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25 SNEAKY Lies You Were Told About Space

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You won’t believe the lies you were told about space. Some are small lies that have crept in through Hollywood and other entertainment mediums. But others are Big lies that have been shared via misinformation or even changed information. Check out these 25 sneaky lies you were told about space. To be clear, most if not all of these lies are not intentional. Meaning, someone somewhere is not out to purposely deceive you. Rather, these space lies are due to misconceptions and entertaining exaggerations. However, the truth is sometimes as entertaining as the lie (so why live in the lie?). Check out these sneaky space lies (and our photo credits and sources) and let us know in the comments below if you were fooled by any of these lies. http://list25.com/25-sneaky-lies-you-were-told-about-space/ SUBSCRIBE - http://bit.ly/2uwq6BJ Follow us on: List25 Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/list25 List25 Instagram: https://instagram.com/list25/ List25 Twitter - https://twitter.com/list25 List25 Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/list25/ See more lists on our website: http://list25.com The sun is yellow right? Well not really. The sun is actually white. We see it as a yellow orb because of our atmosphere….and colorized photographs. Speaking of the sun, did you know that the sun is a big ball of fire? If you did, then you’ve been lied to (presently by us). The sun is actually more like a big ball of nuclear fusion. Probably one of the biggest lies out there right now is Hollywood’s fault. If you’ve watched any of the Star Wars movies (SO EXCITED FOR DEC. 15th!), you’ve witness the lie. Sound…in space. Those * pewing * spaceships and roaring thrusters…lies. Space has no sound. Check out these 25 sneaky lies you were told about space. If you enjoyed our video, you’ll enjoy these videos as well: 25 Things That Were Nice Until Everybody Started Doing Them - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h4Cdsfk9RFk 25 Things That Were Supposed To Be Big But Weren’t - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XNtf0kVthtI Music: Jellyfish in Space by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Source: http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?isrc=USUAN1500030 Artist: http://incompetech.com/
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Text Comments (4359)
Hurriganes 1971 - 1988 (2 hours ago)
Lol that thumbnail
Foxxtronix (8 hours ago)
#22 The kind of closely-grouped asteroids you see in Hollywood Space is just dramatic nonsense, but an actual asteroid belt *is* dangerous. Some pebble the size of a dime, met at the kind of speeds an interplanetary ship would be traveling at, would make a big mess. "Why is there suddenly a little hole in the wall? ...and the other wall? ...and my chest?!"
Tom Walker (14 hours ago)
How do people not know 23? The delay alone would make any mobile platform suffer from ping times of 250ms or higher.
in777sight (16 hours ago)
HELL is self sustaining nuclear fission caused by nuclear fusion created by man as he uses that harlot made from MOX, nuclear waste, to fight in a world nuclear war no man can control because the king of kings and lord of lords is RADIATION, Hell Fire. World War 3 wins by deceit because man thought he could lay in that harlots bed and be able to breathe her radiated breath and drink her radiated water and still rise out of that bloody bed of the eternally dead. What is countable in a name? Letters. Count the number of letters in Sixhundred Threescore and Six. Now count the number of letters in the Beast that is going to devour you... Thermonuclear World War Three
andrew raymond (1 day ago)
Really ? Well you asked for it. First of all, these are not all lies. Do you idiots {yes idiots, because you are trying to tell people things that are not right} not know the difference between lies and misconception ? Then, on top of that, your English is bad. #1. 0.52 Simplistically X. It's Simply. #2. 1:14 moble X. It's mo bile, which rhymes with mile. #3. 1:57 "the Great Wall isn't actually all that visible." Does not make sense. You say that, then you say it can be seen from 250 miles up, and then you don't say which other man-made structures can be seen. We call that DUMB. #4. 2:14 Who said Earth is a perfect sphere ? No body. DUMB. #5. 3:32 The atmosphere does not 'ensure' the average surface temperature. DUMB. And by the way, there is no 'and' in a number. "480" is not four hundred 'and' eighty. It is four hundred eighty. #6. 3:07 Process is pronounced Pro cess, not Pross cess. Just as Pro duct, not Prod duct. #7. 3:27 The "only" way to see the far side of the moon is NOT to "actually" fly around to it, but also to Drive to it, by ROVER. DUMB again. #8. 4:53 That statement means they weren't sure if the Earth was 'round before 300 BC'. The way you worded it is incorrect. Gives it a different meaning. Bad grammar. #9. 6:48 Kilometer is not pronounced "kil lom mitter". It is Killo meter. Do you pronounce kilogram like this, 'kil log gram' ? No , you say 'Killo gram'. There are more, but, well, this is one of the most stupid videos in the last year. Take your chances and respond .
StillTheTruth (1 day ago)
This whole video is bullshit....we have NEVER BEEN TO SPACE....all the images of Earth are FAKE FAKE FAKE... FOH
BARBATUS 89 (1 day ago)
Knowledge doesn't change. Your assumptions change. Disliked. Neil deGrasse Tyson is a RETARD :-) youtube.com/watch?v=rW4uDrcotCQ
tom stanley (1 day ago)
black holes dont exist nor gravity was made up to
tom stanley (1 day ago)
no one knows what stars and the sun are made of or how they work is a guessing period science is bullshit as most scientists
SOYA (2 days ago)
!!!! *THE EARTH IS* Flat ,,,
apmdavies (2 days ago)
Thanks for wasting my time, try reading a few books and get yourself educated. Get yourself sober first - it will help you to put things into context. (Are you a flat earther by any chance? I believe they have a chromosme deficiency. If so then please accept my apologies).
bee nasty (2 days ago)
I would say if you're 10 years old...these might be interesting facts....
Enforcer (2 days ago)
Gravity is a funnel bending space thats why u see astoroids only traveling in one direction on the same axis why do you think saturn and uranus belts are perfect according to one of stephen hawkings theories i think its his i have fuck all clue whos it is but its true
Enforcer (2 days ago)
And also why the planets orbit ALMOST in a perfect axis around the sun cause its not the same but why is there no planet going from the top to the bottom oppisite axis of our rotation btw im using the word axis cuz idk a word for it that makes more sense the funnel or gravity is created from the rotation of the well sun in this case so we follow the suns rotation cause the rotation creates the funnel
Sumit Kakkar (3 days ago)
bhems. pavr
Huevos Huevos (3 days ago)
Because space doesn’t not exist
Huevos Huevos (3 days ago)
Woodys friend didn’t really come from space.
Branok Erdene (3 days ago)
Number 13, it wasn't only the Greeks that knew that the Earth was round in 300 BC, the Bible describes the world as a sphere at a much earlier date.
Josh Hartman (4 days ago)
Number 10 isn’t correct
Sammie Canua (4 days ago)
Pink floyd lied with dark side of the moon?
Knife Dreamer (4 days ago)
General_Tux (4 days ago)
How to get views: Make your thumbnail 2 pictures of earth and have one say true an the other false
Mike Swarts (4 days ago)
A true idiot ...
pinchead (4 days ago)
If the earth isnt round then why the hell is it in every single fake photo that all fake space programs give us to look at. This video is stupid and it's only went to dumb you down
pinchead (4 days ago)
OMG im on 22 and I can't take it nothing but lies
pinchead (4 days ago)
Space is a lie and you are lying to people
Boyd Merriman (4 days ago)
I would not have called these lies as a lie would be a deliberate attempt to deceive someone for whatever reason they deem. Misinformation, misunderstanding, old school ideas that change from year to year as we better understand our universe. I never heard that the Wall of China was the ONLY man made object seen from space, but I did hear that it is so large, you CAN see it from space. Just look up the facts, if someone in school (teachers) say these things, then they are no longer needed or wanted in school since we can get a better education looking it up on the internet!
nanrod (5 days ago)
There are no lies here sneaky or otherwise. All this is, is a list of things that were believed to be true by some people at some time but have mostly been displaced by our ever expanding knowledge of the universe.
rakesh PATEL (5 days ago)
NO. 1 LIE fake moon landing by NASA. There was no such landing.
Rooster From Houston (5 days ago)
The Earth isn't real
Rooster From Houston (5 days ago)
This is all fake
theID2 (5 days ago)
mostly this video is full of absolute shit
Some Body (6 days ago)
How about stopping in space? i sometimes hear Star Trek captains issue the command "Full Stop". Velocity is always measured relative to another object or to a frame of reference. So to make sense that "full stop" command must mean something else that it would mean to somebody walking or driving on earth.
Jon Lang (6 days ago)
The World is flat.
Jon Bain (6 days ago)
Point 24. Sun is yellow. Star color category type 'G'. White stars are another category. Your info is about 100 years old.
[Insert name here] (7 days ago)
I dont get why he says that movies portray black holes as 2d suckers. Black holes dont let any light out so you actually wouldnt be able to tell if it had a third dimension by looking at it. It's like vantablack.
WeTube (7 days ago)
One Love
Orion434 (8 days ago)
Star Wars Hyperdrives are DANGEROUS! when they instantly stop like that (remember?) everyone on board would be splattered on the wall in front of them.
antsolja (8 days ago)
in reference to 19 id say the nardo ring (the giant circular race track in italy where hypercars used to set world record) is probably the most visible single object from space
Silvio Manuel (8 days ago)
Is it true that if you slingshot around the sun, you go into time warp? I already know from experience that Einberg lied about traveling faster than light. I have never had my mass become infinite, Einberg was a bullshitter, thinking no one would test his lies.
Jonathan Hernandez (9 days ago)
the earth is Flat
Queen B (9 days ago)
Ok I knew most of these but I didn’t know that Venus is hotter than Mercury. What is that? Is the atmosphere thinner than Mercury?
Jon Wizard (9 days ago)
what a load of fucking useless crap...banal information!
Khushbu Thobhani (10 days ago)
You love star wars🤣🤣🤣
Sonic (10 days ago)
Well can't we just be depressed in a black whole loool
Clyde Booth (12 days ago)
the lies about space are the ones your spewing, while some of it comes down to technicalities the one about the guy at 23 miles decompressing his space suit has to be the worst.  23 miles up is still in the atmosphere moron.  Low earth orbit is considered above 160 miles.... up there where there is NO ATMOSHERE.  The video presented here is moronic and extremely over simplified.  How over a million views have been garnered I have no idea, I couldn't finish it.
list25 (11 days ago)
Trance Emerson (12 days ago)
the Sun is classified as a Main Sequence Yellow Dwarf, GII V; so you're wrong. the Sun is actually yellow. it just so happens to carry a wide spectra of light wavelengths like any natural light source does, but it puts out more yellow than other types of stars; which is why the edges carry a ton of yellow.
Joey Merrell (12 days ago)
Blasphemy! Star Wars would never lie to us! Lol
list25 (11 days ago)
I thought the same lol
Brent Waller (12 days ago)
I don't believe any of it. The Earth is flat. I'm not moving and the ships they supposedly send To space never encounter The artificial atmosphere They say surrounds us. The Sun and Moon both Are about 4000 miles away According to parallax geometry The South Pole is the largest land mass And the North Pole might be Our only escape
Cody 12345 (13 days ago)
Why is earth a sphere in every picture NASA has shown us but some say it's a elliptical sphere. Is it just that the measurements are so small you cant actually tell by eye
jwest seguin (13 days ago)
the title should have been sneaky ways this video is clickbaiting you
Sticky Lizard Studios (13 days ago)
I thought these were all obvious? Who dident know these and why
wickedcircle (13 days ago)
blah blah blah, Thank you.
Jeff Thomas (13 days ago)
Flat earthers give us conspiracy folks a really bad name. Your ruining it for us normal people that understand alot of what we were taught is wrong or lies. But c'mon people no reason to lie about a flat or round earth c'mon people use that brain and save your brain power for trying to help figure out how to conti ue to let the bankers take all of our money and keep us in a world poverty while they get more rich by using debt and war to keep us down. They keep making fiat currency and we are all the victim's of the few elite. History repeats and we need to stop them, why did no bankers go to jail in 2009? We miss any taxes we go to jail. We steal we go to jail. They steal and print money and we get screwed. End the fed!!!
Charles Hosford (14 days ago)
Rick and Morty Refferance haha
Alan Burnett (15 days ago)
No fusion in Sun.  No Black Holes....
Brooke Medaris (15 days ago)
Does any of the FE groups who base their reasoning on the bible consider the fact that the firmament was a barrier to separate the waters? And then there was a great flood and the barrier was removed to allow the flooding? And all the water had to go somewhere? Which possible could have formed the globe that we live on? We live on a globe. The globe doesn't disprove the bible. It affirms it. The firmament, or heaven, that separated the waters isn't the same heaven where God resides. The bible speaks of 3 heavens, the 3rd is "heaven". God later stretched out the expanse, i.e., the universe. We live on a globe. Animals also adapt. This is also how science theorizes evolution. And the more we don't take into consideration how God allowed some things to happen that science tries to explain, the more credit we give to science. Think about this. Before the flood, the barrier was intact. Life on earth thrived and lived longer while the firmament provided protection over the earth. The barrier was removed. The earth flooded. The water formed a globe. Lifespan went WAY down. If a reptile today could live 900 years, don't you think it's possible that we would still be dealing with dinosaurs?
maaiomaaio (16 days ago)
What a idiot make this video???
Yasen Kalchev (16 days ago)
nice one !
tee brinner (17 days ago)
Most of those facts are common knowledge , I don't understand why this video thought the public wouldn't know.
AridChannel Official (17 days ago)
This is misleading
Joycena Crump (17 days ago)
Number 5 is a lie. Anyone with common sense would know fire, nor the sun requires oxygen. Oxygen is one of the air key gas components (which is not harmful or every time you smoke, use a stove, etcetera anything of that nature you and everything around you would burst into flames. Why would would a fire or the sun in space, require air gas to make it explode into flames? The sun may not be covered by flames but it is covered by hydrogen which means if any aircraft got to close it would burst into flames and it would ignite the hydrogen on the sun. I watch videos like this just to see how many lies are told. I literally loved and took notes from every course I took when I was younger. And science was a mysterious love of mine. Don’t believe everything someone tells you, show you, or that you hear is a fact. Think logical, research things you have learned that has been engraved into your knowledge. Then break down each term and each falsified “fact(s)” you were just told. If that were true the earth would be surrounded it flames due to heat radiation from the sun rays and we would have be in flames. This is why you see oxygen in the air in the summertime and rays are beaming as in hear waves. Radiation doesn’t ignite a fire on earth does it? Think of heatwaves like when your in a desert for instance. It’s redundancy how people post videos of lies to see how much people believe anything instead of the knowledge that we have acquired as true facts involving science and outer space.
An ordinary Realist (17 days ago)
........then why the fuck are gas-"planets" even called planets, without any surface to LAND on?????????? But PLUTO is not a planet, even though it's SHAPED like a planet and most likely works more like a planet than a gas-ball . . . Then, why isn't the sun a planet as well....it's fuel is some kind of gas right? It does not orbit other planets, but it's affected by other planets..... To say Pluto isn't a planet...."ANYMORE" is just crazy.....it just can't be, or not be, because some ass says it is or says it's not.... And why would it being a planet or not, be that important?? Let it join it's family in this solarsystem ffs.... ;)
Robin Olsson (18 days ago)
I knew everything of this and I went 9 years to school....
Eric Talkington (18 days ago)
I think they reclassified Pluto as a planet this year (I think!)
Lauren Campbell- Smith (18 days ago)
Eric Talkington no they havent
Eric Talkington (18 days ago)
When we have a new moon, the dark side of the moon is now the light side, or our side is currently dark.
Eric Talkington (18 days ago)
Lol oh no! Not sneaky space lies again! I'm dumping space. I told it not to lie to me anymore!
wesley rexroth (19 days ago)
The sun is of unknown make up. It has been shown to exhibit plasma characteristics. "Scientists" make statements as facts by observation alone. These are unprovable and there by must be true.
list25 (18 days ago)
That's why when they get new info they change it. That's what science does.
SL Lee (19 days ago)
Earth is flat.
vegeteriancannibal (19 days ago)
#13 - WRONG!! People in the 21st century thinks the earth is flat.... (lol)
GamerSe7en (20 days ago)
Pluto's back as the 9th
OldManMontgomery (20 days ago)
So who told us these lies?
rob hilton (21 days ago)
prove it
Irma Aguayo (21 days ago)
I loove earth
LX Forde (22 days ago)
Faster than speed of light?( & some will dismiss this as WU WU too metaphysical...)<<<>>> its consciousness or Universal//Cosmic Consciousness.As the great Schrodinger noated "The total number of Minds in the universe is... ...One". This explains (sorta!) how E Ts// visitors come here from insanely distant//light year distances!!
James Jordan (22 days ago)
3.3 thousand people who think the Earth is flat liked this video so much they liked it upside down !
MrPoopnoddy (22 days ago)
Horse Shit. All of it. Unless you're seven.
inidu ravisha (22 days ago)
super vudio
Ronald Dion IV (22 days ago)
ur wrong
azfightboy (22 days ago)
FACT 1: space is fake FACT 2: earth is flat FACT 3: government lies FACT 4: God is real FACT 5: everything is design FACT 6: almost everything you believe tv,internet, government, school is all a lie for control and power
Alon Yarel (23 days ago)
18! There is no such thing as "nuclear fusion"!
Joshua Griffiths (23 days ago)
Not in thing you said can be proven.
WeWereYoungandCrazy (23 days ago)
what a load of crap.. Our sun is a yellow dwarf, fact. Cell phones use cell towers not likely that they use undersea cables. the rest of this is most commonly known or if someone doesn't know it, it's more likely out of ignorance than being lied to.
Doug Scott (9 days ago)
Yes Cell towers are connected via FO, but that's like saying your car runs on bitumen because your tires are in contact with the road. It also doesn't address the claim made in the video that cell phones use undersea cables. Also, every cell phone with GPS does use a Satellite. So not only is the claim they are trying to dispute in the video correct, their answer to that claim would only be right if any call you made had to traverse a large body over water to complete the call.
WeWereYoungandCrazy (11 days ago)
Nathaniel Hunt Yes, we see yellow because the atmosphere filters out other wavelengths. And the same principal gives us our blue sky. But our sun is classified as a yellow dwarf. And the perception of color is an artificial construct from the getgo. Our psychophysical reaction is a real as it gets and to argue with what we see is futile. It like saying “hip hop music doesn’t suck” or Lena Dunham is an intelligent beautiful young lady”. In these cases reality really is in the eye of the beholder.
Nathaniel Hunt (15 days ago)
The Sun *emits* white light.
Xaeus Borg (16 days ago)
Cell towers are connected via FO.
Maria Duffner (23 days ago)
Yeah the Ancient Summarian knew about the 9th planet they called Nibiru/Marduk home of the Anunnaki
Timothy Hinton (24 days ago)
I was never lid to about these things. Who told you these lies?
Thomas Reed (24 days ago)
I suppose if you are oblivious.
AJ Entertainment (24 days ago)
20 was a lie
Krana Morse (24 days ago)
Bro blow ur nose lol
Rich Dawg Green (24 days ago)
Michael Worthington (25 days ago)
Dude not only are your claims about the colour of the sun incorrect, as well as other claims, but you don't know what a lie is, you are a lying by calling them sneaky lies, whats sneaky? and where is the lie? where is your research?
Tom MacIntyre (25 days ago)
This video is for the dummies that the public schools push out by the 100's. We can't have our poor darlings exposed to things that might upset them, like scientific fact, or them think for themselves without proper political instruction. .
Mary Kennerley (25 days ago)
Some people today also think the earth is flat!
TheSebiestor (26 days ago)
these are not lies just a video for idiots by an idiot i.e. the ill informed and uneducated
jt cross (26 days ago)
don't believe this guy believe your own senses.
Barney Rubble (26 days ago)
This video got more answers right. Love truth. But not all of them. People who capitalize on. A bad comment are a capitalistic pigs attempting to cover there lies this is exposing...
Todd Olson (26 days ago)
Lies covering up lies
lisa mcmahon (26 days ago)
This video is a lie
Andrew Moore (26 days ago)
Maybe you should use the term 'common misconceptions' rather than 'lies'.
Mike Ovett (26 days ago)
If the earth bulges at the equator why is there still dry land wouldn’t all the water bulge there
Jesus Saves (27 days ago)
This channel is ONE BIG LIE! Gatekeeper

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