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The E3 Single-player Scorecard - Game Scoop! 488

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Text Comments (177)
boardvision11 (20 days ago)
Nice bangs Justin
MrSladedalS (22 days ago)
Had to keep raising and lowering tv volume with this one
Javdalf the White (22 days ago)
shadowfax1983 (22 days ago)
I love this show very balanced coverage of all things happening in gaming. I used love The Know a lot but after few months of listening it's too much Nintendo stuff which doesn't appeal much to me.
Eric Jobe (24 days ago)
What I look forward to the most about this show is that every episode we get closer and closer to locking down the precise definition of a hat. I sort of hope hope we never get there; it's the promise of further hat-related clarity that keeps me coming back week-after-week.
ChrisWY27 (24 days ago)
Justin is like the 3rd person I've heard say "lore" in the past week. What does this word mean?
Misko 1023 (24 days ago)
Smoke a toothpick junt every time someone mentions Xenosaga, your in for a wallop.
Misko 1023 (24 days ago)
I gotta say it seems like it would be incredibly annoying having some PR dude “direct” you thru a demo. “Don’t press that button” ?? Just let me play the damn game man. And everyone is so polite that they follow their ridiculous instructions... “Which would have been great, but I didn’t do it”... Following a PR dude would in NO way make my experience better. I’m sure they make you feel like a dick if you disobeyed their exhalation.. such a lame practice. I like how CD projekt does it. That behind closed doors demo has generated so much hype. Brilliant.
Misko 1023 (24 days ago)
Long Live Sony Single Player ✊️
Eric Highsmith (25 days ago)
I love scoop, but hate Justin
Eric Highsmith (24 days ago)
Justin Davis lmao...well that made me like u a bit more
Justin Davis (24 days ago)
zifnabdr (25 days ago)
Just finished listening to the podcast. Don't typically post to many things but the during the fall lineup, i kept going "What about Dragon Quest 11!!!" Had to come and post this. Hopefully the Omega Cops are looking forward to this game as well!
lego enforcer (25 days ago)
What the heck is a "loot fox"?
BattleModeBainbridge (25 days ago)
Tina the show your thinking of is "Nathan for you".
Eric Waugh (25 days ago)
Forgot Spyro from Activision
adrian Calleros (26 days ago)
I hate chloi rad
Potomo (26 days ago)
Deamon X Machina is first party if I'm not mistaken. It's being published by Nintendo.
Young King Kush (26 days ago)
I've said it once I'll say it again, you guys should have a sister podcast with people who actually like games that are popular currently. You guys all love old games and platformers and that's fine, but it would be dope to hear people on your platform talk about contemporary games with some genuine interest/enthusiasm.
Bully Hunter1000 (24 days ago)
Misko 1023 Casey The Fritos
Kristopher Bradney (24 days ago)
That's what Unlocked, Beyond and NVC are for.  They spend the majority of their time on the newer stuff.
Misko 1023 (24 days ago)
Young King Kush I like Daemon, the rest are bores. Other great IGN employees are Ryan McCaffery and the best new hire is the Casey girl, forgot her last name. Chloe Rad is pretty Rad too. So many others are just goofballs obsessed with their inside-office jokes.
Nintendad816 * (27 days ago)
It launched with the 3ds and it was pretty good
Nintendad816 * (27 days ago)
No it’s not another mario party it’s back to the old way where your no longer all in one car . There’s a star on map and everyone tries different ways to get to the star so basically it looks way better then the last few .
TheLegend312 (27 days ago)
Battletoads made Marty disappear from IGN cameras lol
Nintendad816 * (27 days ago)
They said sekiro is an action adventure game and not an rpg like the souls games which I think it’s cool that they are going in a little different direction
GrimReaper4383 (27 days ago)
Sony's E3 was boring.
BINARYGOD (27 days ago)
You failed to mention the latest Forza (Horizon 4) - if offline (or simply not permitting people to join your game, shared-world style) you are racing against AI's and Drivatar's. And no, it's not the same as those other games where "you CAN play alone, but...". FH4 can be enjoyed just like FH3 in that regard. Being online only replaces the AI/Drivatar's with people from your friends list (or whoever else you can open it up to). If FH3 is single-plater, then so is 4.
Sir.Nibbles (27 days ago)
Cedar Rapids, IA! I'm from Waterloo here! Good to the fellow Iowans writing in! Shout out to Justin! Lol love this show! Keep it up guys. Best video game podcast around by far.
Grundy Bear (27 days ago)
There are helicopter missions in Pilotwings. It shoots missiles, therefore you do use weapons.
Aaronymous (24 days ago)
Thank you! I was hoping someone would have remembered this in the episode.
Kristopher Bradney (24 days ago)
Came to the comments looking for this!
Marcus Augustinus (27 days ago)
Agree with Justin. Played Destiny 1 mostly solo over 1000 hours. Played Destiny 2 several hundred hours now, mostly solo too. I love the game and only play with a fireteam once every week or two if I happen to do a raid.
Matthew - san (27 days ago)
Iowa Scoop!!
Game Metal (27 days ago)
Assassin's Creed going full blown RPG.is the worst thing that could ever happen. So tired of open world RPG's. been done to death. Bring back the older AC games. gameplay
Tim Krista (27 days ago)
"Hey release calendar" lmao 😂
Aiden Alias (27 days ago)
Tina made a "Nathan for You" reference while they were talking about haunted houses and Im so happy
squiddly007 (27 days ago)
Justin - Mario Party 11 is more like the older ones where you move individually instead of all together like 10 on the Wii U, which is a bad Mario Party game.
anthony savage (27 days ago)
"Hey Release Calendar". LOL
NATIVE (28 days ago)
The omega cops caught a case of the sillies after E3 it seems
killerdude35 (28 days ago)
"I've never been a Pokemon fan." I swear does Justin like anything? I wish I had a dollar for everytime he's started a sentence with "I've never been a fan of..."
FrenchPirate83 (14 days ago)
The man is entitled to his opinion. Contrast him to Jared Petty, who, annoyingly, gets excited by every game...
Justin Davis (27 days ago)
Big fan of Factorio. It's just tops all around.
INCREDIBLE JAY (28 days ago)
This ladies and Gentleman shows you that gaming is getting stale when devs aren't taking time to first of all finish the product and write a great engaging storyline and characters instead they focus on world building with others shout this the studio's that's still about quality over getting more money keep it up we need more like you
Cron13 (28 days ago)
Fast becoming the only show I bother to watch now - love the coverage of E3 and as usual great insights into the industry. SCOOOOOP!
Guy Elnathan (28 days ago)
no player game = POKEMON QUEST
lbsiam (28 days ago)
Pretty sure Pilotwings on Snes had helicopter/plane levels where you drop bombs on enemy bases/weapons..... So you do use weapons in the game.
Grundy Bear (27 days ago)
lbsiam I said the same thing. 108048 password to the first heli mission. Scoop!
Kate Ground (28 days ago)
Have to ask where daemon got his shirt from loving the vhs nostalgia
Snurly (27 days ago)
Kate Ground looks like this one https://society6.com/product/vhs-rut_t-shirt
HoodedDude (28 days ago)
Tina is cool, always brings something interesting to the conversation. Seems pretty chill too :) 42:47 btw that Yakuza 3 Remaster is coming out in Japan. Speaking of, you should play Yakuza 0. It's a very Daemie game - Arcady combat, great gangster story, super japanese and very 80's feel. Was my first Yakuza game and I'm now in love with the series. Scoop!!
Re4wii2018 (28 days ago)
56:40 there is a wave race on gameboy and yes for the 20th anniversary of 1080 bring it back, it's also the 15th anniversary of 1080 avalanche!
Cameron Wansley (28 days ago)
Yo! Anyone know where I can get Daemon's VHS T-shirt?
CP3 Fan (28 days ago)
Thank you for the anthem commentary you saved me time and money!
Luo Sam (28 days ago)
If you like heads exploding, then you will like fist of the North Star.
SoW_Scout's Gaming Hub (28 days ago)
Daemon X Machina, super hyped for that! and Daemon's shirt! I want one, reminds me just how old I am too...
Man Whatever (28 days ago)
checkrazor76 (28 days ago)
Lmao , Ark coming to switch is such a joke. The game runs like shit on Xbox one X so sorry folks but don't even try it on Switch. And in general the 3rd party games on Switch are kinda lame. And boy are the developers complains about their sales on the system. Nintendo once again is going to have to carry a system. They do have a bunch of fun and interesting small games but man it just doesn't feel like a console to me and it's a shame. I'm excited for Mario party and might try Smash even though I'm not a big fan of the others. And seems like Mario tennis is a let down especially on the single player side. Damn I wanted to love the Switch but with the joke of the online system and the lack of other things the system can do I'm already waiting for the next true Nintendo home console. To me the Switch is a failure
Big Cow Productions (28 days ago)
Thanks for showing a little gameplay of the game in the 20 questions thing. It would be cool to show aspects of it throughout the questions, or just show more at the end.
Nick C (28 days ago)
Daemon - there is still VATS in Fallout 76 - its just in real time so you have be a bit quicker, but its for people who are not master fps twitch shooter players...
Nick C (27 days ago)
Yeah i know - its not the same in F76 - but at least its not gone completely :P - (Love the show btw!)
Game Scoop! (27 days ago)
VATS is all about pausing the action and turning it into a turn-based game.
Nintendad816 * (28 days ago)
I also played destiny solo and had a lot of fun . I enjoyed the grinding and I also will play anthem alone .
Dash Jubei (28 days ago)
I love justin, "anyway, the point is ..... bring back 1080 snowboarding". hahaha
Simon James (28 days ago)
Love this show! Great job everyone. Daemon you're always such a good host.
Big Cow Productions (28 days ago)
14:48 You really think they'd only have a few monsters? That's ludicrous. They will have plenty of monsters.
fancy pants (28 days ago)
Just cause 3 was giving away an Island.
Levi Wyatt (28 days ago)
Is a no-player game a movie?
Jam Thief (28 days ago)
Soulsborne worlds don't make any sense if you need expositives spoonfed to you, searching for clues and stories behind things is the appeal, really. Welcome back Scoopers.
Mr. 2006 (28 days ago)
Best host line up :) PS... I think 20 questions is tired. How about a new segment/game?
sentient oven (28 days ago)
Anthem - a 'generic, straightforward corridor shooter' that 'leaves room for those collaborative experiences'. why does it feel like this is the equivalent of calling a dilapidated home 'rustic, has character?'
grrre87 (28 days ago)
Playing Destiny solo misses out on the best part of that game... the strikes, Trials, the raid... What is even the point.
Spencer Jerome (28 days ago)
I love Nathan for you being described as a documentary.
Patrick nnt (28 days ago)
You guys forgot Control a Remedy Game produced by 505games
mel b (26 days ago)
Patrick nnt they forgot babylon, the quiet man, left alive and even dragon quest 11s release in September smh
Chris C (28 days ago)
captain toad for switch removed the super Mario 3d world levels. they added the Odyssey levels in their place.
Misko 1023 (24 days ago)
Chris C I can’t tell if that game looks any good. I love Nintendo games but it just looks too abstract and puzzley. I’d rather just have a big toad adventure helping peach I think it’s the small levels that rub me the rong way
Kokagami (28 days ago)
A no player game? Isn't that just a movie?
pct87 (28 days ago)
There’s a trend of games playing themselves lately. Mortal Kombat had an option to do that. The new Pokémon game for phones basically does the same thing.
Adam (28 days ago)
Is Tina single? asking for a friend
Adam (28 days ago)
Not what I was referencing lol
Disparia Books (28 days ago)
Scoop! Thanks for putting in all the hard work at E3 for live info and a wealth to share in Scoopable nuggets. There a few games I don't need to know anything about to know I'm going to buy-Octopath is one, Shadows Die Twice is another. Also, mario party. My entire family loves MP games, so that's an obvious choice. Oh, and Mega Man 11. Because MM.
acesb24 (28 days ago)
Yes!!! I like Tina on scoop the best.
Matthaios Grim (28 days ago)
All the love you guys. Killing it as always. SCOOP!
Charlie Milroy (28 days ago)
If Justin knew what he was talking about concerning Yakuza, he'd know that 1 and 2 were PS2 games, so that is why they were remade, whereas 3-5 were on PS3, so they will be remasters
Josh Rogers (28 days ago)
First time in history for me to be completely uninterested in a Fallout game. No doubt devs need to change things up and try new things, and I hope that the people that are exited for Falllput 76 get a great game, but if I were to suddenly start playing multiplayer games more, Fallout would be the last one I want.
Sammy (28 days ago)
Game Scoop is now my fav IGN show, for a long time it was Unlocked just cause I am an Xbox man. It’s my fav now because I love the banter and your gaming knowledge, keep up the good work.
EzeLuigi (28 days ago)
CasualLad1690 wow haha im from NVC and love this one as well as they talk about all of three
CasualLad1690 (28 days ago)
I am the same but came from beyond! Maybe thanks to Game Scoop we can all come together in peace! haha
Rio Gaming (27 days ago)
Thanks Daemon for asking just about every Dev you interviewed during the E3 streams about a Switch version of their game! That was very cool!
Simon James (28 days ago)
Rio Gaming Daemon is awesome! I also loved that he asked Devs about a Switch version and when Daemon X Machina was announced I immediately thought about him.
Jon Kuch (28 days ago)
You forgot Assassins Creed in your list of release dates but that's okay.
Corey Anderson (28 days ago)
Yes! The OMEGA COPS ARE BACK! I missed you all something serious. Welcome back Scoop crew
KC Hammer (28 days ago)
Hey, they read my question! That just made my day.
John Solo (28 days ago)
SCOOOOPPP!>>>E3....R.I.P Marty #SweatersforBoys
Jon Kuch (28 days ago)
What if Fallout 76 is a huge success? Are they going to make more multiplayer games?
Brandon Randolph (28 days ago)
Glad the Omega Cops returned! I also worked in haunted houses in my teen years, and i had the exact same instructions Daemon! 😂🤣
Jon Kuch (28 days ago)
I am single player all the way. I don't mind multiplayer games existing though. I appreciate all games but I just want to play on my own schedule and I'm not good at communicating especially with someone I don't know.
BiggTonyStyle (28 days ago)
Low expectations for battletoads but I hope it plays like castle crashers
Second Breakfast (28 days ago)
Coralville Represent!
Second Breakfast (28 days ago)
For sure! It always makes me happy when Justin and Sam talk Iowa!
Anthony Witherow (28 days ago)
Second Breakfast Cedar Falls but close enough, right? 😅
1975supermike (28 days ago)
I'd play with her. Nothing rude meant by that.
op2001 (28 days ago)
Am I the only one that wants to hear more about Daemon's time working in the haunted house? I want haunted house scoop!
BiggTonyStyle (28 days ago)
Scoop! Welcome back!
Connor Joy (28 days ago)
There is an Easter egg about the names of the 8 travelers in "Octopath Traveler" Ophilia Cyrus Tressa Olberic Primrose Alfyn Therion H'aanit
Michael Ferguson (28 days ago)
Can we get a reg on here that actually likes multiplayer games? It gets kinda annoying how they all have the same attitude towards multiplayer games.
Teyon Alexander (28 days ago)
It was Just Cause 3. I never asked the gang who won. I should check with the boss. lol
Atlas Films (28 days ago)
RE: Captain Toad 1.5 - The word is that there are only 4 very short Mario Odyssey levels in the new Captain Toad according to Game Explain. They were able to beat the 4 levels in 7 minutes total. Also Nintendo removed the 4 much longer Mario 3D World levels from the Wii U edition. Everything else in the game seems to be the same.
Misko 1023 (24 days ago)
Atlas Films why in God’s name would they REMOVE levels....
ValhallasChosen (28 days ago)
its funny, i always really disliked the VATS system in fallout because to me it feel like it was a system implemented to compisate for an otherwise REALLY bad shooting mechanic system. I felt forced to use it because otherwise you can't hit anything.
24 Frames (28 days ago)
00:40 What are your thoughts on Bethesda and Ubisoft moving their single player franchises in a multiplayer direction? - Kevin from Cedar Rapids, IW 5:00 Daemon's round up of all the single player-focused games that were shown at E3 26:38 The omega cops wrap up the best Behind Closed Door demos of E3 - 26:50 Tina and Justin's thoughts on CyberPunk 2077 - 29:00 Sam explains why The Last of Us II and Anthem demos looked fake - 32:00 Sam's thoughts of Resident Evil 2 remake - 32:19 Sam and Tina's thoughts on Spiderman - 34:06 Tina relays Chloe's thoughts on Sekiro (Shadows Die Twice) 36:33 Daemon wraps up the 23 third party games announced at the Nintendo press conference 40:45 Daemon wraps up all the games we'll get to play this Fall 49:19 video game 20 question - Stephanie from Rhode Island
Misko 1023 (24 days ago)
Why doesn’t IGN put this is the description....
HoodedDude (28 days ago)
Thanks for the detailed timestamps!
RH1812 (28 days ago)
Loved the demo discussion. Good stuff.
Kareem Williams (28 days ago)
Daemon, I am not sure why you said the V.A.T.S system is no longer there, because when you did a interview at E3 with them they told you it was still there to use.
Game Scoop! (28 days ago)
But there's no way it's going to pause the game for everyone else. So what will it be? Some kind of auto-targeting system? Not the same thing at all.
Stug138 (28 days ago)
Why isn't Marty on this week's scoop?
Misko 1023 (24 days ago)
I think he may have proposed a drunken 3-some with Alanah and her X-dude. Sounds like a Rip Roarin’ time to me!! Either that or IGN had a splintervention cell with him. Either way until I hear more details I gotta side with the fellow drunk. RIP Marty.🌋
Gregory Joslin (28 days ago)
Marty has been banished it seems lol
Mr. 2006 (28 days ago)
I don't think he's been on for months
Teyon Alexander (28 days ago)
I think there's a problem when you introduce end game content in a game where you "can play alone" that requires you to play with others. You're essentially locking out people not interested in playing with others. So, like with Destiny, those people won't be able to experience the full experience. I'm not saying take those end game events out but instead, whenever possible, also include end game content for those that prefer single player.
Young King Kush (26 days ago)
Teyon Alexander what in-game item auto levels you to max in Destiny? Lol. I guess it really comes down to loot quality tho. To keep with the Destiny metaphors, Destiny 1 specifically (D2 has issues with this very topic), you could play the game entirely solo and get to max level but you won't have Vex Mythoclast, or Necrochasm, or Outbreak Prime, or extra dope armor w/ ornaments, etc. That's the distinction that has to be made in a game like this, other wise you're cheating your players that like playing multiplayer in a multiplayer game. As you said, they even have dope end game items that are attainable solo. The problem begins when those items are of the same strength/quality as the ones you get from team play.
Teyon Alexander (27 days ago)
Nothing should change for you They could have end game events for both types of players. The loot is only the reward, it's the experience that they're trying to sell you on here. Go with your friends to beat this boss and get an end game reward or beat a different boss alone for a different end game reward. It shouldn't be that complicated to set up and that way neither side is left out of experiencing an end game nor left out of end game content. Either do that, or don't claim you can play it alone - which is also perfectly OK. Let me give you a modern example. Destiny. So you can pull your friends together and go on a raid and get this awesome end game content that levels you up to max - great, wonderful. Three months later new DLC comes out and everyone is at that same level using some in game item that auto levels you to the previous max without any of the work involved. So what was the point in the first place? The experience of doing it not the reward.
Young King Kush (28 days ago)
I see what you're saying, but the problem with that is how can you then make the end game rewarding enough for people like me who enjoy coop play? I would definitely feel cheated ans call BS if I spent several hours coordinating with my guys to do a raid successfully to get the best loot and then people that never put that kind of time and effort in and only play solo have the same loot as me. And if they had it to where the game adjusted difficulty when solo, allowing you to solo end game content, it would defeat the purpose of ever getting a team together. It's a lose-lose situation honestly so they have to pick one or the other
KC Hammer (28 days ago)
I'm ok with games like that. I played WoW pretty much as single player, and am perfectly fine never doing raids or dungeons. I hit max level, finished the story and moved on. What I meant about Anthem in the question was that it seemed like the devs said that even the story missions have enemies that are tuned to be fought by multiple players at once. Almost like they would be almost too tough to beat by yourself or would take forever to whittle them down.
Teyon Alexander (28 days ago)
That's not what I'm saying. I'm saying don't give people the option to play *most* of your game either alone or with others but then require the end game to be played with others only. It's a half assed way to do it. The option for both should be available throughout. I'm not saying it should only be single player, I'm saying if your design allows for a thing, don't suddenly take that thing away at the end.
Matthew - san (28 days ago)
E3 is fun and all, but I sure miss my SCOOPS!
Sami Ahmed (28 days ago)
Great to see Tina back with the omega cops!
Herbie Clips (28 days ago)
As a fellow Cedar Rapidian I love the amount of Iowa scoop this week.
Yeeeeeeeeees, withdrawl is over, co-op mages 4lyfe!
JD Cantu (28 days ago)
Nice to have Justin back in his rightful spot! Even when hes not physically there a cardboard copy of him should take his place lol SCOOP!
Richard Hannay (28 days ago)
Overcooked 2 was the only game that really interested me immensely...
Paul Scott (28 days ago)
At 17:55 It sounds like Tina was talking about the Nathan For You haunted house episode. It's a reality/comedy series about odd ideas to help(?) struggling businesses, it's so good.
Josh hull (28 days ago)
I came here to say this. She did a really bad job of describing it.

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