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Devil May Cry 5 REVEAL REACTION!!!

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TheMilkyFinishers (4 months ago)
Thank you all for getting this video up to 100K views!!! You guys rock. Subscribe or follow us on Twitch for more hype, including a LIVE celebration of Devil May Cry!
bagoes tjahjono (2 months ago)
guys there is new trailer from gamesom 2018. hopefully you can react that footage.
Paul Jackson (4 months ago)
Now this was really how the community reacted, those present in the event did meh credit for DMC 5.
For Real!? (4 months ago)
Can’t wait!
INFERNO - (15 days ago)
So this is what the americans are doing these days? I think we should attack now...
Tavish DeGroot (16 days ago)
Jes Landa (27 days ago)
Do reaction to Dante Trailer
Jet 27 (1 month ago)
You guys should LP it when it's out.
Some Armenian Guy Jake (1 month ago)
RadianSCT (1 month ago)
you're legit forgiven for thinking it was donte. like, he looks more like donte than dante here. i'm sure that was intentional on some level on the designers' part.
Lucky Singh (1 month ago)
They are making devil may cry the movie
Lone Wolf (1 month ago)
The moment they show his Red Queen trick I KNEW my man Nero was back. CAPCOM, you just fucking redeemed yourself for dmc.
LPrussia07 (1 month ago)
1:00 "Let`s pump this shit" I laughed, thank you. Badass!
Joaco ZX15 (1 month ago)
Starscream91 (1 month ago)
You and your girlfriend provided the best reaction on Youtube.
Vergil (1 month ago)
why havent they reacted to new trailere
Vergil1876 (2 months ago)
2:15 reaction 10/10 I love u dude
Aaron Brown (2 months ago)
One of my favorite reveal reactions for any video game. These guys were knowledgeable about the content and genuinely surprised and happy about everything being shown.
Double X Studios (2 months ago)
Can I just say that I love your reaction video? I could feel so much love from you guys of how happy you were seeing DMC return. It put a smile to my face. Also, I too am excited to see DMC 5 coming next year that Im gonna cosplay Nero’s new look.
Noctis Caelum (2 months ago)
Tony Redgrave (2 months ago)
react to dmc gamescon trailer
Hamza Saâdi (2 months ago)
You guys should react to the new Trailer of DMC5
Sider ´ (2 months ago)
The one and only true reaction by Devil may cry fans. "saw sword: Its NERO!" Glab to see real fans reaction. And congrats on 200k+ views. You deserve it 1:13 best reaction. I was too Hyped when i heard that as well. (already watched this reaction 10 times)
Nguyen Hai (2 months ago)
Please react to Devil May Cry 5 gameplay trailer
CEWIIH (2 months ago)
01:02 oh come on! never seen such a OTT, fake reaction lol
Brian Scalabrine (2 months ago)
Get on that new trailer bois!!
RoastedMarshmallow (2 months ago)
Draven Thorson (2 months ago)
Who are you and why do you have 200k views?...
TheMilkyFinishers (2 months ago)
Draven Thorson We're TheMilkyFinishers and we do livestreams 5 days a week :P
Tavish DeGroot (2 months ago)
Omg, this is such a beautiful video.
Kinky Suuu (2 months ago)
when they recognize nero the time they see him...even me i thought at first it was virgil LOL
Vampire Nero Soulless (3 months ago)
Time breaker Bardock (3 months ago)
They bringing back the whole family Dante, Vergil, Nero
Максим Лукин (3 months ago)
I don't understand why can't people like both versions of Dante. I don't think, that the reebot was a bad game and Dante was preety badass too
marvel's greatest hero (3 months ago)
What is people's f*cking problem with Nero's haircut!!!!!!!!???? Get over it!!!!
Robert Redfern (3 months ago)
its amazing what the RE engine can do
Ash Kocholo (3 months ago)
I've probably personally contributed to 100 000 of those views
iconic vid (3 months ago)
Please I don't want virgil and Dante to want , all these talk about the game being emotional , Dante Virgil death could destroy the franchise
iconic vid (3 months ago)
Best hack and slash being following from DMC 2 , you story topnotch
AnchorStandard (3 months ago)
Your disappointment when you thought it was DmC Dante was hilarious. Easily the best part of these reactions are people's salt over Donte
Gekkou Le Vagabond (3 months ago)
awesome reaction dude, lets rock
ewan najiar (3 months ago)
"this is it this is the real fucking devil may cry" *ninja theory burnt to a crisp*
BogsnakeN7 (3 months ago)
The best vidéo réaction for the "Devil May Cry" first trailer.
Crazy Boris Productions (3 months ago)
"Cheer up crew cut." **UNINTELLIGIBLE HOWLING**
Jet 27 (2 days ago)
They just cheered up is all.
Probably the best reaction to this trailer out there.
nuggethead 22 (3 months ago)
People in the comments saying other reactions aren’t from real DMC fans but you gotta remember the last one was 10 years ago and with Nero’s new haircut. unless u played dmc4 in the last couple years you probably won’t remember red queen and blue rose
william martins (3 months ago)
Finally, real fans here
Oliver Fletcher (3 months ago)
Amazing how so many people call themselves dmc fans but don’t even recognize red queen in the beginning and think Nero is Dante. Fake ass fans. These guys are true fans, I also thought it was dmc2 before the red queen appeared lol
And nobody ever even comment on the fact that in the scene with the bigass demon Nero is just sitting casually on the wall, being all like "Sup?")
ROGERDERBY (3 months ago)
That was one of the most homosexual things I have ever seen in my life.
TheMilkyFinishers (3 months ago)
ROGERDERBY "cheer up, crew-cut!"
Shadow-Death (3 months ago)
reaction 10/10
marvel's greatest hero (3 months ago)
I love Nero's new look fight me
Linda Underling (3 months ago)
0:56 I love how they blew this case wide open. True fans of Devil may Cry if you ask me.
Boyd Crowder (3 months ago)
That was my reaction too. Exactly.
Low Allen (3 months ago)
ddecade1 (3 months ago)
Please react when there's a second trailer. Plssss
Animesh Mandal (3 months ago)
Ddddd...... that's daaante
thatcrazygamergil 98 (3 months ago)
This is the Best reaction
the_boss_of_all_bosses (3 months ago)
Real fans! Love this one! I like how you immediately recognized the Red Queen Sword!
drakeat sicpmagna (4 months ago)
This is the best one 🤣
Cloudfield_01 (4 months ago)
Hatano Kokoro (4 months ago)
They both didn't notice that "Nero losing his arm" scene.
Qayyum Chariff (4 months ago)
The moment you say its fucking Nero I knew YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST
Karma Carnage (4 months ago)
being a long time fan of the series myself.. when i first watched the video (i missed E3 due to work) i was watching the video and immediately knew it was Nero the moment he grabbed Red Queen and revved her up.. and the Devil May Cry 5 on the side of the van made me all kinds of giddy.. in fact i started crying because after 10 long years and a shitty reboot Capcom has finally blessed us with a sequel and you boys knew it too! great reaction! now shut up and take my subscribe!
RxDoc (4 months ago)
So who's the bottom?
keller blair (4 months ago)
Remember when people hated Nero
GX Stratos (4 months ago)
a real dmc fan knows nero with his sword
ultimate blaster (4 months ago)
I can’t wait for dmc 5 to come out. Dmc is back woo.
Yeeart!! Aaaargh! (4 months ago)
Subbed because that was a genuine fans reaction. Also yes, anime is saved! DEVIL MAY CRY IS BACK BABY!
TheMilkyFinishers (4 months ago)
Is your name a Ninja Slayer Reference? If so, thats sick.
Andre Jackson (4 months ago)
"Let's bump this shit!" lmao best reaction I've seen
LP13 CurryFace (4 months ago)
You guys win the best DMC5 reaction contest. Love it.
TriksterHD (4 months ago)
This was very similar to my reaction. First thinking it was new Dante because of the short hair and thinking ah shit, but then seeing him rev up the Red Queen I was like, wait no, that's Nero! Then I could enjoy the rest of the trailer :)
Why do I feel like it was all intentional? they made it so that people thought it was DmC at first but then DMCV BABY!
Gold Snake (3 months ago)
にゃあエイリアンMeowAlien I don’t think it was - the engine they’re using just looks closer to NT’s DmC style than the MT Framework originals.
Cheesey Slaps (4 months ago)
Balls are swelling
Kana Noir (4 months ago)
Real fan reaction
martkingluffy martin (4 months ago)
LOOOOOOOOOOVE those reactions XD had that same myself :D
Shinji Fumiya (4 months ago)
"Anime is saved"
Red_queen Rebellion (4 months ago)
Why is Kyrie always getting captured
Ronin浪人 (4 months ago)
fucking love your reaction
Ventas (4 months ago)
1:14 when you win the lottery
amir sarah (4 months ago)
Woohooo..Yeah! Best.Line.Ever.
Iwannaplayssbb (4 months ago)
haha had the same reaction!
RangaRiis (4 months ago)
Come on guys that's not a mohawk! He is clearly not a block head. (also yay you remembered Nero right out the gate!)
hithummah (4 months ago)
legends say the stain on their pants hasn't dried to this day
Ali (4 months ago)
WTF!!!!!!!!!!?????? lol
Just Peachy (4 months ago)
"Cheer up, crew cut" AAAAAUGHGGAAG
ddecade1 (4 months ago)
Best reaction so far...subbed
sentimeter233 (4 months ago)
Now THIS is a proper reaction to the devil may cry 5 announcement. I can't believe how unmoved the people in the audience were
IndianTelephone (4 months ago)
This reaction brought me to tears. I cried because the fucking losers sitting in that auditorium were all shooter fans and nobody cared about the comeback of one of the greatest IPs ever! This reaction + Maximilion + Easy Allies, THIS IS HOW EVERYONE SHOULD HAVE REACTED! I would have run around shouting DMC IS BACK! in that auditorium if i was there.
Real devil may cry fans reacting to a real devil may cry game
Welsh Raccoon (4 months ago)
We all know Capcom cut Nero's hair on purpose to fool us into think it was DMC 2 lol they know we didn't like the reboot sneaky bastards!!
FlareZero (4 months ago)
One of the best DMC5 reaction, you guys are real fans; Capcom today is a better studio, Thanks, really, tthsnks that they are back to they're senses.
pqrxz00 (4 months ago)
Best reaction I've seen so far. You guys are truly a devil may cry fan :')
Jacob McMillan (4 months ago)
Dmc is the best devil may cry game and it’s not even close
Reza Pahlawan (4 months ago)
Donte is shit
Kusanagikaiser999 (4 months ago)
One of the few videos of people who reacted like a REAL DMC fan should, first scare for the reveal of the short cut hair wanna be Donte, then immediately recognize Nero when he Rev his sword, recognize the voice of Johnny Yong Bosch, and got ultra hype for the mention of Kyrie and the show of the real Dante, great reaction indeed.
Soul Reaver (4 months ago)
their reaction is so cringy its hilarious
ReduxEditor335 (4 months ago)
You fellas are the *_jackpot_* of true DMC fans. If "fans" don't mistake this for Dmc 2, then they're mistaking Nero as Dante even _after_ he shows up on the motorcycle at the end. The sword revving, double-barreled revolver, and JYB's voice should have been a *_dead_* giveaway.
Liquid Arum (4 months ago)
I love seeing true Devil May Cry Fans reactions #Danteisback
Dysfunctional Dildo (4 months ago)
"I keep waiting for it to end but it just keeps going" And then they have their best moment right away lmao
Coca Loca (4 months ago)
FINALLY someone actually fucking recognized nero when he revved the sword...I was baffled by the amount of reaction vids where they think it's Dante
cklambo (4 months ago)
Remember when no-one liked Nero. Those were the days.
SnoZEN (4 months ago)
Kiro Desu (4 months ago)
1:13 I love the reaction from recognizing J0hnny Y0ung B0sch lmao

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