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32 Kill Solo Squads!! Fortnite Battle Royale Gameplay - Ninja

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Text Comments (26637)
Fahad Khan Ahmed (3 hours ago)
Bro ninja I’m a big fan of u pls add me my Id is Idbarjan -park12
zielonka pl (4 hours ago)
Jest jakiś polak
Loaded Monarch (5 hours ago)
16:12 when you think your good but ninja beat your pb
Jill septiceye (5 hours ago)
I love how he just eats when he’s healing up 😂😂😂
FIRE BALL56 (6 hours ago)
You are a legend at fortnite N.O 1
dyar jr (6 hours ago)
Vere good ninja
Bess Scutt (7 hours ago)
I got so many VBUX just by using 🎉🎉🎉🎉 *_ovbux_**.win*
Jake ornaldo (7 hours ago)
Wow amaziing
Fuck you just say to me you little shit
Ycb Lilhead (9 hours ago)
Ninja is the goat (can I get 5 more subs)
Abril S (11 hours ago)
I think that Ninja is the best player of Fortnite on the world
Visal Lun (11 hours ago)
wow 252m no comment at all
BERDO TM (11 hours ago)
*gotaga est son rival*
Jason The Master (12 hours ago)
you have to work on not cursing
Rexcivity (12 hours ago)
Jason The Master what the fuck
themaster 10 (14 hours ago)
Ninja vs haker= win ninja
themaster 10 (14 hours ago)
Ok you not ar houman Air speck italian? Im is italian
Ethan Hallford (14 hours ago)
oscar bortZ (14 hours ago)
That scream at the end is a common symptom of sugondeese
Johnathan Hetz 2 (14 hours ago)
Brady Grier (15 hours ago)
You are the best at fortnite
Brady Grier (15 hours ago)
You are the best at fortnit
S (16 hours ago)
When ninja wasn't the "i don't swear anymore" guy
Zackary Smith (18 hours ago)
*N U T*
Jacob Magallanes (18 hours ago)
Who got triggered when he ran into the storm to get a chug jug and then didn’t drink it
Christian _ (18 hours ago)
Back when the game was perfect
anıl kökey (19 hours ago)
Abi bu macta cok noob oynamis
Kilaprogamer 86 (19 hours ago)
Prooo 😁
yodz (19 hours ago)
let s go bb hooooooooow
MrKarrab (19 hours ago)
تبادل الاشتراكات هناا
Intrinsic (20 hours ago)
34 MIL😦😦😦😦😦😦🔥
CC Gaming (20 hours ago)
Throwback to when ninja would cus
Main Gamer (20 hours ago)
This is how you know that he has no life 😂😂😂
Mr THANOS (21 hours ago)
Lini Draws (22 hours ago)
Everyone was so bad at tilted towers that time
kevin E diaz (23 hours ago)
Well player
Godska (1 day ago)
The pump was straight up a sniper back then
7amaGamer !5uck5! (1 day ago)
Why dont you use tactical shotgun instead of pump shotgun
andy evans (21 hours ago)
7amaGamer !5uck5! 220 headshot
andy evans (21 hours ago)
7amaGamer !5uck5! Pumps were op then
melih 1905 (1 day ago)
ARYAN & ARAV (1 day ago)
He was a slow builder at that time.....very nice improvement..😄
ちゃんたかと (1 day ago)
Caden Smith (1 day ago)
Your so good at fortnite that I DROPPED my Mac and chese
i hate you
Phantom_Striker (1 day ago)
Damn the chug jug is really that old?
اليم ظع بدايت المقطع
vilipili 87 (1 day ago)
zee zee
Muh Abrar Baihaqi A (1 day ago)
love ur reaction haha.
Jayer UD (1 day ago)
Flow Exotic (1 day ago)
Was It Actually You On My Stream
sebastian Pacheco (1 day ago)
the map had change so much
Kai Chen (1 day ago)
Isn't this the bub that made Fortnite blow up or get popular?
Owen Davis (1 day ago)
i miss old fortnite
Mikester The Gamer (1 day ago)
Imagine how much money ninja made off this video
Yosgart Guz (1 day ago)
Ninja no puedes aplar espani
hero gamer-FORTNITE (1 day ago)
Whos watching in season 5 like for yes
Leo Basile (1 day ago)
Plexxed Galaxy (1 day ago)
Please stop say the F wird
Farhan Haque (1 day ago)
200 iq play
Net Freak (1 day ago)
hey ninja can you give me tips on fortnite.-Your #1 fan SNIPETHEGUY125
Gah Gamer (1 day ago)
Good Game Bro Brazil inspired by you! Go Go Go Ninja! x1 hahahah just kiding
Ddd gaming Try hard (1 day ago)
Aha my kill rekord is 100 🙈😂
Andrea Cesarano (1 day ago)
Dank memes King (1 day ago)
Imagine if he shoots the rocket except the minis
Brady Young (1 day ago)
#rpg noobest gun in game
PHANTOM VLOGS (1 day ago)
4 kill one shot my gooodddd
Samir Aarya (1 day ago)
32 wiews 32 kills
Tem BR aí???
Pro Games Saad (1 day ago)
Do you play free fire
GOB Gaming YT (1 day ago)
No interest
Aiden YT (1 day ago)
Lol 16:49 he ducked in real life😂
zanyari & gaming (1 day ago)
سه بسکرایبم بکه ده تان که مه و ه
xxxtabletop (2 days ago)
Who is here when Tfue is better
gamestac (2 days ago)
this is the worst skin ever
gamestac (2 days ago)
this is the worst skin ever
Wtf 😬💔
Doejoe (2 days ago)
I thought my 22 kill victory was good, then I saw this 😳
killer 2009 (2 days ago)
Judo are pro
SMAAF GAMEZ (2 days ago)
Wish i played fortnite back then... missed lots of amazing skins..
David Ahchong (2 days ago)
best fortnite player ever
Jonathan (2 days ago)
Ninja i added you can u please accept my friend request it's Johnnyboi286 plz Ninja i will beg u
Nickolas Hyper (2 days ago)
Hi Guys I Realy Need Money Plz Just Download This Free File http://uploadboy.me/4mmeggpe4zck/my first victory solo.png.html Thats Just A Picture
darkshark master (2 days ago)
I love ninja!!
Samurai boy (2 days ago)
I have a good views
Patricia Cardoso (2 days ago)
Aqui os BR
Super Saurus (2 days ago)
hello trash player!!!!!!!! STOP carseing.
Master Of DOGE (2 days ago)
The legit highest count of kills EVER was a little kid and people made a rocket viewing base in the sky and he broke the bottom
Yo con pedos hago una
Pavan Rampersad (2 days ago)
i miss old fortnite and this gameplay still amazes me to this day
fernando lacerda (2 days ago)
osm bro
いくら_ch (2 days ago)
You are God
David Hernandez (2 days ago)
Ninja might have ADHD
David Hernandez (2 days ago)
Alamo Texas San Antnio ho Texas got independent from Mexico.
David Hernandez (2 days ago)
Sergio Almeida I know
Sergio Almeida (2 days ago)
+David Hernandez EUA
Sergio Almeida (2 days ago)
+Sergio Almeida EUA your
Sergio Almeida (2 days ago)
+David Hernandez I brazilian
David Hernandez (2 days ago)
Sergio Almeida helo
Laughing Guys (3 days ago)
U make the game look easier
Russel Ramlogan (3 days ago)
"killed by ninja 32 kills" Me:He's defiantly hacking XD
JuslitHein (3 days ago)
32 kills*
Porpherion (3 days ago)
At this point in time ninja in this video would be the average player
ochicolimpurra (3 days ago)
Joga muito
xARNOLDx yt (3 days ago)
How a speak spanish?

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