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Far Cry 2 - Mortaring a convoy

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I was going to use the AS50 or an IED to do the work, but then I remembered that I spent 20 diamonds on a mortar. I decided it was time for it to earn its stripes and prove to me it was a good buy. I can honestly say it was.
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Mike Place (2 years ago)
nice shot
Deity Lurker (4 years ago)
how do you know where the mortar is gonna land at?
Yuri van den akker (1 year ago)
he used a smoke shell first, but he cut that out of the vid ;)
arjantje101 (5 years ago)
a weapon jam at the greatest moment
Deflun2 (5 years ago)
it's pretty obvious that you saved multiple times and just counted until the truck was in range, it's very obvious because right before you fire you're not even looking at the truck, only aiming straight at where you know the truck will be.
KNIGHTWOLF (5 years ago)
FAKE ! you didn't knife the air
Uboatfreak (5 years ago)
David Lopez (6 years ago)
Nice Shot :O
Rofltised (6 years ago)
I like how his AS50 jammed at the end lolol, but nice shot
Ziomano (6 years ago)
Killer accuracy :)
Jörmungandr (6 years ago)
DAMN!!!!!!!!!! That was epic and btw who is your character?

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