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Devil May Cry 5 REVEAL REACTION!!!

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TheMilkyFinishers (29 days ago)
Thank you all for getting this video up to 100K views!!! You guys rock. Subscribe or follow us on Twitch for more hype, including a LIVE celebration of Devil May Cry!
Paul Jackson (23 days ago)
Now this was really how the community reacted, those present in the event did meh credit for DMC 5.
For Real!? (29 days ago)
Can’t wait!
marvel's greatest hero (7 hours ago)
I love Nero's new look fight me
Linda Underling (17 hours ago)
0:56 I love how they blew this case wide open. True fans of Devil may Cry if you ask me.
Boyd Crowder (18 hours ago)
That was my reaction too. Exactly.
Low Allen (1 day ago)
ddecade1 (4 days ago)
Please react when there's a second trailer. Plssss
Animesh Mandal (5 days ago)
Ddddd...... that's daaante
thatcrazygamergil 98 (6 days ago)
This is the Best reaction
Real fans! Love this one! I like how you immediately recognized the Red Queen Sword!
drakeat sicpmagna (6 days ago)
This is the best one 🤣
Cloudfield_01 (8 days ago)
Hatano Kokoro (9 days ago)
They both didn't notice that "Nero losing his arm" scene.
Qayyum Chariff (9 days ago)
The moment you say its fucking Nero I knew YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST
Karma Carnage (9 days ago)
being a long time fan of the series myself.. when i first watched the video (i missed E3 due to work) i was watching the video and immediately knew it was Nero the moment he grabbed Red Queen and revved her up.. and the Devil May Cry 5 on the side of the van made me all kinds of giddy.. in fact i started crying because after 10 long years and a shitty reboot Capcom has finally blessed us with a sequel and you boys knew it too! great reaction! now shut up and take my subscribe!
RxDoc (9 days ago)
So who's the bottom?
keller blair (11 days ago)
Remember when people hated Nero
Glenn Monjardin (12 days ago)
a real dmc fan knows nero with his sword
ultimate blaster (14 days ago)
I can’t wait for dmc 5 to come out. Dmc is back woo.
Yeeart!! Aaaargh! (15 days ago)
Subbed because that was a genuine fans reaction. Also yes, anime is saved! DEVIL MAY CRY IS BACK BABY!
TheMilkyFinishers (15 days ago)
Is your name a Ninja Slayer Reference? If so, thats sick.
Andre Jackson (15 days ago)
"Let's bump this shit!" lmao best reaction I've seen
LP13 CurryFace (16 days ago)
You guys win the best DMC5 reaction contest. Love it.
TriksterHD (16 days ago)
This was very similar to my reaction. First thinking it was new Dante because of the short hair and thinking ah shit, but then seeing him rev up the Red Queen I was like, wait no, that's Nero! Then I could enjoy the rest of the trailer :)
Why do I feel like it was all intentional? they made it so that people thought it was DmC at first but then DMCV BABY!
ɳɕɾʘ (16 days ago)
Cheesey Slaps (16 days ago)
Balls are swelling
Kana Noir (17 days ago)
Real fan reaction
martkingluffy martin (17 days ago)
LOOOOOOOOOOVE those reactions XD had that same myself :D
Shinji Fumiya (18 days ago)
"Anime is saved"
RK 800 (18 days ago)
Why is Kyrie always getting captured
Ronin浪人 (18 days ago)
fucking love your reaction
Ventas (19 days ago)
1:14 when you win the lottery
amir sarah (19 days ago)
Woohooo..Yeah! Best.Line.Ever.
Iwannaplayssbb (19 days ago)
haha had the same reaction!
RangaRiis (20 days ago)
Come on guys that's not a mohawk! He is clearly not a block head. (also yay you remembered Nero right out the gate!)
hithummah (21 days ago)
legends say the stain on their pants hasn't dried to this day
Ali (21 days ago)
WTF!!!!!!!!!!?????? lol
Just Peachy (24 days ago)
"Cheer up, crew cut" AAAAAUGHGGAAG
ddecade1 (24 days ago)
Best reaction so far...subbed
sentimeter233 (24 days ago)
Now THIS is a proper reaction to the devil may cry 5 announcement. I can't believe how unmoved the people in the audience were
IndianTelephone (25 days ago)
This reaction brought me to tears. I cried because the fucking losers sitting in that auditorium were all shooter fans and nobody cared about the comeback of one of the greatest IPs ever! This reaction + Maximilion + Easy Allies, THIS IS HOW EVERYONE SHOULD HAVE REACTED! I would have run around shouting DMC IS BACK! in that auditorium if i was there.
HIGH TIDES (25 days ago)
Real devil may cry fans reacting to a real devil may cry game
Welsh Raccoon (25 days ago)
We all know Capcom cut Nero's hair on purpose to fool us into think it was DMC 2 lol they know we didn't like the reboot sneaky bastards!!
FlareZero (25 days ago)
One of the best DMC5 reaction, you guys are real fans; Capcom today is a better studio, Thanks, really, tthsnks that they are back to they're senses.
pqrxz00 (26 days ago)
Best reaction I've seen so far. You guys are truly a devil may cry fan :')
Jacob McMillan (27 days ago)
Dmc is the best devil may cry game and it’s not even close
Reza Pahlawan (27 days ago)
Donte is shit
Kusanagikaiser999 (27 days ago)
One of the few videos of people who reacted like a REAL DMC fan should, first scare for the reveal of the short cut hair wanna be Donte, then immediately recognize Nero when he Rev his sword, recognize the voice of Johnny Yong Bosch, and got ultra hype for the mention of Kyrie and the show of the real Dante, great reaction indeed.
Soul Reaver (27 days ago)
their reaction is so cringy its hilarious
ReduxEditor335 (27 days ago)
You fellas are the *_jackpot_* of true DMC fans. If "fans" don't mistake this for Dmc 2, then they're mistaking Nero as Dante even _after_ he shows up on the motorcycle at the end. The sword revving, double-barreled revolver, and JYB's voice should have been a *_dead_* giveaway.
Liquid Arum (28 days ago)
I love seeing true Devil May Cry Fans reactions #Danteisback
Dysfunctional Dildo (28 days ago)
"I keep waiting for it to end but it just keeps going" And then they have their best moment right away lmao
Coca Loca (28 days ago)
FINALLY someone actually fucking recognized nero when he revved the sword...I was baffled by the amount of reaction vids where they think it's Dante
cklambo (28 days ago)
Remember when no-one liked Nero. Those were the days.
SnoZEN (28 days ago)
Kiro Desu (29 days ago)
1:13 I love the reaction from recognizing J0hnny Y0ung B0sch lmao
Vegito (29 days ago)
I knew it was Nero without seeing the Red Queen and Blue Rose i swear
megiddragon (29 days ago)
Johnny is back!!!!
xtemma (1 month ago)
Donte lookalike is actually Nero and suddenly it's okay.
For Real!? (1 month ago)
You guys deserve more subs especially after a reaction like this. Thinking it was Dino/Dante and then immediately recognizing Nero due to the Red Queen. You guys got my support !
For Real!? (1 month ago)
TheMilkyFinishers awesome! Will watch!
TheMilkyFinishers (1 month ago)
For Real!? We will be live streaming Devil May Cry 4 on Wednesday, June 27th to celebrate so be sure to stop by and get hype with us!!
exceedcharge1 (1 month ago)
How bad is DmC when people are happy to see nero?
Aaron Porter (1 month ago)
You guys are literally the only people who realized it was Nero. True fans at last!!!
Gabe newell (1 month ago)
These are real fans
ωHoly Evanω (1 month ago)
best reaction from all the DMC5 reaction i had browsed through these days because 1. You guys immediately recognize that he was nero when you saw him reviving his Red Queen 2. You guys are the only one who know about kyrie when nero shout her name :D
Elmasai Seasoma (1 month ago)
Best reaction I've seen so far. Congratulations dudes, you are truly real Devil May Cry fans.
Mackenzie Dinkins (1 month ago)
Devil May Cry is BACK!!!!!
Slifer29 (1 month ago)
I love when dude said “let’s bump this shit”. That’s when you knew it got real.
Kob_iss (1 month ago)
Love the reaction....true fan
DanteLDH (1 month ago)
Props for you guys
Christopher York (1 month ago)
Once the title said Devil May Cry & not DMC I knew it was Nero.....Cant wait
Matt Renta (1 month ago)
Majid Khalid (1 month ago)
I was frustrated the old and true DMC fanbase is nowhere to be found where I find every other video mentions Dante at the beginning even after revving Red Queen up, until I came across you .... I watched this when it was 500 views only and now it hit more than 80k, I'm .... happy, and I feel at home here watching you two. This video and reaction resemble every fiber of me ... just .... thank you. I'm proud to be in the same community as you. Long live the true and passion DMC fanbase. (and sorry for my weak and broken English) YOU PEOPLE ROCKS
Gogaikin Robo (1 month ago)
It's really refreshing, after a long scroll of fake reactions (yes it's become a trend), to finally find one from people who truly love and recognize Devil May Cry.
Fusion Snake (1 month ago)
I have another theory, the demon guy at the begin with the blood coming out the floor, what if it is Neo Angelo
Johnny Eternal (1 month ago)
Best reaction to dmc5 all day.
517342 (1 month ago)
Has anyone made a playlist of genuine fan reactions yet? I like this but can't stand the fake reactions.
Scarlet (1 month ago)
I wanna be best buds with the coconut haired guy
Scarlet (1 month ago)
TheMilkyFinishers hell yeah! I’ll be looking forward to your streams of this and also be sure to upload the highlights/clips on YouTube!!
TheMilkyFinishers (1 month ago)
McCree Then hit us up 5 days a week over on Twitch/TheMilkyFinishers ;P
predator H2O (1 month ago)
Everybody is saying how much different he is but I can see the old Nero all the time right above his shoulder.
predator H2O (1 month ago)
These are true DMC fans.
cyberkarim01 v: (1 month ago)
You had the same reacción as me wait is this DMC 2 then Reed qeen yes this Is DEVIL MAY CRY V the phantom demon (sorry not sorry)
Apathy Reaper (1 month ago)
Love your reaction when your friend was like OH NO IT'S DONTE then you saw his sword and heard his voice and you were 100% sure it was Nero LOL
TutsiFruitsi 19 (1 month ago)
Now thats a reaction ! ! ! LoL same as you guys i was confused if this was going to be dmc but when nero f*cking revs that red queen , i knew this was going to be dope AF ! ! !
X-Maverick (1 month ago)
Guy on the left is very nice 🙂
predetor911 (1 month ago)
I love that they turn the music up when they realise what it is. P.s only true DMC fans recognised Nero from just his sword alone, well done guys.
LaVitaNouva (1 month ago)
I love how you call this Devil May Cry "Real One". Yes!! the real one is back baybayyyyyy
Renato Machado (1 month ago)
You recognize Nero +1 follower
Mega M (1 month ago)
"Wait, hold on, dat looks like...noooooo, dats Donte dude, thats how he...wait, wait, wait wait wait...thats was fucking Nero, thats was Nero with the red queen!" Ten fucking years, Im still cant believe this is real.
Vin Comp (1 month ago)
Its SSSo good
dari_ m (1 month ago)
"They are one big announcement from being an A" Me: smirking
TheMilkyFinishers (1 month ago)
dari_ m lol, right? Watching it back was surreal. I had no idea what was about to happen.
Andrew Orozco (1 month ago)
Yep Black Ranger Adam will always be Nero. Awesome reaction dudes. Yeah I got hyped too. Old man Dante looking badass though.
L0RDZETTA (1 month ago)
The elation shown when you two hear Johnny Yong Bosch's voice makes this the best reaction I've seen, thank god the wait is over.
Nice, actual fans who knew it was Nero!
true reaction of fans who waited this game for 10 years
D4RKD3V1L (1 month ago)
Legit reactions from fans of the game. SMH to the other reactions that don't really follow the series and acted pumped...
Shadik (1 month ago)
You guys are real fans I knew it was Nero when he revved up the Red Queen I had the same reaction like not DmC then when it’s shown Nero I was like Hell Yes the real Devil May Cry is back number 5 will be the greatest.
gonçalo Baia (1 month ago)
Is it just me or is this SO NOT a devil may cry worthy soundtrack
dorky shark (1 month ago)
Raelloret (1 month ago)
Now that's a fan's reaction!
Trần Minh (1 month ago)
2:06 did he say this is like Metal Gear Rising 2? I always wait for it.... but no ):
Silent Silver-Fox (1 month ago)
"Is this Metal Gear 6?" ... CLOSE ENOUGH Becus, y'know..Nero's arm... ahem..nevermind.

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