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Minecraft Daily! Part 92; ft. Sly, Steven, and Immortal! - May God Help You...

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Text Comments (161)
Ibfinity (4 years ago)
Damn! This episode is a WTF Edition in disguise.
Dabton (5 years ago)
We all know, the fishing business is a cut throat business.
Sketch Pyro (5 years ago)
We need an animation for the end
rodrigo samuel (5 years ago)
i like cats so i'm from ''acatsuki'' *ba dum tss* -___-
YumiIshiyama (5 years ago)
I don't think anyone could better react to this than Kevin.
YumiIshiyama (5 years ago)
He was clueless, but Sly was trying to warn him beforehand. The nuke warning went off in the interface, and that was the first time he knew of the bomb, so he knew then to shut of saving.
YumiIshiyama (5 years ago)
No, I saw Sly's perspective. He was trying to warn Steven but never got the chance, so he said "Fuck it" and set off the bomb anyway. When Steven saw the nuke warning, he knew what Sly did and shut off autosaving so THIS wouldn't overwrite everything.
YumiIshiyama (5 years ago)
"Oh~ my God~...." Kevin, your reaction is priceless.
Fidel Tafolla (5 years ago)
HOLY SHIT KEVIN STILL HAS SLAVES!!! :O That "sly-fox" *budum tss* :D
Omg Its Megma (5 years ago)
blueflare67 (5 years ago)
next minecraft daily episode pokemon will be there
Bradley P (5 years ago)
what the mod that lets kevin have that gun in his 3rd slot?
Snack_Lotus (5 years ago)
Dont mess with steven either hell nuke you
OBlueStreakNGU (5 years ago)
you mean double speed?
iOStorm (5 years ago)
Check sly's new mc daily! News flash-ImmortalHD is a crybaby
LoCStarKilla121 (5 years ago)
sly did too
Arc Rifle (5 years ago)
Love how Kevin is the only one to legitly make a Tesla.
James Ugarte (5 years ago)
May god help you
Amran Desvaux (5 years ago)
kevin found kootras house
echelon chick (5 years ago)
oh Sly.... you know he's up to no good when he goes suddenly quiet. Steven always gets blamed xD
Owen Ducedre (5 years ago)
You can tell it was sly cause of the crator
Owen Ducedre (5 years ago)
Well that escalated quickly
Ghost092790 (5 years ago)
Well he did it for steven
Dice502 (5 years ago)
Steven turned off auto save so the world wouldn't save a blown up daily. He didn't know what sly was doing but once it was done he immediately knew not to let it save.
Hunter Hotz (5 years ago)
steven saved the world and sly nuked it but right after the bomb went off steven turned off the saving option and there hasnt been a minecraft daily in a couple of days. s it really the end?
LoveFairyKyu (5 years ago)
Poor, Poor, Steven he got blamed for it XD
LoveFairyKyu (5 years ago)
Steven did know about it XD If he didnt Minecraft daily would be no more, But its not luckily :D
LoveFairyKyu (5 years ago)
i know i laughed so hard XD
LoveFairyKyu (5 years ago)
you mean dont mess with Sly XD
Hunter Johnson (5 years ago)
That asshole
jonp96 (5 years ago)
i know sly and steven was giggling too i also know sly made the nuke
Diego Espinoza (5 years ago)
This is my favorite episode
alexthekid4000 (5 years ago)
I smell a animation for this.
alexthekid4000 (5 years ago)
The way Kevin and Aleks react is priceless lol.
SKY GAZE (5 years ago)
Lol Kevin steals from Kootra :p
DeadlyScorpion (5 years ago)
Ah good ol sly
oj ferrer (5 years ago)
no he wont
oj ferrer (5 years ago)
that was sly -_-
oj ferrer (5 years ago)
Steven aint done no nothing, that bomb be the sly fox hound
DEMONITIZATION (5 years ago)
it was sly
LoCStarKilla121 (5 years ago)
hey well steven is packing heat too so yeah
jonp96 (5 years ago)
i love how during the nuke explosion steven is just silently giggling lol
jonp96 (5 years ago)
Sly created the nuke but steven probably would've done it too if sly hadn't
Shadowthiefdark (5 years ago)
The whole thing with Steven must be the biggest coincidence I've ever seen.
Shadowthiefdark (5 years ago)
Steven didn't set off the Nuke (shocker, no?), Sly did.
Tony Bui (5 years ago)
Lizbizz san (5 years ago)
Did Steven know about the bomb? It can't be a coincidence that he saved the world before the detonation, and that he went down in his basement to safety.
Lizbizz san (5 years ago)
But Steven didn't do it
Fancy Shmancee (5 years ago)
SLy did it
Fancy Shmancee (5 years ago)
Steven saved before the detonation.
Fancy Shmancee (5 years ago)
xD sly blew everything up.
Conceited Crackerz (5 years ago)
its was sly who activated the bomb
Bob Lastra (5 years ago)
sly was the one who used the nuke check his video
Destry Sotelo (5 years ago)
first time steven tells the truth
Waker (5 years ago)
Lol that was Sly.
dmfdog (5 years ago)
well really dont mess with sly or this happens
Rern (5 years ago)
It was actually Sly who did it.
Every time sly humss = danger
Fenmio (5 years ago)
Sly did it.
nickben33 (5 years ago)
It was Sly not Steven
Kaan (5 years ago)
sly was humming and when that happens all bad happens
DashingTheAttack (5 years ago)
mike murphy (5 years ago)
It was sly that did it
jake black (5 years ago)
wtf sly did the explosion not steven
SHINKAlS (5 years ago)
check sly's point of view
some monk (5 years ago)
no matter what people think sly is the king
some monk (5 years ago)
it was sly
Derek Mejia (5 years ago)
Sly did it. Not steven.
The Daily Dose (5 years ago)
But it wasn't...
Humphrey (5 years ago)
Immortal is straight up a registered sex offender hahah
PyroPeople (5 years ago)
well..... steven didn't do shit
Hersh Kataria (5 years ago)
It was actually sly who set it off, check out the ending of his video :P
Link10103 (5 years ago)
aleks just starts screaming as it goes off lolol
brody299 (5 years ago)
it was sly.
brody299 (5 years ago)
It was sly he used creative mode for it.
brody299 (5 years ago)
It wasnt steven, it was sly.
alex balch (5 years ago)
dont fucking mess with steven
Hristo Tomov (5 years ago)
do we get Touched Kevin ???? (mm) do they???
Chai Jia Jun (5 years ago)
We love you steven
Absolutely Abby (5 years ago)
That is kootra house you fell into
Nathan Ryan (5 years ago)
Steven needs to do that more often
alexthekid4000 (5 years ago)
Hahahah Steven u troll where did u get that nuke?!?!?!
J Kitt (5 years ago)
Assassinate Steven!
herbito reyes (5 years ago)
Jenvel (5 years ago)
Mikayla Black (5 years ago)
Kevin you took some of Kootra's stuff!! Lol
Dieselrök (5 years ago)
Aww man they blew up James' Dick D:
paigecook16 (5 years ago)
oh. my. god.
Kilroyy (5 years ago)
What is the mod for the Nuke called?
Billy Nguyen (5 years ago)
ikr same here
MeSoClar (5 years ago)
Why Immortal dont upload his Minecraft daily point of view? I would really like to see him fish and do shits! ):
Slyceofpizza (5 years ago)
02:34, oh Sly...
Headass McDeadass (5 years ago)
holly shit!dat ending was...omfg...WOW
got2many (5 years ago)
well that is debatable because steven and immortal's feud in minecraft daily has been going on for a long while. steven would always bug alex and get into his house and then lately immortal's been messing with steven. neither is innocent. I love it though. the humor between them is hilarious.
luckynats luck (5 years ago)
wheres steven's bedrock ? =w= 17:35
Shinosuke Beximaru (5 years ago)
I guessing the whole argument thing was planned so they could end the episode with a "bang". HUEHUEHUEHUEHUE
GamerJhon1911 (5 years ago)
To be fair Immortal started it and then woundn't stop after.
bleshnak (5 years ago)
Was that kootras house?
Christine Chen (5 years ago)
That ending lol
luCazzl (5 years ago)
I've been waiting for this eheheh.... Revenge has been had, and I've never been happier to see it.

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