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Best Tournament Moments in Advanced Warfare

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DETROIT: BECOME HUMAN MOVIE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NaI7Y3X0T9M Follow GLP on Twitter - http://twitter.com/glittlep Follow GLP on Instagram - http://instagram.com/glplaygr0und Like GLP on Facebook - http://facebook.com/gLpLayground 00:00 Intro 01:13 MBoze's 4 Piece 01:26 Methodz Ace 01:45 Temp 1v3 Clutch 02:01 "Oh my Karma!" 02:20 Clayster's Reaction Shot 02:48 Optic Nation Last Minute Heroic Plays 03:46 Neslo is Clutch 04:14 "That's why you a two-time world champ" 04:32 The Dolphin Dive 05:11 Crim's 6 Piece 05:40 "OH MY GOD!" 06:15 LXT Destroys Elevate 06:55 "The definition of being World Starred" 07:42 JKap Leads The Comeback 08:44 Parasite's 48 Second Cap 09:50 Apathy Dismantles Epsilon 10:43 Meet The Man In Green 12:01 Enable Embarasses Optic 12:43 Scump's 5 Piece 13:20 Formal Dominates 13:42 Revenge Fights Back 15:49 Another Sniper Ace 16:28 Karma Police 16:56 Teepee Holds Down the OBJ 17:35 Sneaky Josh 18:12 The Emergence of TJHaly 19:50 Thirteen in a Row 20:53 Havok Wreaks Havoc 22:11 Best CTF Game in AW 26:05 Revenge Force Game 5 27:51 Nadeshot, The Main Slayer 28:30 Clayster Wants His ring 29:18 Remy Obliterates FaZe Black 29:56 The Best Grand Finals Video Description: The Advanced Warfare year was filled with incredible moments and spine tingling plays. With this year's intro, I wanted to first capture that sense of hope that anything is possible. I believe that this year in particular, we lost a lot of the amateur scene because of the league design, and I just wanted to help rekindle that hope that you can make it. When I chose these excellent plays I tried to keep in mind many different variables: skill, notoriety of the teams and players involved, crowd participation and the weight of the moment. While a 3 piece is good in any situation, it is obviously much more relevant in the grand finals of COD Champs for example. Sometimes the skill was so great that it didn't matter if they play happened during pool play of a regular tournament, it's still as good as a good play during an important tournament. There are two major DISCLAIMERS I must you give you about this video. For one, the VODs this year were terrible. Somewhere along the line UMG and MLG just gave up posting the matches, and as a result we definitely have some worthy plays missing. Second, there is a heavy amount of Optic clips because of the lack of VODs. But realistically, Optic and Faze/Denial were the best teams this year, so they would have had a large portion of the clips anyway. I initially didn't want to do the video because with the lack of VODs I wouldn't be able to do it right. But in the end, I didn't want to break the tradition as I really do love making these. All that being said, we know that there are clips we missed, but these are our personal choices for the best tournament moments in Advanced Warfare. Enjoy! Really big shoutout to Tommy eSports. His recaps and Top 5's after tournaments really help me zero on on some great plays when I didn't have time to watch certain tournaments. He has excellent content, I recommend checking him out! Video and Audio Sources Used: MLG - https://www.youtube.com/user/Official... UMG - https://www.youtube.com/user/UMGEVENTS Tommy eSports - https://www.youtube.com/user/tommyesp... Ringhouse - https://www.youtube.com/user/RINGSHOUSE Optic - https://www.youtube.com/user/OpticNation Hitch - https://www.youtube.com/user/Hitchariide Dexerto - https://www.youtube.com/user/DecertoHD GinogMedia - https://www.youtube.com/user/ginogmed... Gamma Gamers - https://www.youtube.com/user/GammaGam... Under the fair use clause of copyright law, the use of 3rd party footage is allowed if the new work is transformative in nature. We believe that our use of the various sources is transformative to create out own original work. No infringement is intended in the use of these source materials. We respect all of the above content creators and hope they don't mind us using pieces of their work to build our own video. Follow our Weekly Podcast:http://tinyurl.com/kvx5wfr Our 2nd Channel GLP TV: https://www.youtube.com/c/glptvee BUY GLP SHIRTS HERE: https://tinyurl.com/y7sbgb3j
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Text Comments (365)
Marc Dwayne Tagacay (15 days ago)
Tbh when advanced warfare first came out it was the Sht best game
TheGU1T4RFR3AK (26 days ago)
AW movement was the best
TreezyMcFly (2 months ago)
the intro still gives me chills man. I come back to this vid occasionally for inspiration and motivation
Hollow Ichigo (2 months ago)
How come there were no streaks used in AW
TheHiddenGamerYT (3 months ago)
Wish you had continued this series.
Lemon Head Larry (8 months ago)
Quality ass video well done. Miss this game :(
Skye Walker (8 months ago)
danny (9 months ago)
temp was spooky good hope he’s still playing, since hukes not playing anymore we need at least 1 one the OGYB prods
Ms. Chanandler Bong (9 months ago)
Stunnr v. Denial comeback uplink was the greatest game in Cod history
Robbie (1 year ago)
Seth Thurman (1 year ago)
Please make one for black ops 3. I love your videos so much!!
Anthony Mock (1 year ago)
The introduction was amazing...
imajwalker72 (1 year ago)
That fuckin intro
Jack Press (1 year ago)
BO3 coming out or not? Or maybe IW after it's done?
Furqan Siddiqui (1 year ago)
sonofNas (1 year ago)
You just forgot the Denial comeback on Uplink in ESWC 2015 it was a crazy ending Great video dude
Garrett Wise (1 year ago)
1:51 "Gotta love that movement system."
Xtravagant (1 year ago)
Song at 27:17
Np man and thanks!
Xtravagant (1 year ago)
thanks bro love your videos ;)
Ali Bomaye
ZeKe GaMeS (1 year ago)
why when you slide does it look like a dive wtf
brian sterling (1 year ago)
Best bo3 moments
Gameplay Hd hun (1 year ago)
MorbidJT (1 year ago)
I loved this game haha, best out of the three most recents!
Even though I complained about it a lot while, it's actually the one I played the most of the past 3 too.
ShootnGrab (1 year ago)
You guys gonna do a Best Tournaments Moments in Black Ops 3 or nah?
XoTage (1 year ago)
I gave it a go let me know what you think :)
ShootnGrab (1 year ago)
Their was definitely some decent moments throughout and it could make a good video but if you're not into it then don't do it. Love the channel, keep up the good work!
Nah man, didn't follow BO3 comp other than Champs tbh. Got no passion for it. BO3 was a good comp game imo, but hated everything the CWL did the scene
keezy boi (1 year ago)
are you gonna do a black ops 3 best moments? gamers little playground
keezy boi (1 year ago)
Gamer's Little Playground oh. alright
Nah didn't plan on it, I didn't follow Black Ops 3 comp
mariorecio27 (1 year ago)
Name of the first song? 1:00
Roberto Manzo (1 year ago)
Do Bo3
MrKay Tastrophe (1 year ago)
This was so cringey...
Vakyrae xii (11 months ago)
MrKay Tastrophe nice
Anthony Holland (1 year ago)
lol so dramatic
grant turner (1 year ago)
Black Ops 3??
Dr. Infected (1 year ago)
13:38 U hardscope bTch. FaZe can quickscope better than OpTc
Luke M Murphy (1 year ago)
Mason Larsen Faze fanboys aren't aware of the skill of pro players, and question why Apex and Adapt aren't on the pro team.
Kxmbos (1 year ago)
jesse dain loll loll😂😂
Mason Larsen (1 year ago)
Troy Humphrey it's tournaments. You do what you can to get a kill. Quick scoping doesn't matter. You're stupid
Jes 1200rich (1 year ago)
Troy Humphrey 2:07 your like 5 or 6 right
LIGER ZERO (1 year ago)
What is the music playing at 1:45??
Sixtokills (1 year ago)
I actually liked aw 😕😂😂
nick tardif (4 months ago)
cuz aw was awesome
FIĆO 21 (5 months ago)
Me to
DonnySuckspvp (1 year ago)
king shidooo Asary ssame
Hunter Lehman (1 year ago)
That TJHaly play gets me so hyped every time
ash's naked dad (2 years ago)
comment down below who was the best in this game . clayster for me and in bo3 I say scumpii
Jes 1200rich (1 year ago)
iturtlez ok BO3 its john for sure
ash's naked dad (1 year ago)
+Zach Zeej yes
Im Chance (1 year ago)
BO3 is JKap
ash's naked dad (2 years ago)
ghost is crimsix and bo2 I say karma
Anonymous User (2 years ago)
i freakin love this edit!
Wizzy Ace (2 years ago)
Do one for black ops 3
Storm Anger (2 years ago)
what song starts playing at 3:14?
sioman says by Mt Eden
Brayan Keskoski (2 years ago)
Justin Chan (2 years ago)
I love the intro soooo much <3
Jake Berube (2 years ago)
I heard Ricky balboa in the beginning that was a good intro, I automatically liked when I heard him
Wadameloan (2 years ago)
This montage gives me chills everytime!Cant wait for black ops 3
MyStic Vitalz (2 years ago)
Looking for a clan xbox1
Clorox Bleach (2 years ago)
Got chills in the into
ELTIGRE537 (2 years ago)
redstone master (2 years ago)
civil war music
Moyo Channel (2 years ago)
when is the one for bo3 coming out
eSports FrosTT (2 years ago)
+Gamer's Little Playground I hope you do that would be awesome, it doesn't have to be too long
Moyo Channel (2 years ago)
+Gamer's Little Playground well let's hope mlg Orlando has lots of good moments
Not really sure if I should do one. There hasn't been that many tournaments this year
Anthony Elliott (2 years ago)
MBoze is so underated💚
Gabriel Magalhães (2 years ago)
Awesomely edited, and great video overall
Joseph Indorato (2 years ago)
that intro was fucking crazy
Thanks bro
Mason Larsen (2 years ago)
Wish the intro song was on the net :(
Bailey Bishop (2 years ago)
Awesome video man!
+Prevail Bailey thanks!
+Prevail Bailey thanks!
Justin Sullivan (2 years ago)
Hell yeah man great video I really like the beginning
Thanks man I appreciate it
theaverage tryhard (2 years ago)
this is so well put together, nice job, loved it
Thanks I appreciate it
theaverage tryhard (2 years ago)
this is so well put together
TheWannaBees101 (2 years ago)
this is so cringe xD Men sitting in one room jamming buttons and yelling at a TV screen lmao
Mono (2 years ago)
TheWannaBees101 (2 years ago)
+Respire Pyroh *triggered*
Don Pyroh (2 years ago)
you are so dumb that's crazy
REDWANUL .H (2 years ago)
people might not have liked advanced warfare as a game but a watching pros play was the best with aw compared to other cods.
Gavin Gaming (2 years ago)
yes from just watching this makes want it back
x Adiquite (2 years ago)
That intro was dope idk if u made it but damn
+Trapped Inside Yeah I did, thanks
ヅStarstuff (2 years ago)
What are the songs?
Songs Used: Flourish - Fernando Zamora (Not on the net yet, composed specifically for this video) Sharks Don't Sleep - Dean Valentine Sioman Says - Mt. Eden Oh My Darling (Don't Cry) Instrumental - Run The Jewels Breathe - The Prodigy Shove It! (Bar 9 Remix) - Deftones I, Phantom Instrumental - Mr. Lif Epic Motion - Felix Erskine Ali Bomaye Instrumental - Game Furious Retribution - Epic Score
Hunter LaBrosciano (2 years ago)
Lmao i was the one that screamed "LETS GO BABY!!!" @23:00 hhahahahahaha
Mono (2 years ago)
Joe Chrisp (2 years ago)
although the game was shit, this is great
Yo Sour (2 years ago)
I honestly think it's the last ok cod the rest are just absolute shit
haha thanks
OMG ITS xDEATHx (2 years ago)
But they made millions of dollars ;)
Momo Game (2 years ago)
now black ops 3 please
Mono (2 years ago)
There's probably not gonna be enough tournament footage 😂
jake hingley (2 years ago)
Has anyone got a cod clan what I could join
Gavin Gaming (2 years ago)
TheMrTmanB (2 years ago)
+Gavin Gaming maybe, what time zone are you in?
Gavin Gaming (2 years ago)
is 5:30 good
TheMrTmanB (2 years ago)
+Gavin Gaming i am busy until about 2:00pm my time which is mst
Gavin Gaming (2 years ago)
Jesis Crust (2 years ago)
Advanced warfare would have been a amazing game absolutely amazing if there were no WEAPON VARIANTS if they had put all that work into cosmetic items for your character this game would have been perfect for me imo
A B (2 years ago)
Amazing job homie this really gave me some good memories of this game thanks
A B (2 years ago)
19:32 what is wrong with that guys voice lol
zCxtalyst (2 years ago)
Black Ops 3 will be like 10 minutes based on the amount of lans so far..
MRADZ7861 (2 years ago)
Great video mate love it
Thanks, glad you liked it!
Audun Ystgaard (2 years ago)
What tournament was the last one?
It's from the first tournament of the year in MLG Columbus
Ares (2 years ago)
Ares (2 years ago)
when will it come out do u think
There are two separate ones in the beginning. I'm guessing you want the second one. The very first one was made just for this vid so it's not on the net Flourish - Fernando Zamora (Not on the net yet, composed specifically for this video) Sharks Don't Sleep - Dean Valentine
Ares (2 years ago)
The whole inspirational one in the begining
+Ares Which one you looking for in particular?
Chris Towles (2 years ago)
Why take such a great quote for kids playing video games lol smh
Lightning (2 years ago)
this is Amazing please make a black ops 3
I was considering it, but I don't think there are enough tournaments to really make one this year
Ilkay Gundogan (2 years ago)
who the fuck gets this crazy over cod jesus
Yo Sour (2 years ago)
Well maybe because there's a lot of money on the line
Springbreak Tities (2 years ago)
Its a tournament of course their hyped
Its Jake (2 years ago)
same as any other sport
Jake Berube (2 years ago)
Cod fans get hyped over cod Football fans get hyped over football U seeing the reason now ?!
Vakyrae xii (2 years ago)
+Habib Islam lol
Rodrigo Avila (2 years ago)
why the shitty fucking music
+Rodrigo Avila lol well we all have different taste I guess. I think the music fit good with the video
Hippo JoHance (2 years ago)
Who ever made this is obveusly a faze fan lol
+Hippo JoHance haha I could care less, just used the best shots I could find
316Booger (2 years ago)
two minute sin and OMG what a video. +1 like my friend. great work
+316Booger Thanks bro, glad you like it
sybasstian prom (2 years ago)
I'm gonna dislike it cause the game is bad
Vakyrae xii (2 years ago)
The Real DannySan (2 years ago)
I'm going to drink bleach because of your comment
Vakyrae xii (2 years ago)
Joe Palmieri (2 years ago)
wats the first song
+Apollo Supremee the very first song was a custom song made for the video, called flourish. If you're referring to the second song in the intro it's called "Sharks Don't Sleep" by Dean Valentine
Op Gaming (2 years ago)
11:45 Seth's like "stay away stay away"
S3LO (2 years ago)
Theme song at 1:00??
+S3LO Sharks Don't Sleep by Dean Valentine
S3LO (2 years ago)
Theme song at :59
Joseph Green (2 years ago)
im going to join this add me-------> ItsCapability--------> xbox one
Icarus Pyrrhos (2 years ago)
Fuck cant wait for bo3 best moments hey mate
Moe & Chris (2 years ago)
Bruhhh I just thought about this just now. I watched the other 2 and that shit went hard and I just remembered you probably made one on AW. Loved this one too man.
Michael LaCroix (2 years ago)
remember when clayster got mad because he used his 3-0 taunt against him hahaha
Chains Games (2 years ago)
Comeback Puckett
Mohamed Akbar (2 years ago)
Stunningly edited. Good job
+Mohamed Akbar Thanks!
Ehsanul (2 years ago)
The black ops 3 version is going to be like 3 minutes lmao
+PoizedYT lol sad but true. Every clip will be the intro and that's it
The Jordini (2 years ago)
The lackluster amount of events in BO3 make me miss AW tbh
The Jordini (2 years ago)
+Gamer's Little Playground Totally agree
+The Jordini Yeah it's sad what they've done with comp this year. 18 and over alienating the younger audience, single elim tournaments, and only one big open tournament to speak of. And the worst part about it is that BO3 is actually a good game for comp
Nemesis VFX (2 years ago)
The hard point faze vs OG in the season 3 finals should be in this video. Optic could have tied the hp but in the last second ZooMa jumps in and contests for 1sec which secured faze the map win
TheHiddenGamerYT (2 years ago)
You are amazing with these edits.
+TheHiddenGamerYT Hope so too, but there haven't been many tournaments this year
TheHiddenGamerYT (2 years ago)
Hope there's another for blops 3!
ShootnGrab (2 years ago)
The only other clip I thought should be in their would be the Faccento sniper ace vs. Team Infused during Cod champs but great video nonetheless. Keep up the great work!
danny ramos (2 years ago)
the beginning gave me some real chills.
callum jones (2 years ago)
One of the best videos ive watched! Good job!
Moby EU (2 years ago)
Personally i think Nagafen was the Smartest individual player in AW... aside from that great montage, great edit, Good shit my Man.
Moby EU (2 years ago)
Look at where it go him...complexity and out of the cwl Hehe
TBW (2 years ago)
parasite was the smartest
Moby EU (2 years ago)
Fair point, but i feel that the plays Nagafen came up with in AW, Made him stand out the the best player when it came to strategy, i can agree that Karma can have a place in top 5, but Crim in AW, not so much
TheRealOstrava (2 years ago)
+Michael Obiago but where is Crim and Karma? Nade is also really smart
TheRealOstrava (2 years ago)
+Michael Obiago yep
RidgeyDog99 (2 years ago)
This is by far the best cod tournaments moments video I have ever seen! Great Job! Love the start of the video, where are the quotes/speeches from at the start of the video?
RidgeyDog99 (2 years ago)
+Gamer's Little Playground Thanks! They are very good speeches/quotes! Can't wait for the next moments video :D  
+xH4rr1s0n_R99 Thanks bro, glad you liked it! The first quote is from "The Sandlot." The second is from "Rocky Balboa." The third is from a Will Smith interview with Charlie Rose. And the last one is from "Rocky 4."
Fergal (2 years ago)
Great job! But you can't forget sB vs FaZe Black CTF Ascend at Cod Champs
xZuxify (2 years ago)
FaZe did insane plays why isnt there one?
Doug Shedd (2 years ago)
There's lots of plays I remember watching that were completely beast but aren't in this video :/
xZuxify (2 years ago)
Can i post this on my channel ?
xZuxify (2 years ago)
+Gamer's Little Playground i will put your channel in the description
+Vate I appreciate the offer but I really want to keep this vid only here. As for Faze, there are a couple in there. Clayster, Enable, the last series.
Zelley (2 years ago)
Are you going to do a best halo 5 tournament moments because of all these big tournaments now
+xZelley Halo Hadn't considered it to be honest. I was really into the Halo 3 tournament scene, but honestly haven't been following Halo 5 so far
Dylan Donsky (2 years ago)
Good shit dude love the sandlot quote

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