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Phil spencer says HUGE WAVE of games are on the way

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Hey guys brian from attack the glitcher here bringing you another video on some gaming stuff I hope you enjoy the video and thanks for watching here's the link below http://gamingbolt.com/microsoft-will-discuss-its-next-wave-of-big-hits-at-e3-says-xbox-boss-phil-spencer
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Text Comments (4)
Man, why are you playing in a sony platform?
console gaming (1 year ago)
Fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me
TRU_ RACER_YT_ (1 year ago)
thank god im hoping lots of exclusives to shut up the no games bs
INFURIOUS ONE (1 year ago)
TRU_ RACER_YT_ I have over 500 games for my Xbox. Delusional baby harping Ponys with their gaa gaa goo goo "Xbox don't have games" or baby Pony harping "Xbox games suck" They all say the same baby nonsense and sound the same saying it. Stupid.

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