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32 Kill Solo Squads!! Fortnite Battle Royale Gameplay - Ninja

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Text Comments (20889)
Huu Phan (23 minutes ago)
1 like for video, good job Ninja
The sayin Superior (30 minutes ago)
Your a god
Teshan Gounden (56 minutes ago)
too flipin good
Francesco D'Alise (57 minutes ago)
Juan Montero (1 hour ago)
Do,you speak Spanish you are not a human it’s increible how you play
The Deadly Cable (1 hour ago)
Holy shit man that's some epic stuff there (see what I did there lol
paola sanavio (1 hour ago)
Ninja very pro gamers
Cherkaoui EL KADIRI (1 hour ago)
drop 4.000 v bucks pls my name's mistar2777
Luis Strobl (1 hour ago)
I love you
TheAquaK9 YT (3 hours ago)
No one will ever over take Ninjas Path Of Success.
Francisco Chanona C (4 hours ago)
Your trash
TheMatr Pro (6 hours ago)
Froth Star (6 hours ago)
“I just dropped mac and cheese. Please win this game.”
סלסל צגצגלג (6 hours ago)
mahrukh zia (6 hours ago)
Burton YT (6 hours ago)
Like 👍
Shirley Nodwell (6 hours ago)
I noscoped him that was by accident 😂
MAGIC TRICKS (6 hours ago)
Nice video dear
authentik 1 (6 hours ago)
Hello aime youtuber go my cgannel
Xjyz 91 (7 hours ago)
You have 28 million dollars poor college student
The Unknown player (7 hours ago)
The world is so spoiled ppl respect ninja more then Stephen Hawking
Make out Hell (8 hours ago)
I’m black ninja
you would think he would have a really nice PC from all his fame and donations. Those graphics look pretty bad, everything is like grey
Fred Metcalf (8 hours ago)
I just made this up instead of fortnite it's forknife
Du Parade A l'Assaut (8 hours ago)
Y a 2 mois il était à 5 millions maintenant il est à 12 militons il est où le respect ? Il a tout niquer la
sadhow dark (8 hours ago)
Where is a glasses !?!?
estojo voador (9 hours ago)
Sua bunda
Sabirgames Games (9 hours ago)
This amizing!
hshsh GAMES (9 hours ago)
Mother fucker
Black-Storm BEATS (10 hours ago)
So is the blue sniper better than the purple one? He passed by 2 purple ones already, I thought it was grey->green->blue->purple->orange
Alexios CHARALAMPIDIS (10 hours ago)
Kungfu Wolf007 (11 hours ago)
Holy crap you're good
Hen Solo (11 hours ago)
Matej Potočný (11 hours ago)
Why Green Burst?
trxp kat (11 hours ago)
Fuckin shit damn
FANTA 09 (12 hours ago)
Very good
Sariah Bramdon (12 hours ago)
yup it is nice shot ningaaaa
Siwar Cabat (12 hours ago)
Good player pro
Siwar Cabat (12 hours ago)
Maty Lobos (12 hours ago)
Hamza Ahmad (12 hours ago)
be bad man
Hamza Ahmad (12 hours ago)
you are a stupid loser
STEV SUPER MANIA (12 hours ago)
Stra forte
ARY (13 hours ago)
Absurd vguys
Hollace Talbot (13 hours ago)
GamerLuka2007 (13 hours ago)
Hollace Talbot (13 hours ago)
you newbie
Hollace Talbot (13 hours ago)
you missed a epic tactical shotgun in tilted towers by the trump tower.
Ultimate Randomguy (13 hours ago)
cool faces (14 hours ago)
Ninja the tryhard. He ruins the game for all the people who dont play the game 24/7
görevimiz oyun oynamak (14 hours ago)
Götün arsa erdi mi
Frank Underwood (15 hours ago)
How dare some people in the chat room, compare AliA to Ninja! even comparing him to ninja is a huge insult to ninja. Alia is a cod player. He is fake.
Machoo Molok (15 hours ago)
top world player ninja..
Wara volki (16 hours ago)
Gotaga is the best player fortnite 👍🏻
Jesus Juarez (18 hours ago)
Damn sometimes I can't even get 1 kill
SalvasBHOP (18 hours ago)
Get shit on by zuckles bb <3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rkKmcBlyj28
Petr Vyroubal (18 hours ago)
really ??? no way :D
Jonathan Alderman (18 hours ago)
up your game
Night Ninja (18 hours ago)
What is he eating royalty eat good stuff what is it
محمد الشمري (20 hours ago)
نوب راكان افضل منك 😚
Kayden Demoss (20 hours ago)
First I thought Ali a was better but now I think your better
Hicham El hajraoui (20 hours ago)
ChaosContent (20 hours ago)
Wow! How can be a Person so good at Fortnite?
H e r B (22 hours ago)
not gonna lie i liked zuckles 32 kill solo squad video better than yours check him out
McMuffinFluffin (22 hours ago)
How can you kill 1/3 of the freaking map
Germán Bengolea (22 hours ago)
Imposible, mis ojos lloran
willi am (23 hours ago)
You are strong Ninja
Soulsearcher (23 hours ago)
He doesn’t talk much does he...
Soulsearcher (23 hours ago)
0:16 his aim though
My Mos TV (23 hours ago)
My Mos TV (23 hours ago)
You noob
Samed Abdurahman (23 hours ago)
I am jyor biggest fan
loq bry (23 hours ago)
Muy kilo récord is 30
Sotiri Banis (23 hours ago)
How does he get 32 kills.i can’t even get more than 5
Golden JJC (23 hours ago)
32 kills is epic bro!!
Golden JJC (23 hours ago)
Ninja great vids but talk a little more.
Mahchael Thomas (1 day ago)
0:52 “I don’t feel so good
Mike Squirrell (1 day ago)
Why do you need to say bad words??
Jino Sison (1 day ago)
Ninja what is the best technique or tips for a new player
noob maatermcpvp (1 day ago)
Wow ninja you are so good!
like al commento per chi è italiano
Dybetje!! (1 day ago)
He he dont loket at the donations
Ninja is my hero
SUMMER S (1 day ago)
win every battle royale you play ninja
Mr_Derek319 (1 day ago)
Beast mode
Poppin (1 day ago)
Really love it if you guys checked out my latest video 💜
cert gamer (1 day ago)
You are my brother
Scott Adams (1 day ago)
Aculite is so much better
Scott Adams (1 day ago)
fuck the rpg!!!!!!!!!
Safepanda3aj (1 day ago)
I am so horrible at fortnite so when I get a kill my reaction is ninjas at the end
BK Tate (1 day ago)
U rock at fortnite bro
Sharon Ankner (1 day ago)
Sharon Ankner (1 day ago)
Did you accept my friend request???
Kyle Pymm (1 day ago)
The Ninja sucks
Aden Brown (1 day ago)
love you ninja
신영박 (1 day ago)
Your the best fortnite player that I’ve ever seen

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