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Realistic Minecraft - Highschool Girlfriend ❤️️

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Realistic Minecraft - Highschool Girlfriend Another day of Highschool trying to impress Jenny, hopefully she'll want to become our girlfriend. • Like, Comment and Subscribe to KC: http://bit.ly/KibzntheCap --------------------------- • Playlist For More Realistic Minecraft and Behind the Scenes: https://goo.gl/t2CNIy • Realistic Minecraft Series Playlist: https://goo.gl/NnFbgP • Realistic Minecraft Randoms Playlist: https://goo.gl/16a1cb --------------------------- • Website: https://www.kibitzandthecaptain.com • K&C Twitter: https://twitter.com/KibitznCaptain • CaptainPhresh's Twitter: https://twitter.com/CaptnPhresh • ImKibitz' Twitter: https://twitter.com/ImKibitz --------------------------- • KC Merch Store: http://bit.ly/KCMerch -------------------------- • P.O. Box: Kibitz and the Captain PO Box 55577 Impact Plaza Surrey BC V3R 0J7 --------------------------- • Music by Epidemic Sound (http://www.epidemicsound.com)
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Text Comments (41279)
Kiddie Artates (20 minutes ago)
Who's jenny
I dislike this series cuz there so slow they just try to fit everything in 10 mins I’m not hating it’s just a opinion
xRekTz (3 hours ago)
Why is this so CRINGE?????
hoping fot more (3 hours ago)
4:13 was no fair you didn't whated to play
Alex Vazquez (9 hours ago)
Lots of people say this sucks,but it still has 300k likes smh
Ghoul Black (18 hours ago)
George Vasilopoulos (21 hours ago)
This worse than cartoon network characters doing fortnite dances
M8ee (1 day ago)
get the friking bleach
Dreshie Games (1 day ago)
Flying thru hoopsSuperman 64
Siraj Terry (1 day ago)
This is what happens when u smoke lots of weed then have a dream
Nathan B (1 day ago)
God is dead.
badcc void (1 day ago)
Shes barf
oskars garders (2 days ago)
Engibeer (2 days ago)
Relistict Minecraft- Notch has left the game.
Zeze Sama1 (2 days ago)
*Evidence that human evolution was a shitty idea*
Dank - a - licious (2 days ago)
*life has left the game*
Lil Plankton (2 days ago)
I accidentally clicked on the vid . I lost my will to live .
Bob Freedom (2 days ago)
“Bloopers” to get the video over ten minutes.
mina wilk (3 days ago)
Ej gdzie polskie napisy Were polish leanguch
JD AND SEY Bermudez (3 days ago)
Ah i know what he can kill jennie because it's so fast and he likes jennie☺☺☺.
Zao MyChicken (3 days ago)
derpyducksquad 123 (3 days ago)
Were is the tide pod at?
The Senate (3 days ago)
Who came from memeulous
The Senate (3 days ago)
This is a new level of autism
King Yuki (3 days ago)
Lol I am died in the bloopers😂😂😂😂💔
Exhioni (3 days ago)
im dying
BBpoltergiest (4 days ago)
this is the most badass video ive ever seen
MCEllis Craft (4 days ago)
this video must go to hell
Andrew Strong (4 days ago)
that was pretty good 👊✌👋🎉
恩田耕一 (4 days ago)
Ncr veteran ranger (4 days ago)
God is dead
Truc Do (4 days ago)
You should marry her plz say yes
Ika Yanti (4 days ago)
Ayy Lmaoz (4 days ago)
This keeps showing up on my recommended list. I tried not interested in this channel - i don't like the video and it still shows up. Someone tie a rope to my ceiling.
MuzicStarz (4 days ago)
But you complete me JeNnY
Life Lara (5 days ago)
I need one more year to reach high school
Will Roche (5 days ago)
When aliens visit us, they’ll enslave us BECAUSE of this.
obviously (5 days ago)
39M views holy crapppp
Artistic Haze (5 days ago)
Are we only here to suffer..?
PerkyFlea 999 (5 days ago)
I spit my water out during the bloopers
masterofdiamondss (5 days ago)
-heavy breathing-
Hobbit Bo (5 days ago)
SedPlayzMCPE (6 days ago)
My braincells left my brain
chipper X (6 days ago)
99% of comments saying how bad this video is 1% of comments saying that Jenny is thicc
Stana Dukic (6 days ago)
4:52 why you have a cake in locker
Stana Dukic (6 days ago)
Aidan Talbott (6 days ago)
wow soo cool fuck you
Aidan Talbott (6 days ago)
the kids whant to see some action thats why fucken jerk
Aidan Talbott (6 days ago)
u suck dude wtf is going on in ur head to do this pluse this is a shity vid but lil kids think those are natural hands just plz stop
Ernie Games (6 days ago)
*G o D h A s l E f T t H e S e R v E r*
Elmosworld 213 (7 days ago)
Green screen and editing is everything
If you are here to talk shit kill yourself
Bluewolf828 F4R142 (7 days ago)
We need to get this guy laid
Wayne Keller (7 days ago)
This makes me want to get a knife and stick it down my throat and puncture my heart.
Nick lego kid (7 days ago)
James Blond (8 days ago)
Ihave no bran ceels plez hlep i hev canceer
lovely girl 13 (8 days ago)
Ewww the girl is ugly a** fuck
Demon Killa (8 days ago)
Eddie (8 days ago)
I wasted my life on this XD!
NightMajestys Gaming (9 days ago)
Hey good work very intresting, sorry about all the hate. being honest with you i like it
The Awesome face (9 days ago)
7:14 When your math teacher wants you to point where the US is located
Emilywolflover :3 (9 days ago)
Oh my gosh those arms 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Crazy_ Girlz_Angela (9 days ago)
*No, Cause i'm YOU*
N3lson 0rtiz (10 days ago)
NOT EVEN REAL!!! U stupid
Wtf is this
Clairo Gacha (11 days ago)
Jenny darling, you’re my best friendddddddd and there’s a few things that you don’t know abouttt
Cool how do people do that
Moonyalinn's Chanel (11 days ago)
When i send a love letter to my crush: Do you like me? □yes □yes
Alasdair Grant (11 days ago)
I hate this guy
amerha miachel (11 days ago)
Nutih kui
Жопня УТ (12 days ago)
How do i fucking kill myself
rodel camilo (12 days ago)
is so good viedio
Nicholas Schmerse (12 days ago)
I like a girl but am scared to say somthin g to her
Pryce (12 days ago)
Isn’t online dating dangerous? What if she’s a 41 year old man? Jk jk
Lorcaniser (12 days ago)
She be hittin you hard...
ModernSerega (12 days ago)
*waves hands furiously at greenscreen*
Stepanj (12 days ago)
Why did 300k people like this goodn't video?
LPS Silver Diamond (12 days ago)
Your awesome
Grim Death Reaper (12 days ago)
Now i just want to see teletubbies. Thanks "/
Acting on point though
Crazygamerboys 4 cgb4 (13 days ago)
This is the saddest thing I have ever seen
Door knob (13 days ago)
When youre so lonely you make a video about being a highschooler with a minecraft girlfriend
umut toplakli (14 days ago)
How did this get 40 mil
corpralsteak 97 (14 days ago)
now we know why aliens never come in contact with us.
Adrian F (14 days ago)
I’m back...
Answer Key (14 days ago)
why the hell is this on my recommended and why is this a thing
Nadeem Khan (14 days ago)
If this gets 100 likes I swear I’lol shave my head. *NOT READBAIT*
Tony Flamingo (14 days ago)
If this is what you call realistic then I'm concerned for your help
Roy Kenwerth (14 days ago)
Not gonna lie I think I lost a few brain cells
Houd (14 days ago)
This is cringier than my everyday life.
KylCar TheCoconut (14 days ago)
Your Mom:What are you doing You:dating my Minecraft girlfriend Your Mom:I knew I should put you on adoption
Radvilė Šimkutė (14 days ago)
HELP U HAVE 666k SUBS also im a new fan ;)
Fire Rash (14 days ago)
The reason why Minecraft is dying...
Dull Knowledge (14 days ago)
dude wtheck
xdragon (14 days ago)
xdragon (14 days ago)
Cancer just cancer
Blue Creeper Playz 2 (14 days ago)
666K SUBS!?
MouseSkull (14 days ago)
The cringe aside, the fact that this school has a subject relying on students killing each other is actually pretty disturbing.
Dead ._. (14 days ago)
How to tell if a girl likes u .She beats u up👌

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