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EXCUSE ME! Did You Just Grab My Pipe? (Dead Industry)(1)

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Text Comments (36)
recycled potato (5 months ago)
*my pipe*
LuckyGaming 979 (5 months ago)
i missed the classics im glad you brought left for dead back :)
Stephanie Triolo (5 months ago)
What does meatwagon even me
Robuxian Gaming (5 months ago)
I thought u quited l4d2 .... Well im happy its back
Michelle Wilson (5 months ago)
U guys r the best at all games
Kulitadventures (5 months ago)
Y'all dead
Dovakiin (5 months ago)
Help get back sky block help bring back survivor craft
Xaviyon Summerville (5 months ago)
Use mod that change both the zombies and characters
Justin Wilkinson (5 months ago)
Lol meaty said max ammo on the wrong game
THEOAKWORRIOR b (5 months ago)
At 2:16 turn it to .25 speed
Jarred Graves (5 months ago)
The sword is great in a hords gunns😋
Jarred Graves (5 months ago)
If you guys didn't know you can one shot the witch if you use a shot gun and shot her in the back of the head but you got to get close
Niels Huisman (5 months ago)
Meaty when are u guys doin a new 7 days to die video ? I think i have see them all ... greetings from holland
noob king (5 months ago)
Play forest
Darsche Wharry (5 months ago)
Nice and smooth. By the books. YAW know which movie that phrase is from? By the way, great video.
Kyle Hubbard (5 months ago)
3:34 meaty mastered ultra instinct
DombDecisions (5 months ago)
Man it’s been a while! I love you guys and keep up the great work !
chitokomi (5 months ago)
Awesome video
Now this is more like it keep'em coming guys thanks...
Cake Finder (5 months ago)
What ever happened to dead space 3
Lapeez 22 (5 months ago)
nice video
Antonio Hernandez (5 months ago)
When I receive this video on Google Plus it said they uploaded 22 minutes ago
kaizer phola (5 months ago)
Remember me guns4hire hi 👋
Super Gamer (5 months ago)
Plz read more Lol I’m not done 🍑 I like emojis 😆 Still don’t done Hurts my thumb lol Soon Memekdmdjr
martada satar (5 months ago)
Dovakiin (5 months ago)
Or survivor craft
Dovakiin (5 months ago)
Bring back skyblock!!!!!!
Dovakiin (5 months ago)
That was befor 1 million subscribers now they have to and I would like to note that survival craft and Sky block was back in 2013 to 2011 and maybe 2014 debatable
ZEHILE WolfeinStein (5 months ago)
Dovakiin sorry guy the views wasnt enough to continue the Minecraft videos
Indy (5 months ago)
Noti squad like yaw do more bo3 zombies vids plz
Mr. GoodMan (5 months ago)
Kaleb duitsman (5 months ago)
Hey yaw love u guys
Cree Crezz (5 months ago)
You guys are the best at zombie games
Austin White (5 months ago)
lol I like your vids

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