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The Last of Us: Joel and Tess

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Vinter Vareich (11 months ago)
Tess is my favorite character in The Last Of Us. She's responsible, confident, and doesn't fuck around. She adds a nice edge to the game. It would be nice to play as Tess someday.
thicc ass demon (4 years ago)
More like Joel x Tess to me :3
Dash Porter (4 years ago)
Lets see this game was made in 2013, so in 1993 Joel lost his daughter Sarah. 20 years later. Man thats gotta damage Joel. 
Vinter Vareich (11 months ago)
No, the smartphone looks 2004 and there was also that diary that said 2024. The tv in the beginning seems to be a model from that era and the wiki is just people assuming that 2013 was the starting date.
callum micallef (1 year ago)
20 years later is set in 2033 but the time between Joel and Ellie leaving Boston to go to the fireflies hospital  takes 1 year. When Joel and Ellie get to the hospital it's 2024. Marlene writes that entry couple of days before Joel and Ellie arrive.
Nammo300win (1 year ago)
Dash Porter 2033
Ale. (2 years ago)
+MrMatu2t i don't know 😣
MrMatu2t (2 years ago)
+Ale. Marlene diary dates have a mistake?

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