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Steam won't update any games or install new ones fix.

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—skip to 00:38— Before doing this step people usually fix the problem by: 1. Restarting Steam 2. Restarting Modem 3.Changing DL Region (Steam - Settings - DL Region) 4. Clearing DL Cache (Steam - Settings - Clear DL Cache)
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Text Comments (44)
ROH.kobraz (12 days ago)
It worked but then it now goes 2mb then 0
reddyfu (14 days ago)
I worship you
Met Gaming (22 days ago)
dear christ thank you I've been spending hours trying tho fix this shit thank you so much
Luís P. (1 month ago)
You're the man! I've seen hundreds of videos but yours was the only one that worked! Thanks!
Noah Moll van Charante (1 month ago)
Tysm it helped me!!
Alex Cel Tare Music (3 months ago)
Why do my disk uses only 1-50 bytes when it should use 1-2MB??
Acclastor (3 months ago)
BosnianGamer (3 months ago)
10q soo much :D
PyroProxTM (3 months ago)
If it works you will get a like and a sub wait a minute
PyroProxTM (3 months ago)
Mate thx it worked but you need to help me with something realm royale is now updating but csgo just wont work plz help me
Sam Worthaisong (4 months ago)
Ilyvm bb ty, no homo
F*ck your f*cking fix dont work with me
dawN qwe (8 months ago)
omg i fucking love u
Blake Bugg (9 months ago)
if it is already off guys i turned it on and that seamed to work with my downloads:)
Didarul Dhrubo (9 months ago)
thank you so much bro problem fixed
Skyrider Infinity (10 months ago)
thank god I find you, know to play some path of exile.... o and thank you...
Johnny Lakman (10 months ago)
NOTHING is fucking WORKING for me
Sandro Knežević (10 months ago)
its not working to me. ://// i tried also everthing else possible like steamcfgFlush, flush DNS ip, make a new account, but download wont start.
Silvio Pokorni (10 months ago)
Sandro Knežević legendo kak doc do protocola
Jura Ilic (10 months ago)
to majstore legendo 2 dana trazim kako da rijesim problem i nemogu nac na netu i slucajno dodjem na ovaj komentar hvala brate :D
MR D (10 months ago)
Ako si resetirao router kao ja sinoc sve postavke se vracaju na tvornicke i tu nastane problem. Znao sam da je kriv router ne windowsi ili sami steam. God Bless you :)
Sandro Knežević (10 months ago)
austrija mi je regija. ma i ja sam se sa time mucio 2 i pol dana. izgleda da je to kod korisnika Optime najcesci problem..
MR D (10 months ago)
Svaka cast, mucio sam se cijelu noc da bi rijesio ovaj problem. Treba ti spomenik dignit! Koja ti je regja downloada u steamu? Ja sam stavio Denmark
CursedSprites (11 months ago)
i subbed because of the help. THANNKKKS
Trollking76 (11 months ago)
yo fam that really works thanks dood
Chaidir Chalaf (11 months ago)
Thank you, this is really works
chris steele (1 year ago)
did not fucking jack shit
CaioHSlater (1 year ago)
THANK FUCKING YOU. After a lot of bullcraps, finally something that have actually worked for me.
NerdBoxMedia (1 year ago)
You're fuckign welcome! Glad it fixed yours too.
-AD5M- (1 year ago)
Thank you so fucking much.
Wendell Ivan (1 year ago)
works for me dude. THANKS!
yun liang Lim (1 year ago)
Thanks a lot
Son Vegeta (1 year ago)
thanks a lot bro it work !
Arthur Diniz (1 year ago)
It worked, thanks bro! Steam even loads faster than now
Haiqal Harris (1 year ago)
Its worked well!! Thanks ma man!
FBA Students7 (1 year ago)
tthank you very much
DeCaDam (1 year ago)
Thx alot...this actually helped me
kopi6409 kopiko (1 year ago)
did i need to "ON" it back after update? or just lets it off. thanks brah!!
NerdBoxMedia (1 year ago)
just leave it "off"
dodol mon (1 year ago)
thanks brah!! it worked.problem solved.
eternal being (1 year ago)
Thank the gods i finally got it working. So many thanks to you kind sir. ! i have formatted my PC and wasted so many hours to fix this problem !!

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