (17 days ago)
Those MMOs look like SHIT, wtf.... I'd rather play BDO, Guild Wars 2 or Tera over any of those! The action dynamic combat is much nicer than any of that
Lucas Luro (17 days ago)
I admit calling them shit might have been an over reaction. I'm just a PvP lover and none of those seem to have a good combat system, that kinda throws me off!
GamerZakh (17 days ago)
Based on history, only 1 or 2 MMOs release each year that turn out decent, so we can expect 2-4 of these to be good. Even the best year for MMO only has 4 big releases. You might not like them but there are already thousands of players for games like Crowfall.
Marcus (18 days ago)
They look awful. No interest in playing any of them. LOL
John Smith (18 days ago)
Mmorpg cant survive if they are to hardcore and grindy its simple math, every game which is massively grindy and hardcore eats into potentially every other mmo game
Brandon Daniel (13 days ago)
Cant play Eso if im playing BDO :/
Alex Gia (20 days ago)
Most of those are a NO from me. I can deal with imbalance or micro-transactions. I dont mind low-rez textures or low-polygon models. But i just cant stand bad animations. In half of those mmos the characters move like wooden puppets performed by a guy with parkinsons. Darkfall being the worst.
Han Gyul Kang (21 days ago)
Bless 이 똥망껨이 왜 여기서 나오지 으....
Rob Owens (22 days ago)
just play lotro
Lord of Nothing (23 days ago)
Vanilla WOW. Yes please.
Ralli08 (23 days ago)
MMOs seems outdated
GamerZakh (23 days ago)
Which genre doesn't? But often when a genre moves on people start demanding it to go back to their roots. Simulation games are going back to the 90s with Two Point Hospital, Rise of Industry, and Parkasaurus. RTS is filled with games trying to recreate the 'golden age of RTS'. RPG is all about that classic isometric style again with Wasteland 3, PoE2, and many more. MMOs look as outdated as any other genre really, especially since we're in an 'age of nostalgia'.
Christian Virgel (23 days ago)
None of these games will change anything. Wild West Online already failed. Dark and Light is unplayable in my eyes. And rest of those games are bit to unknown and studios are to small to rise a big hit from scratch.
GamerZakh (23 days ago)
Generally there tends to be 1-2 relatively successful MMO releases a year. Not necessarily huge hits but sustainable ones. Boundless seems to be getting good reception for example.
Doğukan Payza (23 days ago)
MOOs are dead.
GamerZakh (23 days ago)
That's what they've been saying for 10 years.
Boredfan Gerrude (24 days ago)
Too many good to be true. :(
Arizona Green Tea (24 days ago)
didn't soulworker already come out?
Noob Driver (27 days ago)
I think people more prefer towards mmorpg that have graphic like Vindictus, Black Desert Online, Blade And Soul, Sky Forge, ArchAge, Ashes of Creation, lost ark, Dragon Nest and few more who I forgot the name is..
xSatsumi (1 month ago)
Look at what nice games they got in china or korea .... And then - Look at Europe.
Pug Panther (1 month ago)
Ragnarok Online Mobile by Tencent is the new thing I'm gonna play :)
Shawn Warn (1 month ago)
i wana play in a new or newer mmo(meaning no older than 1 yr old) and i like sandbox, pve and although im not good at pvp i feel to have a true great medieval type sandbox mmo you must have open world, hardcore, loot anywhere, deep crafting, various skills and weapons and most definitely player housing and player city or village towns, guilds or no guilds don't really matter to me... i play Mortal Online religiously although i love it, it needs more especially in the way of player base cus its basically dead...love to hear any suggestions
Usui Takumi (1 month ago)
With Bless being one of the first, it can only gets better.
Rob Neko (1 month ago)
2018...every single one of them looks from early 2000...holy fuck
Rob Neko (1 month ago)
But you should also consider that some stuff that you see in the alpha stage of the game will stay the same even in the final game or slightly twiched (like adding some frames to animations or effects) and that is the main point of why i blame the path this games are walking on. The animations looks poor with quality even the special effects are not good looking...sure graphics are not what makes a game but some people say ''even the eye wants his part''.
GamerZakh (1 month ago)
They're not all amazing looking, but do keep in mind that graphics is the last thing developers work on because you don't want to design something nicely only to have it cut from the game. That means the earlier in development these games are the worse they look. MMOs particularly because so much goes into the engine and netcode. Meanwhile, games that look really good before they're close to release ironically tend to get downgrades or are suspicious, like Wild West Online, that could be a total scam but looks great in the gameplay trailer.
Rob Neko (1 month ago)
maybe my statement is fueled by hate, those new games looks like a really lazy work and considering the time used in development i fail to understand what they are doing... not 2000 but they look really old for sure
GamerZakh (1 month ago)
I think you overestimate what 2000 looked like haha. Neverwinter Nights was 2002 and hands were literal cubes.
Critxzor (1 month ago)
i love MMORGP, started on World of Warcraft since playing that i did GW2 and BD and Bless, nothing atm can beat Wow, even tho the game so old and boring, i want a mmorgp like wow but isn't if you know what i mean, something where u can grind Dungeons raids on your own, you have the option to or group, good PVP 1v1 3v3 5v5 10v10 pvp system and no Pay 2 win... the game i'm hooked on at is POE till an MMORPG comes out that i really want to play
From what I've seen when looking into MMO/RPG's, they seem to dog pile on the success of other franchises like WoW's, or Final Fantasy, pretty much playing on the same old character developement offerings and rinse and repeat missions that lead to the inevitable boss fights. So far the only thing that looks interesting to me is EvE online, even though it looks a lot like ST online. I play a lot of modern war games, yet there is no modern age MMO based in the 19th Century, like WW1/2 era where one can climb the ranks thru the SS ranks, or engage in espionage, storm the beach of Normandy, take command of a tank on a Blitzkrieg, or drop a bomb on Nagasaki. Kinda like Battlefield, meets WoT, meets James Bond in a MMO sand box world. I'm just looking for something unique and modern, preferably set in a world when humanity appreciated the invention of toilet paper. Got any recommendations?
GamerZakh (1 month ago)
What would you consider an original game? I'm pretty sure there isn't a game that didn't have something similar that came before it.
Lunny Cherry (1 month ago)
Anyone know any game like Capturing Mounts???
RageToTheEnd (1 month ago)
What about MOONLIGHT BLADE????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
GamerZakh (1 month ago)
The one that released in 2015 and only just got a rumour that it's getting a western release last month?
Mark Ford (1 month ago)
I never really got into mmos intill like 2012 or 2013. D&D Neverwinter was my first mmo because a lot of them have people that just get annoying and don't know how to have fun with a game instead make a game a job, no fun. I am used to playing games since the mid 80's and they were all one player type games which were console games like Dragon Warrior, FF games, Contra, Metroid, Super Mario Bros, the old battle chest one player Warcraft games, C&C, Zelda for Nintendo, Breath of Fire, Chrono Trigger, Donkey Kong, Sonic the Hedge Hog and so many other game titles. Wow this brings me back to memory lane hehehe :-). I would play with friends or my brother older fighting games which were 1 vs 1 games. Street fighter, Tekken and games like Mario Kart, Twisted Metal, Vigilante 8 and James Bond Golden Eye.
HerrAuron (1 month ago)
All crap
IvanOder (1 month ago)
Sadly, I feel the MMORPG genre is headed for that same black hole that RTS games have fallen into. I believe what killed RTS is that the newer player base, with their Attention Deficit Syndromes, forced developers into making the games that play too fast. A good RTS often took three to four hours to complete and was something you could talk about later. These people could not tolerate the genre unless matches were under 15 minutes, so games were all designed for this approach leading to what is basically a MOBA game. MMORPGs worried too much about being labeled a "ripoff" of WoW and Everquest and always tried to inject some ground-breaking new "feature" into the genre. I think where a lot of MMOs fail is the clan (guild, corporation, etc.) systems. The whole point of an MMO is to socialize with other players, not go it solo. If you want to play alone, play a single player RPG, they are generally more story driven and entertaining. I personally prefer an MMO but the guild systems are typically terrible. I recall one new game that was very big and I think still has a decent following that must have had a hundred shards at launch. After only a week into launch, I checked the guilds list and there were hundreds on one server alone and 98% of them had only 1-2 members. The problem is that it was just too damn easy to create a guild so everyone did it and there was nobody left to fill the hundreds of guilds that sprang up. I have to recall a game I used to play that is still going, although I do not know what the player base actually is, that really did some things right. Guilds could be made only after level 30, paying 2m credits, and completing a quest chain that was not completely a walk through the park. If someone quit a guild, they were restricted from joining another for seven days, eight if they were kicked out for some reason. One thing I always hated were guild hoppers. Another great feature is their online Exchange Shop where players are free to sell items, gold, and even their characters. It is great if someone grew tired of playing that capped toon and wanted to start another. They could sell that toon and have a lot of extra resources. This is called innovation.
IvanOder (1 month ago)
Someone needs to make a game that takes control of what happens, not put it in the hands of players. Most players today are jerks and only wish to ruin games. If you make a "player run" game, it will fail.
LordShady (1 month ago)
pagal Over (1 month ago)
Terra Incognita Gaming (1 month ago)
Most of these games arent MMORPGs you fuckwit.
GamerZakh (1 month ago)
I have a video discussing this issue and there's no authority saying 'MMO needs thousands of players'. Here's the video: https://youtu.be/OKwjE4CNTFU And on that video where I ask people for how they understand 'MMO', 50% of people don't think a game needs thousands of players to be an MMO. Unless there's some official definition or authority on the meaning of 'MMO', how do you propose I curate games while not alienating huge amounts of people? Also, why not player run servers? I limited it to needing to be persistent, but why can't a player run a persistent server? What's the real difference between the two on the player experience?
Terra Incognita Gaming (1 month ago)
Dark and Light is a fucking 50 player open world RPG. just like ark, conan exiles. Some of the others go in the same category. MMORPG would mean persistent worlds that arent player run, with thousands of players in the servers.
GamerZakh (1 month ago)
Why not?
Telúrico Frevens (1 month ago)
Oh man! There's nothing to play! :/
Matthew Goodfriend (1 month ago)
I wouldn't mind how old/bad these games look if that didn't almost always come with such a bad movement system the game feels too old. Heck, some games I've played that are older and look older have had smooth enough controls where they were great to play. These games have to stop going for "realism" or being cheap in that department because it just results in movement too clunky to play with. Half the battle shouldn't be feeling like the characters are tripping over themselves.
Enchiron Whatever (1 month ago)
Nothing useful, they all look like 2010
GamerZakh (1 month ago)
Do keep in mind they're all not done as they're upcoming games and graphics are the last thing devs work on because no point making graphics for some feature that'll be cut. Also, based on history, the best year for MMOs only had 4 successful games in the genre, so on average if just 2-3 games in this list turn out good and successful it'll be par for the course.
Bonzai Badger (1 month ago)
Don't fall for anything CCP says about "new projects" because they always abandon support for any new projects only a few months in.
Sarah Rose (2 months ago)
Light and dark seems quite pretty I started gaming in school when Adventure quest world became popular but my fav reminds perfect world online
Titi Omisakin (2 months ago)
IS it me or these look like crap
GamerZakh (2 months ago)
Depends what you're looking for. Also do keep in mind that these are upcoming games, so unfinished and some shown here even still in pre-alpha. Even so though, on average we get 2-3 decent MMO releases a year, so if only 3-5 of the games mentioned here turn out okay it'll be par for the course.
Buhain Kurtney (2 months ago)
I only found 1 interesting but thank you anyways for making this video!
GamerZakh (2 months ago)
Hey glad you still found 1! I know most people won't be interested in more than a few that I list, so good that you found it a bit useful.
TheMarloupi (2 months ago)
just give me black desert online with a staff that actually knows how competitive pvp and balancing works q.q
Gamer Max (2 months ago)
fractured and lost ark are also ones to keep an eye on.
Matheus Vinicius (2 months ago)
what is this games in 17:52?
GamerZakh (2 months ago)
Huh? The footage blurred at the start and end of the videos are from the games in the list. That's Boundless.
DemeGamer (2 months ago)
i just want log horizon, what would be the most similar mmorpg???!? i know everquest 2 its too old
Nano Synthetic (2 months ago)
Real Life is best mmorpg, 7,6 billion people online, super graphics, real phisics, best sound, thousand of skills, updates every second, death is permanent, huge world to discover, pvp and pve, one server!
Master Wink (2 months ago)
Pretty good Job! The MMO in this Video are not my Games... i think i play WoW for the next Time
Yeppo (2 months ago)
Blue Hole studios
Yeppo (2 months ago)
GamerZakh I know, I was suprised it was on the list..
GamerZakh (2 months ago)
Yeah, makers of Tera and PUBG.
Johannes Louw (2 months ago)
6:05 wtf is this shit
GamerZakh (2 months ago)
It's City of Titans. That footage is from super early pre-alpha, as this is a list of upcoming games much of the footage available is for games far from complete. There is newer footage available now though. The footage that was available when I made this video was even before the character creator was made.
Whane The Whip (2 months ago)
Be very cautious of Chronicles of Elyria, people are paying upwards of the $10,000 to rule over territory as kings and queens so regardless of where you are in the world, there will always be someone that believes they have to right to decide how you play because they paid so much cash. These players literally write the law for the kingdoms they rule over. There is also a major issue with their head of moderation on Discord that will also be moderating within the game. He (Serpentius) is extremely biased and strays away from facts when moderating the community. By his own words he goes by his "gut feeling" and "opinion" of a member, rather than their actions and he expects this from anyone on his moderation team. He also happens to be customer support for the game and he actively blocks attempts by members of the community to report on his actions or to give customer support, IOW he lets his bias interfere with any support you are entitled and will literally ignore you. CoE as a whole are VERY greedy and they don't issue any refunds for people paying for Early access (that no one even has yet). In one case, a husband and wife backed the game with $1000's of dollars and then the husband was diagnosed with cancer. When he asked for their money to be refunded so pay for medical treatment, especially since their was literally nothing to login to yet, they were given a song and dance by Serpentius that if they refunded money then they would have to fire people. After some argument, Serpentius finally agreed to a refund but only if the husband send personal medical records to prove he had cancer. After that insult, Serpentius then only refunded for the husbands account, and not the wife. These are terrible people behind the game, and these are the people that will be lording control over your account.
月火 (2 months ago)
Logan Braveheart (2 months ago)
Each and every one of these games seen a hundred percent on interest in next I'll stick to World of Warcraft
Barkla Butson (2 months ago)
BE nice if we got world wiped release from the eastern side...Some of there games are so amazing ...}}
Barkla Butson (2 months ago)
I've been playing Bless, liking it still as they up dating it again with Assassin out now....70v70 also out with it..
Barkla Butson (2 months ago)
O it was the a add sorry lol
GamerZakh (2 months ago)
Ah that makes sense haha
Barkla Butson (2 months ago)
Stop calling food ,super foods please....
GamerZakh (2 months ago)
Huh? What are you referring to?
Antonius Maximus (2 months ago)
I wish someone would pick up and complete the World of Darkness MMO that CCP fucked up. There are no horror mmos and I really wanted to see what that game could have become. That universe has so much potential.
Nikola Pantelic (2 months ago)
These games are shit,the graphic,the mechanics,everything...Why can't they make games like KR and Chinese companies do...If Lost Ark and Project TL,don't come to EU/NA it's really doomed for MMO genre..
ZerO Ø (2 months ago)
20 PC MMORPG Games in 2018 & 2019 That will FAIL or already FAILED !
GamerZakh (2 months ago)
Except some of them are already successes. Though that's the nature of the games industry. At best, every year you have 1-2 MMOs that make it big on average. Even the best year of MMOs I can find has only 4 good releases, so if 2-4 of these games become mildly successful it'll be par for the course.
Charles Culbert (2 months ago)
Anthem?? No??
GamerZakh (2 months ago)
I mention Anthem at 17:50
Deax Gamer (2 months ago)
I'm really interested in crow fall
cloud ix (2 months ago)
most of these games will prob end up like bless online
GamerZakh (2 months ago)
Of course, that's the nature of the games industry. The absolute best, most prolific year of MMO releases had only 4-5 successful games. If only 2-4 games in this list become good and successful that would be par for the course.
Tcheco Lee (2 months ago)
I'd rather pay a monthly fee and play a game without a cash shop in game than play for free with the cash shop.
IvanOder (1 month ago)
I have to disagree as I like to play several games concurrently and when you're paying a monthly fee, you feel obligated to play only that game or you're losing value. Besides, I've never seen that just being a subscription makes the game any better.
Myka Morrow (2 months ago)
Umm sorry this game list sucks! 100%
GamerZakh (2 months ago)
MARKXMXMXMOROS X (2 months ago)
Vorador47 (2 months ago)
i like MMO's but i havent seriously played one since DAoC, now they all feel like fairly poor single player rpgs where there are just other plays running around playing the same single player game you are. for games that are meant to be Massively multiplayer, they just aren't very social anymore, it just follow the boring quest lines. also way to much hand holding these days. again going back to DAoC when it first came out, the game did not tell you what to do or where to go, and it didn't even have a map, so alot of times finding things came from other people showing you, or you exploring.
Braiven (2 months ago)
Chronicles of Elyria looks the most promising of them all.
Astin Martin (2 months ago)
World's Adrift is garbage.
Niglet Green (2 months ago)
im old school everquest is what started the raiding genre of mmos before that there was no mmo like that shit everquest was the first 3D mmo (not WoW most the creators of WoW came from everquest) we had UO and merdian 59 .. was crafting and pvp pretty much lol
ian kazy (2 months ago)
RIP bless NA
Mike Hancock (2 months ago)
Best advice I can give , stick with giant company mmos like wow, eso, guild wars2 pfff but yea, eve online if your space guy, Tera for ftp
Ide v (2 months ago)
What's pfff?
Nept Turno (2 months ago)
Great list! For the Bless Online and Shroud of the Avatar bames I would say they are already dead.
AurochsReborn (2 months ago)
Pantheon Rise of the Fallen for me!
Ant Man (2 months ago)
unless theres a game more content filled, challenging, and auction system of making money/ compared to the rarity and balance classes and challenging skill damaging like system of the original FFXI ill never play an mmorpg again, sorry final fantasy XI was too amazing.
MasterJazz09 (2 months ago)
Some of those look really good but tbh nothing beats runescape
Rosenetka (2 months ago)
Like your new logo.
Gemmy Abdillah Hasan (2 months ago)
actually im curious about RF Online 2, i heard the news about 2016 and since then never hear about the lastest update anymore
eVes1337 (2 months ago)
Bless already failed hard :-)
IvanOder (1 month ago)
It could never have lived up to the hype train the preceded it.
naiasonod (2 months ago)
All of these sound like absolute garbage. RIP 2018.
naiasonod (2 months ago)
True 'nuff. As a consumer that used to enjoy MMO's, even the ones that are 'trying to be different' seem to always veer off in the same directions, and 'different' often winds up being worse than overly familiar and dull accordingly. I dunno. I'm probably burned out on mediocre treadmill games that are developed by people that have turned labels such as 'survival' and 'rogue-like' into terms that make me reflexively want to facepalm with a tire iron. Everything's 'survival' and/or 'rogue-like' anymore. Everything's trying so pathetically hard to be new and edgy ...in pretty much the exact same ways. Woo, pvp. You know it's going to be an imbalanced crapshow, and we don't even know what game we're talking about yet. Woo, build a house/castle/whatever. What then? Your video was great, but it solidified my sense of certainty that I've obviously outgrown MMO's and should probably get back to tabletop gaming.
GamerZakh (2 months ago)
If you look at any 2 years of MMO releases you'll find only 2-4 significantly successful releases even in the best years of MMOs. If only 2 games I mention in this list become mildly successful or popular, it will be par for the course. It's easy to think of all the great MMOs there have been and compare them to this list, but most of the ones you would think of would be from over a decade of gaming.
Only promises and announcements but no games... for a past few years.
Derek Chatham (2 months ago)
I am going to try Ashes of Creation. Game looks sick.
Max Richter (2 months ago)
DevilKeyz (2 months ago)
ESO atm, used to be gw2, now looking foward to Crowfall!
Nobody (3 months ago)
Buddhaneo Siddhananda (3 months ago)
I've been gaming for over 40 yrs... my first MMO was Runescape, which is still my favourite MMO... These days I find PC and console games a chore, and prefer going the Mobile gaming route... newly discovering Eternium which is a gem!
Arosifu (3 months ago)
One thing to make mmorpg great again, make that genre on the vr, that will make the genre great again!
Jeff Osborn (3 months ago)
What's with all the games with 2010 graphics? Feels like we're going backwards there. O.o
GamerZakh (3 months ago)
It's because big publishers don't support genres of games that don't make a lot of money and graphics are super expensive to make. MMOs are notorious for failing or going bust, so publishers don't pump the millions of dollars into the game to make 2018 graphics. This leaves mainly small teams or indie devs making the 'not popular' genres with limited budgets. The gaming industry has always been like this. As an extra note, graphics are finalised as one of the last segments of game development as you don't want to make high quality graphics for things that get cut or removed from the game, so when looking at upcoming games the visuals are not always finalised.
EternalRespawn (3 months ago)
Horde = Africa
Jim Rollins (3 months ago)
No PvP ? I'm out
Kazaki128 (3 months ago)
I want moonlight blade, Ark, and Project lineage
amanita333 (3 months ago)
vanilla wow only good mmo still :s
Greim (3 months ago)
So much shitty MMO-s trying to BANG THE INNOCENT PLAYERS WALLETS ... And give nothing for it Low populated pay to win games People Stop searching for Perfect MMO it was made and released many Years ago I have tried Many Maaany MMO-s but still nothing brings the quality like BLIZZARD so join me in WORLD OF WARCRAFT REAL MMO that is PAY TO PLAY not PAY TO WIN
Rei Rei Domingo (3 months ago)
These games don't look that great and Bless Online failed in 3 different regions and 4th with NA region lol. I think I'll stick with Black Desert Online until something similar gets released
Kamel Kadri (3 months ago)
aside from "Ascent: Infinite Realms" & "Ashes of creation" they are all terrible, MMORPGs are dead sadly, back to BDO
GamerZakh (3 months ago)
There are plenty of comments here that say exactly as you do but the games mentioned are different haha.
Little Daquan (3 months ago)
no one should buy wild west online, It looks great, I bought it really early, and it was cool in the alpha because i thought they would improve it y the release, but so far there was like no changes at all, theres terrible pve, and like no tutorial at all

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