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2D to 3D Projection mapping Tutorial for Adobe After Effects

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GET YOUR FREE 8 PRO TIPS GUIDE - http://bit.ly/FREEProtips ✔ To support this channel or for an easy to use shortcut template. ► 3D PROJECTED IMAGES Template ➨ http://bit.ly/3dimagesfx DOWNLOAD FREE PROJECT FILE (For Ae CC17): https://www.flatpackfx.com/products/2d-to-3d-projection-mapping-after-effects-template Welcome to Flat Pack FX! This is a quick way to turn your 2D images into a 3D scene using Adobe After Effects. This 3D Projection mapping Tutorial for Adobe After Effects is for intermediate and Advanced users. If you are a beginner, please follow along slowly and carefully and eventually you will get there. I am always available to answer and help with any questions you may have. Thanks guys Flat Pack FX! IMAGE LINKS: https://pixabay.com/en/underground-alley-garage-dark-2618567/ https://pixabay.com/en/street-road-straight-horizon-381227/ GOT QUESTIONS? TALK WITH ME: Download Magnifi ➨ http://bit.ly/magnififx _________________________________________________________________ BUY MORE GREAT Ae TEMPLATES: Txt Msg Effect Ae ➨ http://bit.ly/txtmsgfx 2D to 3D images ➨ http://bit.ly/3dimagesfx 2D Explosions Pack ➨ http://bit.ly/2Dexplosionfx Solar System Pack ➨ http://bit.ly/Solarsystemfx Matrix Code Effect ➨ http://bit.ly/matrixfx _________________________________________________________________ MORE AE TUTORIALS: Tutorials ➨ http://bit.ly/tutorialsfx VIDEO GEAR: After Effects ➨ http://bit.ly/aftereffectsfx Premiere Pro ➨http://bit.ly/premiereprofx Adobe Cloud Apps ➨ http://bit.ly/Creativecloudfx Laptop Macbook Pro ➨ https://amzn.to/2weWfA2 Laptop Yoga 910 ➨ https://amzn.to/2wgN6XF Camera G7x Mii ➨ https://amzn.to/2HY1qWL Camera Tripod: ➨ https://amzn.to/2weD3mf Mic Rode Podcaster ➨ https://amzn.to/2HWZa1R Rode Desk arm ➨ https://amzn.to/2wprJnt Audio Zoom H1n ➨ https://amzn.to/2HUGwrn Audio Boya Lapel mic ➨ https://amzn.to/2weDoW3 Audio Bose Headphones ➨ https://amzn.to/2HUUvxb FOLLOW ME: Youtube ➨ https://www.youtube.com/flatpackfx Instagram ➨ https://www.instagram.com/flatpackfx Twitter ➨ https://twitter.com/flatpackfx Magnifi ➨ http://bit.ly/magnififx Website ➨ http://bit.ly/Flatpackfx
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Text Comments (162)
AhmadIzHere (8 days ago)
grid or camera mapping is required or just for learning purposes as i am not seeing its use ?
Flat Pack FX (5 days ago)
No its not required, but this is on a more advance technique scale. This video touches on using the camera tool and light source, which are the foundation to a lot of Visual Effects work for more advance techniques. Thanks for the question!
Fernando Cecchetto (15 days ago)
Genila!!!! gracias!!
Finn Mertens (15 days ago)
Thanks a lot !
박지혜 (23 days ago)
This can also be done using vanishing point then export as aep in photoshop, then imported in ae
Hussin Khan (1 month ago)
Perhaps the VPE workflow is a better one Ps<>Ae
Javier Serrat Jiménez (1 month ago)
This is awesome! But I've been following your instructions for days and all I can get is a blurry image with the walls almost black and I don't know what I'm doing wrong. DoF option in camera is off, my light has the same parameters as yours, solids are in position... What can be wrong? :( Thanks for your tutorials! EDIT: Somebody has the sollution somewhere in the comments. Thanks!
Javier Serrat Jiménez (1 month ago)
I just had to set the resolution of the shadows to 4000 on the "classic 3D" options, but I will download and take a deep look on your Project! Thanks!
Flat Pack FX (1 month ago)
Hey Javier, looks like you found the solution. You can download the free project file in the description below. Most cases with dark images it points to the surface controls for accepting lights not set correctly. Thanks
Flat Pack FX (1 month ago)
Hey Javier, looks like you found the solution. You can download the free project file in the description below. Most cases with dark images it points to the surface controls for accepting lights not set correctly. Thanks
Flat Pack FX (1 month ago)
Hey Javier, looks like you found the solution. You can download the free project file in the description below. Most cases with dark images it points to the surface controls for accepting lights not set correctly. Thanks
Gemini Jenkinz (1 month ago)
Awesome tutorial. I can't wait to try this
Flat Pack FX (1 month ago)
Awesome man, best of luck!
Clive Sweetingham (1 month ago)
For those having trouble with the walls, ceils and floor being dark, as I did, the fix is under material options for each, to make sure under material options, that "Accepts Lights" is turned to off, keeping "Accepts Shadow set to only. "Casts Shadows" should also be off. Not sure this was mentioned in the tutorial, or if it was, I missed it. Great tutorial however. Many thanks.
Kyle Goldberg (1 month ago)
Thank you! I was having the same issue, couldn't figure it out.
Flat Pack FX (1 month ago)
Hi Clive, thanks for sharing your thoughts with the community. There is mention of this but some people miss it. I have included free project file so people can compare all the settings. Thanks mate!
Mostly Digital (1 month ago)
3Dn360 Videos (1 month ago)
A Very good 3D videos of nature - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pv24TDCaz8I&t=55s
Rafał Plis (2 months ago)
I wonder if it is feasible to create such effect using python opencv. Great staff.
Stephen Lee (2 months ago)
I followed this demo step by step and no luck. Fast Preview set to off(Final Quality). I'm using AE CC2014.
Flat Pack FX (2 months ago)
Hey Stephen, sorry to hear your having problems. There is a free download to the Ae file in the description, maybe have a look at that to compare. Cheers
thechannel (2 months ago)
when I use spot light it becomes black dimension. And my dimension becomes light grey. Please help me out
thechannel (2 months ago)
Flat Pack FX thanks a lot
Flat Pack FX (2 months ago)
Hey, it sounds like the material options are not correct on your layers. They need to be set correctly otherwise they will appear black. You can always download the free project file and check your settings. Thanks.
Sol4ce (2 months ago)
when I set the material options for the last part to cast shadows only and light intensity to 100 it just makes my scene look white. help? I've tried many times only to end up with same end result.
Sol4ce (2 months ago)
Flat Pack FX thanks for the fast reply. In the end it worked after I changed a couple of settings and restarted after effects. Nice tutorial :)
Flat Pack FX (2 months ago)
Hey, it sounds like a setting on your material options is not correct. You can download the free project file in the description and compare your settings. But that’s where I would look. Cheers
krishnakumar p.n (2 months ago)
Nice Vdo :)
Brottavum Salnavum (2 months ago)
Preston Swooper (2 months ago)
Awesome tutorial. My brain hurts but I will take your advice and watch it a few times until it sinks in. It's worth it because the results are really good. Thanks.
Claudio Oliveira (2 months ago)
Obrigado! 🙏🏼
Donald Martin (2 months ago)
What are the dimensions/dpi on those photos?
Flat Pack FX (2 months ago)
Hey Donald, 4377 x 3283 pixels
AntonyD (2 months ago)
Great 👌👍
Diamond (3 months ago)
8:53 how??? help me guys ㅠㅠ
D2K Prime (3 months ago)
That was a good tutorial.
Caio Resende (3 months ago)
HEY MAN, Thanks for the tutorial. one quick question: why when I enable the casts shadows on the image, it gets blurry? I shut down the depth of field on the camera, btw. Thanks!!!
Flat Pack FX (3 months ago)
Hey, it’s hard to say without seeing it but make sure depth of field is switched to off, check your comp size, make sure fast preview is on, check your Comp resolution or maybe check the position of the camera and your image. Hope that helps man!
loveSc7 (3 months ago)
its cool bro, but in the second example use just floor + the wall far in the back, this has perspective flaws. Or better, project the sky on a sphere from the inside. thats how we do it in nuke. anyways very interesting video, i had no idea after effects stepped up their game this much. very good job thank you
Akshay Rawat (3 months ago)
Very cool method for parallax. Thanks for sharing
CJ Rocky (3 months ago)
dont forget to create a solid :) lol
Oskvr (3 months ago)
Everything looks nice but my sides are way too dark?
Flat Pack FX (3 months ago)
Try adjusting your light make sure the light is nice and open and it’s in the right position.
Lie Likes Music (3 months ago)
I can't find the light transmission option
fakeinc (1 month ago)
VERY IMPORTANT: You need to go into your Composition Settings and to set your Renderer to "3D Classic", otherwise there will be no "light transmission" parameter.
Oskvr (3 months ago)
When i activate the "only" option my image disappears, then i set the light transmission to 100 and nothing happens.
Flat Pack FX (3 months ago)
There must be something else that is not activated, what version of after effects are you using?
Lie Likes Music (3 months ago)
I did all of that, and it's still not there. Strange
Flat Pack FX (3 months ago)
Hi, make sure you have created the camera, your layer is set to be 3D and then go in to the material options and it should be there. Thanks FPfx
ACHINT SINGH NANDA (3 months ago)
worst tutorial ever wasted my 2 hours on this
Celebseditorr //gulash (3 months ago)
I did everything, when my screen is on 'fit' it is blurry but when I do my screen on '100%' it looks normal, what did I do wrong?
Albert Anvil (3 months ago)
This is fucking insane. My brain has been cheated hahaha
KristeNetwork (3 months ago)
Thank you so much for this! Very helpful! Any suggestions for making objects in the image appear 3D, for example the cars in my image appeared kind of flat. Thanks again!
Flat Pack FX (3 months ago)
Awesome! Thanks Kristen
KristeNetwork (3 months ago)
Flat Pack FX okay cool, I'll give it a try! Thanks!
Flat Pack FX (3 months ago)
Hey Kristen, thanks for comment! You can use the same principles in this video and create a seperate grid for the car. You can also mask the car out and move that layer closer to the camera to create a parallax effect. I have another 3D video which demonstrates this. Thanks
its the 10th time im trying this all i get is black screen
Flat Pack FX ha its all good now been forgetting all the time to switch off the plane effects,thanks for the video
Flat Pack FX (3 months ago)
Hey, which part are you getting stuck at?
&li khan (3 months ago)
do send me some new and helpful tutorial. Thanks
&li khan (3 months ago)
Nice mate
Safa Ki (3 months ago)
Çok taşkular aderm
Safa Ki (3 months ago)
Çok güzel
Lee Bee (3 months ago)
Thanks for this! I'm a new After Effects user but I followed this no problem (made notes of all the settings). The only bit that threw me was when you copied the camera position to the light - at first I thought the light and camera positions had to match exactly, but I realise now that they don't, it's just an easy way to make sure the light is covering the whole scene.
Flat Pack FX (3 months ago)
Hi Lee, good on you for giving it a go and working through it. Yes the light needs to be behind the image which is just in front of the camera, so that’s why we move it all the way back. Thanks FPfx
Tom Antolini (4 months ago)
That was great!
David Jamir Shimray (4 months ago)
yes, i have definitely learn't something, you are a great teacher! Thank you
pg carvallo (4 months ago)
goodbye vanishing ps point!
bins (4 months ago)
mate buy a pc, your mac seems to hold you back
Flat Pack FX (4 months ago)
Haha if you can make a good argument I will consider it! Thanks
lurts (4 months ago)
I dont even own After Effects! How did i end up here?!
Flat Pack FX (4 months ago)
Haha that’s funny, download a free trial of after effects and join this awesome community!
Les El Blatino Filmmaker (4 months ago)
Hello there, thanks for the tutorial.  Is there a way to control the corner points individually?  When they all move together I can't get the grid to align perfectly with the wall sides of my image.  Using another image btw, not the one you're using.
Les El Blatino Filmmaker (3 months ago)
Thank you.
Flat Pack FX (4 months ago)
Hey, good question. Short answer is no, the way After Effects likes to work is in planes so we work with each grid as a whole layer. All I can suggest is to keep moving your camera around to change the perspective this will help you to see any gaps as they appear. Once you have one layer in place try duplicating and moving that layer to the next position. Hope that helps FPfx
aj tutorials (4 months ago)
when i off the depth of field but still getting blur why can anyone say pls
Javier Serrat Jiménez (1 month ago)
Had the same problem and this helped to fix it. Thank you so much!
aj tutorials (2 months ago)
i lly (2 months ago)
Hi, I had same problem. My renderer setting was "ray trace 3D". But the tutorial's setting looked "Classic 3D". So I changed and someone commented "Set Shadow Map Resolution to 4000" so I did it. Then the problem was cleared up.
Piak Photography (4 months ago)
i tried with a normal landscape image(foreground, mid and background) which doesn't look like tunnel. I can see the borderline of the of the light grid created when . Is that because of the frame i make the tunnel doesnt' fit well with each other or it just doesn't work with this kind of image. thansk
Flat Pack FX (4 months ago)
Hi, thanks fo your question! Yes, this is because the grid layers are not lined up correctly, they should be touching each other. This effect will work with any image, some will take longer than others. Thanks FPfx
SolidSmith (4 months ago)
I don't have a "Light Transmission" option after I change it to cast shadows only. It just doesn't exist. * I figured it out... had to change the rendering engine* Derp :P
Flat Pack FX (4 months ago)
Hey mate, glad to hear you got it sorted!
The Phone Skipping (4 months ago)
Quite interesting technique. Thank you a lot.
Flat Pack FX (4 months ago)
Your welcome!
Virtual Autonomy (4 months ago)
Fantastic video. Well done for explaining the process so clearly.
ASJPictures (4 months ago)
Hey, I follow everything you say in the video, but when I get to the part where you turn your image on cast shadows to "only" and turn the "light transmission" to 100% the picture is still black. What might cause this?
Flat Pack FX (4 months ago)
No worries, it’s good you have discovered the problem and the solution yourself. That’s the best way to learn more and more. Thanks for the comment!
ASJPictures (4 months ago)
Hey, thank you for your respons. I found out what issue was. I had done one thing wrong. I had made the layers black and not white. Thanks again for your help.
Flat Pack FX (4 months ago)
Hi ASJ, In most cases it is the material options not accepting the lights or shadows. Also check the position of your image to the light source. If you get stuck download the free project file and compare your settings. Hope that helps.
DEADLINE (5 months ago)
This blew me away.... I'm so trying this!
Koooshim Mamzer (5 months ago)
Me to me to
Flat Pack FX (5 months ago)
Awesome, I love this effect!
Kaiser SUMhungry (5 months ago)
can we replace the still image with a still footage? will the mapping still work?
Flat Pack FX (5 months ago)
Yes as long as the footage lines up with the original still it should work. Thanks.
craftycurate (5 months ago)
Useful thanks!
sama ri (5 months ago)
Looks great. I wanna try this, but the perspective of my image is diferent(isometric). If I change the structure of the grid,the camera could work? Thanks for share your knowlege with us
sama ri (5 months ago)
Thanks for your time!And the quickly response
Flat Pack FX (5 months ago)
Hi sama ri, yes it should work if you change the grid layout. I have experimented in the past with complex objects. If you have the time and patients you can make it work. Cheers
SNR1 (5 months ago)
this is actually really cool :D
Flat Pack FX (5 months ago)
Hey everyone, as a few people have pointed out make sure you don’t have “Fast Previews” enabled or you won’t see the effect! Thanks guys😉
Diamond (27 days ago)
8:53 how??? help me!!! and I finished all the process but the picture is too blurry.
Buklen (5 months ago)
"VERY IMPORTANT: Make sure you don't have "Fast Previews" enabled, otherwise you won't see the effect!" thought i'd re-hash this comment, I spent half an hr trying to work out why it wasn't working for me
Flat Pack FX (5 months ago)
Hey mate, thanks for pointing this out. I’ll post a comment and point this out! Thanks for the comment.
Buklen (5 months ago)
I thought this was about 3D projection mapping, but this is still great
new Bie (5 months ago)
Great Tutorial :)
Lee Shouken (5 months ago)
great tutorial,but I dont know why the image wont appear when I change the cast shadow into only....
Lee Shouken (5 months ago)
hi,there,thanks for your kind reply,I already figure it out!It was because I forgot to turn off the FX button on wall layers!here is my work: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rWzB9ifFA7U ,thank you very much,again,great tutorial!
Flat Pack FX (5 months ago)
Hi Lee, there could be a few things going on here. I have made the project file available for free download in the description. Download that and you can compare your settings. Thanks!
Neil Kupras (5 months ago)
VERY IMPORTANT: Make sure you don't have "Fast Previews" enabled, otherwise you won't see the effect!
TDubsKid (5 months ago)
this would be super cool to try with a timelapse
Flat Pack FX (5 months ago)
Hey, Good idea! That would make for an interesting effect. Thanks for the comment.
patrick baitmen (6 months ago)
This is insane
LSFilms (6 months ago)
ogonek (6 months ago)
Good tutorial, thanks.
Flat Pack FX (6 months ago)
Thanks mate!
Mathew Virgen (6 months ago)
mine didn't work. the top bottom and side were really dark, only the back was right.
Flat Pack FX (6 months ago)
Hey Matthew, it may be the position of your light if your side walls are too dark. You can always download the project file in the description and check from there. Thanks!
redin bernado (6 months ago)
Flat Pack FX (6 months ago)
JuanCastillo (6 months ago)
Can you add Lights?
Joaquin Chacon (6 months ago)
very comprehensive tutorial thanks so much!
KwiStarPlus - (6 months ago)
Is it possible to create a 360 turn around of the hallway using the 3d projector? I wanna see how it could be done.
Flat Pack FX (6 months ago)
Hey, great question it may be possible to project to comps in 1, there are simple limitations in the fact that After Effects is a 2.5d program not 3d. It will get to it will break the illusion after you turn the camera too much. I’ll have a think about how it may be done.
Leonel Villavicencio (6 months ago)
what kind of sorcery is this
Azhar Rabian (6 months ago)
Suat Sekil (6 months ago)
very nice thank you very much
Flat Pack FX (6 months ago)
Thanks for watching!
Bob Koss (6 months ago)
Flat Pack FX (6 months ago)
Thanks Bob!
Gaëtan Boutet (6 months ago)
Hey guys, check VoluMax 3D Photo animator for organic pictures and portraits : http://goo.gl/lqtTf1
Guardian (7 months ago)
Fair play that's insanely good!
Flat Pack FX (6 months ago)
Thanks mate!
Binku baby (7 months ago)
why we cant use simply vanishing point option in ps
Ganesh Prem (6 months ago)
that'd do too
Caqtus (7 months ago)
Quick question: in second composition with two planes, are they aligned to cross each other on horizon line?
Flat Pack FX (7 months ago)
Hey mate, thanks for the comment! Yes so you want to use the horizon to line up your intersection. You can even take it further and taper the edges up to follow the mountain line. Cheers FPfx
Caqtus (7 months ago)
Great tutorial from Projection map basic to Practically using it
Old_Guard (7 months ago)
Nicely done.
VO TECH GURU (7 months ago)
Flat Pack FX (7 months ago)
Thanks mate!
Chain Breaker (7 months ago)
can we move a person with this effect, I meant another person from other video masked in this picture
Flat Pack FX (7 months ago)
Hey mate, if you cut the person out and put them in front of this effect it should work fine. I would suggest to check out my other recent tutorial on animating photos (2.5d parallax) That process would be better suited to people. Hope that helps!
maxtor isolado (8 months ago)
incredible, as always, but the truth is I do not understand why to do the grid, is it just an example or is it an oblogatorio to create it? I would like to know how to do this to put it into practice with other images Thank you
Dizajn-Zona (5 months ago)
but solid layer can also be used to spot the gaps between the planes easier :)
Flat Pack FX (8 months ago)
Thanks mate, good question the grid is not actually needed it just helps as a guide to line up the surfaces. If we used a solid it would be much harder to do, you can see the difference by turning the grid on and off.
the power of unicorn (8 months ago)
i want your AE course on lynda
Flat Pack FX (8 months ago)
Hi mate thanks you for the comment, you can have the course on YouTube for free!
FLOWTUTS (8 months ago)
Thank you sooo much
Flat Pack FX (8 months ago)
Your welcome!
Sommer Time (8 months ago)
Great tutorial! I would like to try it with the panoramic perspective and human objects. It would give a nice effect i think 😊
os cand (8 months ago)
In order to get better image quality go to -> Compsition Settings -> 3D Renderer -> Options -> Set Shadow Map Resolution to 4000
Flat Pack FX (8 months ago)
Thanks for the comment and sharing some tips on the channel! Flat pack fx
Drew Nix (8 months ago)
Nice. Now I see the use for shadows only toggle. Thanks
Hatuey (8 months ago)
so awesome thanks a lot i've learned something more today :-)
Flat Pack FX (8 months ago)
That’s awesome mate, great to hear your learning something new.
looks pretty interesting
Flat Pack FX (8 months ago)

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