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Ubisoft | Far Cry 5 | Houdini Connect

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Ubisoft's Étienne Carrier talks about their work on Far Cry 5, including how they used Houdini to help build the beautifully realistic world set in Montana, where a cult has invaded and needs to be ...dealt with! Ubisoft's procedural tech art team developed tools in Houdini - including for fresh water, power lines, sands, cliffs, biomes, fog density map, and a world map. Using Houdini Engine, these tools which were fully integrated into the Ubisoft game editor, so that game artists could craft the world using the Houdini tools from within in the game editor environment they're comfortable with. Étienne explains how procedural workflows alleviate tedious and time-consuming tasks, to allow the game artists to focus on creating beautiful, immersive worlds and fun game play. [Subtitles Available]
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d3tach3d (3 days ago)
so they made the world next gen but the gameplay was worse than farcry 2
EP nineteenma (5 months ago)
Hanniffy Dinn (5 months ago)
"Procedural technical artist " is not a cool business card if you worked on no mans sky ????
Birat Kafle (5 months ago)
This is awesommeeeee

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