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France Gall - Ella, elle l'a (Clip officiel)

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Clip officiel du titre "Ella, elle l'a" de France Gall (1987) Ecoutez "Evidemment", le best of complet de France Gall regroupant ses meilleurs titres ici : https://lnk.to/FranceGallEvidemmentAY
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Text Comments (7552)
koelnerfckfan (17 hours ago)
Beste franzacken Song ever!
Bart 8710 (18 hours ago)
Piekny zloty przeboj😊
Katharina Bödecker (20 hours ago)
J'aime la musique de France Gall :-)
Emilio Rodrigues (1 day ago)
Viva Lavendredi (2 days ago)
rest in peace, beauty.
Carole Alexis (2 days ago)
Sincerite, talent, integrity, travail, beaute merci France Gall ...
Silvia Heredia (3 days ago)
Descansa bella dama !!De adolescente adoraba está canción y aún hoy!!
Sandrine Antunes (3 days ago)
Denisa Cuprova (3 days ago)
Denisa super klip hlavně jak z pívá
Shinji23K10 (4 days ago)
Champions du monde 🇫🇷🇫🇷
vicente de Ferrari (5 days ago)
spanish: ella,ella lo tiene
The Lone Wolf (5 days ago)
RIP :(
Arek Taras (6 days ago)
Lepsze od nowej wersji
Linda Einish (6 days ago)
she fake singing lol
I play fortnite (7 days ago)
Can someone translate please??
مصطفى (7 days ago)
It's like joy Like a smile Something in her voice That appears to ask us to come That makes us feel strangely good It's like the whole story Of black people That is swinging Between love and despair Some things that dance in you If you have got it, you’ve got it She, she has it I dont know what this is That others do not have That brings us in a funny state She, she has it She, this strange voice She, this strange joy This gift from heaven that makes it beautiful She, she has it, She, she has it She, she has it She, she has it She has that little extra soul That indefinable charm This small flame Struck on barrels On pianos On whatever god can put in her hands Show your laugh or your sorrow But you don’t have anything, that makes you the king That you still look for the powers that sleep in you You see, it does not buy When you have it, you have it She, she has it I dont know what this is That others do not have That brings us in a funny state She, she has it
richard gregoire (7 days ago)
Le plus gros tube de France Gall vendu à plus de 2 millions dans le monde!!
theonetwistedking (8 days ago)
What the hell is this song about?
Hocine ouhachi (8 days ago)
Hocine ouhachi (8 days ago)
Hocine ouhachi (8 days ago)
Repose en paix France Gall on t'aime bien moi je pleure 😢😭
Deux sœurs Sportives (8 days ago)
Ma belle france ,,tu es morte si jeune lucien
kosaradim (10 days ago)
From turkey #rip
Brice Diagam (10 days ago)
Qui écoute encore cette belle mélodie en 2018? RIP ma grande dame 😭🙏🏻
MauriceX Msp (10 days ago)
Je apprend set chason dans ma pas nouvelle école
Olson2u (10 days ago)
I really feel stupid. Had no clue that she is gone. RIP
michel martin (11 days ago)
rip france gall
Olson2u (11 days ago)
WOW She is a beautiful young woman. She is talented. She won me over as a new fan!
Alexandre Soares (11 days ago)
amei a musica
Eddie Vidal (11 days ago)
Creo que soy el unico de Peru que conoce esta gran musica y a esta gran cantante :(
silent one (12 days ago)
wank wank =)
Gio Mec Gio (12 days ago)
Dormi in pace. 💐💐
BrutusPalmeira (12 days ago)
So.... is this the original version?
Quentyn73 (12 days ago)
What is this song about?
Jurresp Dougsp (12 days ago)
Garmondo Vodka (12 days ago)
Look out Kate!
Garmondo Vodka (12 days ago)
One song too far...
INTERNATIONAL (12 days ago)
coal burner
Plum Moon Bliss (12 days ago)
This Song is Really Beautiful!
Jack1981 (12 days ago)
Something in this tune that gets me... :)
Heiner Wegmann (12 days ago)
danke für die schöne musik
mitchwierda (12 days ago)
RIP I will miss you....
laurent delaporte (12 days ago)
j’avais 10 ans quand cette chanson et sorti aujourd’hui j'ai 40 ans bientôt 41 ans que son âme repose avec les ange
Donye Test (13 days ago)
so the song didnt beIong to Kate Ryan. this version is way more CIassic and better . i Iike both
ExtraitDeFilms (13 days ago)
trop top ^^ je l'adore !!!!!
JORGE GUEDEZ (13 days ago)
From Panamá , ...I know that nobody in this world will understand, because I LOVE THIS SONG.....I LOVE YOUR BEAUTIFUL VOICE FRANCE GALL ......I WAS THERE .RIP.
Karina Coria (13 days ago)
Siempre me encantó esta canción, tiene algo tan especial, que no lo puedo explicar... sólo sentirlo! 💜 Este año conocí a un frances extraordinario! Qué tiene "Ce je ne sais quoi" que como la canción no Sé explicar! 😍💖 Será amor? Hermosa Frances 💕
pablo Pereyra (13 days ago)
Marievic Fouda (13 days ago)
Belle hommage
ayman el rich (13 days ago)
elle nous manque
romuald rivat (13 days ago)
vieux souvenir
Siniša Sladojević (13 days ago)
She shot just like Mohammed Alli
baltimoredude1 (14 days ago)
I am an American and took the French language in school so that I can understand this song. I was and still is mesmerized by this song. I was very saddened by the tragic life she encountered with her husband and daughter passing away. I never had the chance to meet her while she was alive. J'espère te voir un jour. Au revoir.
Senior2442 (14 days ago)
Musikvideo im DDR-Fernsehen "elf99" war sehr bekannt, fehlte nur die Tournee durch die DDR!
Stephane Quindici (14 days ago)
Marina Bello (14 days ago)
Ella lo mejor hermosa canción!!!!
samia laieb (15 days ago)
Belle voix 💜
nowave7 (15 days ago)
What a Lady! I am smitten!
Sve Bau (15 days ago)
I liebe sie....
677Gre (15 days ago)
Bernhard Frank (15 days ago)
geiler song
sylvie leonard (16 days ago)
Martin Compagnoni (16 days ago)
Temaso sin duda
Phantom Driver (16 days ago)
Que hermosa mujer y que bella voz
Whos come from a other land than France? Wer kommt aus einen anderen Land als Frankreich? /music plays
jean paul acher (16 days ago)
Canardeur (17 days ago)
Elle a, elle a ... Elle a disparu. Et pas uniquement la France Gall. Mais également la France. Merci la gérontocratie : elle a, elle a laissé faire!
I just discovered her music and i found out she passed away just a few months ago 💔
Ovadia Saadia (17 days ago)
Tristesse d'ecouter France Gall, la poupé
heffertonne75 (17 days ago)
R.i.P. France;(
Peter Kuhnt (17 days ago)
1648 hat man Deutschland beraubt.
Peter Kuhnt (17 days ago)
Der Erbfeind. Frankreich nur auf Ketten. Kein Vergessen kein Vergeben. Der Elsass ist deutsch.
Pierre 50 (11 days ago)
Frankreich ist kein Erbfeind Deutschlands. Eher aus England Das Elsass behauptete nicht, Deutscher zu sein. Vetter vielleicht. Nicht mehr. In erster Linie Elsässer. Aber in Frankreich das geht sogar über das Elsass hinaus.
Monsieur Pacman :v (17 days ago)
2018 y sigo amando esta música
AceTankerPaul (17 days ago)
what is she singing about?
Fimo # Lalo (17 days ago)
Repose en paix... 😢😢❤️❤️❤️
Gilbert Densborn (17 days ago)
Une grande dame avec un coeur en or et inoubliable....
RAHIMI Ramazan (18 days ago)
Elle a bien j adeaur
Bayern Franken (18 days ago)
eine stille liebe zu ihr und zu E.F.
nelly naelly (18 days ago)
Merci France de l hommage que tu fais au people noir. Je t aime
Boja Iva (18 days ago)
juste safia (19 days ago)
dkmeller1 (19 days ago)
A celebration in song of the life and career of one of the greatest female entertainers of the XX century...Ella Fitzgerald. Thank you, France Gall. C'est Magnifique!!
ErJaNoV (19 days ago)
Bunu benden başka dinleyen Türk var mıdır acaba ?
fweezella (19 days ago)
The most white girl ever, evidently praising black folks! This looks ridiculous. Why did she do this?
Pierre 50 (11 days ago)
Because she was not racist. A human being first and foremost. Quite simply.
antonin vanvolsem (19 days ago)
De love emilie
Era la rubia más hermosa de toda Francia descanse en paz con su hija y su marido
Era la rubia más hermosa de Francia descanse en paz con su hija y su marido
Nicolas Quinet (19 days ago)
le tube de feuj qui fait l'apologie des noirs, comme d'hab mais c'est les blancs qui font le taf bande d'ignorant
Nathalie Parage (19 days ago)
J'adore réponse en paix 💗
Daniela Krizanovicova (19 days ago)
Snelle Jelle (19 days ago)
God bless you and give you eternall live
Nurligul Tulegenova (19 days ago)
Супер 👍👍👍👍👍👍😘😘😘😘😘
Harald Hofer (20 days ago)
Just found out that she passed away in January. What a loss... Her music though will accompany me.
helena stb (20 days ago)
J kiff cette chanson R.I.P ma belle ❤😭
Aylin von Preußen (20 days ago)
Linda musica os estao todos indo repose in pax!
jari 90 (20 days ago)
French sounds always so beatiful language into the finnish hearing ear viva la France !
Era la rubia más hermosa de Francia descanse en paz con su hija y su marido
Finarvas (20 days ago)
Just enough cowbell!
ip op tv (20 days ago)
Qui s'abonne à ma chaîne, je donnerai 7 abonnements
Jeanne Estirac (21 days ago)
Et ce n'est pas donné à tout le monde...

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