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DRAGON WARS!!! | Garry's Mod SKYRIM MODS | Skyrim Dragons, Guards, and Monsters

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Text Comments (83)
LittleB’sLife (7 months ago)
I just want to say it’s frieking purple
Sharon Patrick (8 months ago)
Magenta not pink not purple magenta
Mr_ Potatoe (10 months ago)
please play skyrim it's awsome you'll love it
Jackson Mcmonagle (1 year ago)
Hoo dusent like wit run
Playlist Man 2.0 (1 year ago)
Tony, that's purple
Kimberley Shushman (1 year ago)
Samuel m (1 year ago)
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa so çccccccccoooooooooolllllllll aaaa so cool
Evelin Birt (1 year ago)
alex clark (2 years ago)
Tony should really kill himself
James West (2 years ago)
ohm crap
James West (2 years ago)
ohm crap
dont use bad words other wise I cant wach this
cole stewart (2 years ago)
you should of nuked it
ydnew ayom (2 years ago)
Khendall Alvin (2 years ago)
no the front door or the back door
Quincy Upchurch (2 years ago)
i r dovakkin
Jaron Ambrosio (2 years ago)
golden Freddy did it once again!!!! not even a dragon can withstand my power!!!!
Patrick Yoakum (2 years ago)
it's atuculy magenta
ben mcleod (2 years ago)
your right
Miller Miller (2 years ago)
12:24 fnaf will always win :)
Johanna Carrillo (2 years ago)
it's purple
XxDragonxX YT (2 years ago)
casey penick (2 years ago)
tony its purple
Dawson Giles (2 years ago)
Do a tiger wheth a triceratops
Satan's.Starr13 (2 years ago)
monster hunter ratholos
Jaden Marshall (2 years ago)
fight an ass
Erin Tubbs (2 years ago)
your awesome
Houndofhades79 (2 years ago)
ik h ijh
Ryan Bursa (2 years ago)
Howe do you get the game
Chichay Tickle (2 years ago)
Fuck you TCTN aka tony
Chuck Dewitt (2 years ago)
please get my clothes or Die :-)wlB-)=-O;-)B-):-P:-(;-);-):O;-);-):-(:OB-):-P;-):-):-):-(;-);-):-(:-)B-):-$;-):O:-P:-):O:-*:-*:-*:-*:-*:-*:-*:-$:-$:-$:-$:-$:-$:-$:-!:-!:-!:-!:-!:-!:-!:-!:-P;-):-(:-(;-):-P:-$:-):-P:-!B-):-(;-).com6you are the best person ever. What you mean you are the funniest you are the best person till you are funny
Toby Barrett (2 years ago)
Toby Barrett (2 years ago)
i almost beet akyrim in maater mode and i hunted dragona
Cole Kryszewski (2 years ago)
play skyrim with mods
Theropod 46 (2 years ago)
If it's a Skyrim mod, why is there a Rathalos from Monster Hunter on the thumbnail?
whycool cool (9 months ago)
Flub (2 years ago)
it an awsome mod!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Flub (2 years ago)
what mod is that
Omar Fernandez (2 years ago)
Do you have Instagram
Tim Taylor (2 years ago)
howa7 (3 years ago)
Jodi Wheeler (3 years ago)
I   play.  Gmode
Jalissa Simmons (3 years ago)
I'm your biggest fan
Cinder Woods (3 years ago)
Boo Schieber (3 years ago)
Alexander Vopat (3 years ago)
His shirt is purple.-tony your color blind
Julie Preece (3 years ago)
I hope you can do is YouTube videos
Jack Calhoun (3 years ago)
Cobrox (3 years ago)
how do u give the guards a weapon
emo haralampiev (3 years ago)
I just started playing Skyrim for 5-th time (this time modded) and now you do this :-D . Can you play some real skyrim recording. Did you realy played skyrim or you were jusrt pretending to be( I mean you call the ice, blue fire)
Wouter Castermans (3 years ago)
Yup Thatcher is True i would lover skyrim letsplays THEY ARE AWSOME in u know wat to do
Malachi Maea (3 years ago)
Craacka (3 years ago)
Why is the thumbnail a rathalos 😂😂😂
Thealmightybacon (3 years ago)
Will you do a Skyrim let's play?
peyton yong (3 years ago)
hi gibbs
Seraphina Edan (3 years ago)
You should play actual Skyrim, that'd be awesome to see! :)
Victoria Stambaugh (3 years ago)
Kim Sorensen (3 years ago)
Please make another modded survival series with Jeff
The OGCrane (3 years ago)
No April fools
Cruz Villegas Iv (3 years ago)
You have to do little foot mod
Malcolm (3 years ago)
Do a skyrim series, that would be awesome!
deaththekid rules (3 years ago)
can u use  the kicking mod on tony?
XxStraight_Up_PrimexX (3 years ago)
The link brings me to the shared files location on steam and does not show the actual mod. Please reply to this comment with the actual link to the snpc's or fix the link in the description
Clorox Bleach Plays (1 year ago)
I have this mod, for a year, and its fine.
pacmanpowerghost (2 years ago)
+XxStraight_Up_PrimexX It has been down for awhile. I uploaded a download to it on my channel.
Shrooman (3 years ago)
+XxStraight_Up_PrimexX It was taken down for having too many Lua errors. Author needs to remove those errors if he wants to add it again :/
XxStraight_Up_PrimexX (3 years ago)
+Mr.Gibbs thx but i still don't understand how u got the mod if it was taken down
Mr.Gibbs (3 years ago)
+XxStraight_Up_PrimexX Yea it looks like the mod actually got taken down :( maybe the creator will put it back up so be on the look out!
dragonknight951 (3 years ago)
The links only lead me to workshop not to the skyrim snpc mod itself So where the heck do i find it ive looked everywhere it got taken down awhile ago but this makes me think it got re-added so im hoping its back cuz i really want skyrim snpcs please give me a better link to the mod directly
mlg Dorito (2 years ago)
blue win's!!!!!!!!!!!😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃☺☺☺☺☺☺😃😃😃😃
dragonknight951 (3 years ago)
Ok i just checked and guess what SKYRIM SNPCS IS NOT THERE ITS STILL REMOVED So i must ask How In The World World Did You Get It!!!!!!! As a MASSIVE fan of skyrim and the Huge need to play around with them like this is AGONIZING to know you have it but i cant get it so Please tel me how and where i can fet the mod
dragonknight951 (3 years ago)
Then again im trying to do the link on a tablet but still ive used the tablet to test the link then use it on pc before and it worked then
Adam Obrien (3 years ago)
Do mob battles in gmod
Mr Sharky (3 years ago)
I don't know why but i can't find skyrim snpcs and yes i used the link in the desciption
Trenton Jones (3 years ago)
I used to be an adventurer like you until I took an arrow to the knee
Agent Dakota (3 years ago)
I'm fist comment but mrgibs can you do an advanced warfare exo zombies cuz that would be awesome peace out
Weapon H (3 years ago)
Max Buskirk (3 years ago)
Sixth! My luck number!
Kady Blend (3 years ago)
Lol second besidss mrgibbs
DagasSmith (3 years ago)
Muahahhahaha I'm First
DagasSmith (3 years ago)
Who is then
kyler myers (3 years ago)

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