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Epic VFX Time

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Tweet it! http://bit.ly/RTEVT Facebook it! http://on.fb.me/guw52V We collaborate with EpicMealTime for some VFX insanity. What you know about collaborations? Special thanks to the guys from EpicMealTime for shooting with us! Check out their awesome channel at http://youtube.com/epicmealtime If you're not subscribed, you're missing out - they're one of the best channels on YouTube. --- Website! http://rocketjump.com/ Twitter! http://twitter.com/rocketjumptweet http://twitter.com/fwong Facebook! http://www.facebook.com/rocketjumpdotcom Second Channel! http://www.youtube.com/rocketjump2 Check out our store! http://shop.rocketjump.com For licensing and usage inquiries please email licensing@rocketjump.com
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Text Comments (11754)
Hobbes Caltous (1 month ago)
man... back when it was just about making cool videos and not 13 year olds doing cover videos.
Josemari Zafra (2 months ago)
"Crush the Blacks" lmao, also yes, still waiting on that Bar mitzvah.
FireCrib98 (2 months ago)
How do they edit like this
olliethegamer (3 months ago)
Ho dammm, 7 years ago
Nicholas Sepulveda (4 months ago)
Wow... I remember watching this when it came out... It was hilarious then and still hilarious now.
Simon Lavictoire (4 months ago)
That color correction term. It still make me laugh!
That was awesome.
Beatrix (5 months ago)
This is the best video on the channel. Please make another one
Brody Games (6 months ago)
It took about 13 hours for them to make the video
WolfeBane84 (6 months ago)
"crush the blacks" As it should be.
Grey Crimson (6 months ago)
Matt Peee (6 months ago)
Here from the vlog
Peter Regan (7 months ago)
It's been a year since someone commented on this one. So here I am.
Veeti Vainio (8 months ago)
More guns
MegaCoolbruh (9 months ago)
more guns more guns more guns more guns more guns more guns more guns more guns more guns more guns more guns more guns more guns more guns more guns more guns more guns more guns more guns more guns more guns more guns more guns MORE GUNS
Jean (9 months ago)
Why have lesbian makeout scene in the sky when you can have MOREE GUNSSS
XxPlayMakerxX131 (9 months ago)
“Lesbian makeout scene “ How did My parents alowe me to watch this as an Eleven year old
Eleanor Maya (3 months ago)
They knew, probably, that you would be disappointed. :P
Jesse Enrique (10 months ago)
Shittin on that colabo game! Mah!
Welll, where is that bar mitzvah video?
Flynt RavenSpear (11 months ago)
Yes, and epic meal time gets a batmitzvah.
BLANK「kuhaku」 (11 months ago)
VFX Guys where are you ??
kirbyzaz (1 year ago)
did it actually render that long?!
Nick Konstant (1 year ago)
Did it actually take that long to render??
antimatterdragon321 (1 year ago)
WHERE THE FUCK IS THE LESBIAN MAKE OUT SCENE IN THE SKY?! I guess the purest form of love is too pure for VFX.
malik742full (1 year ago)
reee eee (1 year ago)
i feel sorry for whoever editing this XD
shadowside1994 (1 year ago)
it's been 6 years and I'm still waiting for Freddie to have his bar mitzvah
Gabrielinator (1 year ago)
It's been 6 years and this is still funny
Joshua Lee (1 year ago)
it's been 6 years... where's that bar mitzvah?
NaNoChain (1 year ago)
I miss the old youtube
Mijiraa (1 year ago)
I will always remember this for the "MORE GUNS!"
Welt Rogg (1 year ago)
stupid shit!
Miles Kozar (1 year ago)
hi I'm a fan
H0TDAWGG (1 year ago)
ifu wonder it takes 13h to render
Mansur Omar (1 year ago)
"Crush the blacks" lmfao
M&R [] (1 year ago)
BlackSwift (1 year ago)
Epic CGI time
//PLANET MIND// (1 year ago)
still watching in 2018
Potato Patato (1 year ago)
Planet Mind ||Director||Designer||Composer|| | wait... its not... oh!
HAGE MARU (1 year ago)
troyoushalford (2 years ago)
still waiting for that lesbian make out scene in the sky
Antonio Butler (2 years ago)
it wad there. Just behind the planets
Bebop Rocksteady (2 years ago)
Anyone watching this in 2016? Anyone watching this because of black lives matter movement and you want to hear "crush the blacks"?
BLANK「kuhaku」 (11 months ago)
No i'm watching in 2017
FireSniper (2 years ago)
782 minutes to render. I feel sorry for u guys
Kronshtadt (2 years ago)
American action movie in a nutshell
Chandler Gloyd (2 years ago)
is that actually how long it took to render?
Joshua Carrick (1 year ago)
but usually yes.
Kitty Hawk (2 years ago)
At 0:52 Many people are wondering why it's raining MP5s
The One (2 years ago)
The yodeling at 0:55 killed me.
+The One™ I never noticed that!!!
Farhod Nassritdinov (2 years ago)
hobbyists to the
Raymand (2 years ago)
5 years and 11 days later....Still waiting for Freddie's bar mitzvah
Space Tutors (2 years ago)
Which programs they used?
l l l l (12 days ago)
After effects and probably 3ds max for the 3d models or something else
Kyle Horn (2 years ago)
That's what I wanna know
Galo Gk (2 years ago)
DevilsCookies (2 years ago)
"crush the blacks. that's not racist. that's a color correction term." :D
fricking NERD (2 years ago)
rendering time: (insert large number that only consists of the number "9" here)
john daymond-king (2 years ago)
simply cannot stop cracking up
Will Curtiss (2 years ago)
Almost 5 years later and stilllllllll waiting on that bar mitzvah
Brandon Ableman (6 months ago)
7 years now
YoniHD (6 months ago)
In Jewish culture when you are 13, you celebrate a bar mitzvah. It's like a ceremony like that.  I'm 13 years old and I'll be celebrating.  Good Day!
TheRyderShotgun (2 years ago)
What's a bar mitzvah?
Lildoc911 (2 years ago)
You forgot to add a minute for that hawk at 01:22. I'll let it slide this time though.
John Lethal (3 years ago)
This is Americans solving their gun laws at the moment
FilmStrife (3 years ago)
1:27 republican gun control
Pxl. Itachi (3 years ago)
So fuuckin Jealous DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wtf 700 mins øf rendering ?
hazza3 (3 years ago)
No Lesbian makeout scene? well better add more guns.
fricking NERD (2 years ago)
+hazza3 no zombies either. and lensflare.
Master Chief (3 years ago)
Tornado GUNS!
dimitris verga (3 years ago)
OwJaBa (3 years ago)
love the sandals xD
You triggered me when you said crush the blacks.
Edison Junior Zinezi (3 years ago)
you past 782 minutes
RedOrb (3 years ago)
782 minute render time
Sisypheap Mey (3 years ago)
Is Freddy Wong and Jimmy Wong Brothers? Jimmy Wong is from Feast of fiction
MrLCGO (3 years ago)
Barakudaa (3 years ago)
Awwww Freddie is so short compared to Harley ^^
Jaded Shadow (3 years ago)
+Barakudaa 34 seconds in, he's still on the box. 40 seconds in he's short again for the rest of the video.
Random Lemur (3 years ago)
You forgot naked Megan Fox.
I AM THE BEAR (3 years ago)
hat software did you actually use for this
TheCHVM (3 years ago)
+I AM THE BEAR in those times, they use, After Effects, 3D Max.
rob shmit (3 years ago)
+BUDDERIAN PLAYS They use the best hat software out there.
Big nibba Pee pee (3 years ago)
People who play GTA we all know that in public lobbies with hackers this video is the picture of that but this is way funnier
Irish Punisher (3 years ago)
I cannot believe this was 4 years ago, before FW and EMT were huge. I miss these days.
HalfTimesTwo (2 years ago)
+Legit Name Lmao, read the above comments.
Legit Name (2 years ago)
+Irish Punisher what do you mean before they were huge?? I thought I remember both channels already had over or close to a million subs
HalfTimesTwo (2 years ago)
+Irish Punisher Semicolons are actually pretty easy to use, but few people use them. You just use them in places where you have two related sentences. Rather than using a period, you put a semicolon in between the two related sentences and don't capitalize the second sentence. :D
Irish Punisher (2 years ago)
Sorry, my semi-colon grammar use has been long misused
HalfTimesTwo (2 years ago)
+Irish Punisher Ohhh, did you mean that as two separate thoughts? Ie. 1. I cannot believe this was 4 years ago 2. Before FW and EMT were huge. I miss these days. If that's the case, you should have used a semicolon or period instead of a comma and instead placed a comma after 'before' so it would have been: I cannot believe this was 4 years ago; before, FW and EMT were huge. I miss these days. I interpreted it the way you typed it. Haha, great example of how important grammar can be.
Konstantin Shandov (3 years ago)
Ми ми ми род ми ми ми секси
Rian Bairle (3 years ago)
+RocketJump Question you and ghe other dude are in video game high school correct?
Robert M. (3 years ago)
So classic, but so cool!
roland mcfarlane (3 years ago)
Hot Metal (3 years ago)
how to make that
Janne (3 years ago)
What programs did you use and how the hell????
Let's Roll (3 years ago)
+Moonlight Ink Ow oke didn't know that
Cartoon Lounge (3 years ago)
+let's roll i was actually just telling him some info for beginners
Let's Roll (3 years ago)
+Moonlight Ink they use premier to edit and for the models they might also use elememt 3d plug-in
Cartoon Lounge (3 years ago)
+Little Cup of Cyanide You can request me a tutorial, or any tips or help if you want :)
Janne (3 years ago)
+Inking Bad Productions Thanks mate :)
Blizmore (3 years ago)
I'm lagging
GabrielGiovanni (3 years ago)
this video when it came out was so dope. i watched it so much. still love it now..
JEDmovies (3 years ago)
how you guys stand super long rendering time?
TheResonating (3 years ago)
apparently this url is invalid for YTMp3D
bakonfreek (3 years ago)
Still waiting on Freddie to be a jew.
Plutonium2222 (3 years ago)
1:16 turn on captions XD
Billy Joe (3 years ago)
He actually said that.
Soulsplosion (3 years ago)
Soulsplosion (3 years ago)
Z-Trip (3 years ago)
Soulsplosion (3 years ago)
HalfTimesTwo (3 years ago)
+Lauren Nichole Really? I just searched "crush the blacks" and had no difficulty finding it.
IndominusBradey500 (3 years ago)
What movie maker is this
IndominusBradey500 (3 years ago)
Denis (3 years ago)
+indominusBradey 500 Adobe After effect
Eric Caldwell (3 years ago)
More videos
Enrique Velasco (3 years ago)
whats Calhoun doing outside his office doesn't he have a school to run?
Eric (3 years ago)
What the crap do you two want.
DocsWorld (3 years ago)
that was fuckin awesome! epic vid mate, keep up the good work! sigh wish i had a better computer!
Ben DuBow (3 years ago)
Emerald Isle PC's (3 years ago)
+Taylan meriç More funny
Taylan meriç (3 years ago)
+Sam' s TechTips MORE
Emerald Isle PC's (3 years ago)
I found that really funny
Likozor Nightmares (3 years ago)
and where the zombies? :)
The Beefiest (3 years ago)
The title shouldve been "how to be Michael Bay"
Innis Mor (2 years ago)
+The Beefiest Still missing the lesbian make-out scene.
Hakkero (3 years ago)
+The Beefiest not enough EXPLOSIONS!!!
Phoenix Gaming (3 years ago)
CwispyNoodles (3 years ago)
Damn I just realized how skinny Freddy is compared to his recent videos 
TheSeriousMofo (3 years ago)
good shit
WarcakeIV Scherer (3 years ago)
what was the bar mitzvah part?
Laura Gomes (3 years ago)
is video momtage
Yen Bui (3 years ago)
John Macdonald (3 years ago)
love the render time counter

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