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Stick Squad 3 Walktrough

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Play Here! - http://9fishgames.com/action-games/shooting-games/stick-squad-3.html Click Here To Subscribe! - http://goo.gl/zqjVZf Enjoy and Like to support 9FishGames! Play the 3rd episode of the stickman sniper game series - Stick Squad 3, with a new hand guns, assault rifles and sniper rifles. Join Ron and Damien who are a part of the most dangerous assassins squad in the world, and show your killer skills in 20 challenging missions. Enjoy on 9FishGames.com
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Text Comments (9)
Nathaniel luciano (1 year ago)
Cool game
mateus lopes (2 years ago)
Rully Ferrer (2 years ago)
how to get thru mission 7
it's wasn't hard, about 20 attempts :)
Tori Carr (2 years ago)
all i wanna know is how do you get through mission 12
Powerm bro (2 years ago)
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+Tori Carr it's was hard, about 20-25 attempts :)
Serj Cojocaru (3 years ago)
@Hippolyte TENDRON s'il vous plaît, était heureux d'aider
Hippolyte TENDRON (3 years ago)
Merci. Grâce à toi, j'avance rapidement.

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