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Far Cry 5 - Refusing to say YES to John Seed

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Far Cry 5 Review // Brilliantly Crafted Yet Disappointing ►https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PvwphHwR180 Click Below to Subscribe to VGS and bleed with us: ►https://goo.gl/BTNxfE For more of our weekly radio show, Dialogue Wheel: ►https://goo.gl/E3AFBc For Video Game Sophistry- ►Twitter: https://twitter.com/VGSophistry ►Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/videogamesophistry/ ►Channel: https://goo.gl/bkHtqs
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Text Comments (1240)
Video Game Sophistry (5 months ago)
So folks, we've all played the game - who said Yes? Who remained silent? Who isn't playing the game yet and decided to watch every scene online and save 90 dollars?
john haley (8 days ago)
+Lucky Luke yes PC
john haley (8 days ago)
I torrent my game from pirate bay
Oscar Castillo (1 month ago)
I’m the one that saved 90$ by watching videos on youtube
Space Cat Nuggets (1 month ago)
I said no
Lucky Luke (1 month ago)
Or who pirated the game and played it for free? Me!!
Ricky Freeway (2 days ago)
Zack The Snack (4 days ago)
Lmao I never said yes during my initial playthrough. I felt really bad for Father Jerome😂
TheCyberPunkDud01 (17 days ago)
Makes Rook more badass.
marcell calzadilla (21 days ago)
I need the save of john seed with its territory 100% after killing it (john seed)
a communist (21 days ago)
the power of YES
John K (28 days ago)
Am I the only person here in this comment section that wants the far cry game series turned into a movie series because I feel like far cry would do very well if it was turned into a movie but then again this is just my opinion.
WeHaveNoTalentSorry (29 days ago)
I didnt say yes cause I'm a Christian and I was like "well fuck if I cant resist denying my Lord in a video game then what kind of Christian am I.
Diego Jared Gonzalez (29 days ago)
i didnt say yes not because i knew the gun was in the bible, its beacuse i knew jerome was to good to die
Silent Death (29 days ago)
This game is pure garbage, I regret buying it
Owen McCann (1 month ago)
Thorsgaard (1 month ago)
Never thought about the fact, that if you choose the woman character, this suddenly becomes sexual assualt and now you stand there half naked exposed to everyone
CriptedSilence (1 month ago)
OG LUNG BUSTA (1 month ago)
Of course they were so lazy they decided to have the same outcome no matter what, it’s so disappointing that this was the best Ubisoft could do. So many missed opportunities.
TZ p0llAG (1 month ago)
But he is speechless and he can't talk....
Doctor Plaga (1 month ago)
Mala idea
xShadowDestroyerx (1 month ago)
Yes Yes Yes no
Hannah Snow (1 month ago)
Isn't it 'if the mountain won't come to Muhammad then Muhammad must go to the mountain'?
Wireless (1 month ago)
A scope on a revolver...Really?
omg guys what did john cut his tongue or his skin
Space Cat Nuggets (1 month ago)
3:34 when that one guy in the truck said it’s a beautiful thing..... Yeah it’s more like disturbing
Space Cat Nuggets (1 month ago)
U just pop out a gun that’s all
Koko Karundeng (1 month ago)
Blue Wolfo (1 month ago)
Im so used to pc no offense to console users but it sorta looks like play dough lmao
Varangian Guard (1 month ago)
Wtf did he cut out of the first guy?
OhhChezy (1 month ago)
What did he cut off? Skin?
B0NNIE (1 month ago)
Ooof. Mmmm
Tony Monteiro (1 month ago)
That first encounter with John is the most, by FAR, GAY thing ever...
BLL (1 month ago)
didnt know that was a option
Cpt.Jon (1 month ago)
What did they cut off of the guy?
connor (1 month ago)
-αѕтяα- (2 months ago)
I gave up in game and said Yes after he got hit a second time
Doge Dude (2 months ago)
To save people some time, the priest gets hit the third time and drops the Bible containing a gun, you pick it up in an attempt to shoot John Seed. There you go.
I said yes lol but I didn't expect for us to attack lol
Maximilianmus (2 months ago)
Its says wrath not rat
Love Chicken (2 months ago)
Lmao, I did it anyway lol
zerocool gonna hack u (2 months ago)
Man i fucked this up i was about to say No and just wait like in far cry 4 With pegan mine to complete The game fast lol!!!!!!
Zeddisntdead (2 months ago)
I "said" no
Nate drake (2 months ago)
Big surprise. That same thing happens when u say yes to
Melon Legs (2 months ago)
I like johns eye colour
JulienKiing ! (2 months ago)
3:41 Whats that???
zukii (2 months ago)
I made it like this at first
Sami Halabi (2 months ago)
Ill refuse to say yes to kill him
MrTinkels (2 months ago)
simple man (2 months ago)
It at 4:20 video starts
CZ crusaderCZ (2 months ago)
Yes thats it.
ChromeADomeStone (2 months ago)
Lmao when I refused to say yes to this mf I was so sure it was gonna fail the mission and make me restart the mission, I was surprised when I actually got an outcome for not saying yes. I'm curious what would've happened if I had said yes. Cause I sure as hell wasn't gonna say yes to this mf
dmartn _10 (2 months ago)
Was Eli a Peggie??
Kasper Anttila (3 months ago)
Paper Warlord (3 months ago)
4:50 OOF
CMANIAC1 (3 months ago)
This game sucked. The side missions serve no purpose other than gaining measly chump change and the story is complete bullshit. It makes no sense. Why cant they just leave the state and go call the national guard somewhere else? After all the time they spent there without contact to dispatch, they arent suspicious of their actions? And if the lady on the mic at the very beginning didnt report that they were taken capitive or killed, the officers would be expected to bring joseph in. And if they didnt, shouldn't dispatch consider them either dead or guilty of treason and send in either more cops or the national guard?? This game is fucked up.
Itzyaboi_ackreik (3 months ago)
4:50 roblox death
ITS SNAKES (3 months ago)
Your sin is “greed”
Rylan Hathaway (3 months ago)
Joseph and John Seed gives the cult it's cult vibe. Faith and Jacob don't. Faith is like psychopath turning people into mindless zombie servants while Jacob is running a militia more than a cult. The whole game is a masterpiece in my opinion, but Johns region is by far the best if you want just the cult and nothing out of this world crazy
Good Boy (3 months ago)
Anyone notice how in the roster Nick constantly scratched his chest?
online gamer (3 months ago)
If love John because I think he’s more crazy than any of the other seeds
クリス (3 months ago)
I swear that guy pisses me off
Kaz Miller (3 months ago)
I feel like ubisoft focused on john seeds arc then got lazy with the last 2
deepp dogg villain (3 months ago)
The black dude is Straight up my Nigga Denis from far cry 3
Rodrigo Jr Sotto (3 months ago)
Nirvaan Nandan (3 months ago)
Did Nick Rye died?
OMG they killed Kenny! (3 months ago)
Nirvaan Nandan nO
John Seed (3 months ago)
T0xic _YT (3 months ago)
AbuBakar (3 months ago)
that thumbnail is ResidentEvil7 right there with their creepy ass family.
dat russian (3 months ago)
dennis Goes to america
Markus Brunner (3 months ago)
when your boner says yes but she says no.
nukima11 (3 months ago)
Never once said yes. What can I say? My nonconformity is crippling. 🤷‍♂️
DonnerDeer (3 months ago)
I flew a fuckin plane into him
ImGibby (3 months ago)
TigerGamer5 (3 months ago)
Man this is a good game!
Bohémond de Tarente (3 months ago)
Just say yes fast newb! He put a gun in his Bible!
Crazy wolf (3 months ago)
Dohrál jsem to dvakrát
Kynan Rowan (3 months ago)
I almost did this
SomeWierd_Person (3 months ago)
You know he can’t say anything
ChinchillaGaming (3 months ago)
I noticed something, John seed says always say yes and if you say yes you kill him (after),
SpongeBoob (3 months ago)
How do you say yes It didn't come up for me
Baguette (3 months ago)
4:57 ooooof
Eclipse 1109 (3 months ago)
5:28 OOF
Anthony Smith (4 months ago)
Oof mmmmmmmmm
RuttedSolid3 (4 months ago)
I thought about doing this.
i did the same thing
Six Memes (4 months ago)
im the 7400th like
Giorgaras 202 (4 months ago)
How did he killed nick
Alexandru Duțu (4 months ago)
3:41 what is that ?
DRK Sooltjes (4 months ago)
Aren Minassian (4 months ago)
I wanted to do this
IceyBeast Yt (4 months ago)
What mission is it
Hamish McCracken (4 months ago)
Jabba The Trump (4 months ago)
5:18 OOF
FPS PRO (4 months ago)
I'm looking for the scene where jhon holds you in his bunker tied in a chair with hudson & tells you to say yes , i instantly did , does any one knows what happens if you don't ?
Emanouche (4 months ago)
I just bought it, fantastic game.
Game Life (4 months ago)
5:10 what is yes?
Dylan Bayleef (4 months ago)
So, so cruel
mr dogman (4 months ago)
.he is fuck up!
Infinite Gaming ___ (4 months ago)
So That Happens I Thought The Game will be dead silent
connor the android (4 months ago)
Wait who is mohammed
Tariq Omar (3 months ago)
Look, I’m not sure but maybe all religions is the same, but Islam is special to god
Tariq Omar (3 months ago)
Look, all religions are the same. But Islam is the religion that god wants others to join, so you can have better chances to enter heaven. Christianity is the same, but like I said, Islam has better chances.
connor the android (3 months ago)
Tariq Omar what about Christianity
Tariq Omar (3 months ago)
I meant that god said Islam is a really important religion
connor the android (3 months ago)
Tariq Omar ohh I get it thanks But hang what do u mean by: islam is the most important religion in the universe
Battlefield Veteran (4 months ago)
I never said yes at any point in the game.
Dan San (4 months ago)
Yeeaaahhhh, about that. In the very first scene when the cops and you go into the church, I had to take a piss. When I came back the cops went to the doors telling me to run to the choppa. Aaaand game ended. Just like that. For fucks sake....
DYLAN GOODWIN (4 months ago)
Damn I did not know that the pastor switched the books Well it was 2 am Smart guy

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