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How To Play Uno

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This video tutorial will teach you how to play the card game Uno. Gather Together Games is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for channels to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon. Shop now through this link to support this channel: https://amzn.to/2MtfdY0 QUICKGUIDE: http://www.gathertogethergames.com/uno This video will start by teaching you the general concepts of Uno, and is followed by the more detailed features of the game. This tutorial is perfect for beginning players, and experienced players that need a refresher. After watching, you will know the basics on how to play the card game Uno. All that is left to do is grab some friends and start playing! This Uno tutorial will cover the following topics: - How to deal the cards - The overall objective of the game - The special cards - How a round is played - How to keep score - A review of the rules Please leave a comment below if you need any additional information about Uno, if you have any questions about the game, or if any aspect of the game was not clear in the video. Thanks for watching! Support the GatherTogetherGames channel by subscribing. If you found the video helpful please like and/or share it!
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gen ses (1 day ago)
if player 1 use +2 cards and player 2 have +2 cards , player 2 can use it and player 3 have +4 cards can use it and player 4 don't have +4 cards player 4, draw 8 cards and skip player 4 and player 1 turn
francisco jeannot (6 days ago)
The way I always see people play is they keep drawing until they get the card they need and that's not the proper way. The proper way to play is you draw one card only if you can't play and if you can't play that one, the next player goes.
Minecraft Gamer07 (24 days ago)
Are you kidding? You dont have opponents in playing uno? Your only playing with yourself?
MCADV Blinks (1 month ago)
Uhm okay my classmates is wrong because they teach us incorrectly thanks for this im gonna watch this to them
User 27 (1 month ago)
It's been so long since I've played Uno, thanks for the vid mate!
DanielKiz (2 months ago)
If u like to play UNO, I wanna recommend u an app - UNOWin. It helps to easily calculate points. It’s now available in the App Store. Hope u like it!!!
Imon Sanyal (3 months ago)
Very good explanation 👏👏
MeG4 GAMING (3 months ago)
Unicorn Squishy2276 (3 months ago)
When you have no friends and the players are a pice of paper...
Tommy (2 days ago)
when u can't even write piece
estefania reynoso (3 months ago)
When playing uno if someone puts down a number 4 in color yellow, and I have a three number 4’s but different colors, can I put all of them down because it is all the same numbers?
The After Credits Show (3 months ago)
estefania reynoso if you want to alter the rules you can and allow stacking
GatherTogetherGames (3 months ago)
You can only play one card per turn.
Baked Potato (4 months ago)
Do you have to say *uno* before him/her or else u get +2 cards?
Baked Potato (4 months ago)
I’m pissed, wtf is the “finishing move” my friends told me about, if you have like cards that have the same color but different value. They play it at once and win. Is that like an official rule?! (Note: all his/her cards are the same color, no other colors)
alphaoasis (4 months ago)
You didn't cover the part for reversed card clearly. So if the card drawn is reversed, will the play reverse anticlockwise just one turn or for the rest of the game until another reverse card is drawn to reverse it again clockwise?
GatherTogetherGames (4 months ago)
When a reverse card is played, play will move anticlockwise until another reverse is played.
Giorgi Sakhokia (4 months ago)
Susan Merryman (4 months ago)
I did not find the “link” he was talking about. Could it be sent to me
GatherTogetherGames (4 months ago)
No_One 32 (5 months ago)
Thanks for this!
Lynn Magele (5 months ago)
@ 3:07 when player one says uno..play moves back to player 4 as it was reversed earlier in the game?? Someone help please I don’t understand why play was reversed if the reverse card was played way back in the game & not when player one said uno??
Carline Josh Daodaoen (5 months ago)
What I can't understand is how did you get the score of player 1 as 38? Anyone can explain it to me? Thanks. 😊
GatherTogetherGames (5 months ago)
The first player to get rid of all the cards in his/her hand wins the round. The winner is awarded points based on the cards in the other players' hands. The cards remaining in the hands of player 2, player 3, and player 4 added up to 38 points.
7deadlyNyanCatsX3 (5 months ago)
I haven't played uno in 6 years lol
UltimateInkling (5 months ago)
I never played uno before ik its sad
Menna El Z (6 months ago)
Thanks... it is useful
Kenji Clyde Garcia (6 months ago)
this is my favorite games
Michaela Carreon (6 months ago)
This was very helpful thanks for uploading this video keep these types of videos
Andi Darmika (7 months ago)
can I put the low number like (4 red) on the high number (6 red)?
GatherTogetherGames (7 months ago)
Yes, because they are both red.
Jake loft (7 months ago)
TheThunderWarGod (9 months ago)
Who does not know how to play uno in 2018 but thanx
Besty Wiggins (6 months ago)
You’re the one who looked it up. I don’t usually play card games that require a special deck, but I’m camping and bored. Jerk.
Buzzz Lit (6 months ago)
TheThunderWarGod I haven’t played Uno in 2 years, I’m not even joking
LadyEarthly (7 months ago)
kamala dubey (9 months ago)
What is the use of sawp hand
Wilhemina Ellison (6 months ago)
Uplift (9 months ago)
MoreThan 1alent (7 months ago)
Uplift what?
Milad (10 months ago)
If someone plays 4 wild, and next person has 4 wild as well, by the rule of matching colour or number, can second person put that card, then third person has too pick 8? Is that correct? Tnx
BLINK Forever (9 days ago)
Milad if its 4 wild you pick a color then the next person gets a +2
Senor Paradox (10 days ago)
By official rules, no, as that card skips the following player, so they are not able to play their wild card.
Robotwit (7 months ago)
If you play with certain rules you can
Icela Garcia (10 months ago)
May you make a video on how to play chinese checkers?
GatherTogetherGames (10 months ago)
Thank you for the request! We will add Chinese checkers to our list of future videos to make.
64imma (10 months ago)
Can you do a video covering the rules of sheepshead?
Paddy Pagcaliwagan (10 months ago)
Hasbro should sponsor this video.
64imma (10 months ago)
When I played uno we played by different rules. When a player had no cards in their hand to play, they had to keep picking until they had a card to play then that is played. Also, scoring was not based on what is left in everyone’s hands, but rather we usually kept playing until there was only one person left
Gen Ken (1 month ago)
Yes you can play this method too
Katrina Jones (6 months ago)
64imma You from NY?? Thats the best way to play i love playing like that
장영희 (7 months ago)
I do it in a different way. Plus I'm new
Tony Orsini (7 months ago)
Watch your language.

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