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LSB - 10 Years of Spearhead Records [DnBPortal.com]

1323 ratings | 102622 views
✖ Become a DnB Portal patron http://patreon.com/BassPortal ✖ Prague / Cze / 03.04.2015 / Live / Cross Club / dnb / liquid / drum and bass ✖ DnB Portal ✖ ➔Visit http://dnbportal.com ➔Like http://fb.com/DnBPortal ➔Follow http://twitter.com/DnBportalHQ ➔Follow http://instagram.com/dnbportal ✖ LSB ✖ http://dnbportal.com/LSB ✖ Cross Club ✖ FB: http://fb.com/crossclubprague Web: http://Crossclub.cz
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Text Comments (173)
caroline sands1984 (4 days ago)
Could I have an id for 14.08 please??
Andres Felipe Medina (5 days ago)
BreivikIsOurHero (6 days ago)
good music for smoke
xFERNO1x (13 days ago)
Awesome set 🙌🏼 ❤️😉
Jenda Bernardin (1 month ago)
Yes, Yes, Yes ... good job Luke. Thank you. I was on LiR, and I looking forward, but Mc was terrible, without him great mix.
Enzo Olabi (2 months ago)
LSB is the bomb.com
Jed McDonald (2 months ago)
25:20 anyone ?
chepolino chepolino (2 months ago)
Nice and groovy)
Ramona Nicoletta (3 months ago)
And by the way LSB&CALIBRE best ever in the all world 🌎!!!!! Love ❤️
Tim Home (2 months ago)
Don*t forgot Ltj Bukem,Dj Makoto and Hybrid Minds 😍
Ramona Nicoletta (3 months ago)
Great work..... love it 😍!!!
Bud O Green (3 months ago)
wicked sound!!...............LOUDER!!
GoldenKaGe (4 months ago)
This is DnB we all fought for! Marvelous.
R B P (5 months ago)
man i cant get enough of this mix
Ivan Stone (6 months ago)
this is the set..
RabelSupraMkIV (7 months ago)
Fajne ;)
pannel six (9 months ago)
de mis set favoritos Gracias LSB
Scott Sharon (10 months ago)
18:27, is that guy holding a spliff? If so, that is a nicely rolled cone
Lasuc Rileve (1 year ago)
Perfect Mixing & Tune Selection
Cressida Jones (1 year ago)
track id at 25:00?
Modus (1 year ago)
Song @ 18:55 ? ty
Modus (1 year ago)
bootie- (1 year ago)
LSB - Walking Blues on I think SoulR. :)
Zac Pulker (1 year ago)
great set but motionless crowd??? whats going on there!
Sorted Seizure (1 year ago)
Track id anyone at 42.00 ?
I'm not really An Otter (3 months ago)
1 year late but... Influx UK - Shine
Sorted Seizure (1 year ago)
iret2010 obviously the other tune ;)
iret2010 (1 year ago)
Too much sampha (spectrasoul remix) : )
Jan Grzymała (1 year ago)
40:50 anyone :)
I'm not really An Otter (3 months ago)
Influx UK - Shine
MrExo19 (1 year ago)
track id 40:30?
novoselic lovro (1 year ago)
MrExo19 (1 year ago)
what a masterpiece
novoselic lovro (1 year ago)
Influx UK - Shine
Thomas Shephard (1 year ago)
Watched so many of these live sets I'm going to have to make the pilgrimage to Cross Club myself sometime...
What a set, big up !!
Michaelo El Grando (2 years ago)
whoaaa whats the track at 8:30 ??
Michaelo El Grando (1 year ago)
AvailableHealer (1 year ago)
Sade - No Ordinary Love (LSB Bootleg)
Bela Soter (2 years ago)
feelin this shit, dude killed this set............(keep it underground)
attila kohári (2 years ago)
602 :-)
Olle Nordström (2 years ago)
43:35 omfg.....
Indigomind (1 month ago)
track id someone ?
Smokee CareBear (2 years ago)
Lsb if your here ....sick tune
Olle Nordström (2 years ago)
Wow, 600 thumbs up against 2 down. Never seen anything like that. Mix is just perfect.
Mariano Spano (2 years ago)
This Kind of DNB is the limit i can listen.. neurofunk is so annoying.. like this old mix tho
wanabewonder (2 years ago)
ahhh lenzman at start ...my favorite song
Thairish (2 months ago)
wanabewonder whats the name of the lenzman track?
xMrRasec (2 years ago)
fucking magic. big up
jamz0007 (2 years ago)
Scott Sharon (10 months ago)
Didn't Seba get their start on Good Lookin Records?
vmistake1 (2 years ago)
Mediocre mixing. Surprised to be honest. LSB usually kills the liquid. Love the guy rolling a doob behind the DJ at 18:00 :P
R B P (4 months ago)
It was not seamless. It was an average live set from a guy who is usually above average with his mixing.
The King (1 year ago)
Mediocre!? Please show me which part was mediocre, it was seamless
Pavol Gašpar (2 years ago)
27:50 song?
Dub&Step (2 years ago)
calibre - boogeyman bullshit
Dead Inside (2 years ago)
Daridon Nina (2 years ago)
Darran O'Neil (2 years ago)
britain invented drum&bass
BreivikIsOurHero (6 days ago)
and there is no d&b
TheDadule86 (2 years ago)
FUCKING AMAZING! Liquidní crew je prostě TOP !!! :-) Jejich akce legendární a práce DNB Portalu.. nevím, jak slovy ocenit :-D :-)
Bass Portal (2 years ago)
+TheDadule86 DnB Portal je nejvíc <3
edix1986 (2 years ago)
great set ! respect
Lynne Costantino (2 years ago)
Outstanding set. Doesn't get any better than this.
woody j (2 years ago)
how smooth is that walking blues tune nice :-D
AHMED RAGAIE (2 years ago)
WOW LSB Smach it bro
Yvette Bishop (2 years ago)
pure pure class ,stunning artist,,
D Taylor (2 years ago)
he was at record store day 2015 at intense records in chelmsford top guy meet him and spoke to him
karl morgan (2 years ago)
Love this mix big time
Urb Nation (2 years ago)
Yaaaaaa amazinggggg
Caroline Wood (2 years ago)
great set
Honda Housey (2 years ago)
You know that feeling you get when you just discover a killer artist? This is what I'm feeling right now. I was drawn to this artist through the Solstice track. That was amazing.
woody j (2 years ago)
almost as good as dj calibre
Declan Pritchard (2 years ago)
lsb wherever you are New Years Eve I'm going to be there such a great set one of the best in the scene
Liam Spear (2 years ago)
Cheeky little joint 19 mins or so in... haha love it!
Liam Spear (1 year ago)
I'm sure it was! Get those creative juices flowing!
Smokee CareBear (2 years ago)
Takes him nearly 15 mins to build it lol better ov been some good shit
W.E Plant (2 years ago)
really getting back in to liquid at the moment. these sets are just doing it for me big time. biggup lsb
Matthieu (2 years ago)
Smooth as silk
The lion (3 years ago)
Makamiso (2 years ago)
+Alex Wills It was sooooo fucking good, Josh dropped some killer tunes at the end and LSB was on point as always even when the laptop fell aha!
gray plob (3 years ago)
18:15 - bottom left corner - Pass that... ;)
BreivikIsOurHero (6 days ago)
18:43 on the right continue
Azhureus (3 years ago)
Azhureus (3 years ago)
+Ajani Azhureus Goldmane It is : Halogenix - All Blue (feat. Cleveland Watkiss) Official Video if any one wants to know :)
Semp:iternal (3 years ago)
awesome !!! Wish I was there
Andrew Mccune (3 years ago)
AlexanderChillout (3 years ago)
killed me with the second track...my area of keys
Anticipate (3 years ago)
+AlexanderChillout no problem :)
AlexanderChillout (3 years ago)
you are the best...thank you mate
Anticipate (3 years ago)
+AlexanderChillout Its called LSB About Tonight out on the 27th of November :)
Azhureus (3 years ago)
+AlexanderChillout same at me....my style of D'n'B mostly " I would like to know that 2nd track :(
AlexanderChillout (3 years ago)
I think it's LSB - ID
MsThroneofgames (3 years ago)
19:20 legend smoking in the club you guys normally aloud to do that?
Captain Cleve Sparrow (3 years ago)
Amazing set. Wish we had these in the US :(
Nick Spann (1 year ago)
Not as much as they do outside of the US. It's a shame, that it's like that.
jamz0007 (2 years ago)
+rockwildr69 yes they do bro ☺️
rockwildr69 (2 years ago)
most of the artists do tour the US and Canada, I go all the time lol
Captain Cleve Sparrow (2 years ago)
+John Wood sweet! thanks for the info man
woody j (2 years ago)
check out the new playaz UK record label they have got new USA artists on there called the Voss + legion & logam also jam thieves from Brazil & nc17 from Canada get on playaz UK store
00HoODBoy (3 years ago)
always quality from this man, walking blues is simply magnificent
universorafa (3 years ago)
Where can I download the audio version of this wonderful set?
Gareth Evans (3 years ago)
very nice!
Art Rea (3 years ago)
nice liquid vibez
migface3 (3 years ago)
oh man
Carlo Ministro (3 years ago)
Tune at 6mins odd ... ;)
Avalondnb (3 years ago)
Tracklist (as far as i know) 1. Lenzman - Paper Faces (Ivy Lab Remix) 00:08 2. LSB - About Tonight 3:08 3. LSB - XLRS 5:41 4. Sade - No Ordinary Love (LSB Bootleg) 8:13 5. Tokyo Prose - Ventura 11:28 6. Halogenix - All Blue 14:28 7. LSB - Hide Away 17:00 8. LSB - Walking Blues 18:34 9. Lenzman - Stars (LSB Remix) 20:45 10. Skeptical - Desire 24:50 11. Calibre - Boogeyman Bullshit 27:21 12. Amy Steele - The Wolves (Lenzman Remix) 30:25 13. Spectrasoul & Alix Perez - Forsaken (Calibre Remix) 31:38 14. LSB - Leave 34:58 15. LSB - Loop Of Love 37:30 16. Influx UK - Shine 40:15 17. Sampha - Too Much (Spectrasoul Remix) 43:40 18. LSB - If You're Here 45:20 19. LSB - The Hurting (Lenzman Remix) 49:50 If anyone knows the tunes that are missing, feel free to comment
Thairish (8 months ago)
Avalondnb tracklist please?
Ryan (2 years ago)
you the man, keep up the good work us aspiring djs appreciate it
jamz0007 (2 years ago)
Thx ☺️
Avalondnb (2 years ago)
+whitneyyvette dross big up!
whitneyyvette dross (2 years ago)
+Avalondnb ....thank you very much for putting the track list up ,,your a star for that,,,, take care my friend..😇
Joel Brandon (3 years ago)
Track that plays at 3.35 anyone? :)
Anticipate (3 years ago)
Its called LSB About Tonight and its out either the 24th or 27th of November :)
VB (3 years ago)
also spoke to LSB again on twitter. He said end of the summer because he is getting married, now he is following me on Twitter. legend.
Daniela Agontseva (3 years ago)
+anticipate jordan
Anticipate (3 years ago)
+Joel McIlvenny Spoke to lsb yesterday he said it is getting released on the next spearhead EP real soon :D
Joel Brandon (3 years ago)
+Viv Beech thankyou! Ive already made an audio clip of just that part haha ;)
Rikkert (3 years ago)
FFs i need a fucking tracklist on this before i go nutsss!!!
David Davesby (11 months ago)
been posted now pal by avalon...
Rikkert (3 years ago)
right m8!!
Art Rea (3 years ago)
we gon mental aint we m8
kweezish (3 years ago)
intro track?
K2T (3 years ago)
+kweezish Ivy Lab Remix of Paper Faces - Forthcoming on Metalheadz.
kweezish (3 years ago)
+Marijn Callens its a VIP or a remix tho.
Marijn Callens (3 years ago)
+kweezish Lenzman - Paper Faces

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