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Far Cry 3 - Hoyt (All cutscenes)

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Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=4177227 This video depicts all cutscenes with Hoyt Volker, the main antagonist of Far Cry 3. The text on the screen is in swedish. He is described as 'armageddon' compared to Vaas and works in slave trafficking and murder. He is the leader of the Privateers. Like most of the game's antagonists, Hoyt Volker appears to be sadistic and mentally unstable. He is shown ruthlessly torturing and executing innocents. He despises the natives of Rook Islands, describing all of them as savages and orders his men to kill any natives on sight. He is also more than willing to kill anyone who is allied with the natives. Later in the game, Sam, Jason and Hoyt play a game of poker, with Sam planning to assassinate Hoyt during the game. Hoyt, aware of the plan, stabbed Sam in the neck during the game while Jason watched at gunpoint by several of Hoyt's guards. Hoyt decided to raise the stakes and said he would cut off one of Jason's fingers every time he lost a round. Jason attempted to counter act this by refusing to play but Hoyt cut of one of his fingers any way. After getting half of his left ring finger cut off, Jason blacks out and fights Hoyt in a dream sequence. Hoyt is eventually defeated after being stabbed through the neck and the head with both Jason's and his own knife. Jason comes to, revealing that he not only killed Hoyt, but at some point killed every guard in the room as well.
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Text Comments (667)
Vaas Montenegro (3 hours ago)
He is not my boss anymore.
Tomb Raver (1 month ago)
Am I the only one who think Hoyt sounds like Ren from Ren and Stimpy?
Kody Dechenne (1 month ago)
People didn't like Hoyt that much at first because he was upstaged by Vaas. That may be the case but he was still a great villain. The two of them together only made this game even greater.
2bad 4you (1 month ago)
Hoyt is the guy who drove Vaas insane
SDW BSO (2 months ago)
What is the name of the music when he blow the house up
prasad kadam (2 months ago)
4:34 My Favorite Moment Bcoz Of HOYT
beast negan (2 months ago)
Btw is anyone hers years later playin the classic addition
beast negan (2 months ago)
Idk why but when comes up close and says *fear god i love tht his voice shows how evil he is
The Vigilante69 (3 months ago)
"But it's the happiness of my people that gets me up each morning" lmao
Gianni Studios (3 months ago)
This will probably be an unpopular opinion, but I actually liked hoyt alot more then vaas. I loved his proper introduction, how he’s quiet friendly and talks about being an understanding boss, and then instantly changes to talking about roasting flesh like chicken if you screw up. I instantly thought “wow now that’s intimidating”. He was terrifying but also extremely charismatic and likeable. If given the option I would’ve happily joined him lol. i was just hoping we got to see more of him
Julian Eder (3 months ago)
well 1 thing i hate about the far cry series is the fact that their villans have way to little screentime
SereneK (3 months ago)
Best TEDtalk ever.
Tony A (4 months ago)
9:00 i cant get that laugh out of my head its so funny
Nivram Smith (4 months ago)
Not sure what’s up with all the Vaas dick sucking. Him and Hoyt both got almost the same amount of screen time and both killed their roles in the game. Besides if we never got Hoyt we would never got a Vaas, since it’s clear he made Vaas into what he is. Vaas and Hoyt are great.
BEST Clips (4 months ago)
Hoyt Never Spoke a Foul Word
Future Jew Overlord (10 days ago)
BEST Clips what?
Hobbies, cooking, painting, movies, crystal meth. One of these things is not like the other.
Wyatt Walker Vlogs (4 months ago)
7:07 song plssss
The Exposer (5 months ago)
Hoyt was the real psycho he’s the one who fucked vaas up
trcsonic (5 months ago)
Dat Scarface vibe
CrimsonCarl (5 months ago)
Reminds me of Sosa and Stansfield
It would have been great if we could work for Hoyt after taking down Vaas, or better yet BE VAAS
AyZeD (5 months ago)
What is his accent? South African?
Phil Penn Rodriguez (5 months ago)
What if this happened after Far cry 3 Hoyt said he has very powerful friends who will hunt him down maybe one of his friends was Father Seed from part 5 and maybe he killed Jason Brody
Sehanort (5 months ago)
Hoyt kinda scared me too
Killer Joy (5 months ago)
I could see Hoyt mixing unwell with other Ubisoft story lines. Like him doing business with Abstergo providing smuggling routes, sicarios to target their enemies in the Indian Ocean using his pirates and privateers and a provider of human test subjects through his human traffficing. Almost the same for dealings with guys from Ghost Recon like Santa Blanca needing shipping lanes. Probably no dealings with Pagan Min, Pagan doesn't seem like the guy to work with Hoyt honestly. In other words Hoyt would have been in charge of the Black Market heading through the Indian Ocean or the eastern edge of the Pacific Ocean had he not been eliminated.
TacoGirly Z (5 months ago)
If they ever make this into a movie, Al Pacino should play Hoyt.
Kieran McHale (5 months ago)
They nailed his accent
Liam EFC (5 months ago)
two of the best villains ever in 1 game. I loved this game a lot.
Cpt. Shmitt (5 months ago)
Hoyt reminds me of Makarov from the modern warfare series. Except with a much more disturbing personality
eugene derry (6 months ago)
Hoyt looks like Vladimir Makarov from Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 and Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3.
13:08 the guy on the left quickly teleports next to Jason just after Hoyt calls Jason a family man
mwood10480 (6 months ago)
Hilarious how he mocks Sam at the table when he says "yaaa!"
Pex879 YT (7 months ago)
What's that song in his office.. it's so catchy
Anthony Fanchin (7 months ago)
Damn. During that blackout, he must have went on a hell of a rampage.
Killer Joy (7 months ago)
I would be lying if I didn't say Hoyt's offer wasn't at least tempting.
Peugeot Total (7 months ago)
What if Jason is an Orthodox? They keep ring in right hand.
Public Enemy2454 (7 months ago)
I'm probably the only one who likes Hoyt as much as vaas
Super Video (8 months ago)
Claude Gyroside (8 months ago)
Sam recorded this?
Xcool CReeperX (9 months ago)
Sam was underrated
Xcool CReeperX (9 months ago)
Oh guys don’t worry I work for Vass I have to catch a flight to this island in the middle of nowhere, Dont worry.
Gaz (9 months ago)
Hoyt and Makarov are both same
Ranakade (9 months ago)
Holy crap, I have never felt truly instilled with fear from a video game villain until i came across this one.
I love Vaas and Hoyt. The both of these characters are awesome.
Jonoxenile (9 months ago)
Whos da bad boy boss Vaas or Hoyt?
Osama Anzar (9 months ago)
Can anyone tell me the name of that recording that Hoyt played
John Donovan (6 months ago)
Osama Anzar Its a main quest called "A Man Named Hoyt"
Arick A4 (10 months ago)
Vaas vs Hoyt Who would win
Roaster Bhai (10 months ago)
Am i the only guy who thinks that sam looks like Imran Zakhaev
Believers View (10 months ago)
I would’ve liked Hoyt more if I would’ve really enjoyed this section of the game. I didn’t really find myself to enjoy it all that much because some of the RPG elements were lacking, like I didn’t like the fact that Jason Brody wasn’t leaving the island. When he found Riley, it got more enjoyable, but besides that this section was a bit more bland than most of the game.
Gvozdena Garda (11 months ago)
Name of melody at 7:07
River Bryant (11 months ago)
niko bitan it's a song called ride of the Valkyrie's.
ZAID TANKFIELD (1 year ago)
I love hoyt
Xaven Stelmack (29 days ago)
Me to. I like him more then Vaas
Dj Cuevas (1 year ago)
Vaas was great but hoyt was the only one that ruly terrified me. Just being in his presence put me on edge
darkster2000 (1 year ago)
Who the f*ck was Hoyt? Just kidding :)
TheCyberPunkDud01 (1 year ago)
Hoyt gets more screen time than vaas
123 or ABC, that part right there. WTF is he talking about!?!?
Herp Tim (1 year ago)
Globalization is profitable
Satan is a computer (1 year ago)
God damn this game has so many great characters
SirWoozy (1 year ago)
far cry has the problem of killing of the villans to fast i loved vaas pagan and hoyt they just went quiet to fast hope that fanatic dude in fc5 dosent go out that fast
SirWoozy (1 year ago)
well it wasnt that hard to make vaas and hoyt lives longer because they were both protected by big armies and while you shoot your way through their soldiers they could escape which they dont do they just stupidly wait till your coming to kill them
ThePreciseClimber (1 year ago)
Realistic shooters have this problem with villain screentime. They always have to come up with excuses why we don't just put a bullet in their heads.
CardiacCats (1 year ago)
Why are we comparing. How rare is it to have two fantastic interesting antagonists? Hell even buck was scary in his own right.
Fooman530 (1 year ago)
At the beginning of the game you think Vaas is the boss, then you meet Hoyt and realize that Hoyt made Vass into what he is and how much more powerful Hoyt is than Vaas. He made Vaas his bitch basically.
Lukas Tragic (1 year ago)
Pagan would made hoyt his bitch
Supreme Leader (1 year ago)
7:09 song name?
Herp Tim (1 year ago)
Alin Boss flight of the valkyries
Sakhele Ntaba (1 year ago)
If there was ever a Far Cry movie with a Hoyt character in it, I'd hope they cast Christoph Waltz
The Real Pousini (5 months ago)
the original Vaas actor plays him better than anyone, considering they look exactly the same
Erik Nagasaki (5 months ago)
NO not Johnny Depp as Vaas that would be bad
The Real Pousini (5 months ago)
+Very Nice no they did not, calm yourself
Very Nice (6 months ago)
CaptainJackValdy's Crew you know you like these characters because of the actual actors that played them in this game right?
the person (8 months ago)
That'd be actually some really good fucking casting
He's a real psychopath, not Vaas.
Ivan Florêncio (1 year ago)
Yeah! Hoyt is the one who creat Vaas Montenegro.
Alex xeon (6 months ago)
"See I prefer the European recordings. The brass sections in American orchestras are too bombastic.”
CorporalDan 55 (1 year ago)
14:20 "I have very powerful friends who will hunt you down." Hmm.....is Hoyt referring to Pagan Min, Paul De Plur, And Yuma? 🤔
I loved that South african accent on hoyt it made him sound more evil, no disrespect to South africans ! And that Mission with those running civilians in the Rice paddies made me think about Rambo 4
Dea3d Mas4R (1 year ago)
this guy is crasier than vaas
BarbieQ & Gaming (1 year ago)
Hoyt a really evil man. A Tyrant. King of the Island. Everybody knows Who he is. He takes peoples as slaves and killing them. Vaas should have been a good person if Hoyt was dead. It's because of Hoyt that Vaas is bad. Peoples talking a lot about Who like is the mainvillian. Vaas or Hoyt. For me is Vaas the Mainvillian.
Blazzered (1 year ago)
"You're all puppets, and we pull the strings! The system was designed to work that way!" I fucking love crazy people, because often times crazy people know more than any sane person. :D
Death (1 year ago)
You're all puppets, and WE pull the stings; the system was designed to work that way!
BBHSN98 (10 months ago)
Screw your system!
Noob V.S. Smoke (1 year ago)
how do you get the mission with hoyt circling rilly
Death (1 year ago)
smoke vs noob iirc it's before you head to badtown, first time at the temple maybe, I know it's one of the hallucination scenes and you wake up to Dennis working on your tattoo
tk7806 (1 year ago)
what is the name of the music when hoyt kill Sam ?
Isaac Rees-miles (1 year ago)
In a way vaas was sorta like Yuma
Ivan Florêncio (1 year ago)
Vaas is just a better version of Addi Mbantuwe
Ivan Florêncio (1 year ago)
I agree.
Wymiataczxp (1 year ago)
add english subtitles pls
Sombrero Squad (1 year ago)
I feel that Hoyt's just like another CoD villain with no personality. Vaas and Buck have personality, this Bastard is just an arrogant asshole
Herp Tim (1 year ago)
You are very wrong.
Lord Farquaad (1 year ago)
Why do all the villains have non Pacific accents?
Spectrum EL: (2 years ago)
You can fuck them boys, but be gentle.... DAMMNNNN I LOVE HOYT MAN :3
Spectrum EL: I love him too. He has so awesome character, accent and voice.
Swedish Food Fanatic (2 years ago)
Hoyt makes me think of a younger indian version of Hitler exept for the mustache.
Josef Muller (5 months ago)
Jaesung he does seem like a smaller version of Hitler
Blake Wilson (5 months ago)
Dru 101 I think you mean Rhodesian
Gaz (9 months ago)
Knobbelaut Jönsson i am.Indian
Peter (1 year ago)
Hoyt is South African.
Dru 101 (1 year ago)
Knobbelaut Jönsson not Indian, although its not exactly stated it's most likely Indonesian
Melissa Turner (2 years ago)
Vaas=Fire Hoyt=Ice.
Ivan Florêncio (1 year ago)
Melissa Turner Actually Vaas = a rogue warrior. Hoyt = the devil 01:15
Boyd Jefferson (2 years ago)
Hoyt was a much more interesting character than vass.
Carl Respuesto (8 months ago)
Eredin Makitrz Król San Andreas Pegan is way more better.
Boyd Jefferson Vaas was more funny but i love them both.
ASHERUSHER R6S (2 years ago)
both of them are awesome
Fabian Grujic (2 years ago)
Svensk text? Nice
Ngoc Pham (2 years ago)
I like vaas
This guys like a business man / tyrant version of the Joker, it's fascinating.
Kevin Nelson (2 years ago)
6:29 hoyt turned asian for a bit there
*WHY 1 2 3? AND NOT A B C?*
Rolandas Grigaitis (2 years ago)
Hoyt is such a good actor.
Rolandas Grigaitis True. He is so better than Jason and Pagan.
Zeke Jager (2 years ago)
Why does Hoyt reminds me of Makarow so much?
reubz1123 (6 months ago)
Zeke Jager Because they look similar
Gaz (9 months ago)
Zeke Jager mw3
Zeke Jager Because they are both brutal.
Failed Abortion (1 year ago)
An anarchist psychopath with a lot of power and influence.
Sam Houser (2 years ago)
I like how he uses poker as a metaphor for what Sam and Jason have been doing
Sura TheBlackDragon (2 years ago)
Hoyt was scaring me too. Especially when he came up close and stared at 5:35.
The Sharpest Pointsmen (2 years ago)
May Pagans Light, Shine upon you all...
"May Volkers Wrath Rain Down Upon You All"
Yohanes Andrew (2 years ago)
what is the name the music when hoyt play the music
Mohamed Elarif (2 years ago)
+dj1298rotik LOL
dj1298rotik (2 years ago)
btw is the same theme in the mission where Jason escapes with Riley in a Heli
Iwatcher (2 years ago)
Ride of the valkeries by wagner.
Survival USA (2 years ago)
Just Saying (1 year ago)
I liked all three villains Hoyt, Vaas and Buck
Gaz (9 months ago)
TheRickestDavid Bucj is not the villain
moonhorse100 Fuck Pagan Min! Sabal and Ajay are the best characters from Far Cry 4.
Devilyn Larend (1 year ago)
pagan min is in far cry 4 this is far cry 3. so no pagan min
ASHERUSHER R6S (2 years ago)
buck was very good but not close to the level of jackal, pegan , hoyt and vaas
Survival USA (2 years ago)
Pagan Min?
JetsMets117 (2 years ago)
The difference between Vaas and Hoyt is that I actually looked forward to the interactions with Vaas because he was so crazy and such a unique character. In fact I'd say Vaas is probably my favorite video game villain of all time. However Hoyt actually scared me. I don't know what it was about him, but he was extremely intimidating, I'd say even more so than Vaas. You feel on edge every time you're around Hoyt. Both amazing villains in their own right.
Vaas Montenegro (3 hours ago)
Spiderman (7 months ago)
JetsMetsCanesfan117, Im a sucker for a insane character.
JWZ Baia (2 years ago)
who was the guy did he burn at 3:45
Failed Abortion (1 year ago)
Looks like a native
JWZ Baia (2 years ago)
haha yes
Topherchris Monsolo (2 years ago)
someone who broke the rules apparently
TheIronBladeGaming (2 years ago)
The irony that in the helicopter flying away the song he likes plays
TheIronBladeGaming (2 years ago)
Btw I mean when escaping with riley
Ritzuh (2 years ago)
Allen (2 years ago)
Turn on Google's Close Captioning. Especially at 0:45.
My pussy planing a fucking parade oh ma gerd
Are Beauteous.
I really love dis guy. He's so awesome.
Kaden Kaeser (2 years ago)
rule one protect my product you can fuck them boys but be gentle. jesus an evil man
And he takes all the profit. The cash is his. If u brake the rulez he kills u Hitler style.

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