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V For Vendetta Trailer (HD)

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This is My Latest FanMade Trailer!! Donation Link : https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=CCAJFM2SE6AVW The movie itself is a masterpiece and one of the most inspiring films ever made!! It took me some time to create this, but I think it's for the best!! Tell me what u think Enjoy!! Video Music : Hans Zimmer : Dark Knight OST Sonic Symphony : Infinite Expansion (Inception Style) Position Music : Vendetta I do not own the film, clips or the music used. This video is purely fan-made, it's done for entertainment purposes only. No copyright infrigment is intented, all rights go to their honourable owners. . JOIN QUIZGROUP PARTNER PROGRAM: http://join.quizgroup.com/ .
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Text Comments (1621)
miguel x22 (20 days ago)
Tutorial - How to hack the NSA :v
ZogYechiHamelech (20 days ago)
Hell Angel (29 days ago)
the movie is awesome i recommend it
imicca (1 month ago)
this movie predicted politically correct England now...
Dhanurjaya Naik (1 month ago)
It's one of the best film and one more thing I feel great about is those Indian songs they have added at the end...
Sikta Swain (1 month ago)
M I the only one who want to see the face under the mask and wand v and Evy should be married..
TheHindu Mythbuster (1 month ago)
I thought this is about the Anonymous hacker
k s (1 month ago)
My biggest question in life; how did Natalie not get an Oscar nomination for this!!
ExtremeTournament (2 months ago)
V for Vader too
that’s pretty good (2 months ago)
It looks like a really good movie but um im more confused now than before about what it’s about lol 😂
BabySnake (2 months ago)
So that's what's Are you ready for it? all about xD >.> *googling V for Vandetta now*
wierdoalert101 (2 months ago)
hi guys, can anyone please tell me: is this movie good? Thanks in advance, edward
Tom Bo (2 months ago)
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Tom Bo (27 days ago)
sorry, never ever speak about it.
Movie trailors (27 days ago)
Tom Bo how many u have
Tom Bo (27 days ago)
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Movie trailors (27 days ago)
Tom Bo wow plz guide how to buy
YouTube Zone (2 months ago)
Ali Akbar (3 months ago)
This movie is relevant today now more than ever before
Prison Mike (3 months ago)
oi put fanmade in the title bruv
RK7 (3 months ago)
Red skull is V
Cherlun Kindrell (4 months ago)
JustDashPlayz (4 months ago)
bro you made this
THEODOROS KARALIS (4 months ago)
Remeber remember thefifth of November
Stephanie Yun (5 months ago)
Anymore movies like this??
Klo Steven (5 months ago)
V-означает Вендетта
Lee Marrufo (5 months ago)
This movie was everything I hoped it would be. I loved it
Flaskie Flames (6 months ago)
Sei sha (7 months ago)
is this why gansters through V symbol?
Ronald Bolwerk (7 months ago)
Anonymous yes
Atemporall (7 months ago)
Shadowslip 71 (7 months ago)
Every religion has done this at some point to a country or culture!
Alice Critique (7 months ago)
saw it in hbo and fell in love the first time I tried watching it. I can feel goosebumps all over whenever V is being a badass-mysterious-masked-wise man. I will make him mi hubby.
Mel the darcsen umbreon (8 months ago)
I bet if this movie was released today the alt right would probably bash it because it would be supporting "white genocide" and being politically correct in their eyes. Just look at when wolfenstien 2 was teased.
EGru1 (8 months ago)
Everyone here is saying how great this movie is etc , I found the movie actually quite boring.
R (8 months ago)
Trump ?
Gustavo Estrada (8 months ago)
ahmad the 1374 (8 months ago)
By every passing year, this gets closer and closer to the being true
marlee van der vlies (9 months ago)
Joku jonne (9 months ago)
Ready to fuck north korea? Lets go. V for vendetta. 👽 👔 👖
Floris Oortman Gerlings (9 months ago)
Wish it was on Netflix..
Janoy Cresva (8 months ago)
Floris Oortman Gerlings it is
K. R. (9 months ago)
Hablo Ingles? No
Michael Jackson (10 months ago)
Do yourself a favor...read the masterpiece that the comicbook is!
James Tapelband (10 months ago)
I'm not done with you Fake News...
Black_ Hack (10 months ago)
I love v 😮
ZeRo (10 months ago)
This mоoviе is nоw аvаilаble to wаtch hеre => https://twitter.com/bb0540cf2d2b6e019/status/872637071797637120
- inTegrity - (10 months ago)
🍳 Eggy in the hole. Used to have this all of the ⌚ time. 💞
Amine OussamaXD (11 months ago)
Masterpiece 💚
Michael Don Corleone (11 months ago)
I watched the whole movie thinking it s Keira Knightley
jsjsjs jss8jw (11 months ago)
the movie was quite interesting
nour love100 (11 months ago)
V fоr Vеndеttа full mоviе heree => https://twitter.com/bb0540cf2d2b6e019/status/872637071797637120
Annamaria Farkas (11 months ago)
vefetta e puternic
Youssef Mahmoud (11 months ago)
Waaааtch V fооor Vendeееttаа online here => https://twitter.com/bb0540cf2d2b6e019/status/872637071797637120
Blue_Warrior V2.0 (11 months ago)
that's anonymous?
Benawesome BW (6 months ago)
Blue_Warrior V2.0 no, the mask goes all the way back to 1400 years ago. Originally they wore it when a famous tarrist named fawk was executed, but now it represents peace and uprising. That's why ananamous wears them, because there strong believers of standing up to the government.
Dhenver Nucos (11 months ago)
This movie is noooow available to watch here => https://twitter.com/bb0540cf2d2b6e019/status/872637071797637120
Bilal Memou (11 months ago)
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Lavin Posi (11 months ago)
here by the recommendation of Augustus Waters!
Putra Ardiansah (1 year ago)
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TECHILATION SD (1 year ago)
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마법의요술봉 (1 year ago)
Watсh V for Vendetta oоооnlinе hеrе => https://twitter.com/bb0540cf2d2b6e019/status/872637071797637120
Adrian Flores (1 year ago)
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Gab gab (1 year ago)
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omar masroor (1 year ago)
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Quốc Văn Trịnh (1 year ago)
TТThis movie is now available tо watch here => https://twitter.com/88acf5f1fa31266bf/status/872637071797637120
Eylnor the Ranger (1 year ago)
This trailer is better than the one made by DC.
MisiumaYT (1 year ago)
You cаn wаtccссh V fоr Vendetta herе https://twitter.com/48cf6f50495979055/status/861407071123644416
Hitesh Modi (1 year ago)
Hello youtubers watch V for Vendeeetta ooonline here => https://twitter.com/48cf6f50495979055/status/861407071123644416
Sartre Camus (1 year ago)
whoa whoa, DC? I thought it was Marvel. . . .
Hugo Xu (1 year ago)
Code Geass brought me here.
Yоu сan wаtсh V fооооr Vеndееttа hееrе https://twitter.com/b9673508732f7f9d2/status/861407071123644416
Blub (1 year ago)
A for Anonymous
James Watker (1 year ago)
Yeah. I don't think Governments should be afraid of their people. Frightened governments do dumb things like kill their opponents on the steps of the Kremlin. I think it should be a symbiotic relationship.
Dean LITTT (1 year ago)
I think ill watch Spider-Man 3 again instead..
สวัสดี kk (1 year ago)
สวัสดี kk (1 year ago)
ไกฝันเหนหน้ากากวีตอนไก่เรียนปวส. หน้ากากวีลอยพุ่งใส่ไกเป็นร้อยอัน และมีเสียงหัวเราะมาจากหน้ากากดังมาก ต่างออกเสียงหัวเราะไก่ ไก่ฝันตอนบ่ายๆที่กรุงเทพ เขาต้องการบอกอะไรไก่ละ
D-XtinaV (1 year ago)
One of the best movies I've ever watched! ...It's so underrated!...
Yoooou can waatcccch V for Vendeeeetta here https://twitter.com/3a49eeab922641ea9/status/850530126328549377
Edward Richtofen (1 year ago)
what's the name of soundtrack in 1:47?
Chosen Totem (1 year ago)
Who is watching in 2017?
Lether Gamer (1 year ago)
Hi hi hack hack hqck you you you ^_^
Juan Vargas (1 year ago)
V for Vendetta, dir. James McTeigue. Writers: The Wachowski Brothers. Hugo Weaving, Natalie Portman, Rupert Graves. An entertaining satire on totalitarianism exposed surgically removed by the Universal Man as hero. It reminds one of the Rise of Donald Trump, in his deviousness, amorality, greed, avarice, dimwittedness and his penchant for the neo-fascist approach. Thus, soon there will be a movie titled T is for Trump a tatty, tawdry, tainted tasteless denizen of Tartarus whose temper is tartaric, whose pterodactyl and tiny mind is tantamount to a tumultuous triumvirate of Tyranny, tediousness and Tweetiness, who trades in taunting, trampling, teasing and totalitarianism and whose tentacle hands would touch any orifice leading to interminable tergiversation and a teratogenic testicliculae traumatizing his tin head leaving him a tomfool in a state of torpor no longer the tormentor and worshipper of Torquemada nor the torturous tormentor of truth. –JV. Action, drama, thriller. Germany-US. Scream Awards: Best Science Fiction Movie. AS FFHF: Best Actress of the Year.
Peter Tremblay (1 year ago)
Would be so cool if a real hero like that could get us rid of the corrupted scums on this planet!
Pan Poseidon (1 year ago)
raydro3 (1 year ago)
V for islam.
Narimane Shaker (1 year ago)
Open the AC This trailer is too hot
ALVAN MACHO (1 year ago)
Its 2017 and i still love this movie ...(My personal rating is 10/10).
Yudha Huri (1 year ago)
This is the niceist movie i ever seeee!!! I advise everybody to waatch it :) https://twitter.com/dbc1f01543fe63c5a/status/822783256449806336
Charles James (1 year ago)
Nicely done!
mathew joseph (1 year ago)
The book is way better.
mattie stewart (1 year ago)
It was the wig that really put me off...
mattie stewart (1 year ago)
It was the wig that really put me off...
Ace Mustang (1 year ago)
2017 squad
ggosia3a (1 year ago)
Kupujcie te maski .... wtedy pislam nas może nagrywac do woli i fotografować...
clucky Chicken (1 year ago)
best movie I have ever watched
machida kentaro (1 year ago)
phantom vs vendetta. which will win?
hallo ik ben ik (1 year ago)
astro dude (1 year ago)
What's the soundtrack called ?
starlaeuropa (1 year ago)
Brexit Britain in a nutshell....
this film/comic is more relvant now than its ever been
Kanzy Khashaba (1 year ago)
who watching in 2017
HCN (1 year ago)
Wow,look at how Oppressive the UK has become!It has become History's most Oppressive State!I'm pretty sure there's no Country more oppressive than that.....[Cough] Saudi Arabia [Cough].....

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