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Fallout 4 - What Happens if you KILL Father IMMEDIATELY?

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Fallout 4 Lore - Kill Father Institute Ending [Institutionalized]. ► More Lore: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lSLcawxCZ6g&list=PLl_Xou7GtCi61p3ekAqNvUTgkIxYhrcx1&index=1 ● Early Video Access Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/ESO ● ESO Apparel: https://shop.bbtv.com/collections/eso?view=all ► RELATED GUIDES • All Weapons/Armor locations: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9j9oWeVBS2E&list=PLl_Xou7GtCi5A0ZT1P7anDXkHOOLJS5N6 • Fallout Secrets: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IZO9ILc7Ndk&list=PLl_Xou7GtCi5TxTgNkCGPZi7SCIbes-Gs&index=1 • Fallout Mod List: https://eso-ui.com/ • My Tabletop Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQDdfoT-ac7mJXZhKPjvKDw ► SOCIAL MEDIA • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ESOSquad/ • Twitter: https://twitter.com/ESO_Danny?lang=en • Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/eso_danny/ • My Recording Setup: https://kit.com/ESO • Discord: https://discord.gg/eso • Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/eso_plays ► DISCOUNT GAMES • Elder Scrolls Games: https://www.g2a.com/r/all-skyrim-games • Fallout Games: https://www.g2a.com/r/fallout-games ► CREDITS: A Special Thanks to my Patron supporters: Joseph, Anastasia, Seven Fangs, Anna, Stefan, Thomas, LaterTazor ------------------------------------
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Text Comments (3120)
Lynn Salt (1 hour ago)
Who is his companion
Shxdowboy (1 day ago)
Is this noahsnoah lmao
That moment when you kill your son
Nothing Important (3 days ago)
Does fathers face change depending on the players face ?
Anton Sjöstrand (3 days ago)
I actually killed him thinking I wouldn’t be able to or that he would respawn. To my surprise he was still dead when I raided the institute lol
Tamara L (4 days ago)
I always shaun was older than us but then I remember we are like over 200 years old and im okay now knowing that
Zachivan 75 (4 days ago)
You forgot about the dog magizne
Ziad (4 days ago)
Bruhh I did this during my first playthrough ever of the game and I didn't save before it so I had to repeat almost 5 hours of gameplay and it wasnt nice.
Aus Merzer (4 days ago)
I shot him in the face the moment the door opened and stole his clothes.
TFW when your son is older than you
RamyZIAD (4 days ago)
i have done it lol
Super Freddy Bros (4 days ago)
anybody notice they said that there was a back up before ( something like that ) at the start of the game
yaser mohammed (5 days ago)
sweet memories! can't wait any longer for fallout 76......goose bumps
"I am your son..." just immediately "Bullshit." Lmfao.
So useless Video for a bad game
Lucifer Baphomet (6 days ago)
Bethesda sucks fallout 76 is now a stupid PVP hacker game
christian jaye (7 days ago)
Welp i think if you go on the route on the power armor guys whats it called again nah i forgot anyways you know when you side with those guys i saw on youtube that you attack them and thats the end or near the end but im not near that point yet im still in the middle point of things middle map or half map explored and lvl 23 i think havent played in a while now but hey just saying.
christian jaye (7 days ago)
youre lying i know it and he said what could i have gained for it and like you said couse im the best mercenary in the wasteland that would be a good sarcastic option!!!
Fought a Pidgeon (7 days ago)
lol, Team four star did this
Working (7 days ago)
Why does this look like a knockoff version?
I hate the institute
Samuel LeNeave (7 days ago)
I actually did this, I found him, I was mid introduction quest and I shot him
Jacek M (7 days ago)
You mean kill his son not father... lol
Deandre2200 (8 days ago)
Xbox one graphics are like theIphone it's a phone with a camera. Xbox one is a system that plays games. Lol
JACK (8 days ago)
I did this the first try father was a dick
Lil Ski (8 days ago)
father is black my guy
Janne Salminen (9 days ago)
no ragrets
robotrip M (10 days ago)
Roflmao you play on console?! What a fucking scrub hahahahh 😂😂😂😂
Bryon Sparkman (11 days ago)
When I hacked in to the institution and killed him I was attacked with like 200 synths before I could leave
Antonio Carniero (11 days ago)
I killed him right before we escape with underground undercover and I have to defend the castle after talking to Desdemona then I blow up the institute with the minuteman however everyone in the railroad acts like glory is dead but she isn't
m0n0phobia (11 days ago)
"rawroardh" = railroad?
The Randoms (11 days ago)
Every sentence Father says u can put his name at the beginning example: Father I love you. So i think Father is Shaun
0ptimus1984 (12 days ago)
do video about what if u take all settlements before meeting railroad, they need at least 1 settlement
Abhinav Rathore (12 days ago)
Joshua Jansen (12 days ago)
I know I did this once. I'm not sure if it was on my first playthrough though.
BFKC (13 days ago)
Bethesda is representative for braindead blandness.
BFKC (13 days ago)
Jona (13 days ago)
Fallout 4 might be a fun game for some but it simply isnt a Fallout game. Its a mishmash of Mass Effect, Minecraft, Sims and Borderlands. Do you agree? Y: Question (Yes) X: Sarcastic (Yes) A: Diplomatic (Yes) B: Aggressive (Yes) No matter how much someone likes Fallout 4 or dickrides Bethesda the above is both a perfect summary and also irrefutable criticism of Beths wankstain dialogue system. They have polluted the Fallout franchise after being humiliated by Obsidian who made a Fallout game Bethesda couldnt match in 100 years.
spirit gaming (14 days ago)
I think if they changed it to where Nora didnt have shaun and when they killed her and it was a father and a son trying to survive the wasteland it wouldnt be that bad of a story...maybe
devicat26 (14 days ago)
I love how the first thing male gamers do when modding is turn every single fucking female character into a plastic Barbie doll with balloon tits. Welp, now I remember why I dropped this stupid channel, stupid me for clicking on the link.
Talia Yung (14 days ago)
I just shot him immediately after the dialogue and killed any guys that approached me but I didn’t get any dialogue
Patrick Star (14 days ago)
Don’t know why but I straight up murdered him when I first saw him
Tom Fahey (14 days ago)
I was right at this part. I saved it, killed him after the first conversation, and played this video. 16 minutes to find out what I already knew?
night rider (14 days ago)
I remember I did this when I first played fallout lol
Gabe Manion (14 days ago)
I killed him then there was guards that were at the walls showing me out and I have 2 fathers outfit and I killed him with the brother hood
Gabe Manion (14 days ago)
I’ve done this it escorts you out and stuff
BFKC (14 days ago)
Kill Kill Kill
Revan (16 days ago)
I killed father as soon as i saw him on legendary difficulty. The room at the bottom of the shaft and the relay room were legiy flooded with at the very least 50 combat synths each. I have the videos on my xbox dvr if intetested. reven03. Have at it
Kamijr The Official (17 days ago)
I did it once and the game just locked tge endings to all factions
Salti Bakon (17 days ago)
This vid really should not have been 15 mins long
overtheunder (17 days ago)
I did this in my first play through, when I sided with minutemen. I had about 2 lines of dialogue until I blew his brains out with my shotgun. I thought robo-Shaun was real and was real confused at the end of destroying it when one of the choices were ‘hes not my son’. I was a dumbass
the wasteland wanderer (18 days ago)
When i first saw him i fired a mini nuke at his face it was a bad idea
Louis Cowden (18 days ago)
I did kill father straight away
Cheesus Chrust (18 days ago)
I killed him and nobody cared
Antony Trinidad (18 days ago)
I actually did this on my personal play through that's kinda cool knowing it was different then most but I was still able to complete the railroad quest when I went back in to destroy the institute with the minute men and the brotherhood of Steele survived and all that so I personally liked it a lot
NikosX556gr (18 days ago)
Anyone else noticed that he misspelled "immediately" on the thumbnail?
Travis Martin (19 days ago)
I haven't even watched the video and knowing the lack of dialogue in Fallout 4 I doubt this will go anywhere interesting.
Kane Mcdonald (20 days ago)
I did this because I thought the he wouldn’t actually die like most quest npcs but he died so I left thinking he would respawn and now I can’t finish the main quest
Pickle Rick (21 days ago)
i actually killed him in my first run
Jalen Farr (21 days ago)
If you are with the minutemen you can go back there is actually a hidden under water entrance. I killed father right after the dialog and then ran out of the institute but i back in thru the tunnel and i got to teleport the minutemen back in and i started and evacuation so i could plant a bomb. Before i left the synth shaun met me at the door and begged me to bring him with me. Father reprogramed him to think i was his father so i brought him. Then i teleported out of there and i was on top of a tower that looks over the comon whealth.there was a button so i pressed it and them the institute blew up and the game was over
ThunderBuddy (21 days ago)
You know what I loved about Fallout New Vegas. You go up to NPC and ask them so many questions, and sometimes they would ask you questions as well. I played it again earlier this year. One thing that really stuck out to me was right before you go into Ceasers camp with Boone, he says something like "I got respect you want to do this but we will probably die" and you fair few options on what to say. After successfully killing him, Boone talks to you again and he genuinely seems to feel some relief in his miserable existence. There's so many ways you can play the game. Once I thought I would give ceaser a chance. Eventually he asks you to destroy the brotherhood, and If you refuse he talks to you in such a disresctful way and threatens to kill you. Well I was having none of hit so I removed his head. Trouble was the NCR already hated me, and I had already destroyed Mr Houses army, so when it came to the battle at the Dam, Yes Man says because I blew up the securitron army, it's will be possible to win but will be difficult. Probably the most interesting ending to the game as you literally screw all the big factions over including yourself aha.
oskar o (21 days ago)
I literally pickpocketed ONE synth and the whole institute turned hostile on me 😭😭
The Realist (21 days ago)
Its funny the logic behind them getting father as an infant isnt air tight, unless they were relayed in and were decontaminated before they relayed in wouldnt exposure to kellog, who wasnt wearing a suit, contaminate the baby? Wouldn't exposure to the people in the institute affect the baby?
William Hitchcock (22 days ago)
I just don't understand how or why the institute doesn't offer any proof beyond father telling you his story which can completely be made up. The real problem though is the player lacks the ability to demand answers or influence the institute before or after he's put in charge. The campaign here is a pretty big let down and it sucks because this had the potential to be one of the best I've ever played.
David Bodor (22 days ago)
I killed him immediately when he said the love of my life, HIS mother, was collateral damage. Fuck him. He deserves to die just for that comment. To the character only weeks passed since seeing his love die right in front of him. That should be the cannon choice quite frankly.
alexis2kool (22 days ago)
Wait, when you first meet him not saving and not immediately shooting him is an option?
フェリシア エロ (22 days ago)
60 years pass and not 10... But bald ass kidnapper still looks exactly the same... Nice plot twist Todd Howard.
Makenzie Brennan (22 days ago)
I can already predict the comments before reading them. "FaLlOuT nEw VeGaS iS bEtTeR tHaN fAlLoUt 4!" Edit: Looks like I was right. Why come onto a Fallout 4 video just to post that? Go post it on some New Vegas trailer or something. It's like you guys are begging for attention and an argument.
ErrOr eRRoR (23 days ago)
This is what I did on my first playthrough I 1 shotted him with the pickmans blade I thought I saved the commonwealth
MoraleZz (23 days ago)
SUCK MY Read more
jacob fisher (23 days ago)
This man doesnt know savage like itsreal85 does. Thats a savage check his stuff out
jacob fisher (23 days ago)
I didnt wait i just started shooting that nigha on sight facts i immediately regretted it
wink aa (24 days ago)
Don't need a 15 minute video lmao
Niko Kristian Pantteri (24 days ago)
i love to eat my own excrement. feces just taste so good. i also love to suck young boys rectums. hail satan!
Tristan Coward (24 days ago)
I killed him immediately and kept playing only to find out online that he was my son
Cade Burba (24 days ago)
Talks thirteen minutes about father and at the last minute he kills him but not fully.
Deathbrewer (24 days ago)
0:16 Your name is ESO? Please tell me that doesn't stand for Elder Scrolls Online... that's not a tag, nick or username to go by. That's just literally taking the exact name of a game, lol. I noticed your channel was originally MyTopGame. Sounds better to me and makes more sense to me, just to be honest. Also the fact that ESO wasn't really that great (I still tried to like it) and your last video about it was 4-5 months ago, whereas the Skyrim and Fallout videos are constant, yet you still pick "ESO" as the name when that barely represents what you actually do/cover... And if it doesn't stand for Elder Scrolls Online, I'm all ears and ready to stand corrected. Like I said at the start, I WANT someone to tell me it doesn't actually stand for Elder Scrolls Online, lol...
Emin Muhammed (24 days ago)
eso renamed himself before eso was a thing I think
zhiwei (25 days ago)
I do love how they allow us to kill him instead of making him immune. It really redefines open world. You could have a reflex reaction to Father walking in and that would negate the whole Institute questline and all the voice acting, animations and whatnot that went into it.
James Knight (25 days ago)
My first play thru when I got to "father", after all the yada yada I pulled out Kellogg's magnum and shot him right between the eyes. He's my kid. He's a monster. Its my job to put him down.
El Chirpo (25 days ago)
That’s what I did that the first time I played lol
G K'awaik (25 days ago)
Lol i actually did this instinctively
Yolsa wise (25 days ago)
You forgot to mention to grab the comic book on the top level in one of the apartments before you leave permanently.
SpaghettiandSauce (26 days ago)
Thanks, I try to go for the "good/order" endings in RPGs, but I'm always curious to know what the alternative was.
I only played through that painfully boring story once and I just shot father's face off with a shotgun after a minute of dialogue, escaped then came back with a faction and killed everyone (scientists included) and nuked the Commonwealth. I couldn't sit through another badly written series of quests so I sped up the ending lmao
What happens if you kill father immediately: HE WOULD DIE
fearme1012 (26 days ago)
On my first playthrough as soon as the door opened I shot him in the head.
Anti Virus (26 days ago)
Played this in launch week, softlocked the game for killing him. Gave up on it since. now YT suggest me this. lol
Charleston (26 days ago)
My first play-through i shot up the institute looking for Shaun. Just to find out he was the first parson I shot. lol
360zm (26 days ago)
There is a man named Steve Gaynor who is running for Secretary of State,  he looks a lot like father. I was just wondering if I was the only one who notices this.
Dillon Granbois (26 days ago)
Fallout 4 is probably the most trash fallout yet
Dillon Granbois (26 days ago)
Yea but it has the crappiest story line
Andy Black (26 days ago)
It's a fun shooter though.
Aiden Daniels (26 days ago)
Anyone else prepare a lot before entering the institute?
Erick Jaramillo (13 days ago)
I did, took my best armor and weapons, but it was even worst when you have to kill the mirelurk with red eyes in far harbor, they even tell you to go with massive damage weapons
COMMIE VICTOR (27 days ago)
funny thing, when i played fallout 4 for the first time, i killed father when i met him the first time xD
Michal Wilkowski (27 days ago)
Fallout is super cool
ChiefStyn (27 days ago)
How come I remember this but I never played fallout 4?
Ava Lovesit (17 days ago)
Mandela effect!
0takuHunter (27 days ago)
Yup shot him right in the face the second I met him, satisfaction!
xXMajorTomXx (27 days ago)
I already knew what happened, because that's exactly what I did. When I saw that my son had not only accepted the organization that killed his mother, and took him from his family, I could not bare to see him like that. Like the monster he had become. As a result you could do none of the institute quests, the big robot never gets built, and you never have to choose between the Railroad and the Brotherhood of Steel. Both factions can live in peace. Then of course you only get to choose between the Brotherhood and Minutemen for who gets to destroy the institute. I always thought power suits would be more helpful than muskets so I chose BoS.
GEARSHOCKED (28 days ago)
3:25 getting your arm stuck in the door is worse than getting shot in the head
Mission Reloaded (28 days ago)
Review of Blood and Bacon!!! Halloween Edition! https://youtu.be/9Bb3a_7wbgk
The only time where your son is older than you
bandit (29 days ago)
Old white guy stops talking at 9:51

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